Satanic acts in the name of hijab & islam by shams, kauser & dr. Firdous fatima syed

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satan daughter returns
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Shakeeb Khan 

Tue, Sep 4, 2012 at 12:24 AM


Cc:, miraj syed ,,,,,

uncle aunty asak

these people are irritating me 

they are playing cheapest and the dirtiest tricks to finalize this marraige

satan daugther retuns again and abusing us and our family and blamimg things which our family cannot even think of it

she says what happpened what have you decided why are you not listenting

she is telling that your people are telling that shams kauser and firdous education wealth property everything is

worst and dirty than your dirty d**p,their lifes are depend on zia they used you and your dirty drop so divorce her ,

kick her out of your life

they have taken our blood they have taken our seed

i told her you should be ashamed on your self 

what are you telling 

dont you scare with allah 

dont you have to face allah and the day of judegment 

uncle aunty you know no one in our family can say this

she says 

you stupid donkey why dont you listen your people  and us

i heard a voice behind telling, he is a ziddi kamina

gadhey ko aqal nahi hai

ye shadi shadi nahi sazish hai

ye nikah nikah nahi zina hai

samaj ra nahi yey gadha

no use of telling him anything

hang the phone

then this woman says he knows everything but not listening to anyone

further she says

you know kauser mental illness very well

then why dont you divorce her

leave her go and live your life

they made you fool,they cheated you just to get the baby to keep her mental disease in control

she told me why are you not shouting on me, come on shout shout on me

now we will tell everyone that you had relation with women in london and have physical relationship with women in hyderabad

you have affair with a girl here

your brother caught you red handed in london flat

you have the baby in london, we know about your baby 

i said everyone knows my baby Alhamdulillah he is a 3 years old child now

she says no no no

i am talking about your other baby in london with a  woman

i said are you in you senses what are you telling you old woman

she says you have a baby who born two or three months before zia 

you tell your aunty in london that you cheated kauser that is why allah punished and my family is


you apologize your aunty, I troubled you that is why my marriage is a disaster 

i said whom are you talking about, she says your aunty in england told everyone 

uncle aunty since i am in india there are so many aunties who call me and ask about me and 

my family and pray for me and zia.

i never troubled anyone in my life then where is the question of troubling my people( I dont know which aunty she is talking 

about,why would i apoligize anyone when i never troubled anyone)

uncle i am discontinuing this email 

got to go now

i will call you tonight


she told me not to tell anyone about this, it is a secret.... just decide


Dear Akram Uncle and Munzoor Aunty,
Hope both of you are fine? We are also fine Alhamdulillah.
We went to Gulbarga to meet Zia on his 4th Birthday. but found that they are in England, (which was on 24th Sep)
I called kauser to talk to Zia.
She said that I dont have any right on Zia as I never sent a single penny to him, I told her you disappear with zia for months and years, I dont know where you live with my son, how can I send him money when I dont know where you and zia live. 
As usual she started shouting and screaming on me and using dirtiest language(which is not new to me) as I have been listening to their cheapest and the dirtiest language after the birth of my son zia.
They think that they have got success getting zia from me,
she married to me just to get the baby to keep her mental disease in control.
Uncle, Aunty  I am very very sad and unhappy what kauser, her mother & sister have been doing to me for the last 4 years.
I am scared, I am scared, I am scared with kauser her mother & sister...
even scared to take or listen their names.
May Allah help and keep us away(including zia) from these three women(Ameem)
May Allah keep Zia in his safety(Ameen)
Inshallah talk to you soon.
Take care

Allah Hafiz


Continue from above:-

Can anyone tell me when they knew that I had a baby in London had sexual relationship with women then why they kept quiet, why they never told anyone... The same thing I asked the women who called me in the month of Ramadan, she said they did not want to embarrass you...


Can you believe that Imam Saheb?


I was presented Beggar, homeless, illiterate Jobless, adulterer Gambler, drunkard, useless, dirty man etc... (And my son is everything for them, and my blood is everything for them)

I cannot use the words and sentences what people say for these three above women...shams kauser and firdous.

If someone screams shout lie get violent I get more patience more humble more polite more quite.

If someone does this, I always think if I do the same thing what will be the difference them and me what I think about them those who are rude, violent, use bad language... I don’t want other people to think same like me...

So I keep quiet and don’t answer in their way I don’t abuse as they do...


I was always kept away from everyone, In London in 1 year married life, I was not taken any function, I was not taken to any family except Zubaida aunty, Ali uncle’s house and once to salma aunty’s house.

Only once visited Amjad uncles 50th marriage anniversary and I was not introduced to anyone

Can you believe that?


In Zubaida aunty house in Ramadan (2009), all the old age aunties and their families were sitting, one of the aunty called, but I was kept away by kauser I asked them later, why did not you allow me to meet them, kauser mother told me, they are all jealous old women, everyone is jealous with you and kauser marriage, they can’t see you happy.(NAZAR LAGADETE YE AURTAN) they never got the love of their husbands that is why we kept you away....I said How is  it possible, they are nice people, happy with their families.

Mrs. Shams Fatima Syed told me you don’t know after your nikah when you left home for hotel... Maimoona (Mr. Ali’s wife) told me at the door itself, she told me Apa you are very generous women, you married your well educated and earning daughter to a student from India, nowadays no one dares to marry a student.  Let me see for how many days he will keep her happy. You don’t know Shakeeb how these Illiterate old women are...they don’t have any work except creating problems in other life... they can’t see any one happy...

They were animals; I made them human beings... and still trying my best, arranging the dars classes at my home and visit their homes to give the education of Islam and manners.

Maimoona wanted me to marry kauser and firdous with her sons, but I did not agree.

I did not marry use less buggers good for nothing Harris is a home sick Kashif went to see one girl and marry her sister which is mona, his present wife. And eldest son got married to an English woman and has become English and drinks and eats haram things. You stay away from them or they will destroy your married life.

Every week in 60 Corbin’s land, Mrs. shams Fatima Syed used to gather all aunties for dars, If I get off from work on this day. She used to post pone it for some other day. They used to ask me, whether I am going to work on dars day or not... If I say yes then she used to call everyone If not ... postpone for other day.


I was kept away from everyone in London, and Gulbarga also.


when I visited and lived in Gulbarga at the weekends, I was not taken anywhere to meet relatives Even Mr. ather did not know that I was in kauser manzil, early in the morning he came and said I did not know, you are here, when did you come, I said I came here two days back and leaving for Hyderabad now...

Once I was sitting in the sitting room in Gulbarga house. someone rang the bell, kauser father went and came inside and told me, can you go inside for some time, someone has come later I came to know that It was Mrs., Shams Fatima Syed sister came and gone, when I told kausers mother she said NAZAR LAGA DETE LOGAN that is why  you were sent inside...

This is the same sister who had visited my house in shah ali banda (Hyderabad) in 2009 along with Mrs., Shams Fatima Syed and Dr Firdous Fatima Syed.

She asked my mother and sister to show my picture she said no one seen Shakeeb pictures in Gulbarga, I want to show his pictures to everyone.

NOTE: - Our marriage pictures were not shown to anyone in Gulbarga... every time they used to say... NAZAR LAG JATI....

When I was in India in May 2010, kauser and zia were still in London, they had zias circumsion I was not told,later kauser informed me.



When I called and said you did not even tell me, I call you yesterday you could have told me that tomorrow is zias circumsion. For a while she was quite and a small pause on the phone, then she started shouting on me calling me beggar, faqeer, f**k in ba***rd...Poor people. Live in slim area’f**k off and disconnected the phone.

I am scared with these women, I am sick tired and fed up with these women...

They disappear for months, no one knows where they live even kausers father doesn’t know where they go what they do and where they live. If I call her father he used to abuse me and use very bad language.


Respected Imam Z.A.Usmani saheb, I am writing this brief letter to you, because you have done my nikah and try to annul this marriage (without knowing the truths and facts)


On the Day of Judgment when Allah will ask you,I appointed you a Imam of a masjid and given a responsibility (have you fulfilled your responsibility properly, before annulling the marriage Did you contact kausers husband? Shakeeb, Did you try to know the truths and facts?

What are you going to answer Allah?


Are you going to bribe Allah or the amount of 1500 GBP which Mrs. Shams Fatima Syed paid to you and Zain ul abedeen for our Nikah and for blank marriage certificates?

In this world for how many days and weeks you used those 1500 pounds for yourself and your family…

You cannot use that amount for the rest of your life and here after…

I am writing to you this letter, because Allah will ask me as well... did not you tell him the truth and facts what these women done to you and your son... I will do sajdah and will say Allah you know everything very well, I need justice from everyone especially from Mrs. Shams Fatima Syed Ms. Kauser Fatima Syed and Dr Firdous Fatima Syed and their supporters.


Oh Allah you don’t do injustice to anyone, I need justice I need justice from these people.  I will beg Allah until he does justice. As an Imam and elder to me, you have more knowledge about Quran and the promises of Allah for his justice and punishment for wrong doers...

I am not writing this letter to you to cancel the Annul certificate I just want you to know the truth and facts I just want you to know what you have done to me is totally wrong and unfair and even against according to the teaching  of Islam...I met the scholars in Hyderabad, They say what he has done is wrong (they say for small amount of money and gain, people are selling Islam, Quran and its teachings,   what your so called wife, her mother and sister done it just unbelievable, they are the turning point of qayamah...May Allah safe Islam from these kind of women.


Respected Imam Saheb what I have mentioned in this letter about my wife her mother and sister, have they told you anything about it before asking for annulling this marriage.


I answer my question NO...

Because I know them very well

If the whole wealth of this world is kept at my feet and someone says to live a minute with them, I can’t, I can’t live with them not even a single second...Allah is the witness I can’t live them. I am so scared with them...

I know I have done a biggest ever mistake of my life marrying kauser without doing the enquiry about them in Gulbarga. Although I had so many friends and relatives there...

Alas Alas Alas, nth time Alas If I had done enquiry about them I would not have gone through the hell situation, I know from which situation is my son going through My son is in the hands of mental ill patients and lesbian... kauser is not taking care of my son, he is taking care of his mother...he is keeping his mothers disease in control being with her...I hope so far you have understood why she married to me,... when kauser get mental attacks her brain becomes 5 years old girl, when children cry.. What do we do  ... we give them toys to play with...

Sometimes her brains work 4 times faster than normal women. I have seen and dealt with her in London when she was in mental hospitals...kauser may hurt or kill my son any time.

Contact Mental hospitals of London and ask them please…



Please contact Dr.Lewis and Dr patel.



Dr.firdous openly told me we have been dealing with her since childhood. You can’t manage and control her, she is a mental woman, so just take the money, go back to India, you are from a big family, marry there and live your life....and forget kauser and zia.

The last time I seen my son and met Ms Kauser Fatima Syed in June 2012 after a gap of 1 year,since then there is no information about them, (It was normal for me, they have been disappearing for months.)

Let me mention something here in October I was reading Quran at night, I was sad and unhappy what these women done to me, I was missing my son( as I miss every second of my life.) I was very very very sad, I could not read Quran and closed. I begged Allah... Oh Allah I need justice from shams Fatima syed w/o yousuf syed, kauser Fatima syed d/o shams Fatima syed, firdous Fatima syed d/o shams Fatima syed... later I slept and woke up at Tahajud time, (sometimes I offer Tahajud namaz, not always like others just to show the world) again I begged and cried in front Allah for justice from these women...

Slept again...I had a dream.









Suddenly I woke up and heard the voice of adhan from the masjid, moazzam was calling ALLAH HO AKBAR ALLAH HO AKBAR... I was sweating in winter night, I offered namaz fajr.....

After the dream I understood that this is the sign from Allah to get rid of kauser, (I AM SURE EVEN ALLAH WILL BE HAPPY WITH THIS DIVORCE) and decided to give divorce to kauser, I called Iqbal bhai (kausers elder brother) on 21st October 2012... As I did not know where kauser was living with my son Zia.


 31st October 2012 Mr. Ather (kausers cousin brother) came to Shah Ali banda along with his brother in law and Mr. Wahab.


Please note: - Mr. Wahab is the same person who called my father on 18 January 2011 at 6:50 pm to meet and finalize this marriage.


Shakeeb Khan 

Mon, Nov 26.2012 at 8:54 PM

To: KHAN MUNZOOR ,,, miraj syed ,,


Dear Akram Uncle,Munzoor Aunty,Iqbal Bhai, Apa,Bhabhi, Asif Bhai, Shoeb.

Hope all of you are fine,

Uncle as i told you that i have told Iqbal bhai that i am sick tired and fed up with kauser and have decided to divorce her,(reasons you know very well)for months she disapears with zia.

there is no communication since i was insulted by kauser in amjad uncles daughter marriage in june 2012, last i spoke to her in september 2011 and had recieved an email to give her outstanding mehar and she will think joining me, any way............

Last week Ather bhai came to shah ali banda along with his brother in law and mr wahab(mr wahab is the same person who called my father in january 2011 for Qula)

Ather bhai said you called Iqbal and left a message of divorce,
that is why we came here

(I sent number of emails, messages and called 1000 times to contact them, they got only this message)

he came with useless baseless and silly excuses
he says told, kauser if she comes to hyderabad you will send her to mental hospital.
anyway its no use of telling anything we know the truth.

I have told him to forward my message to kauser, that we will  live in hyderabad along with zia

if not,return zia to me.

i will sign the papers what ever it is Qula or divorce, 

he did not contact us since then but we recieved colour photocopy certificate which was issued by U UKIM Islamic Mission by post.


This certificate was issued on 28 September 2012

I called iqbal bhai on 21 October 2012

Ather Bhai and his people came to our house on 31 October 2012 to fulfill the formalities of divorce.

This letter was posted on 08 November 2012

Inshallah talk to you soon

take care 

Allah Hafiz


(no subject)
4 messages

Shakeeb Khan 

Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 8:44 PM


Akram Uncle, Asak

Hope you and aunty are fine.
Uncle I did not divorce her, 

It is kauser who got the marriage annulled from U K Islamic centre on 28 september 2012

Please have a look below
This certificate was issued on 28th september 2012

I called Iqbal bhai on 21 october 2012  but did not divorce her

It is kauser who already got this certificate from  U K Islamic centre in the month of september almost one month back i called iqbal bhai

she had already annulled this marriage and got the certificate but did not inform us 

now she posted it.

Inshallah talk to you soon 

take care 
Allah Hafiz

Shakeeb Khan 

Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 8:41 PM


Dear Akram Uncle,

I did not sign any papers, infact they came to shah ali banda for divorce but i told them 

i will continue my life with kauser but she has to live with me and zia

if not if not i will divorce her 

neither i divorce her nor sign on any papers

it was kauser who got marriage annulled from  U K Islamic centre (London) and did not even inform us,

when i said i will live with her then she posted it to me.

they tried to provocate me to divorce her with shameful acquisations, that i have an illigitimate baby with one woman in london and had and have illigitimate relationships in london and hyderabad,

they did not get success to provocate me. 

they thought they will say all these things and i will get angry and divorce her

I can not be influenced by these kind of cheapest and the dirtiest woman in this universe

I will not forget my principles,family values especially the education which i got from my parents and you.

I wish i could be with you there to learn more good things from you


You take care of yourself 

Allah Hafiz

Yours Shakeeb

Continued from above:-

I welcome them at home with respect, meanwhile my father’s brother came, who lives in Hyderabad, I called my cousins (Ali & murtuza) they are the same cousins who met and seen kausers, her mother’s rude and insulting behavior, when we visited Gulbarga in June 2011.

I called one of my friends from Jaffri Galli (kausers parents and grandparent used to live in this street)

Mr. Ather told... you called Iqbal and left message for divorce so we have come here to fulfill formalities... (I called hundreds and thousands of times, left messages ,emails to contact kauser, they did not get any of my message, except the message of divorce )how desperate they were to get divorce from me...amazing people...although had two divorces in the past....

Note: Kauser Fatima syed had done two marriages in the past, I was told about only about her 2nd husband afroze ahmed, before marrying to afroze ahmed she was married to 1 man in Bangalore,India. After coming to India I came to know about her 1st marriage, very few people know about it. They must have tortured that man also, as they did afroze ahmed and to me as well.

He told me... you told kauser if she comes to Hyderabad, I will send her mental hospital...

I was looking at him and thinking he is the person who knows about them very well, for the small amount of money he sold his iman and telling me this.. I wanted to bring Quran from inside and keep on his head to oath of his children and repeat the words again... but kept quite...

He could have taken the oath of his children keeping the Quran on his head... a person who can sells his Iman and humanity for the small amount can do anything.

I wanted to tell him... It was me who took out kauser from the mental hospitals and brought her home... although I was being mentally, physically and sexually abused by your was me who has faced the situation. Kauser was throwing zia from the 3rd was me who got her out from the section 2 under UK Mental health....she would have ended up in section 3(6) months... if I had told them that I’m being raped by my wife and trying to hurt zia...officials were taking decisions after talking to me, they had openly told me we trust you and your brother, we don’t trust kauser syeds mother and sister.

Anyway can’t help it, he was paid to do his job... MAY ALLAH GIVE HIDAYAT TO MR ATHER AND MR WAHAB....AND ALL.


My cousin asked Mr Wahab, have you ever met or talk to kauser and her mother? He said that he never spoke or met with shams Fatima and kauser syed.


Please note: - Wahab was the same person who called my father on 18th January 2011 at 6 50 pm to finalize this marriage... Hope you have read the email about him in Gmail emails attachment.

A person who never met or talk to kauser and her mother. Then how come he called my father and wanted to finalize our marriage...

I was just looking at him... A person with beard and cap...old age ... lying that he never met or spoke to them... I wanted to tell him. Then how come you call my father in Jan 2011...for divorce...

I did not want to embarrass him... In fact I did not want Islam to get embarrass, having these kind of people...

Mr. Wahab was quite in the whole discussion, at the end he was reading the Hadees of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)...

Allah’s prophet has said, that no one will get less or more what has written in TAQDEER.(Destiny).

Kauser should be thankful and live with her husband whatever Allah has provided.

Mr. Ather brother in law says to my cousin... why are you telling all these things, they have done this and that... my cousin says we did not come to your house... you come to our house and interfered in our matter. You must know all these things...Mr Ather told his brother in law to keep quiet, but before leaving, listening to all these things. Mr Athers brother in law said what kind of women are these? Shakeeb is trying his best to lead his life with kauser and his son, and these women are behaving with him like this... I can’t understand...unbelievable people...disgusting women. They said that we did a mistake of our lifes coming here and supporting dirty women.

They were very quite in the whole discussion.... before leaving they had understood what we were told are different.... here things are totally different.And I’m sure they had not known anything about kauser mental illness, her mother and sister done to me and my son.

With respect we walked with them till the end of our street and said Salam…

Note: - Car cannot reach our house door… Kauser, her mother & sister say that If a car can’t reach to anyone house they are poor, beggar and awkward people.


Since then there is NO information about them, but on 15 November 2012 my father received a letter from UKIM on my parents name... (Colour Photocopy).


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