The cantos of ezra pound [from The Cantos of Ezra Pound (1972)]

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4710 Has done all he can to prevent.

4711 French army 500 thousand, the Russian 300 thousand,

4712 But counting on space and time.

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4713 "The fifth element: mud." said Napoleon.

4714 A black, Claud Gabriel, in the emperor's service

4715 Was very ill used in America. Aug. 14th. to Oranienbaum.

4716 Where was Ld. Cathcart (that is, at Madame de Stael's)

4717 And she wanted to know how she cd.

4718 Receive her interest from United States funds

4719 While in England, and a war on between them.

4720 Here the nobility have given one man to the army

4721 From every ten of their peasants.

4722 Qu'il fit la sottise de Moscou

4723 and he, Bonaparte had to borrow six shirts from

4724 his minister, and four thousand louis ... Mr Gallatin,

4725 Mr Bayard ... answer from Romanzoff ... Mr Gallatin

4726 did not think that "they cd." (did not

4727 think that our actions in Florida could be justified).

4728 Against rights on the Mississippi....our

4729 Rights to fish, dry fish and cure ... off Newfoundland.

4730 At the opera: Tamerlan, and the ballet of Télémaque.

4731 1815, March 18th. was expected (Bonaparte)

4732 last night at Auxerre,

4733 Ney to be here (Paris) tomorrow, because it is the

4734 King of Rome's birthday ...

4735 March twentieth: The King, Bourbon, left the Tuilleries,

4736 To take, they say, the road going toward Beauvais ...

4737 At the Seance Royale last Thursday he had talked of

4738 His death in defence of the country.

4739 And when they wish to make the troops cheer, the

4740 Soldiers say: Ah, voui, Vive le Roi.

4741 Newspaper this morning headed Journal de l'Empire.

4742 ..... arrived last evening with the troops that had been sent out

4743 against him....

4744 which is due to Bourbon misconduct.

4745 I told him (Sir James Mackintosh) that I

4746 Did not believe Dr Franklin or Washington

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4747 Had wanted the revolution....He asked if any leading man had.

4748 I said, my father, perhaps, Samuel Adams, James Otis ...

4749 (And on his return was recd. by Gouverneur Morris and Mr

4750 Astor with a pubk. dinner at Tammany Hall.)

4751 And one night a dead fowl was tied to Mr Onis's bell rope,

4752 As (in his eyes) a gt. dishonour to Spain.

4753 Mr Jefferson remarked that fond as he was of agriculture

4754 He knew nothing about it tho' Mr Madison did.

4755 Mr Madison was very efficient in the convention of '87.

4756 "Mr Bagot has been a much better minister

4757 "than a much abler man wd. have been, better

4758 "for the interest of England, better

4759 "for the tranquillity of this country." DeWitt Clinton

4760 Never more low and discredited

4761 Than just before being elected (comma)

4762 Without opposition (comma) Governor of New York State.

4763 "a misanthropoist, an unsocial savage" J.Q.A. on himself.

4764 Banks breaking all over the country,

4765 Some in a sneaking, some in an impertinent manner ...

4766 prostate every principle of economy.

4767 Jan 18th. 1820. I (J.Q.A.) called at the President's

4768 And the President said: Colonel Johnson

4769 might have been more worthily occupied than in acting as

4770 medium for proposal of

4771 furnishing ten thousand stand of arms to Venezuela

4772 in order to make a job for Duane.

4773 a.d. 1820

4774 that moral considerations seldom

4775 appear to have much weight in

4776 the minds of statesmen

4777 unless connected with popular feelings....

4778 while professing neutrality

4779 (himself to hire men from our army
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4780 secretissime, on the quiet) Monroe admits it.

4781 No one else seems to mind.

4782 ....but the vice-presidency is---

4783 to call things by their proper names---in the market.

4784 "Defective in elementary knowledge and with a very

4785 undigested system of ethics, Mr Clay (Henry)".

4786 After conversing with Mr Calhoun, Adams reflected:

4787 Paper currency ... reductions of fictitious capital....

4788 Accumulation of debts as long as credit can be strained....

4789 Mr Noah has a project for colonizing jews in this country

4790 And wd. like a job in Vienna....

4791 Xmas, 1820, read aloud after breakfast

4792 From Pope's "Messiah." Not one of my family

4793 Except George,

4794 appeared to take the least interest,

4795 Nor is there any one of them

4796 who has a relish for literature.

4797 I have been a lawyer for bread,

4798 a statesman at the call of my country.

4799 Plain modest and tasteless monuments to George Clinton

4800 and Elbridge Gerry....we have neither forefathers nor posterity,

4801 a few years will efface them.

4802 ....half educated, like almost all eminent men in this country ..

4803 ..Calhoun thought we ought in no case

4804 attend a congress of the allies.

4805 England more by her interest than

4806 from principle of general liberty ...

4807 We shd. separate from all European concerns.

4808 Who have followed (maiden ladies have followed)

4809 General Lafayette from Europe to Lisses. Oct. 2. '24.

4810 So that when Washington left the senate chamber he said he

4811 Wd. be damned if he ever went there again.

4812 They (congress) wd. do nothing for

4813 the education of boys but to make soldiers, they

[Page 169]
4814 wd. not endow a university (in 1826).

4815 Black walnut, almond planted in spring

4816 take two months precisely to vegetate to the surface.

4817 This has been (May 26th) a harassing day

4818 but I perceived a tamarind heaving up the earth

4819 in tumbler number 2, and in tumbler number one, planted....

4820 Interfere with official duty? I said

4821 I thought that it wd. as the U.S. was interested in

4822 the Canal Company by their subscription of one million dollars.

4823 Reading Evelyn's "Sylva" and making

4824 Trivial observations upon the vegetation of trees until dark.

4825 Some sensibility at parting? Clay expressed a wish to

4826 hear from me now and again ...

4827 "There is something strange, and which wd. now be

4828 thought very affected in the language of Shakespeare

4829 Whose common thoughts are expressed in uncommon words."

4830 (diary, March 1829)

4831 But of late years have lost relish for fiction ...

4832 December 13th.: Mrs Eaton....

4833 and accordingly she (Mrs Calhoun) remains in the untainted

4834 atmosphere of S. Carolina.

4835 English "Quarterly Review" for November,

4836 two articles of vilification ...

4837 Calhoun heads the moral party, Mr Van Buren....

4838 President Jackson's spittin' box and a broken pipe on the floor..

4839 I called upon Nicholas Biddle ... and recd. two dividends

4840 of my bank I might be called to take part in

4841 public measures.....I wished to divest myself

4842 of all personal interest....Nov. 9. '31.

4843 "I took seat Number 203." J. Q. Adams.

4844 .... asked him (Mr Webster) his views on

4845 the diminution in the tariff.

[Page 170]
4846 I said I had no desire that the interruption of social

4847 intercourse between Gen Jackson and me shd.

4848 continue (March second) so far, so good...a

4849 restitution of it cd. not fail to expose me to obloquy

4850 March the third: Dined with

4851 Mr Webster upon salmon sent from New York.

4852 Miss of Conversations upon Political

4853 Economy

4854 ..a young woman...deaf..and hearing only through an ear-

4855 trumpet

4856 Her conversation is lively and easy....

4857 The reasoning of Mr Clay, Mr Calhoun, Mr Webster

4858 is shallow, they speak to popular prejudice.

4859 The old states will so sacrifice

4860 all their rights to the public lands...

4861 L'ami de tout le monde, Martin Van Buren...

4862 Mr Webster, a man of the yard of the

4863 President's house. It is said that their object

4864 was to remonstrate against working more

4865 than ten hours a day (April 13th. '37).

4866 At the President's house and had with him conversation

4867 respecting the climate, Queen Victoria and the weather....

4868 Legaré wd. retort upon them by preaching to the labourers

4869 Insurrection against the capitalists of the North.

4870 Senate Chamber where I found him (J. Calhoun)

4871 discoursing to his own honour and glory and

4872 vituperating Mr Clay.

4873 .....after battling with each other on the atonement,

4874 Christ and the Trinity....phrenology and animal magnetism....

4875 Tippecanoe clubs .. students of colleges, schoolboys...

4876 The world, the flesh, the devils in hell are

4877 Against any man who now in the North American Union

4878 shall dare to join the standard of Almighty God to

4879 Put down the African slave trade...what can I

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4880 Seventy-four years, verge of my birthday, shaking hand

4881 ...for the suppression of the African slave trade.....

4882 Van Buren...against more than ten hours a day...

4883 Harrison on a mean-looking horse...

4884 was amiable and benevolent ...

4885 Administration will waddle along...

4886 haec sunt infamiae...

4887 wrongs of the Cherokee nation..

4888 These are the sins of Georgia

4889 These are the lies

4890 These are the infamies

4891 These are the broken contracts...

4892 Buchanan the shade of a shade,

4893 Scott a daguerreotype of a likeness

4894 Mr Dan Webster spouting, Tyler's nose outreaching the

4895 munyment

4896 Gun barrels, black walnut ...

4897 "CITY

4898 OF



4901 MORDECAI NOAH"[Image]

4902 These words I read on a pyramid, written

4903 in English and Hebrew.

4904 The firemen's torchlight procession,

4905 Firemen's torchlight procession,

4906 Science as a principle of political action

4907 Firemen's torchlight procession!

4908 Proportioned to free inhabitants (Dec. 21. '43)

4909 Electro-magnetic (Morse)

4910 [Image] Constans proposito....

4911 Justum et Tenacem

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4912 So this is (may we take it) Mitteleuropa:

4913 Mr Corles was in command of machine guns

4914 but when the time came to fire

4915 he merely lit a cigarette and walked away from his

4916 battery and seated himself in a field,

4917 So some subaltern gave the order to fire

4918 and Mr Corles did not suffer the extreme penalty

4919 because his family

4920 was a very good bourgeois family in Vienna

4921 and he was therefor sent to a mind sanatorium.

4922 Mr Fidascz

4923 explained to me

4924 the horrors of playing the fiddle while that ass Nataanovitch,

4925 or some other better known -ovitch

4926 whose name we must respect because of the

4927 law of libel,

4928 was conducting

4929 in particular the Mattias Passion, after requesting that

4930 the audience come in black clothes;

4931 And the Fraulein Doktor nearly wept over the Tyrol,

4932 being incapable of seeing that the century-old joke on Italia

4933 was now on somebody else

4934 though if they cd. sentimentalize over that lousy old

4935 bewhiskered sonvabitch François Giuseppe of whom nothing

4936 good is recorded---in fact with the most patient research---

4937 nothing good is recorded...... and so forth....

4938 this is Mitteleuropa

4939 and Tsievitz

4940 has explained to me the warmth of affections,

4941 the intramural, the almost intravaginal warmth of

[Page 173]
4942 hebrew affections, in the family, and nearly everything else....

4943 pointing out that Mr Lewinesholme has suffered by deprivation

4944 of same and exposure to American snobbery ..." I am a product,"

4945 said the young lady, "of Mitteleuropa,"

4946 but she seemed to have been able to mobilize

4947 and the fine thing was that the family did not

4948 wire about papa's death for fear of disturbing the concert

4949 which might seem to contradict the general indefinite wobble.

4950 It must be rather like some internal organ,

4951 some communal life of the pancreas.... sensitivity

4952 without direction ... this is ...

4953 Oh yes, there are nobles, still interested in polo

4954 said the whoring countess of course there were nobles.

4955 Mister Axon the usually so intelligent was

4956 after two lunches with Dortmund unable, in fact he was

4957 quite unable to play respectable chess and the younger

4958 Alexi after living with Murphy

4959 was observed to be gray in the gills

4960 through a presumed loss of vitality we have said that

4961 stupidity is contagious, the divorce of Potemkin

4962 was impeded by the death of his grandmother

4963 and a resurgence of family feeling. His

4964 wife now acts as his model and the Egeria

4965 has, let us say, married a realtor. Having resigned overt

4966 intention to remarry, the widow, once the rose,

4967 spends her time now plaguing her daughter, and

4968 Mr Elias said to me:

4969 "How do you get inspiration?

4970 "Now my friend Hall Caine told me he came on a case

4971 "a very sad case of a girl in the East End of London

4972 "and it gave him an inspiration. The only

4973 "way I get inspiration is occasionally from a girl, I

4974 "mean sometimes sitting in a restaurant and

4975 looking at a pretty girl I

[Page 174]
4976 "get an i-de-a, I-mean-a biz-nis i-de-a?"

4977 dixit sic felix Elias?

4978 The tale of the perfect schnorrer: a peautiful chewisch poy

4979 wit a vo-ice dot woult

4980 meldt dh heart offa schtone

4981 and wit a likeing for to make arht-voiks

4982 and ven dh oldt ladty wasn't dhere any more

4983 and dey didn't know why, tdhere ee woss in the

4984 oldt antique schop and nobodty knew how he got dhere

4985 and venn hiss brudder diet widout any bapers

4986 he vept all ofer dh garpet so much he

4987 had to have his clothes aftervards pressed

4988 and he orderet a magnifficent funeral

4989 and tden zent dh pill to dh vife.

4990 But when they have high cheek-bones

4991 they are supposed to be Mongol. Eljen! Eljen Hatvany!

4992 He had ideals and he said to the general at the conference,

4993 "I introduce to you the head of the bakers' union.

4994 "I introduce to you the head of the brick-layer's union.."

4995 "Comment! Vous êtes tombés si bas?"

4996 replied General Franchet de Whatshisname

4997 on the part of the french royalist party, showing thus

4998 the use of ideals to a jewish Hungarian baron

4999 with a library (naturally with a library)

5000 and a fine collection of paintings? "We find the land over-

5001 brained."

5002 said the bojars or whatever the old savages call it

5003 as they hung their old huntsman friend to his chandelier

5004 in his dining hall after the usual feasting and flagons

5005 VIRTUSCH!! it must be one helluva country. Item:

5006 That there be made a fontego (a chamber)

5007 to lend money on cloth so that they cease not to

5008 labour for lack of money .. Item: that there be made a scaven-

5009 zaria

5010 and it be furnished with cloth thus pledged
[Page 175]
5011 to be sold a schavezo at a price as if wholesale

5012 plus only the proportion of the tax for the retail so that

5013 Mantua cloth being cheap as in countries circumjacent and that

5014 Brescians, Cremonesi, Parmenesi, Resanesi

5015 who now go to Verona where it is cheaper as also

5016 our own townsfolk go there, they wd. then come here or

5017 stay here to the augment of industry and increase in

5018 the retail tax and all of the other taxes.

5019 Item: for the increase of this art

5020 shd. be a man stationed in Venice ... to sell what we

5021 can't sell here ... Item: a dye works ... that they can dye

5022 the pledged cloth ... and that finding here cloth well coloured

5023 ... inficit umbras....

5024 the Romagnols wd. come here to Mantua, and the March folk

5025 who now go to Verona to buy ... all of which wd.

5026 be gain to this industry, bring more people to live here

5027 and be of great use to yr. taxes.

5028 Mantua 1401, una grida.

5029 When the stars fall from the olive

5030 Or with four points or with five

5031 Toward St John's eve

5032 Came this day Madame , Madame la Porte Parure

5033 Adorned with the Romancero,

5034 foot like a flowery branch. That

5035 Venice be luogo di contratto may we

5036 say the place where the deal is made

5037 and the profits

5038 most assuredly from the pocket

5039 of the last man who buys / exempt from customs

5040 be food stuffs and nothing else so exempted

5041 9 per cent in, and 9 out, for the upkeep of "The Dominant"

5042 and De Gama (Vasco) a great inconvenience in fact the

5043 worst news that there could be but:

5044 Can Portugal keep it up?

5045 omnes de partibus ultramarinis
[Page 176]
5046 needing salt, made their peace with Venice

5047 "who commands sea, commands trade"

5048 let the rest provide for "The Dominant," "Victoria?

5049 "Where 'ave I 'eard that nayme?"

5050 Undersell, overbuy, maintain defence of the sea route

5051 a.d. 1423 et cetera

5052 9% in and 9 out, no export of sand, alkali, rags.

5053 Quality. So that our goods please the buyer.

5054 Tell the Wazir that that stuff is ours only in name

5055 it is made by damned jews in exile, made by damned jews in

5056 Ragusa and sold with Venetian labels. Goods in

5057 Venetian bottoms

5058 no ship to be built out of Venice.

5059 Mocenigo. Fourteen twenty-three.

5060 Have a load-line, no heavy deck cargo. Tola, octroi and decime.
[Page 177]


5061 A lady asks me

5062 I speak in season

5063 She seeks reason for an affect, wild often

5064 That is so proud he hath Love for a name

5065 Who denys it can hear the truth now

5066 Wherefore I speak to the present knowers

5067 Having no hope that low-hearted

5068 Can bring sight to such reason

5069 Be there not natural demonstration

5070 I have no will to try proof-bringing

5071 Or say where it hath birth

5072 What is its virtu and power

5073 Its being and every moving

5074 Or delight whereby 'tis called "to love"

5075 Or if man can show it to sight.

5076 Where memory liveth,

5077 it takes its state

5078 Formed like a diafan from light on shade

5079 Which shadow cometh of Mars and remaineth

5080 Created, having a name sensate,

5081 Custom of the soul,

5082 will from the heart;

5083 Cometh from a seen form which being understood

5084 Taketh locus and remaining in the intellect possible

5085 Wherein hath he neither weight nor still-standing,

5086 Descendeth not by quality but shineth out

5087 Himself his own effect unendingly

5088 Not in delight but in the being aware

5089 Nor can he leave his true likeness otherwhere.
[Page 178]

5090 He is not vertu but cometh of that perfection

5091 Which is so postulate not by the reason

5092 But 'tis felt, I say.

5093 Beyond salvation, holdeth his judging force

5094 Deeming intention to be reason's peer and mate,

5095 Poor in discernment, being thus weakness' friend

5096 Often his power cometh on death in the end,

5097 Be it withstayed

5098 and so swinging counterweight.

5099 Not that it were natural opposite, but only

5100 Wry'd a bit from the perfect,

5101 Let no man say love cometh from chance

5102 Or hath not established lordship

5103 Holding his power even though

5104 Memory hath him no more.

5105 Cometh he to be

5106 when the will

5107 From overplus

5108 Twisteth out of natural measure,

5109 Never adorned with rest Moveth he changing colour

5110 Either to laugh or weep

5111 Contorting the face with fear

5112 resteth but a little

5113 Yet shall ye see of him That he is most often

5114 With folk who deserve him

5115 And his strange quality sets sighs to move

5116 Willing man look into that forméd trace in his mind

5117 And with such uneasiness as rouseth the flame.

5118 Unskilled can not form his image,

5119 He himself moveth not, drawing all to his stillness,

5120 Neither turneth about to seek his delight

5121 Nor yet to seek out proving

5122 Be it so great or so small.

[Page 179]

5123 He draweth likeness and hue from like nature

5124 So making pleasure more certain in seeming

5125 Nor can stand hid in such nearness,

5126 Beautys be darts tho' not savage

5127 Skilled from such fear a man follows

5128 Deserving spirit, that pierceth.

5129 Nor is he known from his face

5130 But taken in the white light that is allness

5131 Toucheth his aim

5132 Who heareth, seeth not form

5133 But is led by its emanation.

5134 Being divided, set out from colour,

5135 Disjunct in mid darkness

5136 Grazeth the light, one moving by other,

5137 Being divided, divided from all falsity

5138 Worthy of trust

5139 From him alone mercy proceedeth.

5140 Go, song, surely thou mayest

5141 Whither it please thee

5142 For so art thou ornate that thy reasons

5143 Shall be praised from thy understanders,

5144 With others hast thou no will to make company.

5145 "Called thrones, balascio or topaze"

5146 Eriugina was not understood in his time

5147 "which explains, perhaps, the delay in condemning him"

5148 And they went looking for Manicheans

5149 And found, so far as I can make out, no Manicheans

5150 So they dug for, and damned Scotus Eriugina

5151 "Authority comes from right reason,

5152 never the other way on"

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