Oscar Nabais Simón

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Oscar Nabais Simón Matadepera, 19 - 08035 Barcelona (Spain)


English, French and Portuguese into Spanish Tf: +34-605-374-341

Personal data Born: May 4th, 1971, in Barcelona (Spain).

Marital status: single.

Nacionality: Spanish.

Education Postgraduate degree in Literary Translation (2003). UAB, Barcelona (Spain).

BA in Translation and Interpreting (2001). UPF, Barcelona (Spain).

BSc in Pharmacy (1995). UB, Barcelona (Spain).

Languages Portuguese at UERJ, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Universidade Nova, Lisboa (Portugal).
French at Institut Français, Barcelona (1995-1997) and INSA, Lyon, France (1998).

English at Institute of North American Studies, Barcelona (1990) and UCC, Ireland (1994).
Spanish Proofreading and Style Revision at ATIC, Spain (2003).

Computer skills Word processing: MS Office, FrameMaker, PowerPoint.

CAT tools: Trados TW, Star Transit, Wordfast.

Editing tools: QuarkXPress, Photoshop.

Programming languages: basic HTML.


Pharmaceutical Books and papers on medicine and pharmacology.

and medical Medical newsletters and journals.

translation Drug inserts, registration dossiers and marketing brochures.

Clinical studies and drug research.

Safety manuals and guidelines.

Medical equipment: operating manuals and user instructions.

Phytotherapy and Chinese Medicine.
Books Manual of Clinical Psychopharmacology. Schatzberg A (2003).

Stockey´s Drug Interactions. Stockley I (2002)

Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference (2002).
Clients: ArsXXI, Energybody, Excel Language Services, IBIDEM, INK Catalunya, Latin Languages, Markpharma, Novartis, Pharma Editores, Promoción de la Salud Bolivia, Serinat Distribuciones, STM Editores, University of Barcelona, Wolters & Kluwer.

Other fields
Audiovisual Screenplays, documentary films, dubbing and subtitling, simultaneous interpreting. Clients: Alea TV, Imaginables SL, Mario Pons, Televisió de Catalunya, Vía Digital.
Legal texts French–Spanish sworn translator: interpreter at courts in Barcelona (Spain).
Books Several books translated. Clients: Blume Naturart, Planeta, RBA.

Pharmacist As a pharmacist in community pharmacies (1996-2004), I was responsible for the preparation and dispensing of drugs, professional advice, patients' health monitoring, and stock control.

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