The cantos of ezra pound [from The Cantos of Ezra Pound (1972)]

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6102 let all sundry and whoever be

6103 satisfied that the said MOUNT may be created.

6104 so that the echo turned back in my mind: Pavia:

6105 Saw cities move in one figure, Vicenza, as depicted

6106 San Zeno by Adige ...

6107 I Nicolaus Ulivis

6108 de Cagnascis citizen of Pistoja Florentine notary public

6109 countersigning

6110 Senatus Populusque Senensis


6112 borrowing, rigging exchanges,

6113 licit consumption impeded

6114 and it is getting steadily WORSE

6115 others with specie abundant do not use it in business

6116 (to be young is to suffer.

6117 Be old, and be past that)

6118 do not use it in business and everyone remains here

6119 without work

6120 few come to buy in the market

6121 fewer still work the fields

6122 Monte non vacabilis publico

6123 shares not to expire with death ... will TTheir HHighnesses

6124 against public entries
[Page 214]
6125 get that straight---capital two hundred thousand

6126 which wd. correspond to 10,000 income

6127 on the entries of the office of grazing

6128 with precautions (cauteles)

6129 to guarantee their same Highnesses against any possible loss

6130 Which idea dates at least to July 1623

6131 die decima ottava

6132 and other copies 1624, 1622

6133 which seems to have been approved 'last October'

6134 by Della Rena and M. Magdalene the She Guardian,

6135 tutrice, more or less regent

6136 Don Ferdinandus Secundus Dux Magnus

6137 and his Serenest she tutrices

6138 with public documentation

6139 for public and private utility

6140 foreseeing erection

6141 legitimate and just, such a MOUNTAIN
6142 [Image]
6143 Chigi, Soffici, Marcellus de? Illuri,

6144 no, Marcellus Austini, Caloanes Marescotti and

6145 Lord Mt Alban effected

6146 that the officers of this Mountain

6147 and in time to come all their successors

6148 shares that shall be called Loca Montis---

6149 Have you a place on the Hill, sir?

6150 out of sure knowledge and

6151 ex certe scientia et in plenitude of their powers

6152 inviolable for observance, so to be comprehended

6153 10 thousand scudi

6154 de libris septeno

6155 ? one scudo worth 7 lire

6156 in respect to 200,000 (two hundred thousand).

[Page 215]


6157 To the serenissimo Dno (pronounced Domino)

6158 and his most serene aftercomers

6159 things, persons et omnia alia juva

6160 whatever

6161 and the cash in the Pawn Shop

6162 (Mount of Pity)

6163 eiusdem civitatis Senén.

6164 there being in the third place

6165 2 thousand 310 there to the credit of

6166 The Magnificent Magistrates and Lords Officers

6167 and 3756 in the same Mount

6168 described as to credit of citizens

6169 and in common called money of Genova

6170 and Most Serene M Dux

6171 and serenest (feminine) tutrices

6172 by the said Masters Deputies of the Bailey

6173 as to the best mode and obligations and cautions

6174 most ample dee-liberation

6175 prayer, supplication as herewith and herefollowing

6176 videlicet alligati

6177 In the Name of Omnipotent God

6178 and the Glorious Virgin our Advocate

6179 to the Gd Duke's honour and exaltation

6180 the Most Serene, Tuscanissimo Nostro Signore

6181 in the Lord's year 1622

6182 Saturday fourth day of March

6183 at? VIth (hour? after sunrise or whatever)

6184 called together assembled in general

6185 council of the People of the City of Siena magnificent

6186 Symbolic good of the Commune

6187 and fatherland dilettissimo
[Page 216]
6188 having chief place and desire that the

6189 citizens get satisfaction (siano soddisfatti) contentment

6190 and be fully persuaded of

6191 what for the common good is here being dealt with

6192 as we have already been for ten years projecting this MONTE

6193 for gt. future benefit to the city

6194 Worthy will to the chosen end.

6195 Ob pecuniae scarsitatem

6196 S. P. SENENsis ac pro eo amplissim

6197 Balia Collegium civices vigilantiae

6198 totius civitatis

6199 Urban VIIIth of Siena, Ferd. I mag duce do no

6200 felicitatem dominante et Ferd. I

6201 Roman Emperor as elected.

6202 1251 of the Protocols marked also

6203 X, I, I, F, and four arabic


6205 because there was shortage of coin, in November

6206 because of taxes, exchanges, tax layings and usuries

6207 legitimate consumption impeded

6208 ten thousand on the office of pasturage

6209 to the end:

6210 four fat oxen

6211 having their arses wiped

6212 and in general being tidied up to serve god under my window

6213 with stoles of Imperial purple

6214 with tassels, and grooms before the carroccio

6215 on which carroch six lion heads

6216 to receive the wax offering

6217 Thus arrive the gold eagles, the banners of the contrade,

6218 and boxes of candles

6219 'Mn-YAWWH!!!'

6220 Said the left front ox, suddenly,

6221 'pnAWH!' as they tied on his red front band,

[Page 217]
6222 St George, two hokey-pokey stands and the unicorn

6223 'Nicchio! Nicch-iO-né!!'

6224 The kallipygous Sienese females

6225 get that way from the salite

6226 that is from continual plugging up hill

6227 One box marked '200 LIRE'

6228 'laudate pueri'

6229 alias serve God with candles

6230 with the palio and 17 banners

6231 and when six men had hoisted up the big candle

6232 a bit askew in the carroch and the fore ox had

6233 been finally arse-wiped

6234 they set off toward the Duomo, time

6235 consumed 1 hour and 17 minutes.

6236 on the security

6237 mobile and immobile

6238 of individual citizens

6239 in the city or wheresoever REE-

6240 sponsibility quocunque aliunde

6241 and this obligatio, obligation shd/be divided

6242 by portion of immobile goods

6243 thus deliberated in full meeting

6244 in the name of the OMNIPOTENT, and of the glorious Virgin

6245 Ma (meaning Maria) our Advocate

6246 year of salvation 1622 on a Saturday

6247 as was the 4th day of March

6248 having already ten years ago started proposing

6249 representatives of the whole people

6250 and below written notaries public

6251 two hundred thousand

6252 (scudi)

6253 Maister Augustino Chisio equites

6254 anointed of the order of Stephen (pope, holy)

6255 ducatorum? no. ducentorum

6256 a return of 10,000 scudi
[Page 218]
6257 in the parish of San Giovanni (Joannis)

6258 To be or not to be tied up with the Pawn Shop

6259 and his successors in the Great Duchy

6260 guarantee of the income from grazing

6261 up to (illegible) said to mean, no ...

6262 libris septem, the sum of, summam, scutorum

6263 ten thousand

6264 On security mobile and immobile

6265 REE-

6266 sponsibility

6267 Out of Syracuse

6268 not having money aboard

6269 to Athens at creditors' risk

6270 cut the sails, dumped oil at an island

6271 but the S.O. man

6272 wouldnt swallow it.

6273 Up to the quantity of 200,000

6274 on the whole people's credit

6275 for public and private utility

6276 shares to be called Loca Montis

6277 which is to say sites on the Mountain

6278 @ 100 scudi to give 5 scudi a year

6279 as long as the MOUNT endure

6280 there first was the fruit of nature

6281 there was the whole will of the people

6282 serene M. Dux and His tutrices

6283 and lords deputies of the Bailey, in name of Omnipotent God

6284 best mode etcetera, and the Glorious Virgin

6285 convoked and gathered together 1622

6286 general council there were 117 councillors

6287 in the hall of World Map, with bells and with

6288 voice of the Cryer (Il Banditore)

6289 shares of Mount to yield five scudi on each hundred

6290 per annum, and to be separate from the PITY

[Page 219]
6291 with its own magistrates, its own ministers

6292 Illus Balia eseguisca in tutto

6293 Rescript of TTheir HHighnesses

6294 ACTUM SENIS in Parochia S. Giovannis

6295 blank leaves at end up to the index

6296 hoc die decim' octavo, from the Incarnation

6297 year 1623. Celso had a wheat scheme

6298 July to December, July to November

6299 Grass nowhere out of place.

6300 Pine cuts the sky into three

6301 Thus BANK of the grassland was raised into Seignory

6302 stati fatti Signoria, being present Paris Bolgarini

6303 credit of the Commune of Siena

6304 12 of the Bailey present ... went into committee

6305 I cancellarius wrote to His Highness

6306 A New Mount that shall receive from all sorts of persons

6307 from Luoghi public and private, privileged and non-privileged

6308 a base, a fondo, a deep, a sure and a certain

6309 the City having 'entrate'

6310 the customs and public income

6311 150 to [Image] scudi

6312 to guarantee which

6313 wd/suffice 8 to 10 thousand yearly

6314 on the gabelle and/or on the dogana

6315 Tuesday 3 Jan to Wed. 6 Epifany 1622

6316 a New Monte requested to bear @ 5% annual

6317 1622 January, assigned on the Paschi

6318 Offo de Paschi

6319 March 1622 Donna Orsola of wherever removed from the book

6320 of the Sienese public women (motion approved by the Bailey)

6321 March 24 again appeared black money from Florence

6322 Monte de Firenze, vacabile, 1591,

[Page 220]
6323 payable every two months had been 8 and ½

6324 gangsters admitted.

6325 1621 to provide WORK for the populace.

6326 register, rescript

6327 O---

6328 razio della Rena to be recognized

6329 as illegitimate father of the bastards of Pietro de Medici

6330 at 100 scudi per annum

6331 if you follow me, not as the

6332 legitimate father of Pietro's illegitimate offspring

6333 Orbem bellis, urbem gabellis, Urbanus octavus

6334 implevit.

6335 June 21st Friday or thereabouts 1624

6336 agreed to magistrate's order that

6337 Mrs Margurita de Pecora Gallo

6338 be removed from the register of the town whores

6339 of Siena, on charge of thievery

6340 Friday the first day of July

6341 Merchants spoke to the Bailey, action on Monte Nuovo

6342 delayed

6343 Jan. 1622 the Duke answered, and already spoke of the

6344 grass land

6345 16 July, Monte Nuovo, committee to arrange it.

6346 New Mount approved by their Highnesses

6347 Xbre Monte Paschale, fatto Signoria notice served to the

6348 Magistrates for Conservations and to the Magistracy of

6349 the Grazing

6350 May 1626 more stew about the black money (lead money)

6351 rescript:

6352 that in the said place

6353 be not put for the Lord Count nor his successors

6354 any surety for bandits and criminals

[Page 221]
6355 but only for civil debts, that it serve not as safe cache for criminals

6356 as did the Florentine Loan Office

6357 anno domini 15 hundred an' whatever

6358 remain obliged to take salt from Grosseto

6359 at the same price as now ruling

6360 1676 ambassadors to Firenze

6361 when the Grand Duke said he did not understand economics

6362 non intendeva di quella materia

6363 being obliged to trust in his ministers

6364 1679 for two years no one gaoled

6365 for debts under 14 lire, those in for 30 or under

6366 cd. be released on order of the Buonuomini

6367 who shd/fix terms for arbitration

6368 Monte to lend 4736 scudi

6369 to the Tolomei foundation, and to take no interest on this sum

6370 spent for the college

6371 1680 to debtors 4% and one third

6372 to creditors be paid 2/3rds of 1% under that, frozen assets

6373 Dixbre '22 make responsible

6374 all persons, and all goods of the laity

6375 that the Mount have its fund secure

6376 that whoso puts his coin in it shall hold his luoghi

6377 bearing 5% fruitage per annum

6378 Signed Nicolo de Antille

6379 Horatio Gianfiglioli

6380 Seb. Cellesi LL AA (Their Highnesses)

6381 gratify this demand to set up a Monte

6382 to Public Good and to private

6383 to empower, facilitate, and be licit

6384 were pleased to accommodate, and prestare

6385 the fund on the Grand Duke's public income

6386 to the sum as of capital 200,000

6387 for 5% fruitage that wd. be ten thousand the year
[Page 222]
6388 which attain to the Office of Grasslands

6389 Paschi di detta Città

6390 the said sum with cautele

6391 that no one shd/suffer

6392 Maria Maddalena, tutrice

6393 Horo della Rena

6394 (whose bastards)

6395 1622 thirtieth of Xembre were not his natural bastards

6396 that the Illustrious Bailey shall execute this order in all points

6397 (but only his bastards officially)

6398 faithful rescript of their Highnesses

6399 2 Jan. 1622, Orazio Grcolini

6400 Stile senese or the year beginning in March

6401 Enacted Siena, in the Parish of S. Gionni, in palatio,

6402 with witnesses above mentioned, apostolic, imperial, citizen

6403 of Siena

6404 Firenze 1749, 1000 scudi

6405 for draining the low land

6406 2000 to fix Roman Road advance authorized up to 12,000

6407 Public debt at the end of the Medici

6408 scudi 14 million

6409 or 80 million lira pre-war.

[Page 223]


6410 And thou shalt not, Firenze 1766, and thou shalt not

6411 sequestrate for debt any farm implement

6412 nor any yoke ox nor

6413 any peasant while he works with the same.

6414 Pietro Leopoldo

6415 Heavy grain crop unsold

6416 never had the Mount lacked for specie, cut rate to four and 1/3rd

6417 creditors had always been paid,

6418 that trade inside the Grand Duchy be free of impediments

6419 shut down on grain imports

6420 '83, four percent legal maximum interest

6421 '85, three on church investments, motu proprio

6422 Pietro Leopoldo

6423 Ferdinando EVVIVA!!

6424 declared against exportation

6425 thought grain was to eat

6426 Flags trumpets horns drums

6427 and a placard


6429 and were sounded all carillons

6430 with bombs and with bonfires and was sung TE DEUM

6431 in thanks to the Highest for this so

6432 provident law

6433 and were lights lit in the chapel of Alexander

6434 and the image of the Madonna unveiled

6435 and sung litanies and then went to St Catherine's chapel

6436 in S. Domenico and by the reliquary

6437 of the Saint's head sang prayers and

6438 went to the Company Fonte Giusta
[Page 224]
6439 also singing the litanies

6440 and when was this thanksgiving ended the cortege

6441 and the contrade with horns drums

6442 trumpets and banners went to the

6443 houses of the various ambulant vendors, then were the sticks of the

6444 flags set in the stanchions on the Palace of the Seignors

6445 and the gilded placard between them

6446 (thus ended the morning)

6447 meaning to start in the afternoon

6448 and the big bell and all bells of the tower in the piazza

6449 sounded from 8 a.m. until seven o'clock in the evening

6450 without intermission and next day was procession

6451 coaches and masks in great number

6452 and of every description e di tutte le qualità

6453 to the sound always of drums and trumpets

6454 crying VIVA FERDINANDO and in all parts of the piazza

6455 were flames in great number and grenades burning

6456 to sound of bombs and of mortaretti and the shooting of

6457 guns and of pistols and in chapel of the Piazza

6458 a great number of candles for the publication of this so

6459 provident law and at sundown were dances

6460 and the masks went into their houses

6461 and the captains of the ward companies,

6462 the contrade, took their banners to the Piazza Chapel

6463 where once more they sang litanies

6464 and cried again Ferdinando EVVIVA

6465 Evviva Ferdinado il Terzo

6466 and from the contrade continued the drumming

6467 and blowing of trumpets and hunting horns,

6468 torch flares, grenades and they went to the Piazza del Duomo

6469 with a new hullabaloo gun shots mortaretti and pistols

6470 there were no streets not ablaze with the torches

6471 or with wood fires and straw flares

6472 and the vendors had been warned not to show goods for

6473 fear of disorder and stayed all that day within doors
[Page 225]
6474 or else outside Siena. This was a law called

6475 Dovizia annonaria

6476 to be freed from the Yoke of Licence

6477 From October 9th until the 3rd of November

6478 was unforeseen jubilation, four lines of tablet in marble:

6479 Frumentorum licentia

6480 coercita de annonaria laxata Pauperum aeque

6481 divitium bono conservit

6482 FERDINANDI 1792

6483 refused to take with him objects of small bulk which he

6484 held to be the property of the nation. Ferd III. 1796

6485 that the sovereign be il più galantuomo del paese

6486 the citizen priest Fr Lenzini mounted the tribune

6487 to join the citizen Abrâm

6488 and in admiring calm sat there with them the citizen

6489 the Archbishop

6490 from 7,50 a bushel to 12

6491 by the 26th April

6492 and on June 28th came men of Arezzo

6493 past the Porta Romana and went into the ghetto

6494 there to sack and burn hebrews

6495 part were burned with the liberty tree in the piazza

6496 and for the rest of that day and night

6497 1799 anno domini

6498 Pillage stopped by superior order 3rd July was discovered a

6499 treason

6500 in the cartridges given the troops

6501 that is were full of semolina, not powder

6502 and cherry stone where shd/have been ball

6503 and in others too little powder

6504 Respectons les prêtres, remarked Talleyrand

6505 1800 a good grain and wine year

6506 if you wd/get on well with the peasantry

6507 of the peninsula.

[Page 226]
6508 Premier Brumaire:

6509 Vous voudrez citoyen

6510 turn over all sums in yr/ cash box

6511 to the community, fraternité, greetings.

6512 Delort

6513 acting for Dupont Lieutenant General

6514 Louis King of Etruria, Primus, absolute, without constitution.

6515 taxes so heavy that are thought to be more than

6516 paid by subjects of Britain.

6517 Gen. Clarke to the Ministro degli Esteri

6518 Whereas the fruits of the Mount were the 2/3rds of the one

6519 percent

6520 wherewith to pay all current expenses. Madame ma soeur et

6521 cousine

6522 I have received Your Majesty's letter of

6523 November twenty-fourth I

6524 suppose that in the actual circumstances

6525 She will be in a hurry to get to Spain or at least to

6526 leave a country where she can no longer

6527 stay with the dignity befitting her rank.

6528 I have given orders that she be

6529 received in my kingdom of Italy

6530 and in my French States with honours that are due her.

6531 If your Majesty should be in Milan or Turin

6532 before the 18th of december I should have the

6533 advantage of seeing her. I am sending an officer my

6534 aide de camp, General Reile who will deliver this letter.

6535 He will be charged at the same time to take measures

6536 for the security of the country and

6537 to remove men who could trouble its quiet,

6538 since I learn that Your Majesty has already thought necessary

6539 to import troops from Lisbon.

6540 My troops shd have by now entered that capital

6541 and taken possession of Portugal

[Page 227]
6542 Wherewith I pray God, Madam my sister and cousin,

6543 he be pleased to have you in holy and worthy keeping

6544 At Venice, december fifth 1807

6545 Your Majesty's kind brother and cousin


6547 (his secretary mixing the pronouns

6548 You, She, she all to Majesty)

6549 And those men who 'with bestial enthusiasm' took horse place

6550 were, says the much lesser Bandini, paid by the prefect

6551 and beforehand prepared.

6552 "Artists high rank, in fact sole social summits

6553 which the tempest of politics can not reach,"

6554 which remark appears to have been made by

6555 Napoleon

6556 And 'Semiramis' 1814 departed from Lucca

6557 but her brother's law code remains.

6558 monument di civile sapienza

6559 dried swamps, grew cotton, brought in merinos

6560 mortgage system improved

6561 'Thank god such men be but few'

6562 though they build up human courage

6563 And before him had been Pietro Leopoldo

6564 that wished state debt brought to an end;

6565 that put the guilds under common tribunal;

6566 that left names only as vestige of feudal chain;

6567 that lightened mortmain that princes and church be under tax

6568 as were others; that ended the gaolings for debt;

6569 that said thou shalt not sell public offices;

6570 that suppressed so many gabelle;

6571 that freed the printers of surveillance

6572 and wiped out the crime of lèse majesty;

6573 that abolished death as a penalty and all tortures in prisons

6574 which he held were for segregation;
[Page 228]
6575 that split common property among tillers;

6576 roads, trees, and the wool trade,

6577 the silk trade, and a set price, lower, for salt;

6578 plus another full page of such actions Habsburg Lorraine

6579 His son the Third Ferdinando, cut taxes by half,

6580 improved tillage in Val di Chiana, Livorno porto franco.

6581 and this day came Madame Letizia,

6582 the ex-emperor's mother, and on the 13th departed.

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