San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce Board of Director’s Meeting

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San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce

Board of Director’s Meeting

William Sinkin EcoCentro

June 4, 2018
Board Members: √ Dr. Yvonne Katz, √Rebecca Hughes, √Dr. Sandra Neubert, √Cindy Taylor, √Jennifer Haft, √Stacey Isenberg, √La Juana Chambers, √Asia Ciaravino, √Sarah Becher, √Angelica Docog, √Diane Polanco, √Amy Gonzalez, √Dr. Susan Blackwood, √Tracey Ritchie, √Kristen Villarreal, √Lori Johnson Leal, √Belinda Gavallos, √Gabrielle Gelo, √Barbie Scharf-Zeldes, √Mona Helmy and □ Yolanda Rogers

Secretary Report

  • Minutes from last board meeting require the following corrections: Belinda was in attendance; Jen Haft reported that she put together a flyer listing a few of the 30 women selected for the Tricentennial presentation and provided them for the May Smart Women Series. The office has additional copies and will share them at upcoming events.

ACTION: Motion made and seconded to accept minutes with the above corrections. Passed

Report from Treasurer

  • Discussion: Stacey shared that our new CPA firm recommended that have a capitalization policy. The details of the policy were added to the current Controls and Policies document and a printed copy was shared with each member. Copies of the quarterly report were also provided and Stacey noted that the projector we purchased last year is not shown. It will be added as an asset with a 5 yr. depreciation.

The quarterly report was filed for review.

Committee Reports

  • Communications

    • Discussion: Rebecca reported she will be sending out a Constant Contact (CC) with a “Thank You” for the golf tournament with a link to the team and candid photos from the tournament. There is already a link to both on the Chamber Chatter section.

    • There are scheduled CC’s for the POWERhour! Luncheon and Spotlight; however, Dr. Katz informed us that June Spotlight Speaker, Leo Gomez, is unable to attend so we will cancel the event and all of those that have registered will be notified.

    • Communication deadlines for the Gala are due Friday for sponsorship information

    • Kristen reported the social media stats as follows:

      • Facebook – 1882; up 26

      • Twitter – 3514; up 10

      • Instagram – 775; up 91

      • Linked In – no changes

    • Kristen will do one last push for the New Member Mixer on social media sites. She will also add the upcoming events to Facebook.

  • Education/Leadership

    • Discussion:

      • Smart Women – Diane reported that we had a really great session at Franklin Park with speaker Mrs. Franklin. Franklin Park also provided a great meal and tour of the facility.

She and Casey will be getting together in July to get the 2018-2019 season together. They already have a speaker and food lined up for Sept, with the speaker focusing on ERISA, Obamacare/healthcare and compliance. Gabrielle recommended maybe co-branding with the Health Underwriters Association in order offer CE credits. Diane is going to invite her corporate clients and pay for those that want to attend to familiarize them with the series and SAWCC.

      • TLD – Dr. Katz thanked Dr. Neubert for helping with TLD, and said they had many great helpers during the series. She reminded us that June is the last session of TLD and that will be graduation ceremony.

      • BBP – Dr. Katz reported Bloomberg is moving along well. She is working on finding someone to take over Bloomberg next year and asked everyone to be thinking about co-facilitators from the group or committee. She stressed that it is important to fill those positions since these are our 2 signature programs for corporate members.

Dr. Neubert also reported that Dr. Cleary provided an excellent presentation working with Millennials and Suzanne Scott had a great presentation as well.

  • Events

    • Golf

      • Discussion: Cindy reported that the golf tournament went well and was definitely a better quality tournament and the Jefferson 5 were great volunteers again this year. The feedback was that the Hole-in-one games were fun and there were a total of 4. We did experience a few issues – we needed carts for the hole sponsors to get their supplies out their designated holes and for bathroom breaks; the Marshall didn’t move people along; the Dixon hole was asking for donations; and, we had Girls, Inc. just show up and somehow made it out to the course taking a $400 sponsor location, collecting money for their own cause.

We made $450 more on Super Tickets, but made a little less on the silent auction than we have in the past; however, she liked that we didn’t have to deal with it. Some commented that the starting bids were too expensive.

The goody bags were still a big hit and they weighed 9lbs. this year. Cindy thanked everyone for all of those that donated and said the items this year were unique compared to years past.
The scratch offs didn’t sell as well and Diane stated that some people felt turned off by them; also the prize shirt didn’t fit the prize winner.
Hyatt had many issues. They were not prepared for us upon arrival and had the signage and trash from the event on Friday night still spread throughout the room. Cindy and Dr. Katz will have another meeting with the Hyatt GM to discuss the details and see if we can recoup service fees. Other issues were the dead bird in the corner of the room by the buffet tables, water that was spilled across the floor and not mopped up appropriately causing the floor to buckle creating a tripping hazard, in addition to carts dying on the course. Hyatt has definitely tarnished their brand.
Next year we will be at Republic Golf Course.

    • POWERhour!

      • Discussion: Angelica reported they were ready for the June PH with presenting speaker being JoAnn Andera, the director at ITC for 45 years and an inductee of the Women’s Hall of Fame. Her committee is currently working on finding a speaker for Oct. Rebecca stated the count was a little low and asked everyone continue to invite their friends. Dr. Neubert recommended it as a great event to invite guests to because of the food and atmosphere.

  • Mixers

    • Discussion: Since Ros has resigned, Amy reported that she would be setting up a time to meet with her to learn more about the active committee members and any information she had already pulled together for the September mixer. She is looking for a different location other than the SA Youth location we used last July. Belinda recommended Casa Navarro and said she could possibly get them to waive the rental fee.

    • Rebecca has received a “wish list” from Family Violence Prevention Services and we agreed that we would provide details from that list on the Constant Contact and flyers to collect some of the items needed during our mixer and possibly Sept. SWS to show additional support for our Charity of Choice.

    • Rebecca has worked with the committee on a location for the December Mixer and they have agreed to use the Witte Museum and contract has been signed.

  • Gala

    • Susan reported the first Gala meeting was set for this Friday. She is very excited about new auction company and new venue. The committee has added Asia to help with the program and Deborah Reece to oversee the flow of the venue. Gabrielle will be the Chair of the Selection committee. She asked that everyone be thinking of nominees. Her thoughts are that we need to give sponsorship more bang for their buck. We will be adding a champagne reception for them at 5:30pm. This will allow them more time for mingling and more time for the silent auction to remain open. Additionally, she is working with John at Give Back Auctions on the raffle. Gabrielle has come up with a rubric for the selection process. Dr. Neubert will be working with bios and info going to Honorees. Casey Annunzio offered to be on the selection committee.

  • Membership

    • Discussion: Belinda reported that we have 3 mew members. Spoke to 1 and left a message for 2 inviting them to the upcoming New Member Mixer. Reported we lost Lisa Ayers so she is working on bringing Juanita Sepulveda to replace her. She also continue to attend several events to cross-pollinate.

  • Committee Involvement

    • Discussion: Dr. Neubert asked that everyone continue to work with their committees and all new board members have completed their orientation.

  • Mentorship – LaJuana reported that she had a meeting with Denise Barker at BBBS and Tony Van Buren at United Way to discuss program. She would like to put together Cadre’ Facilitators and build a program where we can be the hub of mentorship. Wants to build a committee that has an advisory potion and help other programs.

  • Charity of Choice – Lori reported that we had Assistance League was missing from the list of potential charity nominees and would be added to the list. Voting will be sent out on Wednesday.

  • Tricentennial – Jen reported she is creating a large document with slides for our 30 selected women. She will have it prepared by Friday. She is working on designs to present to the board. She asked that we discuss how we will add all this information to the Gala program. Rebecca is working on designing the bookmark. We also need to ensure we give the photographers credit for all photos used in all the materials we produce. Angelica recommended giving the bookmark to schools and then redistributing again during Women’s History month.

  • Report from Executive Director – Dr. Katz asked that everyone be thinking about who could be next year’s leaders for TLD & BBB. She also congratulated Mona on being featured in SA Woman magazine.

Other business – N/A

Adjournment at 1:05pm

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