Smile with You Working towards a better future for a smile on you face a place for children to unfold their imagination a place for lovers to start a new chapter

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Smile with You

Working towards a better future for a smile on you face

A place for children to unfold their imagination

A place for lovers to start a new chapter in their lives

A place for people to share their love for music

A place which is anything and everything for everybody.

The 5678 Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation welcomes you to join its community.

Smart With subway lines having a variety of themes

More With improved technologies and better service in a greater environment

Idea With new ideas creating each station to a special place

Lively With trains delivering energy around Seoul

Energy With people full of fever
With the first ray of sunlight, the city awakes from its deep sleep. For the tired night shift worker it is a sweet ride back home and for the early office workers a ride heading towards a busy working day. Whether it is the first or last ride in that day, the trains of the 5678SMRT are always welcoming its customers.
With the first ray of sunlight, the cit
At 3 a.m the busy day of a train mechanic starts. Before he can enjoy his first cup of coffee, the first trains are ready to leave the station after a thorough checkup of our hard working train mechanics.
There is no need to worry with our experts standing next to our facilities supported by an excellent facility maintenance system.
The Godeok Station is more like a garden than a subway station. The beautiful Sponge Gourd Ivies planted with environmental friendly composts are the result of our untiring ststion staffs.

Have you heard of our train anchorman? During a ride between the stations Omokgyo-Yangpyeong and Gunja-Janganpyeong you might be lucky to listen to the very amusing broadcast of our train driver.

The “Smile Zone” of the Godeok Rolling Stock Unit increases the efficiency while decreasing the stress level of its train maintenance team.
Ever seen the “Beautiful Store” at the Dapsimni Station employees it helps the less fortunate in the community.

y awakes from its deep sleep. For the tired night shift worker it is a

it isLINE 5 An important subway line which connects the housing area of the east and

west of the Han River with the business district of Yeouido and Jongno. By reaching

those major business districts within 40 minutes this commuter line contributes

greatly to the local economy and the current traffic conditions. A


Stuck in a heavy traffic congestion while running out of time for an important meeting? Why not use the subway instead? It does not only get there on time but also gives you the freedom to check important emails at one of our several wireless internet stations while waiting for the train to arrive.

Cosy outdoor cafes, exotic food and interesting shopping places will welcome you once you get off the Itewon Station. Just a short subway ride will bring you to a multicultural place in the middle of the city.

Ever heard of a tree called the Grewia bilobavar parviflora? Just visit the HongReung Arboretum with its 2,035 plants at the Korea University Station and you will see this tree and many other interesting plants.

The job at the maintenance center is not only for men. With my major in control engineering I received the perfect training for my current job.

Ever heard about the Eastern Castle at the Hwarangdae Station? The perfect place for a day of clay pigeon shooting and snow sledging.

Seeing baby pictures all over my office? With our connection to the welfare center I am supporting 4 children until they are ready to leave for college.

Get off the Dongmyo Station to visit the Hwanghak-dong market. A stroll at the traditional market with its very old but precious goods will be an unforgettable experience.

Stuck in a heavy traffic congestion while running out of time for an

LINE 6 Riding along the north east of Seoul in an U-form, the Subway Line 6 is

passing by the Korea University to the Shindang Station towards the south of the

Namsan Mountain. It is a comfortable subway line since the Subway Line 6 has

connections to almost every subway line. With a direct connection to the famous

World Cup Station and the lively tourist area of Itewon, the subway line is a great

way to get around.


You will notice the glowing cheeks of the children whenever they are getting close to the Children’s Grand Park Station at the Subway Line 7. Also with its numerous public culture spaces, you do not need to go far to show your children the colorful world of art. Just append a relaxing afternoon visiting one of the many cultural attractions along the Subway Line 7.

LINE 7 Riding along the south and north of the Han River, the subway line is connecting the

northeastern metropolitan with the northern part of the Han River. Being able to ride from Onsu

to Gangnam, from Dobongsan to Chungdam or from Uijeongbu to Gangam within 50 minutes, it

is a comfortable option for our local passengers. Since it is also contributing to a much improved

traffic situation and the local community itself, the number 7 is a lucky number for many people.

Looking for a nice piece of furniture to upgrade your home? Just stop by one of the many stores of the famous Nonhyun Furniture Street located around Nonhyun Station. Packed with various furniture shops, it has something for everyone~

Feel the young and fresh energy at the Chungdam Station. Just by walking around that fancy area you will get an idea what the upcoming style for the next season is going to be.

A heartwarming story of the stationmaster who did not spare any efforts to help a young man who lost his bag on his way to an important job interview.

Visit the Children’s Grand Park Station, a place where adults can be a child again.

I am happy to see our passengers safely reaching their destinations with the support of our trains.

Relieve yourself from a stressful day at the office while enjoying the competiton of professional cycle racing at Asia’s largest Multi Leisure Complex, Gwangmyung Speedom near Gwangmyung Sageori station.

A small stage and a cheerful melody can make wonders after a long day. With people swaying along the music the station soon turns into a small concert hall.

A trip to the 1300 year old Namhansanseong at the Sanseong ststion will be a great experience for you and your family.

Every 4th and 9th is market day at the Moran Traditional Market. Still keeping many facets of the old Seoul it is definitely a place to visit.

A thank you letter arrived at the Jamshil Station. A Japanese tourist who was once lost at the station remembered the help from one of our station masters.

With its large collection of brand discount stores, the Munjeong-dong Rodeo Street at the Munjeong Station is a great place to shop famous brands for low prices.

The Moran Rolling Stock Unit has a cozy coffee shop where employees and passenger can drop by for a nice cup of coffee.

Take your camera and visit the Mongchon Clay Fortress where you still feel the breath of the Baekje Kingdom. You will see that the place is full of beautiful spots for the perfect picture.

LINE 8 By connecting the eastern and southern area of the Han River with the Southeastern area of Gyeonggi. Subway Line 8 was established to relieve the heavy traffic congestions of Seongnam and Bundang. Also with many historic sites such as the Pungnap Clay Fortress, Mongchon Clay Fortress and the Amsa-dong Prehistoric Site it is the perfect transportation to many historic sites.

SMART IN SMRT It is important to have satisfied happy customers and to share our success with the neighbors of our communities. We believe that it is our customer

oriented two-way communication and our never resting drive towards innovation which enables the SMRT to offer our customers a greater service.

5678 SMRT endeavors to maximize the service through open management, customer satisfaction, civil welfare service and ethical management. Also by focusing on safety, environment and welfare, the SMRT always puts the happiness of our customers first.

In order to practice open and ethical management, a 5678 Report Center, various campaigns, improved personnel systems and accounting systems are put into action. With focusing on customer claims, we will make customer satisfaction to our top priority.

The Digital Transmission Facilities and the Image Transmission Equipments are there to be responsible for the safety of our passengers.

Also various projects such as supporting rural communities or purchasing local products from sister towns, helping orphan children to receive college education and frequent exchanges with local communities support the idea of “sharing management” of the SMRT. With launching different environment preservation and improvement campaigns it strives to establish itself as a role model among the public enterprises.

Safe SMRT Focusing on the safety of its customers, the SMRT managed to reduce accidents to below three a year. In addition, the average number of casualties in a year dropped groundbreakingly to a number of '1' from '26.4' after PSD installation at all 148 stations by 2009.

Comfortable SMRT Cultivating 50 CS leaders, the SMRT could offer our customers a newly upgraded service level. While the air quality maintaining a 150ug/m3, the noise level inside a train dropping down to 80db and at the stations to an 85db, the customer satisfaction increased.

Enterprising SMRT Having approximately 3.3million passengers a day and a daily income of about 1.3 billion won, the SMRT is taking its passengers fast and safely wherever its trains can reach. Also convenience stores, theme stations and shopping districts are an important source in

operating the SMRT successfully as it is today.

Harmonious SMRT Seeing staff satisfaction as equally important as customer satisfaction, the SMRT generously invested in working environment improvements, man-power development and regular health care check-ups. Also it is putting great effort in strengthening the relationship between the labor and management through regular joint workshops and management presentations.

Cutting edge computer systems keeping track to maintain the optimal speed and interval between each subway train. Every system of the SMRT is operated with the aim to offer our customers a comfortable and safe trip until reaching their destination.

The general controlling system which is watching over the power, signal, equipments facilities and communication, has also the duty to observe and to control the subway trains 24 hours a day until the last train is back in its depot.

The general monitor system has a train•signal control center, a power supply control center, an equipment control center and a train control center which is solving sudden problems and accidents.

An AFC is installed in order to offer our customers a more comfortable way to use their tickets. The purchase of tickets and controlling of the sales are automated, thus the whole system is faster and easier to handle.

The optimal combination of a cutting edge system and task-divided control centers are one of the many reasons for the efficient and fast management of the SMRT.

The SMRT 5678 is proud to develop better and safer techniques to maximize customer satisfaction. The installed platform screen doors are the result of a newly developed technology of the SMRT. Today like yesterday and tomorrow the SMRT is not resting to fulfill its dreams.
SMRT installed PSDs at all 148 stations of line number 5,6,7 and 8 while reducing construction costs through the in-house development of critical devices and a new method. With the PSD installation, we increase the air quality to 35.3%, the noise prevention up to 7.9% and the heating&cooling efficiency up to 36%. Moreover, the systematized cleaning of tunnels and stations is making the agreeable environment.

SMRT has developed the new contactless payment system and integrated remote controlling system.

A ticket carrier and contactless payment system in form of no doors will make usage of strollers and wheel chairs much easier.

Also in order to improve a superannuated controlling system a Task Force Team was formatted which established an integrated network system and re-designed the control center layout. By reusing the exciting infrastructure about a 15 billion won could be saved.

The platform screen doors are a great investment for a safer service. The fact that the technologies are “made in Korea” makes us even prouder.

It is our aspiration to provide our customer a greater and safer service from the customer’s standpoint. As the driving force for a better SMRT, our customers

are the reason behind every new technology or better service.

We believe that service excellence can only be achieved by seeing everything through the eyes of the customer. Therefore we continue to improve an uncomfortable environment through installing safety equipment for vulnerable passengers. The new seat compositions in the center of the passenger rooms and the lowered handles in the subway trains are one of the results of this campaign.

Also convenient stores such as Seven Eleven, major cosmetic stores and mobile phone service stores were established at 148 stations in order to offer our passengers a wider range of services. The SMS lost and found service which is not only finding but also delivering lost articles back to its

owner has launched its service successfully.
At the Yeouido, Gongdeok, Nowon, Gubeundari, Sinheung and Mapo Station, powder rooms and female friendly toilets were opened and from the year 2008, a baby-nursing room with a sofa, a diaper-changing table, etc for women taking care of babies is set up in 53 stations.

At the Dapsimni and Janghanpyeong Station, non-slip carpets are prepared to prevent any safety accidents.

SMRT is so reliable because it is always making efforts to be a female-friendly cultural place.

Not just an ordinary subway station, the 5678 SMRT is a place of gathering. People meet or send letters to their beloved one, enjoy the sight of great pictures or even receive medical attentions. The destination and the visiting purposes might be different, but you will find a happy smile on every face of our passengers.

The Noksapyeong Station resembles a glass palace with a roof made of clear glass. Its beautiful architecture made the station a popular place to hold weddings as well as for movie locations. Also equipped with various cultural spaces, reading rooms, aquarium and cable television stations, the

Noksapyeong Station is an often visited place for leisure and relaxation.

Spare the long walk to the post office, at unmanned post offices at the Nonhyeon, Hak-dong, Mapo, Omokgyo, Gongdeok, Cheonho or Mokdong Station passengers to send letters and small packages. Also while the blood measuring devices and the eyesight tester at the Daerim Station are available to check your health and the breast-feeding-room is a welcomed place for moms and their hungry little ones.

Stations such as the Gwanghwamun, Childrens’ Grand Park, Noksapyeong Station are turning into popular culture spaces with various exhibitions. Also regular cultural performances at the Gwanghwamun, Gongdeok, Isu, and Nowon Station offer the passengers a short get away during a busy working day.

I love the idea of enjoying a variety of culture life at the subway station. Sometimes I stop by the Gwanghwamun, Isu or Nowon Station to enjoy a performance in the evening.

5678 SMRT is an art gallery nurturing the dreams of our children. Go to the Yeuido Station to see the horses or the Cheonho Station to feel the wind, the stars and the spirit of the historical mud castle. Visit this beautiful playground where plenty of space for your imagination is left.

Every day people pass long and grey passageways in the subway stations.

Usually the very dull or advertisement papered passageways do not get much attention from the passengers. However, you will be surprised to see that art is everywhere in our daily life.

Art and culture shall be enjoyed by everybody. Following this aspiration, the wall paintings at various subway stations shall offer our passengers a pleasant service.

At the Kimpo Airport Station at the Subway Line 5, passengers will notice a yellow wall next to the escalator. With the title “Dream of the Vega “, it is characterizing the famous game “Tangram”. The impression of the game which is played by forming different shapes with various wood pieces, is characterized in the dream of the “Vega”.

Furthermore, passengers are able to enjoy more than 315 different art pieces such as the one at the Samgakji Station which is showing the dreams and goals of the Korean people or the painting at the Taereung Station expressing the existence of the human world in connection with time and space. The art piece “New Day” at the Subway Line 8 Jamshil Station is famous for its definition on endless rhythms of life in an unlimited time and space being. However, those paintings are just the beginning of a great cultural infrastructure.

Every step you take at the 5678 SMRT subway station you will find yourself surrounded by numerous art pieces. Just open your eyes and you will see that art is already a part of your daily life.

The 5678 SMRT is a place of warm communication.

With the gentle sound of classical music or the happy excitement of a long waited performance filling the air, the subway station is no longer only a place of transportation. It is a small oasis for everyone in the middle of a large city.

Many events and service options such as art exhibitions, concerts, campaigns, medical services etc makes 148 subway stations of the Subway Lines 5678 to a cultural market and meeting point for everyone.

Every fall the culture festival is long awaited by our passengers. Our health and safety campaigns are offering entertainment as well as useful information for a healthy and happy life.

At the cultural platform at the Gwanghwamun, Isu, Gongdeok and Nowon Station people can enjoy live folksongs, ocarina and theatrical performances as well as multicultural performances such as Latin Pop and traditional Andean music.

While poetry recites, Taekwondo shows, puppet shows, traditional folk music performances are only a few of many events, many subway stations offer also welfare services such as haircutting, free family percepts writing and medical services which will help many people.

You do not have to go to Daehakno and the Hongik University for great performances. Just visit one of our stations for a cultural get away.


If you want to feel the spirit of the old culture and history of Korea just visit the shrine of the royal family at the Jongno3(sam)-ga Station. The ancestral shrine is enshrining the ancestral tablet of the royal family of the Joseon Dynasty. Every first Sunday of May the public can witness the great scene

of a religious ceremony at the ancestral shrine of the royal family.

Meet the Seoul Historical Museum at the Gwanghwamun or Seodaemun Station of the Subway Line 5. Visitors can learn about the history of the city as well as experience different instruments and life styles from the Joseon Dynasty. The Togwang Tombs, Ongwan Tombs, and the prehistoric age ground at the the Bangi-dong Baekje Tombs located the the Bangi Station(Suwbway Line 5) are attractions worth to visit. While the stone tombs in Seokchon-dong (Seokchon Station, Subway Line 8) shows the tombs of the early Baekje period, the Amsa Prehistoric Site located at the Amsa Station(Subway Line 8) and the Pungnap Toseong nearby the Cheonho Station(Subway Line 5,8) are great places to experience the Korean history.

Discover a new Seoul among those historical sites and traditional culture. The city where the old meets the modern will teach our children a wider world. .

Origin of Subway Stations
Subway Line 5 Ujangsan Station_The 98m tall Ujangsan Mountain used to be a famous place for rain rituals. Since it always started to rain after those ritual people had to prepare rainwear, which made the name of the mountain.
Subway Line 5 Wangsimni Station_During the early Josun Dynasty a whiz was looking for a place to set up a capital. But monk Dosun, disguised as a poor farmer, told him to walk a further 10 miles in order to find what he was looking for.
Subway Line 6 Beotigoge Station_The patrolmen of the old Korea used to chase thieves while shouting the word “Bundo!”

Those actions were called “beonti” and became later the converted name of the subway station Beotigogae.

The 5678 SMRT is opening new worlds to you– tradition places were you can still feel the breath of our ancestors or exotic places with breathtaking night sceneries are just a subway ride away.
If you are planning to have a great day out with your boyfriend or girlfriend why do not get off at the Yeouinaru Station at the Subway Line 5 for a romantic trip on a river cruise. Or just stop by at the Olympic Park at the Olympic Park Station (Subway Line 5) and afterwards drop by the Chungdam Station at Subway Line 7 for a great cup of coffee at one of the fancy coffee shops. A visit to the Hwanghakdong Traditional Market at the Shindang Station at Subway Line 6 will give you an unforgettable experience.
At the discount stores at the Munjeong Station, you and your friends will definitely find some great bargains. And why not take the train to the Itewon Station and have some great Greek or Turkish food at one of the many exotic restaurants. The Lotte World at the Subway Line 8 Jamshil Station will be the perfect place to release your daily stress and some traditional drinks at Insadong near the Jongno3(sam)-ga Station will be a perfect closure of a perfect day together with the 5678 SMRT.

Subway Lint 6 Dolgoji Station_It is said that the shape of the Chunjang Mountain resembles a line up of black stones or honey cakes made of glutinous kaoliang on a skewer.

Subway Line 7 Meokgol Station_Either because the area around the station used to be famous for their ink production or because of the ambition to convert the area to a highly academic one gave the place the name is has. It is said that ink is one of the four precious things of studying, Korean believe that using one of the important academic means in the name will influence the academic performances.

Subway Line 8 Munjeong Station_During the invasion of China King Injo stopped by a pond on his way to the Namhansanseong Fortress.

The king named the area Munjeong since the water tasted very good and many relatives from the Moon-family lived in that area.

The Chonggye Creek is the eye of 600 years of Seoul. Together with citizens, the streams from Nam Mountain and the Bukak Mountain floating to the Chonggye Creek are creating a new history. The Chonggye Plaza directly connected to the 5678 SMRT is one of the major tourist attractions of the City of Seoul. With its various events throughout the year, it is a pulling point for culture hungry people.
The Chonggye Creek starting at the Subway Line 5 Gwanghwamun Station is a small oasis. Just jump on a subway train from the SMRT and you will find yourself just minutes away from this great place in the middle of the city.

With the Gyeongbokgung, the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts and the Seoul Wood all just minutes away from the Gwanghwamun Station, it is always a popular station for lovers, families or friends.

There are Gwanghwamun Square, The story of King Sejong․The story of Admiral Yi sunshin Exhibition Hall in the neighborhood of Gwanghwamun Station(Line 5) which give visitors refreshment and a historical experience.

Our customers are the future of the SMRT 5678.. Such as the air floating around every corner of the city, the SMRT is promising to take its passengers everywhere. In hope for a greater service, the SMRT is promoting for more cultural spaces and advanced technologies.

Children in the city need more nature and space to unfold their dreams.
A station with music and art will be a place where you will be happy to be back again.
With every train arriving at the station a new story begins.
Creating together a city where everyone wants to live.



Not afraid of changes, the 5678 SMRT

is running towards a brighter tomorrow.

Being the driving force of a vibrant Seoul, the SMRT see customer satisfaction at its main homework. We believe that our creativity and energy are the key factors towards a global SMRT.

1. A real-time management system is established in order to operate creative management. Not only do we believe in the importance of an all-out information system but also are expanding opportunities for personal growth and relaxation while pursuing a more flexible and cooperative corporate culture.
2. We are operating a large network of convenience stores in order to revitalize the shopping areas within the subway stations and to increase company profits. With this business idea not only the profits increased about 1.6 times but also the environment of the subway stations improved dramatically.

Real-Time Management System: 5678 Real-time Information Sharing

◦Management Information System: Personnel Administration | Accounting | Material | Sales

◦Maintenance System: Civil Engineering | Architecture | Electricity | Signal | Communication

◦ Information Control System: Train Operation | Station Equipments

◦Train Information System: Maintenance | Components | Inspections | Records
3. An important part of safety is the signals.

The signals do not only exist to check the front line but also to control the speed of each train. During

rush hours the train come and go every 2 minutes.

Since the signals has the crucial role in controlling the speed, it is important to always be focused. With

this big responsibility it is necessary to love its job in order to be concentrated.

Up customer-oriented business is leading to greater innovations–

the driving force towards the future of the 5678 SMRT.

It is the aim of the 5678 SMRT to cultivate customer-oriented people which know the importance of customer satisfaction. In order to ensure our customers a creative innovation, we changed the personnel, the facilities, the operation and most importantly the service to the customer’s standpoint. With the strong belief to be part of a better world to live, our trains of the 5678 SMRT are riding for a greater future.

4. At stations which are not equipped with elevators or wheelchair lifts, we take care of the people who need our attention. I am just one of the many employees who spare no efforts in helping those who need it most.

5. The Automatic Fare Collection System has been already established for the past 15 years. Very efficient with the least manpower required, we can offer our customer a better and faster service.

6. Since the job of a train operator faces many emergency situations it is important to react efficiently

and fastly on frequent dangerous situations. Virtual training environments train to improve the decision making skills of the train operator in important situations.

Also with the installation of platform screen doors the accident rates decreased dramatically which is a step closer to an accident-free subway ride.

1994. 3. 15 Establishment of the SMRT

1995. 11. 15 Opening of the Gangdong Section

(Subway Line 5, Wangshimni - Sangil Dong, 14.5 km)

1996. 3. 20 Opening of the Gangseo Section

(Subway Line 5, Banghwa - Macheon, 9 Stations)

1996. 3. 30 Opening of the Geoyeo Section

(Subway Line 5 , Gangdong ~ Macheon, 7 Stations)

1996. 8. 12 Opening of the Yeongdeungpo Section

(Subway Line 5, Yeouido - Kkachisan, 8 Stations)

1996. 10. 11 Opening of the Gangbuk Section

(Subway Line 7, Jangam - Moran, 19 Stations, 19.0 km)

1996. 11. 23 Opening of the Seongnam Section

(Subway Line 8, Jamsil - Moran, 13 Stations, 13,1 km)

1996. 12. 30 Opening of the Downtown Section

(Subway Line 5, Yeouido - Wangsimni, 13 Stations, 14.1 km)

Opening of the whole Subway Line 5 (51 Stations, 52.3 km)

1999. 7. 2 Opening of the Amsa Section

(Subway Line 8 , Jamsil - Amsa, 4 Stations, 4.6 km)

Opening of whole Subway Line 8

2000. 2. 29 Opening of the Namdan Section

(Subway Line 7, Sinpung - Onsu, 8 Stations)

2000. 8. 1 Opening of the Konkuk University ~ Sonpung Section

(Subway Line 7, 16 Stations, 18.7 km)

Opening of the whole Subway Line 7

2000. 8. 7 Opening of the Bonghwasan - Sangwolgok Section

(Subway Line 7, 6 Stations, 4.2 km)

2000. 12. 15 Opening of the Sangwolgok - Eungam Section

(Subway Line 6, 28 Stations)

2001. 3 .9 Opening of the Itewon - Yaksu Section

(Subway Line 7, 4 Stations, 2.7 km)

Opening of the whole Subway Line 6

2004. 3. 18 First trail of the Subway Line 7 trains

made of incombustible materials

2004. 4. 19 Exchange with an Overseas Subway Operator

(Taiwanese Subway/TRTC)

2004. 7. 1 Reformation of the Seoul Public Transportation

2010. 12. 28 New EMU Presentation for SR001 assembled by SMRT

2010. First place for 2009 performance appraisal among district public enterprises

2010. First place at 'Zero tolerance for Corruption'

2009. Certified for the good labor-management culture company

2009. First place at 'Zero tolerance for Corruption'

2008. First place for railroad safety appraisal

2007 Receive best performance appraisal among district public enterprises the third year in a row.

(Best presidential appraisal second year in a row)

2007 First place for creative management

2007 Awarded by the President at the 29th Energy Saving Competition

2007 Best Institution for outstanding administrative services

2006 Best Service Award of the Korea Daily (2004 ~2006)

2006 Best Quality Management Award

2006 First place at the Korea Service Quality Institution (KS-SQI)

2006 Awarded the first, second, third and fourth place for

best administrative service (2005~2006)

Customer Satisfaction is the future of the

5678 Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation
Offering our customers a service with a smile we will always put customer first.

The 5678 SMRT will accompany our passengers until they arrive safely at their final destination.

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