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CENTRAL TENDER NO. ( 106/2013 )

Invitation to Tender for



Section 2 - Azraq / Omary Highway
Messrs :
Dear sirs;

  1. The Government of Jordan has received a grant from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the Saudi fund for Development towards the cost of Zarqa-Azraq – Omary Highway and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this grant to eligible payments under the contract for section 2 of Zarqa-Azraq-Omary Highway being approximately 52 km between Azraq city and Al Omary border crossing . Tendering is limited to prequalified Saudi and Jordanian firms only.

  1. As your J.V was prequalified to participate in this tender, you are kindly invited to submit a sealed Tender for the construction and completion and remedying defects of section 2 of Zarqa – Azraq – Omary Highway .

  1. you are requested to check with Government Tenders Directorate (GTD ) and bring valid rating certificate starting on Monday August 19th ,2013 and in accordance with the following:

  1. Offers not include any and all of the following documents will be disqualified, rejected and considered non – responsive :

  1. Priced Form of Tender and Appendix to Tender ;signed and stamped by the authorized signatory of the Tender together with any offered discount,

  2. Written Power of Attorney of signatory of the tender,

  3. Tender Security,

  4. Tender Conditions and procedures, and Conditions of Contract – Part I and Part II ( Volume 1 ) ,

  5. Declaration to Abide by the Construction Environmental Management Guidelines,

  6. Breakdown of Bill of Quantities Unit Rates and Prices,

  7. Addenda issued during the Tender period;

  8. Specifications ( Volume 2),

  9. Priced Bills of Quantities ( Volume 3 ),

  10. Drawings ( Volume 4).

  1. The Works include the construction, completion and remedying defects of approximately 52 km of the Zarqa - Azraq – Omary Highway ,between Azraq city and Al- Omary border crossing.

These works include, but are not limited to the following :

  1. Construction of dual carriageway with 2x3.75 m travel lanes in each direction plus 3.0 m outer shoulders and 1.8 m inner shoulders ,and a central median of 20.0 m wide.

  2. Construction of two fully directional interchanges.

  3. Relocation, realignment and diversion of existing utilities.

  4. Construction of six (6) voided slab bridges ( two of which are post – tensioned).

  5. Street lighting civil works for the interchanges.

  6. Street lighting installations for the interchanges.

  7. Traffic signing and traffic marking.

  8. Traffic safety installations and slope protection treatments.

  9. Drainage works including culverts,dykes,slope protection and ditches.

  1. The price of the tender documents is of a non-refundable fee of 1000 JD ( one thousand JD).

  1. The last date for sale of tender documents is twelve o'clock noon on Tuesday August 27th ,2013 .

  1. A site visit has been scheduled to take place on Wednesday August 28th ,2013 / Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

  1. The pre – tender meeting has been scheduled on Sunday September 1st ,2013 / Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

  1. Any enquires shall be received not later than Sunday September 8th ,2013 at address listed below. No enquires will be responded to after that date.

H.E. Mohammad Khaled Alhazaimeh

Director General

Government Tenders Department

Ministry of Public Works and Housing

2nd Floor, 8th Circle/ King Abdullah II Street

P.O. Box. 1220 Amman 11118

E-mail :

Website :

A copy to the client address :

H.E. Sami Jiries Halaseh

Secretary General

Ministry of Public Works and Housing

1nd Floor, 8th Circle/ King Abdullah II Street

P.O. Box. 1220 Amman 11118

Telephone number : 00 962 6 585 8318

Fax : 00 962 6 585 83 20

Email :

  1. The employer has the right to cancel the tender without bearing any financial or legal obligations.

  1. Bidders are requested to keep follow up GTD official website as all enquires will be responded to in a form of addenda published at GTD website listed above.

  1. Offers must be accompanied by a Tender Guarantee (security ) of USD 1000000 ( One million US Dollars ) .

  1. Tender guarantee (security ) progress in a separate envelope bidding on behalf of His Excellency the Minister of Works and Housing in addition to his job . This guarantee shall remain in force for a period of (90) days from the date of filling of offers that are identical to the model adopted.

  1. In the event of submission check rather than tender guarantee (security ) this check must be issued by an accredited bank in the Central Bank of Jordan and installed by the name of the bidder (as in the certificate of classification) and the name and number of tender , otherwise this check will not be accepted and the offer will be rejected .

  2. The Tender documents Is purchased and receipt by the company's representative under official authorization issued by the company according to the model adopted.

  1. Please confirm receipt of this letter immediately in writing by at the above address . If you do not intend to tender, we would appreciate being notified also in writing at your earliest opportunity.

  1. The awarding will be according to the Combination Equation, so that only one tender of the two tenders will be awarded to the bidder whom submitting offers for both tenders (105/2013 & 106/2013 ) .In case the total bid price for the two tenders offered by one bidder is the lowest bid price, therefore the combination will be used so that only one tender will be awarded to one bidder to obtain the lowest price for both tenders together which achieve the benefit of the Employer.

  1. Offers shall be deposited in the Tenders Box at the offices of the Government Tenders Directorate (GTD) not later than 12:00 hrs (pm) Jordan local time on Sunday September 29th,2013 and offers will be publically opened at 13:00 hrs Jordan local time, at the same date mentioned above ,tenderers can attend the opening session or follow up the opening session directly transmitted live (audio and video ) on GTD website

Best regards ,
Chairman of Central Tenders Committee

Director General

Eng.Mohammad khaled Alhazaimeh

Cc : H.E. Minister of Public Works and Housing

Cc : Secretary General /MOPWH

Cc : Biddings Director

Cc : Internal Monitoring Unit Director

Cc : Central Tenders Committee Secretarial Unit Director

Cc : Central Tender No. (106/2013 ) File

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