The cantos of ezra pound [from The Cantos of Ezra Pound (1972)]

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6583 'The foundation, Siena, has been to keep bridle on usury.'

6584 Nicolò Piccolomini, Provveditore.

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6585 With Usura

6586 With usura hath no man a house of good stone

6587 each block cut smooth and well fitting

6588 that design might cover their face,

6589 with usura

6590 hath no man a painted paradise on his church wall

6591 harpes et luz

6592 or where virgin receiveth message

6593 and halo projects from incision,

6594 with usura

6595 seeth no man Gonzaga his heirs and his concubines

6596 no picture is made to endure nor to live with

6597 but it is made to sell and sell quickly

6598 with usura, sin against nature,

6599 is thy bread ever more of stale rags

6600 is thy bread dry as paper,

6601 with no mountain wheat, no strong flour

6602 with usura the line grows thick

6603 with usura is no clear demarcation

6604 and no man can find site for his dwelling.

6605 Stonecutter is kept from his stone

6606 weaver is kept from his loom


6608 wool comes not to market

6609 sheep bringeth no gain with usura

6610 Usura is a murrain, usura

6611 blunteth the needle in the maid's hand

6612 and stoppeth the spinner's cunning. Pietro Lombardo

6613 came not by usura

6614 Duccio came not by usura

[Page 230]
6615 nor Pier della Francesca; Zuan Bellin' not by usura

6616 nor was 'La Calunnia' painted.

6617 Came not by usura Angelico; came not Ambrogio Praedis,

6618 Came no church of cut stone signed: Adamo me fecit.

6619 Not by usura St Trophime

6620 Not by usura Saint Hilaire,

6621 Usura rusteth the chisel

6622 It rusteth the craft and the craftsman

6623 It gnaweth the thread in the loom

6624 None learneth to weave gold in her pattern;

6625 Azure hath a canker by usura; cramoisi is unbroidered

6626 Emerald findeth no Memling

6627 Usura slayeth the child in the womb

6628 It stayeth the young man's courting

6629 It hath brought palsey to bed, lyeth

6630 between the young bride and her bridegroom


6632 They have brought whores for Eleusis

6633 Corpses are set to banquet

6634 at behest of usura.

[6635] N.B. Usury: A charge for the use of purchasing power, levied

without regard to production; often without regard to the

possibilities of production. (Hence the failure of the Medici


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6636 And if you will say that this tale teaches ...

6637 a lesson, or that the Reverend Eliot

6638 has found a more natural language ... you who think

6639 you will

6640 get through hell in a hurry ...

6641 That day there was cloud over Zoagli

6642 And for three days snow cloud over the sea

6643 Banked like a line of mountains.

6644 Snow fell. Or rain fell stolid, a wall of lines

6645 So that you could see where the air stopped open

6646 and where the rain fell beside it

6647 Or the snow fell beside it. Seventeen

6648 Years on this case, nineteen years, ninety years

6649 on this case

6650 An' the fuzzy bloke sez (legs no pants ever wd. fit) 'IF

6651 that is so, any government worth a damn can

6652 pay dividends?'

6653 The major chewed it a bit and sez: 'Y---es, eh ...

6654 You mean instead of collectin' taxes?'

6655 'Instead of collecting taxes.' That office?

6656 Didja see the Decennio?

6657 ?

6658 Decennio exposition, reconstructed office of Il Popolo,

6659 Waal, ours waz like that, minus the Mills bomb an' the teapot,

6660 heavy lipped chap at the desk,

6661 One half green eye and one brown one, nineteen

6662 Years on this case, CRIME

6663 Ov two CENturies, 5 millions bein' killed off

6664 to 1919, and before that

6665 Debts of the South to New York, that is to the

6666 banks of the city, two hundred million,
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6667 war, I don't think (or have it your own way ...)

6668 about slavery?

6669 Five million being killed off .. couple of Max's drawings,

6670 one of Balfour and a camel, an'

6671 one w'ich fer oBviOus reasons haz

6672 never been published, ole Johnny Bull with a 'ankerchief.

6673 It has never been published ..

6674 'He ain't got an opinion.'

6675 Sez Orage about G.B.S. sez Orage about Mr Xtertn.

6676 Sez Orage about Mr Wells, 'he wont HAVE an opinion

6677 trouble iz that you mean it, you never will be a journalist.'

6678 19 years on this case, suburban garden,

6679 'Greeks!' sez John Marmaduke 'a couple of art tricks!

6680 'What else? never could set up a NATION!'

6681 'Wouldn't convert me, dwn't HAVE me converted,

6682 'Said "I know I didn't ask you, your father sent you here

6683 "to be trained. I know what I'd feel.

6684 "send my son to England and have him come back a christian!

6685 "what wd. I feel?"' Suburban garden

6686 Said Abdul Baha: "I said 'let us speak of religion.'

6687 "Camel driver said: I must milk my camel.

6688 "So when he had milked his camel I said 'let us speak of religion.'

6689 And the camel driver said: It is time to drink milk.

6690 'Will you have some?' For politeness I tried to join him.

6691 Have you ever tasted milk from a camel?

6692 I was unable to drink camel's milk. I have never been able.

6693 So he drank all of the milk, and I said: let us speak of religion.

6694 'I have drunk my milk. I must dance.' said the driver.

6695 We did not speak of religion." Thus Abdul Baha

6696 Third vice-gerent of the First Abdul or whatever Baha,

6697 the Sage, the Uniter, the founder of a religion,

6698 in a garden at Uberton, Gubberton, or mebbe it was some

6699 other damned suburb, but at any rate a suburban suburb

6700 amid a flutter of teacups, said Mr Marmaduke:

6701 "Never will understand us. They lie. I mean personally
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6702 "They are mendacious, but if the tribe gets together

6703 "the tribal word will be kept, hence perpetual misunderstanding.

6704 "Englishman goes there, lives honest, word is reliable,

6705 "ten years, they believe him, then he signs terms for his

6706 government.

6707 "and, naturally, the treaty is broken, Mohammedans,

6708 "Nomads, will never understand how we do this."

6709 17 years on this case, and we not the first lot!

6710 Said Paterson:

6711 Hath benefit of interest on all

6712 the moneys which it, the bank, creates out of nothing.

6713 Semi-private inducement

6714 Said Mr RothSchild, hell knows which Roth-schild

6715 1861, '64 or there sometime, "Very few people

6716 "will understand this. Those who do will be occupied

6717 "getting profits. The general public will probably not

6718 "see it's against their interest."

6719 Seventeen years on the case; here

6720 Gents, is/are the confession.

6721 "Can we take this into court?

6722 "Will any jury convict on this evidence?

6723 1694 anno domini, on through the ages of usury

6724 On, right on, into hair-cloth, right on into rotten building,

6725 Right on into London houses, ground rents, foetid brick work,

6726 Will any jury convict 'um? The Foundation of Regius Professors

6727 Was made to spread lies and teach Whiggery, will any

6728 JURY convict 'um?

6729 The Macmillan Commission about two hundred and forty years

6730 LATE

6731 with great difficulty got back to Paterson's

6732 The bank makes it ex nihil

6733 Denied by five thousand professors, will any

6734 Jury convict 'um? This case, and with it

6735 the first part, draws to a conclusion,

[Page 234]
6736 of the first phase of this opus, Mr Marx, Karl, did not

6737 foresee this conclusion, you have seen a good deal of

6738 the evidence, not knowing it evidence, is monumentum

6739 look about you, look, if you can, at St Peter's

6740 Look at the Manchester slums, look at Brazilian coffee

6741 or Chilean nitrates. This case is the first case

6742 Si requieres monumentum?

6743 This case is not the last case or the whole case, we ask a

6744 REVISION, we ask for enlightenment in a case

6745 moving concurrent, but this case is the first case:

6746 Bank creates it ex nihil. Creates it to meet a need,

6747 Hic est hyper-usura. Mr. Jefferson met it:

6748 No man hath natural right to exercise profession

6749 of lender, save him who hath it to lend.

6750 Replevin, estopple, what wangle which wangle, VanBuren met it.

6751 Before that was tea dumped into harbour, before that was a

6752 great deal still in the school books, placed there

6753 NOT as evidence. Placed there to distract idle minds,

6754 Murder, starvation and bloodshed, seventy four red revolutions

6755 Ten empires fell on this grease spot.

6756 'I rule the Earth' said Antoninus 'but LAW rules the sea'

6757 meaning, we take it, lex Rhodi, the Law Maritime

6758 of sea lawyers.

6759 usura and sea insurance

6760 where from no State was erected greater than Athens.

6761 Wanting TAXES to build St Peter's, thought Luther beneath

6762 civil notice,

6763 1527. Thereafter art thickened. Thereafter design went to hell,

6764 Thereafter barocco, thereafter stone-cutting desisted.

6765 'Hic nefas' (narrator) 'commune sepulchrum.'

6766 19 years on this case/first case. I have set down part of

6767 The Evidence. Part/commune sepulchrum

6768 Aurum est commune sepulchrum. Usura, commune sepulchrum.
[Page 235]
6769 helandros kai heleptolis kai helarxe.

6770 Hic Geryon est. Hic hyperusura.

6771 FIVE million youths without jobs

6772 FOUR million adult illiterates

6773 15 million 'vocational misfits', that is with small chance for jobs

6774 NINE million persons annual, injured in preventable industrial

6775 accidents

6776 One hundred thousand violent crimes. The Eunited States ov

6777 America

6778 3rd year of the reign of F. Roosevelt, signed F. Delano, his uncle.

6779 CASE for the prosecution. That is one case, minor case

6780 in the series/Eunited States of America, a.d. 1935

6781 England a worse case, France under a foetor of regents.

6782 'Mr Cummings wants Farley's job' headline in current paper.

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6783 Who even dead, yet hath his mind entire!

6784 This sound came in the dark

6785 First must thou go the road

6786 to hell

6787 And to the bower of Ceres' daughter Proserpine,

6788 Through overhanging dark, to see Tiresias,

6789 Eyeless that was, a shade, that is in hell

6790 So full of knowing that the beefy men know less than he,

6791 Ere thou come to thy road's end.

6792 Knowledge the shade of a shade,

6793 Yet must thou sail after knowledge

6794 Knowing less than drugged beasts. phtheggometha

6795 thasson


6797 The small lamps drift in the bay

6798 And the sea's claw gathers them.

6799 Neptunus drinks after neap-tide.

6800 Tamuz! Tamuz!!

6801 The red flame going seaward.

6802 By this gate art thou measured.

6803 From the long boats they have set lights in the water,

6804 The sea's claw gathers them outward.

6805 Scilla's dogs snarl at the cliff's base,

6806 The white teeth gnaw in under the crag,

6807 But in the pale night the small lamps float seaward





6812 The sea is streaked red with Adonis,

6813 The lights flicker red in small jars.
[Page 237]
6814 Wheat shoots rise new by the altar,

6815 flower from the swift seed.

6816 Two span, two span to a woman,

6817 Beyond that she believes not. Nothing is of any importance.

6818 To that is she bent, her intention

6819 To that art thou called ever turning intention,

6820 Whether by night the owl-call, whether by sap in shoot,

6821 Never idle, by no means by no wiles intermittent

6822 Moth is called over mountain

6823 The bull runs blind on the sword, naturans

6824 To the cave art thou called, Odysseus,

6825 By Molü hast thou respite for a little,

6826 By Molü art thou freed from the one bed

6827 that thou may'st return to another

6828 The stars are not in her counting,

6829 To her they are but wandering holes.

6830 Begin thy plowing

6831 When the Pleiades go down to their rest,

6832 Begin thy plowing

6833 40 days are they under seabord,

6834 Thus do in fields by seabord

6835 And in valleys winding down toward the sea.

6836 When the cranes fly high

6837 think of plowing.

6838 By this gate art thou measured

6839 Thy day is between a door and a door

6840 Two oxen are yoked for plowing

6841 Or six in the hill field

6842 White bulk under olives, a score for drawing down stone,

6843 Here the mules are gabled with slate on the hill road.

6844 Thus was it in time.

6845 And the small stars now fall from the olive branch,

6846 Forked shadow falls dark on the terrace

6847 More black than the floating martin

6848 that has no care for your presence,
[Page 238]
6849 His wing-print is black on the roof tiles

6850 And the print is gone with his cry.

6851 So light is thy weight on Tellus

6852 Thy notch no deeper indented

6853 Thy weight less than the shadow

6854 Yet hast thou gnawed through the mountain,

6855 Scylla's white teeth less sharp.

6856 Hast thou found a nest softer than cunnus

6857 Or hast thou found better rest

6858 Hast'ou a deeper planting, doth thy death year

6859 Bring swifter shoot?

6860 Hast thou entered more deeply the mountain?

6861 The light has entered the cave. Io! Io!

6862 The light has gone down into the cave,

6863 Splendour on splendour!

6864 By prong have I entered these hills:

6865 That the grass grow from my body,

6866 That I hear the roots speaking together,

6867 The air is new on my leaf,

6868 The forked boughs shake with the wind.

6869 Is Zephyrus more light on the bough, Apeliota

6870 more light on the almond branch?

6871 By this door have I entered the hill.

6872 Falleth,

6873 Adonis falleth.

6874 Fruit cometh after. The small lights drift out with the tide,

6875 sea's claw has gathered them outward,

6876 Four banners to every flower

6877 The sea's claw draws the lamps outward.

6878 Think thus of thy plowing

6879 When the seven stars go down to their rest

6880 Forty days for their rest, by seabord

6881 And in valleys that wind down toward the sea
[Page 239]


6884 When the almond bough puts forth its flame,

6885 When the new shoots are brought to the altar,

6886 ,




6890 that hath the gift of healing,

6891 that hath the power over wild beasts.

[Page 240]


6892 And if the money be rented

6893 Who shd pay rent on that money?

6894 Some fellow who has it on rent day,

6895 or some bloke who has not?

6896 Died Mahomet VIth Yahid Eddin Han

6897 'by profession ex-sultan'

6898 65 years of age in San Remo (1926)

6899 begotten of Abdul Mejid. At beatification

6900 80 loud speakers were used. Subsequent to the

6901 Turkish war Mr Kolschitzky

6902 received for his services as a spy

6903 five score sacks of coffee (de Banchiis cambi tenendi)

6904 thus initiating the coffee-house facts of Vienna

6905 sixteen hundred, I think, and whenever; Von Unruh

6906 is rather good at imitating the sergeant

6907 who jammed down the cadavers; there were cadavers

6908 and the pit was not large enough to hold all the kadavers

6909 so the sergeant jammed 'em down with his boots

6910 to get the place smooth for the Kaiser.

6911 Herr Von Unruh is rather good at miming that sergeant

6912 vice Verdun; and what he wrote down; at Verdun.

6913 Said Mr Charles Francis Adams

6914 there was no good conversation. At no single entertainment

6915 in London did I find any good conversation

6916 They take Browning for an American,

6917 he is unenglish in his opinions and carriage.

6918 Was put in the cellarage

6919 Van Buren having written it down

6920 'deface and obliterate' wrote J. Adams

6921 'become fathers of the next generation' wrote Marx

6922 .. tuberculosis ... Bismarck
[Page 241]
6923 blamed american civil war on the jews;

6924 particularly on the Rothschild

6925 one of whom remarked to Disraeli

6926 that nations were fools to pay rent for their credit


6928 DIGONOS; lost in the forest; but are then known as leopards

6929 after three years in the forest; they are known as 'twice-born'.

6930 I am sorry, Your Highness Cawdor, Sept 23

6931 To have been so long in returning the

6932 pedigree of yr cairn puppy

6933 but when I wrote to the man you bought him from

6934 I received a reply from his wife (or daughter)

6935 saying he had just gone on a holiday

6936 and that he wd write me when he returned.

6937 I find Dhu Achil (sire) has been registered

6938 at the Kennel Club, but the dam is unregistered.

6939 Dhu Achil has won a fair number of prizes at Scottish Shows

6940 and there are some other good dogs in the pedigree

6941 (three senators; four bottles of whiskey)

6942 so the puppy seems quite well bred (and at)

6943 For the sake of convenience I will write particulars

6944 (four o'clock in the morning Mr Rhumby)

6945 on a separate sheet of paper

6946 (waz Sekkertary) The little dog is doing

6947 (Ov State) very well at Mr McLocherty's and is quite happy.

6948 They are very fond of him and he is a most affectionate dog

6949 Yours respectfully

6950 Galileo; pronounced 'Garry Yeo'

6951 err' un' imbecille; ed ha imbecillito

6952 (voice under my window) il mondo

6953 No trustee of the Salem Museum, who had not doubled

6954 both Good Hope and The Horn.

6955 Sea as if risen over the headland

6956 and there are twin seas in the cloud

6957 12% interest in Bithynia;
[Page 242]
6958 for home Romans interest 6. No man theign

6959 said Athelstan who has not made three voyages

6960 going hence off this land into other lands as a merchant

6961 'A little more stock' said the president over the telephone

6962 To the printer 'we sold all that what you printed us'

6963 So the bond salesman went abroad.

6964 They say, that is the Norse engineer told me, that out past Hawaii

6965 they spread threads from gun'ale to gun'ale

6966 in a certain fashion

6967 and plot a course of 3000 sea miles

6968 lying under the web, watching the stars

6969 'while she bought 2 prs of shoes

6970 2 veils; 2 parasols; an orchid (artificial)

6971 for which I was presented with a new kind of net gloves

6972 made like fishnet; so the day was not wholly wasted

6973 The priest here

6974 had una nuova messa

6975 (dodicesimo anno E.F.)

6976 bella festa, because there was a priest here to say his

6977 first mass

6978 and all the mountains were full of fires, and

6979 we went around through the village

6980 in giro per il paese

6981 2 men and 2 horses

6982 and then the music and on the sides

6983 children carrying torches and the

6984 carrozze with the priests, and the one that had to say

6985 the new mass, and the carrozze were full of fine flowers

6986 and there were a lot of people. I liked it,

6987 all the houses were full of lights and

6988 tree branches in the windows

6989 covered with hand-made flowers and

6990 the next day they had mass and a procession

6991 Please may I go back there

6992 and have a new pair of Sunday shoes?'
[Page 243]
6993 Velvet, yellow, unwinged

6994 clambers, a ball, into its orchis

6995 and the stair there still broken

6996 the flat stones of the road, Mt Segur.

6997 From Val Cabrere, were two miles of roofs to San Bertrand

6998 so that a cat need not set foot in the road

6999 where now is an inn, and bare rafters,

7000 where they scratch six feet deep to reach pavement

7001 where now is wheat field, and a milestone

7002 an altar to Terminus, with arms crossed

7003 back of the stone

7004 Where sun cuts light against evening;

7005 where light shaves grass into emerald

7006 Savairic; hither Gaubertz;

7007 Said they wd. not be under Paris

7008 Falling Mars in the air

7009 bough to bough, to the stone bench

7010 where was an ox in smith's sling hoisted for shoeing

7011 where was spire-top a-level the grass yard

7012 Then the towers, high over chateau---

7013 Fell with stroke after stroke, jet avenger

7014 bent, rolled, severed and then swallowed limb after limb

7015 Hauled off the butt of that carcass, 20 feet up a tree trunk,

7016 Here three ants have killed a great worm. There

7017 Mars in the air, fell, flew.

7018 Employed, past tense; at the Lido, Venezia

7019 an old man with a basket of stones,

7020 that was, said the elderly lady, when the beach costumes

7021 were longer,

7022 and if the wind was, the old man placed a stone.

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7023 For the seven lakes, and by no man these verses:

7024 Rain; empty river; a voyage,

7025 Fire from frozen cloud, heavy rain in the twilight

7026 Under the cabin roof was one lantern.

7027 The reeds are heavy; bent;

7028 and the bamboos speak as if weeping.

7029 Autumn moon; hills rise about lakes

7030 against sunset

7031 Evening is like a curtain of cloud,

7032 a blurr above ripples; and through it

7033 sharp long spikes of the cinnamon,

7034 a cold tune amid reeds.

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