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Curriculum Vitae

Rolf M. Volkmar


Festerbachstrasse 27

65329 Hohenstein - Holzhausen
Born: April 3rd 1957

in Frankfurt/Main (Germany)

Fon: +49 (0) 6120 97 22 390

Mob: +49 (0)171 315 3457


  • Project Leadership, Optimization of work flows in Accounting, Controlling

  • Controlling, Implementation Cost Accounting Systems, Cash Management/Treasury

  • Finance & Accounting/Monthly & Annual Reporting HGB, IFRS, US-GAAP

  • Accounts Receivables & Payables, Reconciliations

  • Payroll & Travel Accounting

  • Consolidations, Interface Administration

  • Risk Management

  • Taxes, Transfer Pricing Adjustments

  • (Bank) Reporting

  • Credit Risk Control

  • Sarbanes Oxley

  • Key User & Implementation SAP (Modules FI, CO, LM, AM), SimCorp Dimension & Summit

  • All major Microsoft-Applications

  • Start-ups/Close downs companies

  • Languages: German, English, French

Professional Career

Independant Consultant (Freelancer) since Sept. 2001

Organisation of Finance & Accounting units (IFRS, German and US-GAAP) including the implementation of F&A Systems

Aluminium Products Air&Space, Automotive, Food&Beverage Industry

13th biggest Pharmagroup (70

countries worldwide)

Biggest European Private Banking Group bevor acquisition though Deutsche Bank

Global Japanese High Tech & Mechanical Engineering (33.600 employees – world)

4 months
Major Global E-Commerce Provider

3 months

Global manufacturer of scientific instruments for a diverse array of customers in life science, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical and molecular

diagnostics research, as well as in materials and chemical analysis in various

industries and government

applications (7 months)

Global Phone industry group company

(234.000 employees)

17 months
The Subsidies Bank of Germany

4 months

World’s biggest Telecom Group

6 months

(Insurance Company)

2 months

(Automotive Industry) - 3 months

Global Phone industry group company

(234.000 employees) - 2 months

M&A Consulting (4 employees)

1 month

Leasing Svcs for Savings Banks (1764 employees) 5 months

Production & Sales of Ceramics

(1.000 employees) - 6 months

1 month

Sales of Fax&Print Machines, Cameras

83.400 employees worldwide)

Production of Polishing Machines & Abrasives (400 employees) - 2 months

Investm. Bank (Discontinued Operations – 6 employees) - 22 months

Real Estate Management

1 month

Investment Bank (Project team comprised up to 80 employees) 9 months

5 months

Sales & S/W-Consulting in Documentation Management (50 employees)
17 months

Tax Advisory & CPA (40 employees)

10 months

Reference Clients
Constellium GmbH

Head of SOX Compliance German Plants, Head of Risk Management (Commodities & FX Hedging) German Plants
Takeda GmbH

Intercompany Closings & Reconciliation IFRS, VAT calculations/Goods Delivery Control, Reporting, Transfer Pricing Adjustments, SOX Controls, Tuition/Knowledge Transfer

Systems applied: SAP, INSA, Hyperion
Bankhaus Sal. Oppenheim jr. Ci. KGaA

Support in the Integration Process & reconciliation of mapped accounts after take over through Deutsche Bank into new system environment, administration of interfaces, optimizing workflows, Quarter and Annual Closes of the Group companies
Hitachi High-Technology GmbH, Krefeld

Support in SOX-Testing, Preparation of the e-Balance Sheet and Annual Reporting GmbH

Reconciliation of Bank accounts with mass postings with Oracle, Excel, Pivot Tables and E-Banking tools, Describing & optimizing workflows
Bruker AXS GmbH

Consolidation (SAP-ECCS)
- Comprehensive financial Consultancy/Support of 21 intern. Subsidiaries
- Designing of monthly Consolidation tools
- Quarterly & Annual Closings, Reporting, Budgeting & Variance Analyses
- Support in diverse projects
- Calculation of KPI’s

Deutsche Telekom AG

Project Responsibility: Transferring Monthly Reporting from T-Systems GmbH into a shared Service Company within the group: Local GAAP & IFRS and Hedge Accounting combined with optimizing work flows.

Supporting Systems: SAP, EC-CS, SMART, ARTUS, Finber & IKOS; Maintenance of Accounting Interfaces, Account Analysis
Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)

Adjusting, Testing including Quality Checks of Fund Accounting System „Summit“ according to IFRS and German GAAP including corresponding Documentation;

Preconception Implementation of IFRS 9
Vodafone D2 GmbH

Support in the M&A process with Arcor AG, Adaption,Strategic Planning, Integration & Optimization of workflows, IT-Controlling, Administration of Budget Controlling through Excel
Ampega Gerling Cologne

Reconciliation, Support in Asset Management/Fund Accounting covered by experience in IFRS, SCD, Excel,

Project Responsibility: Consolidation of a mid-term Business Plan incl. Cash Flows of 25 subsidiaries as a base of strategic Planing to secure Capitalization
Deutsche Telekom AG

Fixed Assets: Supporting year-end (mass) bookings & preparing reports generated through SAP downloads
Dr. Wilisch & Sohn GmbH (M&A Mandate of Stockhausen&vanSoest GmbH&CoKG)

Organization & Set-up of a Data Room including corresponding Documentation of a 500 employees Automotive Co.
VR Leasing AG

Implementation SAP LM, FI, IFRS, Annual Close Optimizing Tool, Consolidated Chart of Accounts

Almatis GmbH

Cash Flow Consolidation of 25 subs in SAP, BW & Excel programming
RICOH Deutschland GmbH (closing down business plant in Frankfurt)

Reporting in Sales Controlling

Lippert Unipol GmbH (Abrasives & Polishing Machines)

Parallel Monthly Closing HGB, IFRS & US GAAP, Calculation Key Figures

Bankers Trust (Deutsche Bank Group)

Closing down Business of Bankers Trust Comp. by preparing its Financial Figures of the last 5 years via Excel
Archon Group Germany (Goldman Sachs Group)

Scope of Responsibility:

Auditing & Preparation of Financial figures all 10 group companies

DIT (Deutscher Investment Trust)/Frankfurt – Quality Management

Scope of Responsibility:

  • Training-on-the-job with the complex Fund-S/W System SimCorp Dimension

  • Auditing and adjusting of the Chart of Accounts

  • Designing of simulated Fund Transactions into the new Fund System

  • Year-End-Audits of Funds

  • Programming of automated Quality Test Scenarios

  • Corresponding Documentation

BancTec GmbH Langen

Financial Controller for the German subsidiary (50 employees) - a 100 % sub of BancTec Inc., Dallas (2.600 employees), one of the leading enterprises in the manufacturing of H/W for Documentation Management with S/W development and Consulting

Scope of Responsibility:

  • Monthly and Annual Financial Reports (HGB & US GAAP)

  • Financial and Governance Controlling

  • Budgeting, Treasury, Contracting

  • Accounts Payable and Receivables

  • Reports (regular and ad-hoc), Forecasts

  • Implementation of Sarbanes Oxley Standards

Grant Thornton Advidata KG (CPA’s and Tax Advisors) in cooperation with

Asta Medica GmbH – a Pharmacy Group of Companies

Scope of Responsibility:

  • Analysis and optimization of workflows within the F&A department

  • Reconciliation of Intercompany accounts & Financial Consolidation

  • Group Financial Controlling

  • Preparation of monthly Board reporting

  • Support in various complex accounting related areas such as specific balance sheet and P&L reports

  • Support in foreign debt collection

1.10.1998 – 30.06.2001
VMR-Group Schwalbach/ Frankfurt – one of the major Investment Banking Companies during the New Market Era

Head of Finance and Accounting and Senior Controller

Scope of Responsibility:

  • Establishing the entire Finance & Accounting system including Accounts Receivables and Payables, Controlling & Cost Accounting in the VMR group of companies

  • Controlling in all segments (Governance, Finance, Joint Ventures, Asset Management & Internal Auditing of Security Trades)

  • Project Management as leader: Optimizing work procedures

  • Preparation of Financial Statements according to German, US, Luxembourg & International GAAP

  • Group Accounting/Intercompany clearing (based on Hyperion)

  • Reporting towards ‚Federal Reserve Bank/Germany’ and BAKred (Grundsatz I, Grosskreditmeldungen)

  • Payroll and Travel Accounting

  • Corporate Insurances

  • Car park Administration

  • Budget responsibility: ca. DM 1.000.000,-

1.06.1996 - 30.09.1998


Accounting Supervisor

Scope of Responsibility:

  • Accounts Receivables and Payables according to German & US-GAAP

  • Calculation of AC’s consultants hourly rates

  • Management and Supervision of various projects:

  • Taking over responsibility of Accounting in AC’s German, Swiss and Austrian subsidiaries

  • Establishing a Lotus Notes based car park information system with external IT specialists

  • Coordination of Annual Reporting

7.06.1993 - 30.06.1995
AMS Management Systems/ Frankfurt and Brüssel – an

American S/W-Company in

Finance and Telekommunication

Finance Manager

Scope of Responsibility:

  • Organization of the entire Finance & Accounting department

  • Annual Reports according to German & US-GAAP

  • Payroll and Travel Accounting

  • Human Resources (especially US expatriates)

  • HR acquisition & Personal responsibility (8 employees)

  • Founding of the Dutch subsidiary in The Hague as Project Leader

1.01.1991 - 31.03.1993
CPA & Tax Advisor Office Eckhard Friedrich in Aschaffenburg until close down

Auditor/Assistant to the Managing Director

Scope of Responsibility:

  • Book-keeping/Annual Reports of small-sized companies and Fraternal Associations

  • Tax Advisory

  • Preparation of Expert Opinions

  • Personal responsibilitiy (3 employees)

02.12.1985 -31.12.1990
MANUFACTURERS HANOVER TRUST COMPANY/Frankfurt and Dresdner Bank Frankfurt

Career entry in Banking: Credit Analyst/Account Manager in the Finance Sector

Scope of Responsibility:

  • Financial Analysis & appraisals of mid- and big-sized companies

  • Setting-up of loan and security documentations

  • Administration of the global intra-net driven client information system

  • Seminars visited: Credit Seminar, German GAAP

  • Administration of Nostro accounts to run foreign money transactions including corresponding activities including reconciliations

  • Secondments into several departments of Dresdner Bank’s Finance Sector

School, Education & Apprenticeships
1.07.1995 - 12.04.1996 Seminar: SAP R/3-Organisator/Finance & Accounting at Siemens-Nixdorf/Frankfurt

16.06.1997 - 19.06.1997 Participation in Executives Coaching at Lufthansa – Consulting

02.01.1984 - 30.06.1985 Apprenticeship and miscellaneous temporary assignments at BÜMA, Manpower

(I had to keep myself available and Bank of Montreal Frankfurt:

for Army Services)

  • Assistant to the Managing Director

  • Data administration during introduction of MIDAS (Bank Information System)

  • Administration of Nostro accounts to run foreign payments including corresponding activities including reconciliations

  • Half-year US trip

13.10.1977 - 12.12.1983 Business & Administration Study at Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-University in Frankfurt within 10 semesters finished with a Diplom-Kaufmann degree. Subjects: Banking, Money & Currency Theories, Organization Theories

04.1964 – 06.1977 Philipp-Reis-School Frankfurt and Liebiggymnasium Frankfurt; Abschluß: Abitur

(High School)

Foreign Languages

English: Experienced French: Basic knowledge :

Competencies (inclusive EDP knowledge)


  • Controlling (Governance, Finance, Sales,

  • Investments)

  • Designing of Cost Account Systems

  • Reporting

  • Due Dilligence

  • Payroll and Travel Accounting

  • Implementation of Sarbanes Oxley

  • Rating/Basel III

  • Group Accounting/Consolidations

  • Analysis of Financials

  • Reporting Finance Industry

  • Credit Risk Controlling

  • SAP R3 (Moduls FI, CO, AM, SD, MM, ECCS)

  • SimCorp Dimension, Summit

  • All Microsoft applications: Outlook, Word, Excel (incl Programming), Access, Powerpoint

  • Scala, Sysca, Lexware, DATEV

  • CABS AP, Oracle

  • Lotus Notes


Hobbies: Golf, Skiing, Fitness, Sailing, Tennis, Politics

Hohenstein, January 2016

- -

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