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Success Criteria

  • Write in paragraphs

  • Spell correctly

  • Vary vocabulary and sentence structure

  • Develop plot, setting and character convincingly

  • Use interesting description (adjectives, adverbs, figures of speech, description of the senses)

Learning Intention

  • I will create my own superhero for a future story.

Discuss the following questions….

  • What kind of situations are SUPERHEROES usually found in?

  • Why are so many people interested in SUPERHEROES?

  • Are SUPERHEROES realistic?

  • Who is the best SUPERHERO and why?

  • Out of all the SUPERHEROES we can think of, who would win a fight between them all?


  • Now it is time to create your own SUPERHERO……..

  • Remember, a superhero has two personalities: the superhero and the alter-ego they hide behind. For example, name the alter-egos to these superheroes….

  • Superman

  • Batman

  • Spiderman

Some inspiration……

  • YouTube - IRON MAN, (Robert Downey, Jr., Terrence Howard), Trailer

  • YouTube - Batman Begins Trailer

  • YouTube - Spider-man Trailer

Complete the following profile in your jotter…

  • Superhero Name:

  • Super Powers:

  • Description of costume:

  • How they became a superhero:

  • Where they hide:

  • Arch Enemy:

Describing a Superhero

  • Now think of as many different words you could associate with your superhero.

Some ideas

  • half man – half machine, robotic invention, half man – half animal, freak of nature, mind reading abilities, the ability to heal, X-ray vision, superhuman strength, speed, invisibility, camouflage, flying, breathing under water, hypnosis, great gadgets and inventions, cool cars, helicopters, jet planes, submarines, technological advantages.


  • Write a paragraph to describe your superhero. You could potentially use this in your short story so make sure it is good!

  • What could we describe about them?

Learning Intention

  • I will create my own supervillain in order to use the character in a future story.

Things to look at when creating a SUPERVILLAIN.

  • What events from the past made them the way they are?

  • Why do they hate the super hero? What did he do to them?

  • Are they tragic, funny or truly evil figures?

  • How do they look? What do they wear?

  • What is their favourite evil thing?

  • What evil deed do they most want to do to the hero?

  • Where do they live?


  • What makes these characters scary?

Some inspiration….

  • YouTube - Batman: The Dark Knight - "Why So Serious?!“

  • YouTube - Spider-man 3 Trailer








Describing your super villain

  • Task: Think of as many descriptive words as possible to describe your supervillain.

Descriptive Words

  • Mad genius, tortured, insane, murderer, killer, mangled, ghoulish, twisted, poisoned, wicked, evil, greedy, slimy, deadly, razor clawed, bony fingered, cruel, shocked, drowned, ripped, torn, cold-hearted, bloodless body, heartless, criminal, brutal, bloodbath, executioner, undertaker, avenger, claw, hook, blade, doom, wrecker, destroyer, bonecrusher


  • Write a paragraph to describe your supervillain. You could potentially use this in your short story so make sure it is good!

  • What could we describe about them?

Learning Intention

  • I will create the setting for my superhero story.


  • Before you begin to write the story, think about the following questions. You must create a strong sense of place in your story and it should contribute to the mood of your story.

  • Where does the SUPERHERO operate?

  • What kind of people live there?

  • Is it a real or fictional place?

  • Is it busy or quiet? Bright or dark? Why?

  • Where does he/she live?

  • Where does he/she keep his equipment?

  • Does he/she have a special place to go to build up his powers?

  • What can you hear?

  • What can you see?

  • Describe the following settings….


  • Think of many different words to describe your superhero’s world as you can.

Descriptive words

  • dark, cold damp, huge, deserted, lonely, quiet, rainy, misty, foggy, bright, shadows, hidden, unseen, red, yellow, green, flashing, unfriendly streets, mouths of buildings, eyes in the windows, lightning flashes, thunder rumbles, shots in the distance, a dark and lonely figure, across the rooftops, beneath the ground, through the air, underwater, ugly statues, gargoyles, windswept desert, iron structures, hard stone, cold steel


  • Write a paragraph to describe the setting of your story.

  • Describe the senses in order to create a strong atmosphere:

  • Smell

  • Sight

  • Sound

  • Touch

  • Taste

Superhero Stories

  • Effective Beginnings

Learning Intention

  • I will understand how to write an effective opening to my story.

Starting your story

  • Here are a few ideas about how to start your story……….

  • Start your story by describing the Superhero’s lair.

  • Start your story by describing the city at night.

  • Start your story by comparing the city to a jungle.

  • Start your story in outer space, on a space ship.

  • Start your story on a desert island, or an ice field.


  • Read the following extracts and think about their strengths and weaknesses. Use this as a guide for what to do and what not to do in your own stories.

Extract 1

  • I looked out over the decaying city and could feel his presence all around. He was no sub standard enemy; he was a class above all the other twisted animals I had fought before him. I had to be prepared. Prepared to conquer his wildness and rage. The Joker would challenge me in ways I had never known.

Extract 2

  • They faced each other, knowing that only one of them would survive. Superman’s eyes sparkled with determination. The Green Goblin’s smile was filled with disgusting confidence. They stood ready and aware of each other’s power, but neither of them attempted the first move. The silence was eerie as it filled the night sky.

Extract 3

  • The Hulk was scared. He sat waiting in the little room. He knew his powerful enemy was coming. He was getting ready. He thought he might win. He wasn’t sure.

Rules of a good opening…

  • ‘Hook’ your reader

  • Establish a strong sense of atmosphere

  • Don’t list all of your ideas in the 1st paragraph!

  • Leave the reader wanting more

Good endings…

  • Cliffhanger

  • Unexpected ending

  • A twisted ending

  • A climax

  • A resolution

  • Don’t make it a dream!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your brain should now be full of descriptive language and ideas.

  • Write your story and make the most of your imagination! Use descriptive and exciting language………..

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