Saint Anthony Mary Claret

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Avisos muy útiles para los padres de familia (Barcelona 1866) 8th ed., 64 pp. (Most helpful advice to parents). Original in Catalan. Translations also in Portuguese, Tagalog. See 1845.

Avisos saludables a las donsellas (Barcelona: LR) 9th ed., 48 pp. (Salutary advice to young ladies, or spiritual letter that he wrote to one of his sisters). See 1844.

Camí dret (Barcelona: LR) 46th ed., 352 pp. (The straight path…) See 1843.

Constitutiones pro Missionariis Congregationis Immaculate Cordis B.M. V. (Vich: Soler), 129 pp. (Constitutions for the Missionaries of the Immaculate Heart of the B. V. Mary). Second Constitutions for his Missionaries, approved by Rome in 1865. We cite from the critical edition, St. A. M. Claret, Constituciones y textos sobre la Congregacion de Misioneros (Barcelona, 1972). El templo y palacio de Dios Nuestro Senor (Barcelona: LR), 68 pp. (The temple and palace of God our Lord). The indwelling presence of God in the soul. Allusions to experiences in the mystical state of transforming union.

El templo y palacio de Dios Nuestro Señor (Barcelona: LR), 68 pp. (The temple and palace of God our Lord). The indwelling presence of God in the soul. Allusions to experiences in the mystical state of transforming union.

Instrucción que debe tener la mujer (Barcelona: LR 1866) 3rd ed., 32 pp. (The instruction women need in order to fulfill properly the mission entrusted to them by the Almighty). See 1854.

La escala de Jacob (Vich:Trullás) 48 pp. (Jacob's ladder). See 1846.

Origen de las calamidades públicas (Barcelona 1866) 2nd ed., 48 pp. (Origin of public calamities). See 1865.


Avisos saludables als nois (Vich) 8th ed., 64 pp. (Salutary advice to children).

Bálsamo eficaz (Barcelona: LR) 4th ed., 80 pp. (An effective balm …). See 1852.

Catecisme de la doctrina cristiana (Barcelona 1867) 128 pp. (Catechism of Christian Doctrine). See 1864.

Ceruraco bide zucena eta segurua (Barcelona: LR) 568 pp. (The Straight and Sure Path) Basque version.

Memoria de la Academia de San Miguel (Barcelona: LR). (Memoir of the Academy of St. Michael).

Modo practico de recibir bien el Santo Sacramento de la Penitencia (Barcelona: LR), 64 pp. (Practical manner to receive the Holy Sacrament of Penance well).

Unidad del Catecismo (Barcelona: LR), 30 pp. (Unity of the catechism). Defends the idea of a single, unified catechism for all Spanish dioceses.


Aprecio del tiempo y modo de ocuparlo bien (Barcelona: LR), 30 pp. (Appreciating time and using it well).

Avisos a un sacerdote (Barcelona: LR) 12th ed., 48 pp. (Advice to a priest). See 1844.

Catecismo de la doctrina cristiana (Madrid) 10th ed., 162 pp. (Catechism of Christian Doctrine). See 1864.

Compendi o breu explicació de la doctrina cristiana (Barcelona) 128 pp. (Compendium or brief explanation of Christian doctrine). See 1848.

Ejercicios espirituales de San Ignacio (Barcelona 1868) 4th ed., 468 pp. (Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius). See 1859

La época presente (Barcelona: LR) 6th ed., 88 pp. (The present epoch). See 1857.

La escalera de Jacob (Barcelona: Pla) 6th ed., 54 pp. (Jacob's ladder). See 1846.

Los viajeros del ferrocarril (Barcelona: LR) 3rd ed., 80 pp. (The passengers of the train). See 1859.

Council Father (1869-1870)

This is the period of the end of his life and at the same time of his Glory. In his innermost being are crowded together the souls of the whole world.

His writings reflect the character of the fight of good against evil, but with a more universal vision, like a participation in conciliatory ecumenism. They are, in addition, works of recapitulation and balance in his life.


Ceruraco bide zucena eta segurua (Tolosa) 4th ed., 582 pp. (The Straight and Sure Path). See 1843.

Ejercicios espirituales preparatorios a la primera comunión de los niños (Barcelona 1869)

5th ed., 326 pp. (Retreat in preparation for First Communion). See 1855.

El consuelo de un alma calumniada (Barcelona 1869) 2nd ed., 44 pp. (Solace of a slandered soul). See 1864.

El viajero recién llegado (Barcelona: Riera) 4th ed., 46 pp. (The newly arrived traveler). See 1856.

L 'Egoismo vinto ossia breve narrazione della vita di San Pietro Nolasco (Rome: Marietti), 88 pp. (Selfishness overcome, or brief narration of the life of St. Peter Nolasco). The unpublished Spanish original was destroyed by fire in 1909. The work survives in the Italian version of Mons. Ferdinando Mansi. Interesting for its insights into Claret's view of the meaning of history.

Triduo en obsequio a Maria Santisima (Barcelona: LR), pp. in 1869 ed. unknown, 28 pp. in 1891 ed. (Triduum in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary). Special relationship between Mary and each of the Persons of the Blessed Trinity.


Avisos saludables a las doncellas (Barcelona: LR) 13th ed., 40 pp. (Salutary advice to young ladies or spiritual letters that he wrote to one of his sisters). See 1844.

Avisos saludables para los niños (Barcelona: LR) 9th ed., 54 pp. (Salutary advice to children).

See 1845.

Camino recto (Barcelona: LR) 54th ed., 542 pp. ( The Right Path). See 1843.

Catecismo de la doctrina cristiana explicado (Barcelona: LR) 19th ed., 542 pp. (Catechism of Christian Doctrine, explained and adapted to children's level). See 1848.

La devoción a San Jose (Barcelona: LR), 29 pp. (Devotion to St. Joseph).

La Santa Ley de Dios explicada (Barcelona: LR), 124 pp. (The Holy Law of God explained). An explanation of the ten command­ments, followed by a catechetical dialogue on each of them and a series of pertinent examples taken from the Bible.

Las dos banderas (Barcelona: LR) 64 pp. (The two standards). On the church and the apostolate. A series of ascetical counsels on the Last Things, the presence of God, and sin. A note attached to the title says that the Saint wrote it on his death bed. Probably published in 1871.

Reflexiones que hace a todos los cristianos (Barcelona: LR) 6th ed., 48 pp. (Reflections made by all Christians and each one in particular…). See 1848.

Refutacion de Renan (Barcelona: LR), 15 pp. (Refutation of Renan). Also published as an appendix to Devotion to St. Joseph, it appeared separately in 1885.

Respeto a los templos (Barcelona: LR) 4th ed., 16 pp. (Respect for churches). See 1857.

Posthumous work


Libro de vida (Barcelona: LR) 8 pp. (Book of Life). Ascetical advice, about the last things (death, judgment, hell and heaven), the presence of God, and sin. The note that accompanies the tititle indicates that he wrote this just before his death. Probably published after his death.

C) Edited or accredited works

St. Anthony Mary Claret, in addition to being a writer, was a great publisher. He founded the publishing house, Librería Religiosa, the Academy of St. Michael, and popular and parochial libraries for the dissemination of good books. For this reason, it is no surprise that at times, given the resonance his name had all over Spain and beyond, that there were some publications attributed to him that he did not write, but that he only translated, reviewed or published. Taking into account the difficulty of coming to an accurate critical judgment about their authorship, we group this series of publications under the generic title of edited or attributed works with major or minor foundation.


El rico epulón en el infierno (Vich 1845) 76 pp.


Catecismo de los principales deberes de un militar cristiano (Barcelona 1846) 104 pp.

Galería del desengaño adornada de hermosos cuadros (Barcelona 1846) 32 pp.

Las mujeres españolas a los ojos de las francesas (Vich 1846) 30 pp.


La verdadera sabiduría (Barcelona 1847) 352 pp.

Nuevo manojito de flores (Barcelona 1847) 424 pp.


Algunos documentos para la buena casada (Barcelona 1848) 24 pp.

El amante de Jesucristo, o sea, historia de la vida y muerte de un verdadero discípulo de Jesucristo (Barcelona 1848) 112 pp.

Trisagi que a instancias dels devots de la Santíssima Trinitat y per al­cansar remey en totas las necessitats ha traduit en catalá (Barcelona 1848) 48 pp.


Manual de meditaciones composed by Fr. Tomás de Villacastín (preceeded by two Diálogos sobre la oración and followed by La explicación de los talentos de oración, both originals of Fr. Claret) (Barcelona 1849).


Instrucción y reglas de la Congregación de la Inmaculada Concepción de María Santísima y de San Luis Gonzaga (Barcelona 1850) 120 pp.

Reglas y Constituciones para las Hermanas Terciarias de María Santísima del Carmen, arregladas (Vich 1850) 90 pp.


Avisos a un militar cristiano (Barcelona 1851) 120 pp.

Carta que contiene las principales leyes de Indias (Cuba 1851) 24 pp.


Prontuario de la teología moral (Lárraga-Claret) (Barcelona 1852) 768 pp.


Prontuario para la administración de los sacramentos y bendiciones que más fácilmente ocurren a los párrocos (Barcelona 1855) 456 pp.


El Santo evangelio de nuestro Señor Jesucristo según San Mateo (Barcelona 1856) 230 pp.


Antídoto contra el contagio protestante (Barcelona 1857) 62 pp.

Apparatus et praxis formae pro doctrina sacra in conciones proponenda, auctore Richardo Arsdekin (Barcelona 1857) 288 pp.

Cánticos espirituales que se cantan en las misiones, mes de mayo y demás funciones que se hacen en el arzobispado de Cuba (Barcelona 1857) 134 pp.

Máximas espirituales, o sea, reglas para vivir los jóvenes cristianamente (Barcelona 1857) 16 pp.

Sermones de misión... (Barcelona 1857) I, 420 pp.


Colección de pláticas dominicales (Barcelona 1858-1859) 7 vols.

Ramillete de lo más agradable a Dios y útil al género humano (Madrid 1858-1859) 32 pp.

Sermones de misión... (Barcelona 1858) II, 550 pp., and III, 553 pp.


Carta pastoral del Ilmo. Sr. D. Félix Herrero Valverde... with varios examples added by Anthony Mary Claret y Clará (Barcelona 1859) 430 pp.


Copiosa y variada colección de selectos panegíricos (Barcelona 1860) 11 vols., with a total of 5,136 pp.


El espejo que a un alma cristiana que aspira a la perfección ofrece... (Madrid 1861) 104 pp.


Biblia Sacra Vulgatae editionis (Barcelona 1862) 894 pp.


El seminario y colegio de San Lorenzo del Escorial (Madrid 1863) 18 pp.

Verdadero retrato de los neofilósofos (Barcelona 1863) 44 pp.


Constitutiones iuventutis in Seminariis (Madrid 1864) 30 pp.

Reglas del Instituto de clérigos seglares que viven en comunidad y son los que componen el Orden segundo de Hijos del Inmaculado Corazón de María (Barcelona 1864) 78 pp.


Tesoro del cristiano (Madrid 1865) 256 pp.


La Virgen del Pilar de Zaragoza y los francmasones (Barcelona 1866) 62 pp.


Pláticas doctrinales sobre los mandamientos de la ley de Dios (Barcelona 1868) 2 vols., with a total of 744 pp.


Remedios contra los males de la época actual aplicados por medio del santísimo rosario (Barcelona 1870) 56 pp.

D) Writings

There are many texts written by St. Anthony Mary Claret which have been published completely or in part after his death. The works of the Saint are scattered throughout magazines, pamphlets, flyers, etc., as of yet without having been brought together and published in a complete and definitive form. Here we offer, in chronological order, the biography of the most significant texts.

Cartas de los nueve coros de los ángeles, escritas por el Siervo de Dios P. Claret cuando estudiaba teología, published by Aguilar, Mariano, Vida admirable del Siervo de Dios P. Antonio María Claret (Madrid 1894) II, pp. 485-508.

Carta a un devoto del Corazón de María: CMF Bolletin of the Province of Catalonia 11 (1949) 227-232.

Escritos Espirituales, in San Antonio María Claret, Escritos autobiográficos y espirituales, BAC (Madrid 1959) pp. 655-788.

Escritos Cordimarianos de San Antonio María Claret (selección), in Lozano, Juan Manuel, El Corazón de María en San Antonio María Claret (Madrid 1963) pp. 151-252.

Epistolario de San Antonio María Claret, prepared and written by José María Gil (Madrid 1970) I, 1,847 pp.; II, 1,598 pp.; (Madrid 1987) III, 928 pp. (cited by EC, I, II or III).

Constituciones y textos sobre la Congregación de Misioneros, ed., introductions, notes, and indexes by Juan Manuel Lozano (Barcelona 1972) 702 pp. (documents about the Congregation of Missionaries, Constitutions, and writings by the Founder, spiritual exercises given to the Congregation, etc.).

Antología espiritual de San Antonio María Claret, ed. Prepared by Jesús Bermejo (Madrid 1973, 370) pp.

Carta al Misionero Teófilo (Rome 1979) 56 pp.

Escritos de San Antonio María Claret sobre el apóstol seglar, in: El apóstol claretiano seglar. Su origen y actualidad en la Iglesia y en el mundo. Ed. prepared by Jesús Bermejo (Barcelona 1979) pp. 99-183.

Escritos Espirituales. Ed. prepared by Jesús Bermejo, BAC (Madrid 1985) XXI+528 pp.

Pisma Duchowe. Przelad: Barbara Muszel, Mari Turecka (Warzawa 1991) 596 pp.

Works of Saint Anthony Mary Claret: Volume III. Selected Spiritual Writings. Prepared by Jesús Bermejo. Translated by Joseph C. Daries (Quezon City: Claretian Publications 1991) xx+618 pp.

Escritos Marianos. Ed. prepared by Jesús Bermejo. Publicaciones Claretianas (Madrid 1989) 469 pp.

Pisma Maryine. Przelad: Jerzy Zebrowski (Warzawa 1991) 492 pp.

Works of Saint Anthony Mary Claret: Volume II. Autobiographical Writings. Translated by Joseph C. Daries (Quezon City: Claretian Publications 1995) xvi+357 pp.

Escritos Pastorales. Ed. prepared by José María Viñas and Jesús Bermejo, BAC (Madrid 1997) XXXVIII+688 pp.

Gesammelte Werke. Band 1. Übersetzt und herausgegeben von P. Wolfgang Deiminger. Nachdruckt nur mit Erlaubnis der deutschen Provinz der Claretiner (Weissenhorn 1990) XXXVII+386 pp. – Multicopied document.

- Gesammelte Werke. Band 2... (Weissenhorn 1992) XXIV+385 pp. - Multicopied document.

- Gessamelte Werke. Band 3... (Weissenhorn 2002) 216 pp. - Multicopied document.

E) Letters

Gil, José María, Epistolario Claretiano (Madrid 1970) I, 1847 pp., II, 1598 pp., and (Madrid 1987) III, 926 pp.

Bermejo, Jesús, Epistolario Pasivo de San Antonio María Claret. I (1838-1857) (Madrid 1992) XXVIII+902 pp.; II (1858-1864) (Madrid 1994) VIII+821 pp.; III (1865-1870) (Madrid 1995) VIII+738 pp.

Claret, San Antonio María, Cartas selectas (Madrid 1996) XLVII+626 pp.

. Selected Letters from the Correspondence of Saint Anthony Mary Claret. Trans. by Daries, Joseph C. (Bangalore, India: Claretian Publications 2007) 504 pp.

F) Pontifical documentation

Pius IX

Letter to Isabel II (January 2, 1866), in Gorricho, Julio, Epistolario de Pío IX con Isabel II de España: Archivum Historiae Pontifi­ciae 4 (1966) 312-313.

Pius XI

- Speech on the declaration of the heroic virtues of the Venerable Anthony Mary Claret: L’Osservatore Romano (7-8 January 1926).

- Apostolic Letters Magnus vocabitur (February 25, 1934): AAS 26 (1934) 173-179.

- Address to Spanish pilgrims: L’Osservatore Romano (March 5-6, 1934).

Pius XII

- Bull of CanonizationQuos Spiritus Sanctus” (May 7, 1950): AAS 44 (1952) 345-358.

- The Saint of the Holy Year, Saint Anthony Mary Claret. Bull of Canonization of Saint Anthony Claret Quos Spiritus Sanctus (Los Angeles 1950) 22 pp.

- Homily at the mass of canonization (May 7, 1950): AAS 42 (1950) 370-372. (also in: Vida Religiosa 7 (1950) 195-197).

- Speech to pilgrims (May 8, 1950): AAS 42 (1950) 479-­481. (Also in: Vida Religiosa 7 (1950) 197-199).

- Radio address on the occasion of the consecration of Spain to the Immaculate Heart of Mary: AAS 46 (1954) 682.

Paul VI

- Address to the XVIII General Chapter of the Claretian Missionaries (October 25, 1973): AAS 65 (1973) 598-600.

John Paul II

- Address to the XIX General Chapter of the Claretian Missionaries (October 13, 1979): Annales CMF 54 (1979) 205-206.

- Speech to the XX General Chapter of the Claretian Missionaries (September 21, 1985): Annales CMF 57 (1985) 108-110.

- Speech to the XXI General Chapter of the Claretian Missionaries (September 9, 1991): Annales CMF 60 (1991) 139-140 (in English, ib., pp. 142-143).

- Speech to the XXII General Chapter of the Claretian Missionaries (September 23, 1997): Annales CMF 63 (1997) 290-292 (in English, ib., pp. 295-297).

- Letter-Message to the Claretian Missionaries on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of its foundation: Warsaw June 12, 1999: Annales CMF 64 (1999) 7-10; SC 17 (1999) 103-107.

- Message on the 150th anniversary of the arrival of Archbishop Claret to Cuba: To Archbishop Pedro Claro Meurice Estíu, Archbishop of Santiago, Cuba, January 25, 2001: Annales CMF 65 (2001) 7-9 (in English, ib., pp. 10-12); SC 19 (2001) 175-178.

- Speech to the XXIII General Chapter of the Claretian Missionaries (September 8, 2003): Annales CMF 66 (2003) 319-320 (in English, ib., pp. 321-323).

Benedict XVI

- Letter-message to Fr. Josep Maria Abella Batlle, Superior General, and to the Missionaries Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (on occasion of the bicentennial of the birth of St. Anthony Mary Claret): Rome, December 8, 2007.

G) Biographies

In addition to the diverse autobiographical accounts―The Autobiography, Outline of His Life, Testimony of Truth and other autobiographical documents which we publish in this work―, there are many more biographies about Anthony Mary Claret, some that are still unpublished. We offer here a list, inevitably incomplete, of those which we know.

1. Unpublished

Blanch, Jacinto, Vida admirable del Beato Antonio María Claret y Clará, fundador y arzobispo. In 2 volumes, typewritten, with a total of 968 pp. And an appendix of XIV pp. Also preserved in the CESC-Vic. This work helped Fr. Cristóbal Fernández for his work El Beato P. Antonio María Claret. The same Fr. Blanch also left us another typewritten work, Admirable Life of Fr. Claret, in one volume, with a total of XXXIII+561 pp., which is also preserved in the CESC-Vic.

Aramendía, Julio, El Beato Antonio María Claret extraordinario. His infused gifts – a vindication of these against modern claims of unbelief. A typewritten volume, without place or year, 590 pages, typewritten (in CESC-Vic).

El Beato Antonio María Claret místico (1936) 366 pp.: in CESC-Vic, unpublished.

2. Published during the life of the saint

While he was still alive, various panegyrics of the holy missionary were written, especially to defend him from the attacks of his enemies, who were many. We present the following writings:

J. S., Poesias dedicadas a la felis memoria del célebre y admirable predica­dor apostòlich catalá Mosén Anton Claret (Barcelona 1844) 48 pp.; 2nd ed. in 1846, 48 pp.; reproduced by Bermejo, Jesús, Epistolario pasivo de San Antonio María Claret, III (1865-1870) (Madrid 1995) p. 501-526).

Echánove y Zaldívar, Antonio Fernando, Circular a los párrocos, October 24, 846. A defense of the missionary against the lies said about him. It includes the first brief biography of the Saint.

Fuente, Vicente de la, Arzobispo electo de Cuba: in Boletín del Clero Español in 1849 (Madrid 1850) pp. 10-11; Id., Arzobispo de Cuba (Madrid 1851) pp. 39-40. It is also a short biography and reflection of the new Archbishop of Cuba.

Anónimo, El Sr. Arzobispo Claret...: magazine, La Esperanza, of Ma­drid, Tuesday, January 24, 1865, p. 2 col. 2-4 (published by Gutiérrez, Federico, El Padre Claret en el periódico La Esperanza (1844-1874) (Madrid 1987) pp. 361-364). It is a defense against the accusation of getting involved in politics and of writing and painting obscenities.

- El P. Claret: magazine, El Pensamiento Español, from Madrid, Friday, February 5, 1869.

- El sapatero (sic) componedor de boteras e irrinartes (Vitoria 1869). Publication unknown.

3. Published after the death of the saint

We offer only the works we have catalogued, by languages, and within each language in alphabetrical order.

In Castilian:

Aguilar, Francisco de Asís, Vida del Excmo. e Ilmo. Sr. D. Antonio María Claret, misionero apostólico, arzobispo de Cuba y después de Trajanópolis (Madrid 1871) 428 pp.

Aguilar, Mariano, Vida admirable del Siervo de Dios P. Antonio María Claret, fundador de la Congregación de los Misioneros Hijos del Inmaculado Corazón de María (Madrid 1894) vol. I, 638; vol. II, 536 pp.

Alaiz, Atilano, Antonio María Claret, in: Diccionario de los Santos (Madrid 2000) pp. 245-248.

―.Claret, una pasión misionera. Ed. Claretiana (Buenos Aires 1996) 32 pp.

―.“No puedo callar.” Ed. San Pablo (Madrid 1995) 672 pp.

―.San Antonio María Claret, misionero apostólico. Vida Nueva: suplemento al n. 2011, (Madrid, septiembre de 1995) 16 pp.

―.San Antonio María Claret, Misionero Apostólico. Folletos CONEL, n. 141. September (Madrid 1995). Testimonies and Witnesses, XXXIV pp. (small format).

Anónimo, Claret, Antonio María: in Diccionario Popular Universal de la Lengua Española, artes, biografía, ciencias, historia, geografía, literatura y mitología…, compiled and delivered by Don Luis P. de Ramón (Barcelona, Imp. and Lib. Religiosa y Científica, 1887) III, pp. 154-155.

―.Claret y Clará (Ven. Antonio María): in Enciclopedia Espasa, vol. 13, pp. 637-639.

Aramendía, Gil, San Antonio María Claret, el santo de hoy (Córdoba 1950) 24 pp.

Berengueras, José María, Compendio de la vida de San Antonio María Claret (Barcelona 1950) 96 pp.

Bermejo, Jesús, Antonio María Claret, una vida entregada al Evangelio (Rome 1982) 70 pp.

Bermúdez, Alejandro and Bermejo, Jesús, Antonio María Claret: “Mi vida fue el Evangelio” (Madrid 1985) 160 pp.

Blanch, Jacinto, Vida del V. Antonio María Claret (Barcelona 1906 and 1924) 160 and 166 pp.

Blanch, Miguel, El V. Antonio María Claret (Tarragona 1907 and 1912) 32 pp.

Bocos Merino, Aquilino, San Antonio María Claret, Obispo, fundador de los Misioneros Hijos del Inmaculado Corazón de María, in: Martínez Puche, José A. (dir.), Nuevo año cristiano, octubre. EDIBESA (Madrid 2001) pp. 505-533.

Bonci, Faliero, Jardín claretiano o estampas de una vida admirable (Bogotá 1950) 64 pp.

Broto, Francisco, Pequeña vida de San Antonio María Claret (Buenos Aires 1950) 112 pp.

Cabré Rufatt, Agustín, Evangelizador de dos mundos. Vida anecdótica de San Antonio María Claret (Santiago de Chile 1977) 174 pp. – 2nd ed. (Barcelona 1983) 208 pp.

―. San Antonio María Claret (1807-1870), Un obispo misionero, en la evangelización de la “viña joven,” in: E. M. Stehle, Testigos de la fe en América Latina (Estella 1982) pp. 93-104.

Capilla García de Paredes, Ramón, El P. Claret. Oración y recuerdo (Maracaibo 1979) 52 pp.

(Clotet, Jaime), Apuntes biográficos del Excmo. e Ilmo. Sr. D. Antonio María Claret: in El Domingo, from Vich (1870); Boletín oficial eclesiástico del obispado de Vich 32 (1870) 192-196, and La Convicción, in Barcelona (1870) (reproduced at the end of this work).

―.Resumen de la admirable vida del Excmo. e Ilmo. Sr. Don Antonio María Claret y Clará (Barcelona 1882) 348 pp.

―. Vida edificante del Padre Claret, Misionero y Fundador. Transcription, revision and notes by Jesús Bermejo, CMF. Publicaciones Claretianas (Madrid 2000) XXVIII+922 pp.

CMF, Beato Padre Antonio María Claret (Buenos Aires 1934).

―. Beato Padre Antonio María Claret (Santiago de Chile 1934).

―. San Antonio María Claret, apóstol de fuego. Misioneros Claretianos (Paraguay 2004) 12 pp.

―. San Antonio María Claret, Apóstol de Jesucristo (La Habana 1996) 36 pp. ―. Multicopied document.

―. Semblanza de San Antonio María Claret…, Imp. and Encuadernación Claret(Santiago de Chile 1950) 64 pp.

―. Sendas de fuego (Barcelona 1957) 84 pp. ―. (Igualada 1957) 84 pp.

―. Vida del Venerable Padre Antonio María Claret…, Imp. and Encuadernación Claret(Santiago de Chile [1920]) 48 pp.

Codinachs, Pere, Pobre y a pie (Barcelona 2000) 112 pp.

Constans, Luis, Sobre las huellas de Cristo (Barcelona 1954) 180 pp.

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Esteras y Palacios, Julio, Romancero Claretiano (Madrid 1935) 224 pp.

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―. Flores claretianas o rasgos biográficos del B. Antonio María Claret (Madrid 1941) 304 pp. - reedición (Madrid 1950) 304 pp.

―. Itinerarios de un apóstol (Madrid 1950) 160 pp.

―. Un apóstol moderno (Madrid 1950) 576 pp.

Fernández Liedo, Antonino, Un héroe de santidad. El Beato Padre Antonio María Claret (Madrid 1935) 110 pp.

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