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Bioinformatics tools in Clinical Proteomics data Analysis

Date: May 31 rst – June 3rd 2016




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Job Title (Master student, PhD student, PosDoc student, Researcher, other):

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Accompanying documents

Should be sent together with this form in the same e-mail

(formats accepted: PDF or Word)

  1. A short Curriculum vitae (1/2 pages maximum)

  2. A motivation statement

(short paragraph)

Important Notice:

The course is designed for 20 students only. The selection of the students will be based on the CV and motivation letter. The selected students will be requested to confirm their presence and proceed to the registration payment (detailed information for bank transfer will be sent at that stage).

Candidates with adequate profile will be accepted in the next 72 hours after the application until we reach 20 participants.

Deadline of application May 26, 2016.

Contacts for more info: Deborah Penque [] or Francisco Couto []

Application should be sent to deadline May 26, 2016

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