Social Media Privacy

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Social Media Privacy

Social media is a competitive market. In the rush to add new features to current offerings, user privacy sometimes gets left on the back burner. Apps and plug-ins that utilize GPS location and single access sign-on present unique security concerns for users. Most social media features now require users to grant access to their personal information, including publicly shared pictures and status updates, before they can use the service. Users innocently share this data so that they can register for marketing incentives like coupons on raffle drawings.

The icing on the cake is that companies are largely left to their own devices when it comes to developing and instituting security policies. There is no universal security legislation, and companies are free to change their policies as they see fit. Facebook, for example, has changed their security policy and privacy settings numerous times in recent years, leaving some users feeling confused and unprotected.

But how much do users actually value their privacy? This REPORT FROM NBC NEWS shows data that suggests social media users value their privacy less than those who avoid social media networks. A poll conducted by The Ponemon Institute shows that feelings on privacy have become polarized. Thirty-six percent of participants said they felt privacy was less important than it was five years ago; the exact same percentage said they felt it was more important. Interestingly, the two groups agreed that they have less control over their information than they did five years ago.
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