Russia 090421 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 090421

Basic Political Developments

  • Russia's Lavrov to visit North Korea this week - Sergei Lavrov will arrive in Pyongyang on April 23, and will then visit South Korea on April 24-25, the Foreign Ministry's press service said on Tuesday.

  • Russian FM to Visit Both Koreas - Lavrov is scheduled to visit Pyongyang for two days either on Thursday or Friday and then come to Seoul, a diplomatic source said. He will stay in Seoul for just one day.

  • Russian Foreign Minister to Visit N. Korea - Sergey Lavrov's two-day visit starting Thursday is expected to focus on efforts to reverse Pyongyang's withdrawal from the so-called six-party talks. North Korea took the decision citing U.N. Security Council criticism of its rocket launch on April 5.

  • President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan will pay a working visit to Russia on April 23 at Dmitry Medvedev's invitation.

  • Russia may become successful mediator in resolving to Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: experts

  • Russia invites Europe to join new energy charter - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev unveiled the project at a press conference with Finnish head of state Tarja Hallonen in Helsinki on Monday (20 April).

  • RF-Finland relations are fine and contacts regular – Halonen

  • Finland Withholds Pipeline Backing - President Dmitry Medvedev didn't win firm backing for the Nord Stream gas pipeline from his Finnish counterpart Tarja Halonen in Monday talks, a signal that bargaining will continue in the next few months.

  • Russia, China finalise oil pipeline deal - China and Russia signed a multi-billion dollar deal Tuesday, bringing into play a series of agreements on constructing an oil pipeline and supplying fuel to Chinese markets, state media reported.

  • Russia, China sign oil deal, start new pipeline branch - Russia and China signed an intergovernmental agreement on oil cooperation in Beijing on Tuesday, under which a new branch from the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO) pipeline will be built toward China.

  • ESPO branch to China could be finished ahead of schedule – Sechin

  • Russia sentences captain of sunken Chinese ship New Star - A court in Russia's Far Eastern port city of Nakhodka found the Indonesian captain of a Chinese freighter that sank in February guilty of border violation on Monday, an aide to the local prosecutor said.

  • Russia jails captain over sinking of Chinese ship

  • Russia confirms Admiral Gorshkov delivery to India in 2012

  • NGO: India to keep buying Russian jets - The Center for Analysis and Technologies predicts India will purchase as many as 90 Su-30MKI fighters under existing contracts, and possibly buy more Su-30 or modernized MiG-29K aircraft, as well, RIA Novosti reported Monday.

  • Russian army in North Caucasus receives new attack helicopters - The first six Mi-28N Night Hunter attack helicopters have been delivered to Russia's North Caucasus military district, a military source said on Tuesday.

  • Georgian spy busted in Sochi – FSB

  • FSB cuts operation of Georgian intelligence in Russia

  • UPDATE: Russia Intercepts Georgian Spy – Interfax

  • Russia’s FSB reported on ten branches of Hizb ut-Tahrir movement eliminated in 2008

  • Turkish emissary of Al-Qaeda was killed in Dagestan last week: Russia’s FSB

  • Anti-terrorist operation completed in Ingushetia - An anti-terrorist operation was completed in Verkhny Alkun and its neighbourhood in Ingushetia on Tuesday, the public relations group of the republican department of the Federal Security Service told Itar-Tass.

  • Special regime of counterterrorist operation introduced in Russia’s Ingushetia village

  • Former Soviet KGB officer turned billionaire eyeing second British paper - Alexander Lebedev who bought the debt-ridden London's Evening Standard tabloid newspaper, said in an interview that he was interested in buying British national daily The Independent

  • 65 % of Russians affected by crisis - 65 % of Russians affected by crisis

  • Russia to build wind farm on Russky island by APEC summit-2012

  • Crisis or Not, Russia Will Build a Bridge in the East - The government plans to spend well over $1 billion on the span, which is to be one of the longest suspension bridges in the world, and at least $6 billion on related projects in this thinly populated region, near China and North Korea.

  • Frenchman, Family Slain in Moscow Home

  • Medvedev’s Mixed Messages - Although Nothing New Was Said, Medvedev’s Giving an Interview to Novaya Gazeta Is Noteworthy in and of Itself

  • Paul Goble: Some of Russia’s Muslims Seeking to Define a Place between ‘Dar ul-Islam’ and ‘Dar ul-Harb’

National Economic Trends

  • Russia may deplete Reserve Fund by 2010F due to economic slump

  • Unemployment rate slow, wage arrears still rising

  • Q1 Jobless Rate Hits 8-Year High Of 9.5%

  • UralSib: Strengths and weaknesses of Russia's anti-crisis plan

Business, Energy or Environmental regulations or discussions

  • Aeroflot, TNK-BP, Gazprom, Mosenergo: Russian Equity Preview

  • RTS Opens Dollar Platform

  • Russia, Airbus sign $4 bln titanium deal

  • Electricity demand falls sharply in Siberia

  • Putin’s Tariffs Stall Russian Growth for Caterpillar (Update1)

  • Microsoft Plans to Invest 10 Billion Rubles in Russia (Update1)

  • Microsoft Unveils $300M Expansion - Praising the government for its "amazing work" fighting the crisis, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced Monday that his company would invest 10 billion rubles ($300 million) in Russia over the next three years.

  • Altimo appeals New York court decisions

  • UPDATE 1-Severstal sees '09 Russia steel demand down 25 pct

  • MMK returns to profitability in Q1

  • Potanin Cuts Norilsk Stake to 25%

  • Aluminum giant RusAl posts 7.2% decline in Q1 aluminum output

  • Hambro Announces 53% Earnings Jump

  • Russia VTB restructured 15 pct of loan portfolio –paper

  • VTB’s Non-Performing Loans Share Rises to 3.4%, Kommersant Says

  • VEB may attract financing to purchase stake in Rostelecom from KIT Finance

  • Sistema eyes majority stake in telecom Svyazinvest - Russian conglomerate Sistema has ambitions to bid for control of Svyazinvest after a getting a lower-than-expected valuation on the 25 percent plus one share in the telecoms giant it wanted to sell to the state.

  • UPDATE 1-Rambler Media EBITDA up, cost saving to continue

  • Alfa Bank Profit Falls 9.2%

  • Russia braces for fewer tourists - About 18 percent of the jobs in St. Petersburg or 500,000 jobs in the city rely on tourism, said Mariana Ordzhonikidze, who heads the city's tourism department, the Moscow Times reported Monday.

  • Sevmash to produce containers for radioactive waste - Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, starts series production of a new type of containers for used radioactive fuel for Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant.

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