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Dept. of Physics, Panjab University

Report (2009-2011)


  1. List of Publications

  2. List of Seminars/Extension Lectures by Faculty

  3. List of Seminars

  4. List of Conferences/Meetings held

  5. Utilization of Funds

1. List of Publications (2009-2011)


  1. Correcting alpha(3)(M(Z)) in the NMSGUT.
    Charanjit S. Aulakh & Sumit Kumar Garg.
    Mod.Phys.Lett.A24:1711-1719, 2009. [arXiv:0710.4018]

  2. Implications of CP asymmetry parameter sin 2beta on structural features of texture specific mass matrices.
    Rohit Verma, (Railmajra, Rayat Inst. Eng. Info. Tech.) , Gulsheen Ahuja, Manmohan Gupta, (Panjab U.) . Sep 2009. 13pp. Phys.Lett.B681:330-335,2009. e-Print: arXiv:0909.4363 [hep-ph].

  3. Texture specific mass matrices with Dirac neutrinos and their implications.
    Gulsheen Ahuja, Manmohan Gupta, (Panjab U.) , Monika Randhawa, (Punjab Eng. Coll.) , Rohit Verma, (Railmajra, Rayat Inst. Eng. Info. Tech.) . Apr 2009. (Published Apr 2009). 21pp. Published in Phys.Rev.D79:093006,2009. e-Print: arXiv:0904.4534 [hep-ph]

  4. Complex solitons in Bose-Einstein condensates with two-and three-body interactions; Roy U., Kumar, C.N, & Panigrahi P.K.J. Phys. B: At.Mol.Opt. Phys. 43, 025003 (2010).

  5. Exploring the parameter space of texture 4 zero quark mass matrices.
    Rohit Verma, Gulsheen Ahuja, Neelu Mahajan, Monika Randhawa, Manmohan Gupta. Apr 2010. 13pp. Temporary entry Published in J.Phys.G37:075020,2010. e-Print: arXiv:1004.5452 [hep-ph].

  6. Spin 1/2^+, spin 3/2^+ and transition magnetic moments of low lying and charmed baryons. Neetika Sharma, Harleen Dahiya, P.K. Chatley, (Ambedkar, Nat. Inst. Technol.) , Manmohan Gupta, (Panjab U.) . Mar 2010. (Published Apr 1, 2010). 18pp. Published in Phys.Rev.D81:073001, 2010. e-Print: arXiv:1003.4338 [hep-ph]

  7. Complex solitons in Bose-Einstein Condensates with two-and three-body interactions, Roy, U. Atre, R. Sudheesh, C.’ Kumar, C.N. & Panigrahi, P.K.; J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 43 (2010) 025003 (6pp)

  8. Investigating non-Fritzsch like texture specific quark mass matrices.
    Neelu Mahajan, (Panjab U.) , Rohit Verma, (Railmajra, Rayat Inst. Eng. Info. Tech.) , Manmohan Gupta, (Panjab U.) . Sep 2009. 10pp. Int. J.Mod. Phys.A25:2037-2048, 2010. e-Print: arXiv:0909.4843 [hep-ph]

  9. Possible textures of the fermion mass matrices; Manmohan Gupta Gulsheen Ahuja; IJMPA 26 (2011) 2973.

  10. Spin and Flavor content of nucleon in the chiral quark model; Manmohan Gupta, Harleen Dahiya, Gulsheen Ahuja; Published in Proceedings of the conference in Honour of Murray Gell-mann’s 80th Birthday(World Scientific 2011).

  11. Information Entropy of Isospectral Hydrogen Atom, Kumar, A. , Kumar, C.N. ; Int. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 7(1): 57-61 (2011)

  12. Nonlinear dynamics of DNA – Ricati generalized solitary wave solutions, Alka,W. , Goyal, A., & Kumar, C.N.; Phys. Lett. A 375, 480-483 (2011)

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  14. Rabin Banerjee, Kuldeep Kumar and Dibakar Roychowdhury,
    Symmetries of Snyder-de Sitter space and relativistic particle dynamics,
    JHEP 03 (2011) 060

  15. NMSGUT-III: Grand Unification upended. Charanjit S. Aulakh.
    [arXiv:1107.2963] (Jul 2011) 88p.


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