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Memorial Park in Whitehouse Station is owned by the Old Whitehouse Chapter

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Memorial Park in Whitehouse Station is owned by the Old Whitehouse Chapter.

Our State Headquarters are in The Isaac Watson House (1708) in Trenton.

Outside of New Jersey, the New Jersey Daughters sponsor and maintain

  • The New Jersey Room in the DAR Memorial Continental Hall in Washington D.C.

  • The New Jersey Cottage at the Tamassee DAR School in South Carolina.

Conferences, State Meetings and Continental Congress.

State Meetings and Conferences
New Jersey DAR has two State gatherings a year – a meeting in the Fall and a Spring Conference. Both are currently held at the Westin Princeton in Forrestal Village. Daughters from all over New Jersey come together to attend business sessions, committee meetings, and social functions. The spring conference consists of two days one of which is Awards Day.

Awards Day is a day when we acknowledge and award the youth of New Jersey. Winners and their families are invited for lunch and are presented awards in the following areas: The American History Essay Contest, The Christopher Columbus Essay Contest, The Fashion Design Contests, the Good Citizens Award and the Junior American Citizens award.

Continental Congress

Continental Congress is the time honored national meeting of the DAR membership held annually since the organization’s founding in 1890. It is held in Washington DC and it is a wonderful conference that each Daughter should try to experience at least once.

National, State and Chapter DAR leaders as well as other members from across the world meet at the DAR National Headquarters for a week during the summer to report on the year’s work, honor outstanding award recipients, plan future initiatives and reconnect with friends.

The week-long convention consists of business sessions, committee meetings, social functions, and is topped off with four formal evening ceremonies. These evening ceremonies, held in the historic DAR Constitution Hall, mix pomp and circumstance with touching award presentations and musical entertainment.

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