Pang haoran Le 19 Mars, à 10 h 30 Salle de Thèse, insa toulouse «Etude de l’hydrodynamique, de l’élimination de la dco et de la nitrification d’un nouveau lit bactérien segmenté»

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Le 19 Mars, à 10 h 30

Salle de Thèse, INSA - Toulouse

« Etude de l’hydrodynamique, de l’élimination de la DCO et de la nitrification d’un nouveau lit bactérien segmenté »

With the main objective of this PhD work focused on the study of the COD removal and nitrification in a new designed Multi-Section Bioreactor (MSB). Hydrodynamic characterization, biological experiments at contrasted conditions, simulations by Biowin software were carried out:

  • Firstly, it is found that static liquid retention is predominant part both without and with the presence of biofilm, biofilm acts like a “sponge” . RTD experiments showed that biofilm can promote liquid residence time, decrease the liquid film and promote the oxygen transfer consequently.

  • Secondly, the MSB operated at different OLRs and NLRs showed that by this MSB pilot, COD can be effectively removed (removal efficiency > 95%) and nitrification (>60%) occurred all along the filter, in the 5 sections; this implies no oxygen limitation only by the natural aeraion applied in our experimental system.

  • Thirdly, a TF dynamic model used in the simulator – BioWin, showed that calibrated model can help us to estimate the minimum oxygen for nitrification inside the pilot and it can well represent the competition between heterotrophic growth and nitrification.


Decentralized wastewater, rural wastewater, trickling filter, multi-section bioreactor, hydrodynamic, liquid retention, liquid residence time, residence time distribution (RTD), liquid film, oxygen transfer, nitrification, heterotrophic growth, Biowin, calibration

Etablissement d’inscription : GPE, INSA - Toulouse
Composition du Jury:

Michel ROUSTAN, Professeur, Président du Jury

Alain GRASMICK, Professeur, Rapporteur

Nicollas BERNET, Professeur, Rapporteur

Hébrard GILLES, Professeur, Examinateur

Etienne PAUL, Professeur, Directeur de thèse

Valérie LETISSE, Professeur, Co- Directeur de thèse

Yüklə 7,17 Kb.

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