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  • Result oriented professional with 17 years of versatile experience across diverse organizational domains.

  • Proficient in analyzing information system needs, evaluating end-user requirements, custom designing solutions, troubleshooting for complex issues.

  • Demonstrated leadership, teaming, organizational and people-management skills with consistent performance levels in excess of job requirements.

  • Well versed in Oracle E-Business Suite database administration, Core Oracle database administration, Fusion Middleware Administration, Basic Unix Administration, Shell Scripting/ Automation Tools, DBA Training.

  • Hand on experience with Migration to Exadata, Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade, Oracle Database Upgrades, OS Cross platform migration, OBIEE Upgrade, Discoverer Upgrade

  • Skilled in supporting Oracle Applications (12.1.3,, 11.5.9, 11.5.6, 11.5.5, 11.5.4, 11.5.3, 11.5.1, 11.0.3, 10.7) on Solaris, Linux, HP UX & AIX



POSITION Lead Database Administrator

PERIOD Sep 2013 - Present

Projects Undertaken and Responsibilities
1. Upgrade of Oracle E-Business Suite to 12.1.3 and Migration of Databases to Exadata


April 2014 – Present


Oracle E-Business Suite12.1.3,, Oracle RDBMS, Redhat Linux 5.9, Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.9, Oracle Warehouse Builder, OBIEE, Exadata X4-2 Eight Rack, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Fusion Middleware


Finisar Corporation


  • Upgrade of Oracle E-Business Suite from to 12.1.3

  • Migration of databases to Exadata machine X4-2 (Eight Rack)

  • Upgrade of Oracle databases from to

  • Upgrade of Oracle Warehouse Builder from to

  • Upgrade of OBIEE to

  • Upgrade of Discoverer to

  • Administration of Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3,

  • Administration of Oracle Apex

  • Administration of OBIEE

  • Administration of Oracle Fusion Middleware/Weblogic

  • Administration of EMC Documentum

2. OATM Reorg and RDBMS Upgrade to


Sep 2013 – Jan2014


Oracle E-Business Suite12.1.3, Oracle RDBMS, AIX 5.3


Jacobs Engineering


  • Played an active role in efforts towards stabilization of Jacobs applications

  • Migration of Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 from AIX 5.3 to AIX 6.1

  • Upgrade of Oracle database from to

  • Upgrade of JDK to Java 6 SR 14

  • Migrate the tablespaces to OATM model

ORGANIZATION GE Measurement & Control (A GE Oil & Gas Company)


PERIOD April 2010 – August 2013


Oracle E-Business Suite11.5.10.2, Oracle RDBMS 11.1.0.x, 10.2.0.x, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Weblogic Server 10.3.4, Oracle Collaboration Suite 10.1.2, Oracle Discoverer 11.1.1,, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Solaris 10, Redhat Linux 5.6


  • Received the "Above & Beyond" bronze Award in Feb 2013

  • Received the "Above & Beyond" bronze Award in Nov 2012


  • Manage and lead a team of 12 DBAs

  • Technical lead for the datacenter migration project

  • Planned and lead the transition of DBA services from existing vendor to new offshore vendor

  • Monitor /delegate and manage the offshore DBA services

  • Actively involved in integration activities upon acquisition of Dresser by GE

  • Migration of document repository from Oracle Collaboration Suite to in-house libraries

  • Identify process gaps and implement process improvements

  • Identify resource and training gaps and address them

  • Actively involved in re-architecture of existing database footprint

  • Monitor production databases for optimal performance

  • Support functional and technical teams with DBA requests

  • Basic unix and solaris zone administration

  • Plan and execute disaster recovery exercises

ORGANIZATION Wissen Infotech Pvt Ltd., INDIA


PERIOD November 2006 – April 2010


Oracle Applications11.5.10.2, 11.5.9, Oracle Collaboration Suite 10.1.2, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle RDBMS 10.2.0.x, 9.2.0.x, 8.1.7.x, Solaris 10


GE Healthcare, Dresser Masoneilan


  • Managed a team of 36 Oracle DBA’s for GE Healthcare

  • Managed a team of 12 Oracle DBA's for Dresser

  • Planning and transitioning of new clients to offshore DBA support model

  • Successfully planned and implemented the offshore DBA model for Dresser.

  • Successfully ramped up 12 x 7 support model to 24 x 7 for Dresser in 14 days.

  • Planning and transition of activities from onsite to offshore

  • Keep track of metrics to evaluate the performance of the team and to ensure SLA’s are being met

  • Constantly strive to understand and deliver clients expectations

  • Constantly strive to improve the processes and procedures through innovative ideas

  • Evaluate the team’s training requirements and plan accordingly

  • Automation of repeatable DBA activities

  • Attrition handling and ensuring services are not affected due to sudden departure of key members

Technical Responsibilities

  • Shared application technology stack implementation for Oracle Applications

  • Load balancing of forms/web nodes using F5 BIG IP

  • Load balancing of Mobile Servers using Dispatcher

  • Implementation of centralized Discoverer 10g application server and integration with Oracle Applications

  • Upgrade of Discoverer from 4 to

  • Configuration of Oracle Applications Tablespace Model – OATM

  • Performance tuning of Apache Jserv for Oracle Applications

  • Upgrade of Oracle Applications from 11.5.9 to

  • Reorg of Oracle Applications Queue Tables

  • Oracle collaboration suite administration

  • Workflow mailer configuration and troubleshooting

ORGANIZATION Pythian India Pvt Ltd., INDIA

POSITION Database Administrator

PERIOD September 2004 – November 2006


Oracle Applications 11.5.9, 11.5.4, 11.0.3, Oracle RDBMS 10.2.0.x, 9.2.0.x, 8.1.7.x, AIX 5L, Solaris 9


University of Pennsylvania, Northrop Grumman, Koch Business Solutions, Ontario College of Application Services


  • Designed, tested and implemented a load balancing strategy for their production database. This involved load balancing four of their application servers using Jserv load balancing methodology.

  • Planned the strategy for upgrading their current database to 11.5.9

  • Upgrade of Oracle Applications from 11.5.4 to 11.5.9

  • Upgrade of Oracle database from to

  • Upgrade of iAS to 9iAS (Apache 1.3.12 to 1.3.19)

  • Implemented cloning using Rapid Clone. Documented and transitioned the process to the team.

  • Performance tuning (database and application).

  • Provide application support dba services.

  • Automated the refresh process which syncs their reporting instance on a daily basis.

  • Enhancements to their existing monitoring scripts.

  • Configured standby databases using Data Guard

ORGANIZATION GE Capital International Services, INDIA

POSITION Principal Consultant

PERIOD September 2003 – September 2004


Oracle Applications 11.5.9, 11.5.5, Oracle RDBMS 9.x, 8.1.x, Solaris 8, Sun Fire 15000, Sun Fire 6800, Sun Fire 4800


GE Corporate


  • Identify processes that are critical to quality of the services provided. Monitor and suggest improvements to ensure the team meets and exceeds the quality expectations.

  • Designed and implemented the management trainee initiative. Initiative included planning of trainings, on the job training for fresh recruits from college and preparing them to perform level 1, level 2 dba activities.

  • Developed a custom application to keep track of the inventory of databases and applications supported, other vital information necessary to support the applications.

  • Upgrade of Oracle Applications from 11.5.5 to 11.5.9

  • Upgrade of Oracle database from to

  • Upgrade of iAS to 9iAS (Apache 1.3.12 to 1.3.19)

  • Upgrade of Developer 6i to patchset 15

  • Upgrade of Jinitiator from to

  • Redesigned the backup monitoring process. Reduced the turnaround time to identify failed backups, and resubmit the backup.

  • Cloning of Oracle Apps, Peoplesoft and Non ERP databases.

  • Patching Oracle Applications.

  • Enhancements to existing scripts.

  • Basic BMC Patrol administration.


POSITION Senior Consultant

PERIOD September 2002 – August 2003


Oracle Applications (11.5.6, 11.5.5, 11.0.3), Sun Solaris (8, 2.6), Oracle RDBMS (8.1.x, 8.0.6)


City of Omaha, ASRC, Redback Networks


  • Responsible for monitoring our offshore delivery model, tracking/validating the quality of work and suggesting process improvements.

  • Piloted the fast track initiative, which involved step-by-step documentation of basic dba procedures to help transition these tasks to level 2 and offshore resources.

  • Fast track Change Manager for Oracle Applications related changes.

  • SME for Oracle Applications database administration.

  • Identify bottlenecks with our existing proactive monitoring. Develop monitoring scripts as required to fill the gaps.

  • Rearchitect solutions for our customers for improving performance. Identify bottlenecks in the current architecture. Perform Schema Reorgs, IO Subsystem reconfiguration.

  • Provide application support dba services to our customers. These include oracle applications patching, cloning, dot upgrades, end user trouble ticket resolution, assistance to functional/technical teams.

ORGANIZATION Qwest Cyber.Solutions (acquired by CORIO), Denver, USA

POSITION Senior Consultant II

PERIOD July 2000 – September 2002


Oracle Applications (11.5.6, 11.5.5, 11.5.4, 11.5.3, 11.5.1, 11.0.3), Oracle RDBMS (8.1.x, 8.0.6, 7.3.4), Solaris (8, 2.6), HP UX 11.0


JDS Uniphase, Redback Networks, Tumbleweed Communications, Wireless Online, Alloy.Com, Advent Technologies, City of Omaha

Operational Excellence

  • Responsible for standardizing the support procedures, processes used for several of our clients.

  • Responsible for developing Run Books and documentation templates.

  • Responsible for standardizing and developing proactive monitoring procedures and scripts.

  • Responsible for architecting the standard operating environment for new clients.

  • Installation/Upgrade of Oracle Applications

    • Installed Oracle Applications 11.5.5, 11.5.3, 11.5.1, 11.0.3

    • Upgrade of Oracle Applications from 11.5.3 to 11.5.6

    • Upgrade of Oracle Applications from 11.5.3 to 11.5.4

  • Upgrade and Patch Management

    • Manage the cycle of application patches to resolve bugs, problems and functionality issues.

    • Define and implement the patch application process

    • Perform database upgrades

    • Perform Developer 2000/6i upgrades

    • Perform JInitiator and JDK upgrades

  • Space Management

    • Monitor system disk space

    • Monitor table spaces

    • Monitor swap space

    • Monitor free space

    • Monitor extents

    • Monitoring fragmentation

  • Performance Management

    • Monitoring disk I/O

    • Monitoring CPU Utilization

    • Monitoring user activity

    • Monitoring active and runaway sessions

    • Lock Management

    • Rollback segment contention

Monitoring Oracle Applications to track

    • Concurrent managers

    • Interface managers

    • User sessions

    • Database availability

    • Listener status

    • Print queues

    • Network availability

Security Management

    • User Level Security

    • Applications Security

    • Database Security

Process Automation

Implementation of Kintana, Oracle Accelerator for automation of patch application, migration of

code from instance to instance.

ORGANIZATION Computech Corporation, Detroit, USA

POSITION Programmer Analyst

PERIOD August 1997 – June 2000

Projects Undertaken and responsibilities
1. Implementation of Oracle Applications 11.0.3


December 1999 – May 2000


Oracle Applications 11.0.3, Oracle RDBMS 8.0.5, Sun Solaris 2.6, Sun Enterprise 3500/450/250


Nana Development Corp, Anchorage, Alaska

  • Installation of Oracle Applications 11.0.3, Oracle RDBMS 8.0.5 on Sun Solaris 2.6

  • Installation of Oracle Application Server 3.0.2

  • Configuration of Self Service Web Applications.

  • Installation of Self Service HR.

  • Implementation of hardware RAID (0+1) using Raid Manager.

  • Volume, file system creation using Veritas Volume Manager.

  • Physical/Logical database design.

  • Concurrent Manager Configuration, tuning.

  • Printer server setup and configuration.

  • Configuration of Standard Register Print Server for check printing.

  • Application of patches

  • Formulated the disaster recovery strategy.

  • Implementation/automation of backups.

  • SQLNET configuration.

  • Deployment of monitoring scripts.

  • Migration of customized code.

  • Installation of ADI on end user desktops

  • Load balancing forms servers.

  • Design of security policy.

  • Installation of Cobol complier

  • Integration of Vertex with Oracle Payroll

2. Implementation of Oracle Applications 11.0.3


August 1999 – December 1999


Oracle Applications 11.0.3, Oracle RDBMS 8.0.5, Sun Solaris 2.6, Sun Enterprise 450/250


Indian Motorcycles, Gilroy, California


  • Installation of R2I (Oracle Applications 11.0.3, Oracle RDBMS 8.0.5) on Sun Solaris 2.6

  • Configured the database server and two application servers.

  • Designing the disk layout and volume layout for optimal performance. Implemented RAID 0+1 using Veritas Volume Manager

  • Designing backup strategy.

  • Formulated disaster recovery strategy.

  • Created and automated backup scripts.

  • Tablespace Sizing based on business requirements.

  • Tuning of SGA

  • Training the in house DBA.

  • Systems Administration. Setting Profile Options, Creating Users, Customizing Responsibilities and Menu’s, Registering Printers.

  • DBA support throughout the project

  • Patch application.

  • Installation of NOETIX views.

  • Integrating noetix views with Oracle Discoverer.

3. Upgrade of Oracle Applications from 9.4 to 10.7SC


May 1999 – July 1999


Oracle Applications (10.7 SC, 9.4), Oracle RDBMS 7.3.3, HP UX 10.20, HP 9000/899


RSKCo Corp, Livonia, Michigan


  • DBA of the Financial Applications upgrade team (9.4 to 10.7SC).

  • Transition dba, including dba support during transition/conversion phase.

  • Performed extensive SQL tuning to customized code.

  • DBA support during conversion. Include space monitoring, rollback segment monitoring, load monitoring and troubleshooting.

  • Applications systems administrator. Creating user, responsibilities, request groups, request sets. Setting profile options. Registering printers.

  • Registering concurrent programs and executables.

  • Installation of smart client on end user workstations.

  • Responsible for patch application (Client/Server). Was responsible for creating NT scripts for automating the migration of forms upon application of a patch to a shared location.

4. Implementation of Oracle Applications 10.7 NCA


November 1998 – April 1999


Oracle Applications 10.7 NCA, Oracle RDBMS (8.0.5, 7.3.4), AIX 4.3.1, IBM RS 6000


West Virginia University, Morgan Town, West Virginia


  • Installation of Oracle Applications 10.7NCA Prod 16.1. Modules installed (AP, AR, PO, GL, FA, HR, GMS, PSB, LD). Database Server and Forms server installed on RS 6000 (AIX 4.3).

  • Installation of Oracle Applications Release 11.0 (Vision Demonstration Database).

  • Migration of Oracle 7.3.4 database to Oracle 8.0.5.

  • Migration of forms server from Windows NT to AIX.

  • Implementation of partitioned server for Oracle Applications 10.7 to reside on Oracle 8.0.5 database.

  • Installation and configuration of Oracle Application Web Server 3.0.1.

  • Upgrade of Forms to

  • Installation of Enterprise Data Management System (EDMS).

  • Printer setup and configuration in Oracle Applications.

  • Configuration of SQL NET.

  • Configuration of Report review agent/web review agent.

  • Automation shell scripts of various database activities.

  • Training of in-house DBA’S.

5. Implementation of Oracle Applications 10.7 Character


October 1997 – October 1998


Oracle Application 10.7 (Character), Oracle RDBMS, HP UX 10.20, HP 9000/899


American Power Conversion Corporation, West Kingston, Rhode Island


  • Designed, Implemented and tested Backup and recovery procedures. Used Patrol recovery manager to take hot backup of our production system and used SAM for taking the cold backup of our standby system.

  • Refreshing test databases. Created shell scripts to automate the daily refresh of a report instance from our standby database for reporting purposes.

  • Created and scheduled scripts for automating the application of archive logs from our production system to standby system. Monitored the application of archive logs to the standby system.

  • Maintain and support 800 plus users in 14 different countries Corporation wide.

  • Configured SQL Net and listeners.

  • Maintained development and production databases. Monitored the production database for deadlocks due to MRP Snapshot worker (A bug with Oracle Apps).

  • Monitoring Tablespace and other objects using DB Artisan. Added datafiles to tablespaces.

  • Creating a new controlfile and transmitting the changes to the standby system when a non-logged operation is performed on the production database like adding datafiles to a tablespace.

  • Performance tuning Production Database. Exporting and importing of tablespaces for defragmentation.

  • Applying patches to production and development databases. Opening and dealing with TAR’s with Oracle Corporation.

  • Created and scheduled daily maintenance scripts. The scripts included clean up scripts provided by Oracle.

  • Monitoring APPL_TOP and disk space monitoring. Created scripts to clear the log/out directories under each application top older than a specified date.

  • Scheduled the daily backup of system files and APPL_TOP using SAM.

  • Installing printers using JETADMIN. Registering printers in Oracle Applications.

  • Customized default printer drivers provided by Oracle. Redefined printer styles based on customization and output needed.

  • Created and customized menus.

  • Created responsibilities and report groups. Setting default profile options for new responsibilities created. Setting inventory org access for new responsibilities created to limit access to just the desired inventory organizations.

  • Scheduling concurrent programs.

  • Creating new users at UNIX and Applications level. Registering employees in HR. Setting custom profile for new users.

  • Created scripts for starting and shutting down concurrent managers.

Bachelor of Engineering (Major: Computer Science)

Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, INDIA

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