Paddock Stars Key Stage 1 Reeha, Layla, Daim, Hussein, Shahzaib, Samar, Zayaan. Key Stage 2

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Paddock Junior, Infant and Nursery School

Newsletter 10th February 2017

Paddock Stars

Key Stage 1

Reeha, Layla, Daim, Hussein, Shahzaib, Samar, Zayaan.

Key Stage 2

Afifah, Ali, Caitlin, Fatima, Inesa, Loot, Maryam, Raqeb,

Taya’Rae, Asjid, Ben, Dina, Insa-Rani, Megan, Moad, Mohammed, Sehrish, Sultan.


Diary Dates

Tuesday 14th February

  • KS1 Multi Skills Festival- Royds

  • Year 3/4 Football Competition- Royds

Wednesday 15th February

Friday 17th February

  • Last Day before Half Term

Thursday 2nd March

  • Fairtrade Feast- Themed Lunch Day

Wednesday 8th March

Monday 20th March

  • Tempest in for Class/ Group Photos.

Bagel Club

We are having a lot of children coming in to Bagel Club in a morning and not eating any breakfast. Bagel Club is a place for children to come, get settled and have a healthy breakfast with the other children which will prepare them for learning throughout the school day. If you would like your child to attend Bagel Club then they need to eat breakfast while they are with us.


Swimming Year 5/6

We have been having some issues with Year 5/6 children coming to school on a Tuesday saying that they are unable to go swimming. If your child has a genuine reason for not been able to go swimming then please send in a note addressed to class teacher. If a child comes without a note and swimming kit then we will take them swimming and find a kit for them to borrow.

Change in doors in KS2 on a morning.

From Monday we are going to be using a different door to enter into school in KS2 on a morning in order to improve the ease in which children get into class on a morning. Your child will now need to come through the same door as they exit on a night which is by Mr Keogh’s classroom. If your child comes to Bagel Club then they still need to use the door that they have always used as it has the doorbell to enter.

Volunteers to Support Paddock Community

We are looking for volunteers who can spare a little time each week to provide support to other members of our community. Training will be provided on specific areas of advice you would be sharing. If you would like more information about this opportunity please see Mrs Lumb.

Advice from Kirklees Fire and Rescue
‘We would like to remind parents and carers to always read and follow the instructions carefully when using chemical insecticide products, typically sold in chemists, to treat head lice. This is because these treatments contain flammable elements. You should not therefore use hair dryers, or any other ignition source such as matches, lighters and candles near anyone during the treatment process whilst the product is being used. This advisory note follows a recent incident in West Yorkshire in which a child’s hair was accidentally set alight during treatment resulting in the child sustaining serious injuries’

Chinese New Year

Thank you so much to all the parents/family members that joined us for our Chinese New Year Family Learning afternoon. It was fantastic to see so many of you in school and we all had a fantastic afternoon finishing with a Chinese dragon dance in KS1 and KS2.


We are having some problems with children repeatedly not bringing their glasses into school. If your child has been prescribed glasses by the optician can you please ensure they bring them to school everyday as if they don’t wear them it can affect their school work but also could do further damage to their eyes. Thank you.

Themed lunch Day

If your child does not normally have school dinners then you will have received a letter inviting them to join in with our themed lunch ‘Fairtrade Feast’ on Thursday 2nd March. If you would like your child to have a lunch on that day then please return the slip to school and pay the balance of £2.05, payable on ParentPay, by Monday 6th February. If your child already has a school dinner then you do not need to do anything. Your child will automatically be included in our ‘Fairtrade Feast’ on the day. Thank you.

KS1 trip to Skipton Castle

We are very excited to have the opportunity to take KS1 to Skipton Castle on a trip as part of their ‘Fantasy and Fairy tales’ and ‘Knights and Castles’ topic work. You will have received a letter this week telling you that the trip will take place on the Wednesday 8th March and the children will leave school at 9.00 and be back by 3.30 at the latest. The trip will cost £13.00 and the payment needs to be made via ParentPay by Wednesday 8th February. If we do not receive enough payments by this date then the trip may need to be cancelled. Could you please ensure that you also bring the medical form back into school by Wednesday 8th February. If you child receives Pupil Premium funding then the cost of the trip will be discounted to £9.00 and this will be reflected on ParentPay. If you would like any more information about the trip or need help with your ParentPay account then please see the school office

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