R·I·t mechanical Engineering Is it the right choice for you? Alan Nye

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R·I·T Mechanical Engineering Is it the right choice for you?

  • Alan Nye

Why do We Need Mechanical Engineers?

Where do Mechanical Engineers Work?

Recent Employers of RIT M.E.s:

First Year Choices in ME

The M.E. Program is Hands – on!

  • First Year:

    • Materials Processing
    • Measurement, Instrumentation, and Control

Special Academic Programs in M.E.

  • Aerospace Option

  • Automotive Option

  • Bioengineering Option

  • Energy and the Environment Option

  • BS/Master’s Option

  • College Honors Program

Aerospace Option

Automotive Option

  • BS in Mechanical Engineering

  • Technical Electives such as

    • Vehicle Dynamics
    • Internal Combustion Engines
    • Automotive Controls
    • Fuel Cell Technology
    • Fund. of Tribology and Lubrication
  • Free Elective

    • Intro to Automotive Design and Manufacturing
  • Sr. Design Project in Automotive Field

Bioengineering Option

  • BS in Mech. Engineering

  • Technical Electives such as

    • Biomechanics
    • Fundamentals of Particulate Behavior in Biological Systems
    • Biomaterials
    • More to come
  • Free Elective

  • Science Electives

    • Biological Sciences
    • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Sr. Design Project in Bioengineering

Energy & The Environment Option

  • BS in Mechanical Engineering

  • Technical Electives such as

    • Fuel Cell Technology
    • Direct Energy Conversion
    • Advanced Thermodynamics
    • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Free Elective

    • Contemporary Issues in Energy & The Environment
  • Liberal Arts Electives

    • Energy & Public Policy
  • Sr. Design Project in Energy Systems Engineering

BS/Master’s Option

  • Highly Competitive Program

  • GPA Requirements for Entry

  • 4 vs. 5 co-ops

  • Need to Apply for Entry in Second Year

  • Work closely with a graduate advisor on a research or Product Development activity

  • Earn two degrees

College Honors Program

  • By Invitation of the Dean of Engineering

  • International Experience, such as

    • Possible International Co-op
    • Distance Collaboration on Design Teams
    • Foreign Enrichment Experience
    • Term Abroad Opportunities
  • Engineering in a Global Environment

  • Personalized Academic Challenges

M.E.s Work Well in Teams and Individually

  • M.E.s work with teams of other professionals (other engineering disciplines, science, business, political professionals) and skilled labor.

  • An M.E. is often looked to as the General Practitioner of the engineering disciplines

Is Mechanical Engineering Right for You?


  • Questions???


  • Mechanical Engineering is

    • Exciting
    • Challenging
    • Rewarding
  • We’re pleased to have you here at RIT with us.

  • If this sounds like the right program for you, come see me.

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