Present: Jørgen Delman (JD), Rasmus Elling (RE), Ingolf Thuesen (IT), and Charlott Hoffmann Jensen

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Research committee meeting Tuesday 10 March 2015 @ 14:00-16:00

Present: Jørgen Delman (JD), Rasmus Elling (RE), Ingolf Thuesen (IT), and Charlott Hoffmann Jensen (CHJ, Referee).

Not present: Esther Fihl, Jesper Friis Larnæs, Yoichi Nagashima, Jens Nørgård-Sørensen Maansi Parpiani, Catharina Raudvere Kirsten Refsing, Kim Ryholt Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen, Jørgen Bæk Simonsen, Krzysztof Stala, Alan Walmsley, and Margit Warburg.


  1. Approval of agenda

  2. Information

  3. Reports from the research committee at Wednesdays info-meetings

  4. PhD: MUS with PhD fellows

  5. Marie Curie Master Class 2015

  6. H2020 calls and working papers

  7. ToRS Research strategy: follow-up on Klinten seminar

  8. Evt

1. Approval of agenda:

As CR could not be present for the first hour and most of the committee members were not able to participate, only urgent issues on the agenda were discussed: points 3, 4 and 5 and the information would be circulated in writing, see below. The rest of the agenda was postponed to the next meeting. The agenda was then approved.

2. Meddelelser/information:

  • Status on Rachael Dann’s Sudan project: Rachael has been allowed to continue with her Sudan project. A meeting was held with the Faculty director and Rachael, Fredrik Hagen and Margit Warburg, as they signed the letters of support for her.

  • HERA call Uses of the past deadline 9 April 2015: two project applications for ToRS researchers as Project Leaders (the project will be hosted by us) and minimum three applications where ToRS researchers are PI (project members) in projects hosted elsewhere.

  • DFF deadline 29 April for post doc applications. We expect 12-15 applicants of which some will apply for both individual post docs and Mobilex (same, but special call to support international mobility).

  • Following last Marie Curie deadline September 2014 ToRS has received one fellowship: Jennifer Cromwell. Five applications were submitted with ToRS as host. The faculty received 14 fellowships in all. Success rate is more than 30%.

  • Call for nominations for Æresdoktor (honorary doctor) at the University of Copenhagen. Deadline for nominations 28 April. Nominations should be sent to the dean’s office and the faculty can select two candidates. Nominations from ToRS should be sent to IT. An internal deadline will be announced in ToRSnyt.

  • Calls for a number of nominations have been announced in ToRSnyt recently:

    • Carlsbergfondets Forskningspris. Faculty internal deadline 27 March, Carlsberg deadline 7 April.

    • Faculty of Humanities Research prize. Each head of department can nominate three candidates. Internal deadline 23 March. Faculty deadline 1 April.

    • Nils Klim and Holberg award. Nomination deadline 15 June 2015.

    • EliteForsk award 2015. Internal faculty deadline 13 May. Nominations have to go through IT before it can be send to the dean’s office. The internal deadline will be announced in TORSnyt.

    • EliteForsk travel grant for PhD’s. All PhD fellows and PhD supervisors will be notified directly about the possibility to nominate. Same deadline as EliteForsk award.

3. Reports from the research committee at Wednesdays info-meetings:

The LSU has asked for reports on the Wednesday info-meetings from the various committees at the department. It was decided that the person to report at the meetings should not be the same and it will be decided at every committee meeting who should report at the following Wednesday. CHJ will report from this meeting.

4. PhD. MUS with PhD fellows:

The subject was only briefly discussed as CR had not arrived yet.

PhD fellows have informed that they prefer to have MUS with the department management but also that they need information on how to develop networks among researchers but especially also outside the university and how to use the network for their own carrier.

The introductory meeting all new PhD fellows have with IT will be the first MUS.

The committee supports ideas from a recent meeting with the PhD fellows to have courses in communication and innovation.

MUS for PhD fellows will be on the agenda at the following meeting again.

5. Marie Curie Master Class 2015:

CHJ received four applications for candidates at the deadline. Three of these were approved while the last one fell outside the scope of the call and could not be accepted. The criteria for selection were discussed and it was decided that we should focus on applicants who can be associated with existing centers/ collaborative projects at ToRS as a strong and large research environment is needed in order to be successful.

6. H2020 calls and working papers:

This has been postponed to the next meeting. A draft version of the next H2020 Europe in a Changing World has recently been circulated in the board of directors and research support units at the faculty and CHJ will send messages to those researchers at ToRS for which it seems of interest.

7. ToRS Research strategy: follow-up on Klinten seminar:

This has been postponed to the next meeting

8. Evt.:
Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 2 June @ 14:00-16:00
Meeting ended at 14:40.
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