Russia 100715 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 100715

Basic Political Developments


    • Earthtimes: Business leaders open German-Russian dialogue as Merkel visits

    • RIA: Merkel hopes Russia's WTO accession not hampered by Customs Union - "We want Russia's accession to the WTO to be completed and hope the Customs Union will not make the situation more complicated. We want to see transparent investment conditions," Merkel said.

    • Itar-Tass: 2011 to be Russia-Germany Scientific Achievements Year – Medvedev

    • Itar-Tass: RF-EU visa-free regimen depends on EU political will – Medvedev: “A visa-free regimen should help youth exchange programmes and will be useful in general contacts,” Medvedev said at the Russian-German business forum, which he attended together with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    • RIA: Russia's Medvedev discusses Customs Union, visa regime with EU - The chairman of the Eastern Committee of German Business, Klaus Mangold, said particular attention should be paid to the opportunity of continuing work with Russia in beneficial conditions within the Customs Union.

    • RIA: Medvedev says no need to get rid of state-run media - The president also said that the transition to digital technology and the development of the Internet have blurred the boundary between state and private media.

    • RIA: Russia has no plans for large-scale renewable energy projects - energy minister : "We are going to expand a proportion of renewable energy sources," he said. "We can apply this technology locally, but we will never use it on a large-scale basis."

    • Itar-Tass: Medvedev, Merkel to attend final session of Petersburg Dialogue

    • Itar-Tass: Russia, Germany to sign cooperation agreements in Yekaterinburg

    • RIA: Medvedev, Merkel to discuss Nord Stream project, visa regime

    • Moscow News: Medvedev hints at visa change - Foreign investors planning to work within the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus can look forward to comfortable conditions, President Medvedev announced on Thursday.

    • AFP: Merkel to oversee economic deals on Russia visit

    • Russia Today: Merkel-led German delegation arrives in Russia for talks

    • Moscow Times: Medvedev to Modernize Germany Forum - The economic panels will focus on Medvedev and Putin's modernization program, said Klaus Mangold, the chairman of Germany's Committee on East European Economic Relations.

    • Bloomberg: Rosatom May Work With Siemens In Areas Where Areva Isn’t Present

    • Bloomberg: Siemens to Produce 1,200 Railway Cars in Russia This Decade

    • RIA: Russia requests Dreamliner jet delivery before Winter Olympics - Transport Ministry - "I have met with the company`s president and asked him to change the deadline. It was moved to 2016 and we are asking to bring it forward to 2014," Levitin told reporters.

    • Bloomberg: Airbus May Expand Russia Partnership Into Aircraft Development - Enders was in Yekaterinburg, a city in Russia’s Ural Mountain region, as part of a delegation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

  • Bloomberg: Russian Government Earmarks $5.6 Billion for Technology Hub

  • Interfax: Russian weapons contract with Iran still on – official: An $800 million deal to sell S-300 air defense missiles to Iran has not yet been cancelled, Sergei Chemezov, the head of the Russian Technologies state corporation, told journalists in Yekaterinburg on Thursday.

  • Itar-Tass: President signs decree on four joint strategic commands in Russia

  • PTI: Russia reorganises Soviet-era military structure - According to local defence expert Konstantin Makiyenko, the new command structure was successfully tested during the recent “Vostok-2010” war games in the far east of the country, when thousands of men and machines were swiftly redeployed from the central parts of the country to remote areas in the east for practicing offensive and defensive combat.

  • RIA: Russia Pacific Fleet warships return from U.S.

  • VOR: Russia further claims its territorial rights in the Arctic - The Polar fleet flagman “Akademik Fyodorov” is off from St. Petersburg to the Arctic. Among other things, during its 75-day voyage “Akademik Fyodorov’s” crew will establish the exact position of the edge of the Russian continental shelf. Itar-Tass: Medvedev urges parliament to impose bigger penalties for corruption

  • RIA: Turkish parliament ratifies Russian-Turkish NPP agreement - The plant is expected to be built by Atomstroyexport near the Mediterranean port of Mersin in the Akkuyu area and put into operation in 2016-2019. Russia will build four nuclear power units for the plant, each with a capacity of 1.2 GW.

  • VOR: New details on Kaczynski air crash - “If we don’t land, they will kill me”, according to the Polish media. The report has not been immediately confirmed by the Military Prosecutor’s Office.

  • Prague Monitor: Russian daily: Czech govt to skip Russia in privatisation, Temelín - Russia is faced with "a loss of very promising contracts" now that a new centre-right coalition government has assumed power in the Czech Republic, Russian daily Kommersant writes Wednesday.

  • Moscow Times: Moldovan Wine Ban to Stay in Place After Talks Collapse

  • Vedomosti/Russia Today: The butter is churned - Yesterday evening, Rosselkhoznadzor announced a temporary suspension on food supplies, starting July 9, from 14 of Finland’s companies; the reason – violation of Russia’s sanitary requirements. The statement does not specify what specific rules the Finnish companies broke; Rosselkhoznadzor representative could not be reached.

  • Radio New Zealand: Nauru expects to earn more from exports after port upgrade with Russian aid

  • Centralasiaonline: Tajiks, Kyrgyz request end of Russian duties on gasoline

  • VOR: Immigrant descendants on memorial voyage

  • Blast in Russian railway did not reflect movement of trains from Azerbaijan - A locomotive and two wagons with sand were undermined on the Tarki-Manas crossing in Dagestan. The blast occurred at 4:50 Moscow time. An explosive device went off during the passage of the buffer trains, consisting of a locomotive and two wagons with sand, Interfax reported.

  • Itar-Tass: In Dagestan, a train was damaged, no victims and survivors

  • Rosbalt: Unknown engine blew up in Dagestan

  • RIA: Amnesty urges justice for human rights activist Estemirova year after her death Amnesty USA: Justice urged for Russian human rights defender's murder

  • Russia Profile: Grown-Up Country - Russians Are Gradually Becoming Aware of the Concept of Volunteerism and Beginning to Trust Social Organizations


    • RIA: Freed Russian spy Sutyagin receives British residence permit

    • Washington Post: Medvedev pardoned petty criminals, corrupt officials along with spies Russian spies left behind soda cans with fake bottoms, and plenty of pills Russia Today: “Solution to spy scandal unbelievably quick” – former KGB officer: What could be happening behind the scenes of the latest spy saga between Moscow and Washington? Former KGB officer Oleg Nachiporenko shared his views with RT, saying it used to take years to prepare such swaps.

  • Russia Today: US and Russia mark anniversary of first joint space flight - Thirty-five years ago Russia and the US took a giant leap for mankind with the launch of their first joint space mission, Apollo-Soyuz, which marked the beginning of an era of space cooperation between the two countries.

  • NDTV: Putin meets Van Damme at mixed fight championship - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met with Hollywood star and martial arts expert Jean-Claude Van Damme at a mixed fight championship which kicked off on Wednesday in Russia's southern city of Sochi.

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