Post-bac orientation 2016: Choices for University Studies in English Motivating for Success

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POST-BAC Orientation 2016: Choices for University Studies in English

Motivating for Success

How to minimise the stress and maximise your choices
  • The Right Questions to Ask

  • The Proactive Approach

  • The School-Student Partnership

Building self-awareness

Asking the Right Questions
  • What are your natural aptitudes?

  • What are your personal strengths and “warning notes”?

  • What academic skills have you developed?

  • What are your preferences?

Choices, Choices, Choices….

Keeping an Open-Minded, Flexible and Positive Attitude
  • What do I really enjoy doing or studying?

  • Does this match with my (or my parents’) goals and ideas about university study or future career?

  • Have I seen or experienced ‘first-hand’ what the profession is about?

Be Proactive

How to ensure that the final choice is your choice
  • Importance of students in playing an active role in shaping their future

  • Role of school/adviser in providing the tools and resources for independent research

  • The College Counseling Contract

  • The Application Process Brochure

Striking the Right Balance

Ambitious, yet Realistic
  • Trimester and Predicted Bac Marks: First filter for many universities

  • A, B and C Lists: Calculating Your Options

Overall and targeted subject (often Math & English Literature) Bac Marks
      • Decent Programmes: 14
      • Insurance: 12
      • High End: 16

Keeping Ahead of the Game

Première: A Critical Year for Establishing Post-Bac Objectives
  • Narrow your study/career options through guided research

  • Explore what universities offer in the way of courses

  • Speak to professionals, university tutors, and alumni

  • Attend Open Days and visit campuses


Exploring Summer Opportunities

During the summer, organize campus visits, internships, taster courses
  • University of London:

  • University College Dublin:

  • Trinity College, Dublin:

  • University of British Columbia:

  • US University Summer Programs:



Explaining the OIB

Resources to help you “sell” your OIB experience


  • SIA LFA School Profile

Looking Back at SIA Alumni Choices

SIA LFA Post-Bac Indicators

Where Have They All Gone?

Studying in France (57%)

  • PCSI (6), BCPST (4), CPGE (7), MPSI (2), ECS (2), ECE (1) at Lycée Hoche (8), Lycée St. Geneviève (3), La Bruyère (1), Henry IV Paris (1), Lycée Fénelon St.Marie Paris (1). PTSI (2) at Lycée Jules Ferry, DCG (1) at Lycée Grandchamp , BCP (2) at Université Versailles, hypokâgne (2) Le Chesnay, Lycée Jean Moulin Torcy (1)

Studies at Ecoles:
  • Management (Caen-2), Engineering (ECE Paris-3, ESTACA (2), EPF Sceaux (1), Business (ICD and ESSEC Paris-2), Science-Po (2) ECPM Strasbourg (1), INSA Lyon (1) Rouen (1).

Studies at universities in France:
  • Medicine Orsay/St Quentin (11), LLCER Sorbonne (1), Fashion Management (Paris-1), Law (Essex/Nanterre 2, Sceaux-2), Business (Toulouse-1), Eco-Gestion (Nanterre-1), Frontière du Vivant (Paris Descartes-1), DUT Génie mécanique et productique (1),Political Science Lyon (1), Acoustical Engineering UTC Picardie (1).

Where Have They All Gone?

Studying at Universities in Europe(37%):
  • European Law-Aberdeen, Economics-Stirling, Applied Computing –Dundee

  • English Literature/Film, Television Studies/Economics, History of Art-Glasgow

  • Political & International Relations-Bath/York

  • Physics/Philosophy/computer science/Law-Bristol

  • International Business Management-Birmingham, Durham, London, Lancaster and Bath

  • International Development and Economics-Manchester

  • Societies & Health and Environment-University College London

  • Music Performance-London, Civil Engineering, Computer Science-London

  • Nature Physics-Cambridge, Law & Japanese-Oxford

  • Politics & Economics/Law, International Relations and German-Exeter

  • Psychology, Politics & International Relations-Kent

  • Sociology, computer science-Essex/Sussex

  • Economics, Politics and International Relations-Warwick

  • Social Sciences, Liberal Arts & Science- Amsterdam

  • Economy-Rotterdam, Sustainable Innovations-Eindhoven

  • Micro-engineering/ Physics, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

  • Veterinary studies, Cardena Herrera University, Valencia

Where Have They All Gone?

Studying at Universities in the US and Canada (6%):
  • Arts & Science-Tufts University USA

  • International Business & Chinese- Dickenson College-USA

  • Engineering-University of Illinois-USA

  • Fine Arts in drama/Film & Television, New York University-USA

  • Bio-resource engineering, McGill, Montreal -Canada

  • University of British Columbia, Vancouver- Canada

  • Arts& Science-Concordia University-Canada

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