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DAR Service for Veterans Committee

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DAR Service for Veterans Committee

  • awards outstanding volunteer service

Flag of the United States of America Committee

  • promotes patriotism and respect for our flag

Genealogical Records Committee

  • adds to unpublished genealogical source materials in the DAR Library

Historic Preservation Committee

  • promotes historic preservation, education, and patriotism.

* Junior American Citizens Committee

  • promotes principles of democracy and an appreciation of our country

Junior Membership Committee

Lineage Research Committee

  • assists with documentation for application for membership in NSDAR

Membership Committee

National Defense Committee

  • enlightens public opinion & advocates a strong American military defense

Public Relations & Media Committee

Volunteer Information Specialists Committee

  • uses computer and technology skills to assist DAR

Getting the Word Out

The best way for people to learn about the Shrewsbury Towne-Monmouth Chapter of the DAR is by getting the word out. Community knowledge of the chapter’s activities is of major importance. To accomplish this, the Executive Board sends out press releases to 31 local newspapers, magazines, web sites, and various radio stations.
We want the public to know about our chapter and the activities in which we are involved. The more people know about us – the more we will grow and thrive. If you know of a publication that we can place on our mailing list, please let us know so that we can contact them.
Every year the press is invited to attend some of our special meetings. Reporters have been seen at our December holiday banquet and at our Awards meeting in April, where we honor the winners of the American History Essay contest.
We also need your help. Please bring us any published articles that you might see about our chapter. These articles are placed in our archives to document our chapter’s activities.

On the National level, every year we share a chapter photo and a 200 word story about our chapter in the Daughters of the American Revolution Newsletter which is mailed to members, along with the DAR American Spirit magazine.
If you can think of any other way to get the word out – let us know – we are open to suggestions!

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