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Mobile: +91-9789801887


To leverage and expand my technical skills and knowledge base, and to lead management information analysts and technicians through support of cutting edge AIX, LPAR, DLPAR, VIO, NIM, and HACMP, RHEL6 and 7, AWS, and have knowledge in MS Azure. I embrace opportunities to grow and be challenged. I am a tenacious and energetic challenge seeker with a strong work ethic and a proven record of accomplishment.


Over 6+ years experience in IT Industry, in AIX / UNIX, Linux System Administration, AWS, involved in Installation, Administration, Configuration, Planning, Upgrade, Testing, Backup and Recovery on IBM AIX 5.3 / 6.1 / 7.1 with HACMP, HMC, LPAR, DLPAR, RHEL6, RHEL7, AWS, working in Agile/Scrum methodology.


  • Bachelor in Computer Application (2006-2009) University of Madras, Chennai.


  • IBM AIX Certified 7.1

  • RHEL 7 Certified Engineer

  • AWS Solution Architect – Associate

Skill Sets

  • Operating Systems : AIX, Linux, Solaris

  • ITIL Tools : Maximo, Service Now, Jira

  • Version Control System Tool : Git, Github, Bitbucket

  • Automation Tool : Ansible

  • Scripting : Bash, Yaml

  • Cloud Technology : Aws, Azure

  • Virtualization : Hyper-V, VIO, Docker

  • Cluster / High Availability : HACMP, Auto Scaling


  • TATA Consultancy Service - IT Analyst (Dec 2015 – Till Date)

  • IBM India Pvt. Ltd – System operations professional (Jan 2014 – Nov 2015)

  • RR Donnelley India Outsourcing Pvt Ltd. – Process Associate (Dec 2010 to Nov 2013)

  • GEM Software Solutions Ltd. – Process Associate (Feb 2010 to Nov 2010)

  • First Source India Ltd. – Data Entry Operator (Jun 2009 to Jan 2010)


TATA Consultancy Service

IT Analyst

Duration: Dec 2015 – Till Date
IBM India Pvt. Ltd

System Operations professional

Duration: – Jan 2014 – Nov 2015.

RR Donnelley India Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd (Dec 2010 – Nov 2013)

Process Associate

Duration: Feb 2010 – Nov 2013.
Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Installation of AIX and Linux operation system. Physical and virtual build of servers deployments.

  • Strategizing and implementing Devops tools(Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker) within organization.

  • Download and update latest APAR, PTF and ML /TL installation and management, RPM installation and FW upgrade in Linux.

  • Migration of storage from Vmax to Pure, Linux servers migration from ESX to HyperV using Zerto tool, Data store and server migration in ESX.

  • Storage Management in AIX / Linux – Logical and Physical Volume Configuration and maintenance. Create, modify and remove the Volume Group, Logical volume, File systems. Using Mirroring concept and migrate concept in the LVM.

  • Configuring and maintaining NETWORKING (NFS, SSH, FTP) services

  • Faulty disk replacement, running diag against hardware of the server to diagnose any issues. Exporting volume group from one node to other and adding new disks to volume group.

  • User Administration tasks such as create users, define or changes their attributes, and define the security environment for the users.

  • HACMP - Monitoring servers, Starting and Stopping Cluster Services, moving resource groups across the nodes, increasing file system in cluster file system, synchronizing cluster resources and cluster verification.

  • Troubleshooting fall over, fall back issues, analyzing different hacmp logs to diagnose and finding root cause.

  • Defining shared volume groups and working on different operations such as creating shared file systems, increase or decrease file system sizes, concurrent disk for disk heart beat etc.,

  • Perform health checks on HACMP nodes, running cluster statistics to find cluster stability, finding resource group status etc.

  • Checking the file systems and increase/decrease the file system if required. Fixing mount issues, checking file system integrity, running fsck in maintenance mode on rootvg logical volumes if any corrupted lv’s in rootvg.

  • Performance monitoring using vmstat, iostat, sar, topas, netstat and nmon and analyzing these reports to figure out any performance issues.

  • Taking regular system backup using mksysb and volume group backup using savevg utilities.

  • Systems administration, maintenance and monitoring various day-to-day operation.

  • Managing log files, errpt, Daily Management activities and health checks

  • Collecting hardware and software details over server.

  • LPAR operations including: scheduling operations, troubleshooting activation errors, configuring and using system profiles, and activating and shutting down partitions, Power on/off partitions.

  • Create partitions, partition profiles, and system profiles, Activate partitions, and Schedule operations for partitions, dynamic operations for adding, moving, and removing memory, processor resources, and I/O slots.

  • Installing and configuring VIO Servers, building LPAR clients and sharing IO devices to LPARs. Creating Vhost and Vscsi in the VIO environment

  • VIO Server operations, creating virtual adapters and configuring Ethernet or LUNs to LPARs and performing other troubleshooting techniques. Creating ether channel with link aggregation etc.

  • Documenting all the activities.

  • VIO upgradation, FW upgrade, LPM activity, Microcode update.

  • Working on local printers, Macro4 Printers.

  • Disk quota management and Auto monitor.

  • AWS EC2 instance creation, VPC, ELB, Auto scaling, EBS configuring, Storage(S3, Glacier), EC2 monitoring(Cloud watch, SNS)

  • VPN, Tunneling, NAT Instance, RDS configuration.

  • Performing analysis on scheduling issues and resolving the same within the specified time meeting SLA.

  • Performing Disaster Recovery (DR) testing and Change and Release activities.

  • Handling Adhoc requests and performing change requests as per the requirement.

  • Responsible for architecting deployments for High availability, scalability and reliability.

  • Collaborate with management and/or Process Owner to determine reporting to drive utilization, efficiency, and effectiveness of technology systems.


Data Operator

Jun 2009 – Jan 2010
Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Installing and troubleshooting OS Windows 2000/XP

  • Configuring workgroup through network

  • Installing and configure the various types of printers

  • Configuring Modem for Internet Connectivity and configuring clients

  • Installation and Configurations of Network Printers

  • Problem determination and resolution

  • Licensed Software Installation.

  • Support desktop and laptops.

  • Manage, monitor, install, upgrade, configure, and troubleshoot servers and network equipments.


Name : Parthipan D

Father’s Name : R Durairaj

Present Address : No 31/16 2nd Corporation Colony,

T. Nagar, Chennai – 17.

Martial Status : Married.

Language familiar with : English, Tamil.

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