Second Session, 49th Legislature

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Second Session, 49th Legislature



smad--------------------------------subject matter added (where code follows)

smde--------------------------------subject matter deleted (where code follows)

hc------------------------------------House committee

hf------------------------------------House floor

sc------------------------------------Senate committee

sf------------------------------------Senate floor

cc------------------------------------conference committee
House Amendments Attempted (see HOUSE AMENDMENTS ATTEMPTED)

Popular Name Laws (see POPULAR NAME LAWS)

Senate Amendments Attempted (see SENATE AMENDMENTS ATTEMPTED)

Special Session (see SPECIAL SESSION)

State Questions (see STATE QUESTIONS)

(Boldface = Measure Enacted)


Confidentiality and anonymity. HB 2534 (Intervention; severability, smad hc), Walker H, Corn S

Consent, requiring; voluntary; conditions. HB 2534, Walker H, Corn S; SB 710 (smad cc), Laster S, Carey H

Emergency, providing. HB 2534, Walker H, Corn S

Health Department, duties. HB 2534, Walker H, Corn S

Information, requiring. HB 2534, Walker H, Corn S; SB 710 (smad cc), Laster S, Carey H

Life threatening, allowing. HB 2534, Walker H, Corn S

Manslaughter, first degree, exception. SB 1514, Pruitt S


Child support payment. HB 1880, Dank H; HB 2650, Reynolds H

Coercion, prohibiting. HB 1880, Dank H; HB 2650, Reynolds H

Court proceedings; confidentiality. HB 1880, Dank H; HB 2650, Reynolds H

Health Department duties. HB 1880, Dank H; HB 2650, Reynolds H

Information and counseling; counseling by telephone. HB 1880, Dank H; HB 2650, Reynolds H

Judicial bypass if child refuses to notify parents. HB 1880, Dank H; HB 2650, Reynolds H

Liabilities; legislative intent. HB 1880, Dank H; HB 2650, Reynolds H

Parental Notification of Abortion Procedures on Minors Act, creating. HB 1880, Dank H; HB 2650, Reynolds H

Violation, misdemeanor. HB 1880, Dank H; HB 2650, Reynolds H

Written notice requirement. HB 1880, Dank H; HB 2650, Reynolds H

Pain to unborn child, information. HB 2534, Walker H, Corn S; SB 710 (smad cc), Laster S, Carey H


Requirements. HB 2534, Walker H, Corn S; SB 710 (smad cc), Laster S, Carey H

Written certification, obtain copy; retain three years. HB 2534, Walker H, Corn S; SB 710 (smad cc), Laster S, Carey H

Printed materials:

English and Spanish and updated. HB 2534 (smad hc), Walker H, Corn S

Health Department publish; web site availability. HB 2534, Walker H, Corn S

Reports; liabilities; intervention; remedies; severability. HB 2534, Walker H, Corn S

Violations; penalties. HB 2534, Walker H, Corn S

Waiting period, 24 hours, criteria. HB 2534, Walker H, Corn S

Woman's Right to Know/Fetal Pain Prevention Act, creating. SB 1426, Pruitt S


Secure marketable title option, providing. HB 2502, Reynolds H



Also (see CHILDREN)

Court Appointed Special Advocates for Abused or Neglected Children, income tax check off for volunteers. HB 2129, Carey H, Gumm S

Custody, guardianship or visitation, removing rebuttable presumption for ongoing. HB 1064, Gilbert H, Corn S; HB 1734, Wells H, Robinson S; HB 2528 (smde cc), Vaughn H, Williamson S

Defining. HB 1064 (smde cc), Gilbert H, Corn S; HB 1734, Wells H, Robinson S

Discipline, words as means of; physical leaving marks and bruises. SB 1180, Shurden S

Enabling and neglect, increasing fine. HB 1064 (smad cc), Gilbert H, Corn S


Also (see Reporting and, Redefining, below)

Defining for Child Abuse Reporting and Prevention Act. HB 1064, Gilbert H, Corn S

Felony conviction, increasing fine. HB 1064 (smad hc), Gilbert H, Corn S

Noncustodial parent when custodial parent deceased, convicted, custody denial, rebuttable presumption. HB 1064 (smde sf), Gilbert H, Corn S

Examiners, adding physicians' assistants and registered nurses for training. HB 2375, Gilbert H, Cain S

Lewd or indecent acts (see CHILDREN, Lewd)

Prevention, State Plan for the, Children First Program compliance; performance-based evaluation, legislative intent. HB 2042 (smad sf), Mitchell H, Morgan S

Protective services worker (see Reporting and, Complaint, below)

Reporting and Prevention Act:

Advocacy center, defining. HB 1064, Gilbert H, Corn S

Complaint or allegation investigation, protective services worker advise person; (training, smde sf). HB 2718, Calvey H, Reynolds S


Assessment, harm or threatened harm to child's health or safety; confirmed report court intervention and services recommended. HB 1064, Gilbert H, Corn S

Endangerment; protective services worker; multidisciplinary team. HB 1064, Gilbert H, Corn S

Neglect term. HB 1064, Gilbert H, Corn S

Prevention and intervention-related services; sexual abuse and exploitation. HB 1064, Gilbert H, Corn S


Attempt to commit, punishment. HB 2259 (smad hf, smde sc), Wilt H, Coffee S

Civil action, adding five years after perpetrator released from custody; estate of perpetrator after death, prohibition; debts owed. HB 2205 (smad hc, smde sf), Wilt H, Coffee S

Committing and enabling, and sexual exploitation and enabling, increasing fine. HB 1064 (smad cc), Gilbert H, Corn S

Custody denial rebuttable presumption. HB 1064, Gilbert H, Corn S


Arrest of dominate aggressor, investigation by peace officer prior to. HB 2380, Peters H, Williamson S

Assault and battery:

Presence of child, redefining. HB 1064 (smad hf), Gilbert H, Corn S

Treatment or counseling:

Court ordered; anger management, not qualifying; review hearing process. HB 1064 (smad hf), Gilbert H, Corn S; HB 2380, Peters H, Williamson S

District court and judge immunity for issuing order requiring. HB 1064 (smad hf), Gilbert H, Corn S; HB 2380, Peters H, Williamson S

Bodily harm or injury:

Felony crime, intent to cause or attempted strangulation; penalties; terms; treatment program. HB 2380, Peters H, Williamson S

Penalties. HB 2626 (smad cc), Askins H, Leftwich (Debbe) S


Committed in presence of, penalties and fines. HB 2626 (smad cc), Askins H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Custody, guardianship or visitation, removing ongoing. HB 1064, Gilbert H, Corn S; HB 1734, Wells H, Robinson S; HB 2528 (smde cc), Vaughn H, Williamson S

Conviction, making felony; fine. HB 2626 (Second or subsequent conviction, penalty, smad sc), Askins H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Counseling or treatment program:

Anger management program, not qualifying. HB 1064, Gilbert H, Corn S; HB 2380, Peters H, Williamson S

Person convicted, requiring. HB 2380, Peters H, Williamson S

Review hearings, noncompliance, revocation of sentence or probation; defendant be present at first; progress reports, referee appointment; compensation. HB 2380, Peters H, Williamson S

Counseling services, court-approved. HB 1064 (smad hf), Gilbert H, Corn S

Court-appointed special (CASA), complete education and training to identify. HB 1734, Wells H, Robinson S

Defining. HB 1064 (smde cc), Gilbert H, Corn S; HB 1734, Wells H, Robinson S

Enforcement of Domestic Violence Protection Orders Act, Uniform Interstate. SB 1603 (Shell), Cain S

Fees or costs charge to victim, prohibiting. HB 1064 (smad hf), Gilbert H, Corn S; HB 2380, Peters H, Williamson S

Ongoing, evidence, expanding consideration of court. HB 1064, Gilbert H, Corn S; HB 1734, Wells H, Robinson S; HB 2528 (smde cc), Vaughn H, Williamson S

Penalties, increasing. HB 2626, Askins H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Pregnant woman, against, penalties. HB 2505, Hamilton H, Fair S; HB 2592, McIntyre H

Prosecuting, prosecutor provide court history of past convictions within last 10 years. HB 1064 (smad hf), Gilbert H, Corn S; HB 2380, Peters H, Williamson S

Protective order (see PROTECTIVE ORDERS)

Sexual assault shelters reporting, unique identifier for services. HB 2314, Lindley H, Corn S

Strangulation (see Bodily harm, Felony, above)

Victims, fees or costs in connection with prosecution of offense, exempting. HB 2380, Peters H, Williamson S

Witness testimony. HB 2476, Hamilton H

Incapacitated adult:

Nursing home, improve reporting. HB 2309, Hamilton H, Shurden S

Protective Services for Vulnerable Adults Act:


Court finding, fine for each violation deposited into (Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, smde sc) Revolving Fund. SB 601 (Human Services, smad sc; smde 2cc), Smith S, Peters H

Power of attorney or guardianship authority. SB 601 (smde cc), Smith S, Peters H

Financial institution to report suspected. SB 601 (smde hc), Smith S, Peters H

Investigation Bureau to keep records and publish list. SB 601 (smde 2cc), Smith S, Peters H

Nursing home employee accused, suspended with pay during investigation. HB 2301, Tibbs H

Work Environment Act, Abusive, creating. HB 2467, Gilbert H


Language, updating. HB 1829 (Shell), Erwin H

Peer review, defining. SB 1488, Fisher S, Askins H

FTE maximum number, increasing. HB 2006 (smad cc), Mitchell H, Morgan S

Licensing reciprocity with foreign country. SB 1488, Fisher S, Askins H

Member requirements. SB 1488 (Senate confirmation, smad sc), Fisher S, Askins H

Sunset Law (see SUNSET LAW)

Continuing education. SB 1488 (smad sc), Fisher S, Askins H

Disclaimers. SB 1488, Fisher S, Askins H

Examinations. SB 1488 (Ethics exam, smad sc), Fisher S, Askins H

Fees (see FEES)


Felony conviction, conditions to issue and renew. HB 2714 (smad hc, smde sc), Toure H, Monson S

Revoked, reinstatement. SB 1488, Fisher S, Askins H

Non-certified; temporary practice. SB 1488, Fisher S, Askins H

Peer review; fee. SB 1488 (smad sc), Fisher S, Askins H

Tax return electronic filing, repealing. HB 2168, Young H, Johnson S

Volunteer Professional Service Immunity Act, creating. SB 1241, Pruitt S


Businesses (see Property, Real, below)



Hospital property owner, information to county assessor. HB 2629, Braddock H


Application, procedures. SB 1254, Gumm S, Carey H

Electrical generating facility, including those by means of wind. HB 2192, Pope H, Maddox S

Facility, requirements, initial application. SB 502, Robinson S, Staggs H

Payroll increase:

Modifying. HB 2448, McCarter H

Oil refinery, establishing criteria. SB 1128 (smad 2cc), Dunlap S, Peters H

Tornado or disaster loss. SB 1146, Crutchfield S, Taylor H; SB 1254 (Temporary layoffs, smad hc), Gumm S, Carey H

Oil and/or gas equipment. HB 2510, Pope H; SB 1376, Crutchfield S

Property, real:

Charitable hospitals, conditions; constitutional amendment; ballot. HJR 1063 (smad 3cc), Staggs H, Rozell S

Church or charitable organization; constitutional amendment; ballot. HJR 1063 (Property and services availability; application to county assessor, March 15, smad cc), Staggs H, Rozell S

Community action agency; constitutional amendment; ballot. HJR 1064, Walker H

Fraternal purposes; property and services availability; obtain special status; application to county assessor, March 15; constitutional amendment; ballot. HJR 1063 (smad cc), Staggs H, Rozell S

Health care provider, charitable; constitutional amendment; ballot. HJR 1063 (smad 2cc, smde 3cc), Staggs H, Rozell S

Rental income analysis for fair cash value. HB 2631, Erwin H

Manufactured home bills of sale and liability for taxes. HB 2202, Hiett H

Manufacturers, exemptions (see Exemptions, above)

Municipal districts operation, new tax on property not to exceed 10 mills; constitutional amendment; ballot. HJR 1051, Taylor H



County budget (see Visual inspection, Comprehensive program, below)

Fair cash value, 65/older, freezing until property sold. SB 1146 (smad hf), Crutchfield S, Taylor H

Market value:

Application for limit on, household income limitation. SB 1187, Laster S; SB 875, Johnson S

Exemption, disabled veterans or surviving spouses based upon disability determinations, conditions; constitutional amendment; ballot. HJR 1044 (100% disability, smad cc; State Question 715), McCarter H, Helton S


Limiting to one percent; constitutional amendment; ballot. HJR 1043, Dank H

Prohibiting over two percent; constitutional amendment; ballot. HJR 1062, Hamilton H

Sixty-five/older homesteads, limit of 1%; constitutional amendment; ballot. HJR 1046 (smad hf), Case H, Monson S

Two percent if under 65; constitutional amendment; ballot. HJR 1046 (smad hf), Case H, Monson S; HJR 1054, Sullivan H

Protest, taxpayer:

Fails to appear before Equalization Board without excused absence. HB 2421 (smad cc), Pope H, Rabon S

File written request, time frame. HB 2421 (smad cc), Pope H, Rabon S

Informal hearing with assessor, options; assessor information to board of equalization. HB 2421 (smad cc), Pope H, Rabon S

Sixty-five/older or disabled, claim for relief, gross household income under $20,000 for year. SB 1178, Williams S

Transfer, limitation. SJR 44, Branan S

Visual inspection, comprehensive program:

Cost, limiting; years applicable. SB 667 (smde sf), Williams S, Roberts H

County assessor. SB 1314, Dunlap S, Wilt H

Tax Increment Deferral Act, creating; increments, claim; lien; interest; notice. HB 2659 (smde hc), Perry H, Capps S

Schools, additional five mills levy; voter approval; constitutional amendment; ballot; conditioning of state aid or benefits, prohibiting. SB 667, Williams S, Roberts H

East Central University, revenue bonds for Fine Arts Center. HCR 1068, Plunk H, Wilkerson S


45th Military Division Museum, Executive Director appointment. HB 2317, Rice H, Helton S

Real estate, armories or buildings transfer for public purpose from Military Department. HB 2317, Rice H, Helton S

Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Board of Licensed, rules. HB 2464, Gilbert H, Robinson S

Homeland Security Office, exempting from Article II. HB 2280 (smad sc), Paulk H, Wilkerson S

Poultry feeding operations license applicant administrative hearing, comply with Article II. HB 2706 (smde hc), McClain H, Price S

Prescription Drug Fair Pricing Board, subject to. HB 2111, Kirby H, Lawler S


Disapproving (see specific entity)

Effective date. SB 889, Crutchfield S, Walker H


Compelling public interest exists with immediate impact on peace, health, safety or welfare. HB 1018 (smad cc), Leist H, Shurden S

Conditions; circumstances; factual support and submission; notice prior to adoption. HB 1018 (Affidavit for proposed, 2/3rds of body having rulemaking authority, smad sc), Leist H, Shurden S

Expiration date, clarifying. HB 2614, Sweeden H

Legislature authority to disapprove. SB 1132, Corn S

Assistance benefits, child handicapped, lowering age to 19. HB 1734 (smad cc), Wells H, Robinson S

Court costs, reducing. SB 479 (smad hf, smde cc), Smith S, Askins H

Dogs, law enforcement, upon retirement. HB 2347, Smithson H, Corn S

Eligibility requirements. SB 1334, Reynolds S


Registration; combined petitions; application of process for minor born outside U.S.; name change. HB 1821 (Proof that minor has U.S. citizenship, smad hf), Winchester H, Smith S

Same sex, prohibiting more than one individual from any other state or foreign jurisdiction. HB 1821 (smad sf), Winchester H, Smith S

Severability clause. HB 1821 (smad sf), Winchester H, Smith S

Funding, additional, legislative intent. HB 2310 (smad hc), Hamilton H, Shurden S

Initial license or annual renewal, not exceed $15 multiplied by maximum client capacity. HB 1887, Mitchell H

Medication aides, certified, procedures; restrictions; training; policies; reviews; submission requirements. HB 2723 (smad cc), Pettigrew H, Coffee S

Nurses aides employment. HB 2723 (smad cc), Pettigrew H, Coffee S

Live checks, conditions. HB 1503 (smad hc, smde 3cc), Maddux H, Rabon S

Physician, deleting from unprofessional conduct term. SB 369, Shurden S, Stanley H

School transportation equipment, prohibiting on exterior or interior. HB 2424, Kirby H

Television sale price advertisements, design information. HB 2479, McClain H

Traffic signal preemption device for sale, distribution entities. HB 2444, Roan H, Wilkerson S


Aircraft purchaser request that excise tax be designated for specific airport. SB 1121 (smad cc), Rabon S, Pope H

Appropriations (see APPROPRIATIONS)

Fund, motor fuel tax revenue deposit. HB 2559, Nations H, Milacek S


Attorneys with three/plus cases dismissed as frivolous, sanctions. SB 1550, Gumm S

Medical liability actions, clarifying language. HB 2130 (Shell), Paulk H

Buffalo Soldier, Frontier Home of the, naming Oklahoma. SCR 57, Maddox S, Dorman H


Creating within DHS; director; divisions; Advisory Council; guardians and conservators. HB 2251, Gilbert H


Alien, nonresident, as agricultural laborer, excluding from unemployment benefits. SB 1288, Shurden S, Hamilton H

Burning (see BURNING)


Administrative and civil penalties, enforcement; adding penalties and violations; costs. HB 2394, Covey H, Lerblance S

Language, clarifying. SB 1214 (Shell), Laughlin S; SB 1249 (Shell), Price S; SB 1250, Price S

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (see Feeding Operations, CAFO, below)

Crops (see Hogs, below)

Dairy Committee, updating reference. HB 2646 (Shell), Covey H

Day, March 25, 2004. SCR 56, Price S, Covey H

Drought conditions, prohibiting setting off fireworks. SB 1216, Laughlin S, Blackwell H

Eastern red cedar, certified prescribed burn. SB 1360 (smad hc), Laughlin S, Covey H

Ethanol (see ETHANOL)


Farms and farmers:

Dwelling, homeowner's insurance, excluding. HB 2385 (smde sc), Cox H, Robinson S

Education and cooperative union, include in person definition of Insurance Code. HB 2469, Braddock H, Robinson S

Farm Service Agency guaranty fee for lending programs, income tax credit. HB 2585, Roggow H, Milacek S

Fire insurance associations formation, modifying mutual. HB 1839 (Population 6,000/less, smad hc), Pope H, Price S

Landowner liability, recreational purpose:

Definitions. HB 2449, Pope H; HB 2531, Walker H

Liability for Farming and Ranching Land Act, Limitation of, creating; limitations; charges and insurance; injury suffered when person charged, eliminating. HB 2531, Walker H; HB 2661 (smad hf, smde cc, smad 2cc), Adair H, Hobson S

Limiting. HB 2449, Pope H; SB 886, Laughlin S


Husbandry, property identification number. HB 2359 (smad hc), Covey H, Price S

Livestock hauling trailer (see Livestock, Trailer, below)

Oversized or overweight, operate only within 50 miles of harvest. HB 2515, Armes H, Maddox S

Markets, community for sales of food, licensing exemption. HB 2495 (Conditions, smad hc), Wilt H, Dunlap S

Poultry (see Poultry, below)

Water quality regulations, not waters of state, cropland, prior converted. HB 1742 (smad sf), Langmacher H, Easley S

Feed, commercial, deleting maximum license fee. HB 2402, Covey H, Price S

Feeding Operations, CAFO:

Act, creating; permits; terms; rule advisory committee. SB 1233 (smad sf; enforcement and implementation subject to certain provisions, smad cc), Crutchfield S, Pope H

Disease causing threat or quarantine, exceed permitted capacity or number limitations; written notice; reporting form. HB 2217 (Confirmatory test, smad hc), Maddux H, Shurden S

Effluent guidelines. SB 1233 (smad sf), Crutchfield S, Pope H

Environmental Permitting Act, Agriculture, permits; denials; public comment. SB 1270 (smad sf), Crutchfield S, Pope H

Fees. HB 2623 (smde hf), Covey H, Laughlin S; SB 1233 (smad sf), Crutchfield S, Pope H

Inspection authority. SB 1233 (smad cc), Crutchfield S, Pope H

Licensed Managed Feeding Operations Act, creating; fees; permits; terms; rule advisory committee. SB 1233 (Owner responsibilities, inspection authority, smad cc), Crutchfield S, Pope H

Odor Abatement Plan:

Applicant or licensee annual examination, incorporate without a public hearing approved new method or design. HB 2623, Covey H, Laughlin S

Department determinations, expanding. HB 2623, Covey H, Laughlin S

License original or renewal, removing additional fee; credit against renewal fees; advisory committee. HB 2623 (smde hf), Covey H, Laughlin S

Research, investigative and interpretive programs, Board coordinate with OSU and Panhandle State University to conduct. HB 2623, Covey H, Laughlin S

Operating without permit, rules. SB 1233 (smad sf), Crutchfield S, Pope H

Pensacola Project, prohibiting new construction permits within one mile. SB 1233 (smad cc), Crutchfield S, Pope H

Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Act:

Agriculture, creating. SB 1270, Crutchfield S, Pope H

Violation, penalty. SB 1233 (smad sf), Crutchfield S, Pope H

Poultry (see below)

Public participation requirements; NPDES or AgPDES programs. SB 1233 (smad sf), Crutchfield S, Pope H

Quarantine (see Quarantine, below)

Waste management. SB 1233 (smad sf), Crutchfield S, Pope H

Waters of state, prohibitions; 10 feet between bottom of retention structure and groundwater elevation. SB 1233 (smad sf), Crutchfield S, Pope H

Flower, state, Oklahoma Rose. SB 7, Capps S, Worthen H

Fruits (see Products, below)

Global Agriculture Organization during International Student Awareness Week, supporting Dedication Day. HR 1036, McCarter H

Grape Resources and Wine Production Act, creating. HB 2219, Maddux H, Coates S

Hogs, feral, landowners, lessees and designated agents hunt, permit:

Issued by local game warden (or by Law Enforcement Division of Wildlife Department, smad sf). HB 1860 (smad sc), Mitchell H, Shurden S

Night, protect crops from damage. HB 1860 (Without, smde sc), Mitchell H, Shurden S

Valid for 90 days and renewal; prohibition. HB 1860 (smad sc), Mitchell H, Shurden S

Violation of code within previous three years, prohibiting. HB 1860 (smad sf), Mitchell H, Shurden S

Horse racing (see AMUSEMENTS AND SPORTS)

Income tax credit (see INCOME TAX, STATE, Credit, Agriculture)

Land, written notification to tenants and lessee for various proceedings affecting leasehold. HB 2703, Armes H, Capps S

Landowner liability, recreational purpose (see Farms and farmers, above)

Language, clarifying. SB 1159 (Shell), Gumm S

Lien, deleting certain notice. SB 872 (smad sf), Coates S, Paulk H


Action against as result of consumption of meat food product. SB 1300 (smad cc), Price S, Covey H

Auction, operator to keep driver license number of driver of delivery vehicle. SB 1370 (smad sf), Laughlin S, Nance H


Beef Improvement and Market Development Act, creating; council; funds; penalties; assessments; surety bond; bylaws. HB 2620 (Surety bond, removing, smad hc; revolving fund, smad hf), Covey H, Price S; SB 1300 (smde cc), Price S, Covey H

Historic drives, signs to be posted where intersect with highways. SCR 72, Kerr S, Braddock H

Producer assessment collection, establishing; refund. HB 2620 (smad hc), Covey H, Price S

Feeding operations (see Feeding operations, generally, above)

Identification program, Agriculture Department, agency. SB 1300 (smad cc), Price S, Covey H

Stolen or lost, law enforcement officers find housing. HB 2444, Roan H, Wilkerson S

Theft, property used to perform subject to forfeiture and seizure. SB 1370, Laughlin S, Nance H

Trailer for hauling, identification number registration by OSBI; penalty; rules. HB 2359, Covey H, Price S

Machinery (see Farms and farmers, above)

Mediation services, Institute for Issue Management and Alternative Dispute Resolution provide private. SB 1163 (smad hc), Price S, Covey H

Nuts (see Products, below)

Pensacola Project (see Feeding Operations, above)

Pest Control Compact (see PESTICIDES)


Feeding operation:

Application rate, methodology of calculation. HB 2706 (smde hc), McClain H, Price S

Construction, prohibiting within one mile of any state waters or within 100-year flood plain. SB 309, Easley S, McClain H

Language, updating. HB 2507 (Shell), Maddux H, Shurden S

License applicants, comply with notice to affected property owners and public; hearing; time limits; terms. HB 2706 (smde hc), McClain H, Price S

Litter purchase (and transportation, smad hf), income tax credit. HB 2218 (Oklahoma based, smad hf; limitation, smad cc; qualifications, smad 2cc), Maddux H, Shurden S


Fuel source, electric utilities, wholesale generators and Grand River Dam Authority to provide data. SB 1332, Shurden S, Rice H

Transfer Act administration report for prevention of water pollution, include data for generators to process as fuel source of electric energy. HB 2438 (smad hf), Rice H, Shurden S

Transfer and Utilization Incentive Act, creating; board; fund; fee; rates; rules; report; audit. HB 2578, Newport H


Livestock (see generally, above)

Poultry (see generally, above)

Products, fruit, nuts and vegetables inspection for grading, cooperative agreement with U.S. Department of Agriculture. HB 2186, Carey H, Gumm S


Feeding operations disease. HB 2217, Maddux H, Shurden S

Zones, removing obsolete language. HB 2394, Covey H, Lerblance S

Seeds inspections, increasing license fee for dealers. HB 2402, Covey H, Price S

Sheep, fee per head and fee per pound of wool produced or sold. SB 1163, Price S, Covey H

Swine, feeding operation under roof, location restrictions. SB 1233 (smad cc), Crutchfield S, Pope H

Taxes, income, credit (see INCOME TAX, STATE, Agriculture)

Vegetables (see Products, above)

Von Tungeln, Henry Jo, praising contributions and mourning loss. SCR 69, Price S, Covey H

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