The cantos of ezra pound [from The Cantos of Ezra Pound (1972)]

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8486 eunuchs, hochangs and taxers

8487 princes get too much power

8488 TCHAO KOUANG reviewed all capital sentences

8489 took tax power from governors
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8490 and centered the army command

8491 South Han was rotted with douanes

8492 was rotted with tortures

8493 Tsiuenpiu in snow had all Chou

8494 and was sixty six days only in taking it. And the

8495 emperor

8496 Sent his own coonskin coat to this general

8497 who promptly went gay,

8498 Five stars shone in Koué, five planets

8499 TAI TSONG brought out the true BOOKS a.d. 978

8500 and there arose in the province of Ssétchuen a revolt

8501 because of the greed of the mandarins.

8502 Not content with their salaries

8503 began to bleed merchants for licences

8504 which new damn tax made money so scarce in that province

8505 that men cdn't buy the necessities. a.d. 993

8506 Therefore Ouang Siaopo of the people

8507 demanded just distribution

8508 and they went against Tsing-chin city, and took

8509 Pongchan

8510 by violence and cut open the governor's belly

8511 which they filled up with silver

8512 (bit of what he had extorted)

8513 and TAI TSONG reigned 22 years

8514 caring for field work. Meanwhile Jelly Hugo

8515 the tartar, a Khitan, freed his people of taxes

8516 and started old age relief. Ghengis rising

8517 And Tchin-Song declined a present of sables (marte zibbeline)

8518 saying it was just as cold for the soldiers.

8519 and in ten four men cried once again Ouan Soui

8520 may he live for 10 thousand years


8522 ouan soui, may he live for ten thousand years

8523 who said: don't worry about coming ages

8524 the people need time to breathe.
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8525 And he made terms with the tartars, paid 'em in

8526 silk and in silver

8527 to keep 'em quiet as far as the wall.

8528 And the King of Khitan set court at Tchongking

8529 our lord TCHIN going mumbo

8530 and they buried him with the tracts about heaven

8531 a.d. 1022 which had wrought his dishonour

8532 and GIN TSONG cleaned out the taozers

8533 and the tartars began using books

8534 Han, Khitan, tartar wars, boredom of.

8535 Money and all that, stabilization, probably racket

8536 1069

8537 And now Fou-Pié to whom we owed the peace of 1042 with

8538 the tartars

8539 returned and was kept and made minister

8540 and CHIN-TSONG lived soberly

8541 with no splurge of table or costumes

8542 and at this time began Ngan

8543 (or more fully Ouang-Ngan-ché) to demand that they reset

8544 the market tribunals,

8545 posting every day what was on sale and what the right price

8546 of it

8547 as had been under TCHEOU emperors

8548 and that a market tax shd/ go to the emperor from this

8549 thereby relieving the poor of all douanes

8550 giving them easy market for merchandise

8551 and enlivening commerce

8552 by making to circulate the whole realm's abundance.

8553 and said he knew how hard it wd/ be to find

8554 personnel

8555 to look after this, as when YAO had appointed Koen

8556 who could not, and then YU who had drawn off the

8557 flood water

8558 And these changes annoyed, greatly, the bureaucrats

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8559 whom he sent to confino

8560 that is the most stubborn

8561 and got younger men to replace 'em.

8562 And Liu-hoei said Ngan was a twister

8563 but the Emperor sent back Hoei's protest

8564 So Hoei begged to retire, and

8565 was sent out to Tengtcheou as governor.

8566 And Ngan saw land lying barren

8567 because peasants had nowt to sow there

8568 whence said: Lend 'em grain in the spring time

8569 that they can pay back in autumn

8570 with a bit of an increase, this wd/ augment the reserve,

8571 This will need a tribunal

8572 and the same tribunal shd/ seek

8573 equity

8574 for all lands and all merchandise

8575 according to harvest and soil

8576 so that the emperor's tithes shd/ be proportionate

8577 to the rarity or the abundance of merchandise

8578 to make commerce more easy, that the folk be not

8579 overburdened

8580 nor yet the imperial revenue be made less.

8581 and Ngan made yet a third point

8582 that was to fix the value of money

8583 and to coin enough denars

8584 that shd/ stay always on the same footing.

8585 and Fan-chungin protested

8586 but

8587 Heoi-king argued for Ngan:

8588 no man is forced to borrow this grain in spring time

8589 if peasants find it no advantage

8590 they will not come borrow it.

8591 and Ssé-ma; said, all right in theory

8592 but the execution will be full of abuse

8593 they'll take it, but not bring it back
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8594 TSONG of TANG put up granaries

8595 somewhat like those you want to establish

8596 a measure of ten or twelve pounds cost no more than ten pence

8597 and when the price was put up

8598 they went on buying

8599 and the whole province was ruined

8600 CHIN stayed pro-Ngan; and it was suggested that

8601 drought was due to Ngan's reforms,

8602 whereto Ngan said droughts had happened before.

8603 and at the 12th moon of the 17th year of this Emperor

8604 Ssé-ma Kouang, Fan Tsuyu and Lieou Ju offered the

8605 HISTORY, called

8606 a.d. 1084 Tsé-tchi tong kien hang mou

8607 on the model of Tso kieou ming

8608 and this began with the 23rd year of

8609 OUEÏ-LIE of TCHEOU dynasty

8610 and was in 294 books.

8611 Honour to CHIN-TSONG the modest

8612 Lux enim per se omnem in partem

8613 Reason from heaven, said Tcheou Tun-y

8614 enlighteneth all things

8615 seipsum seipsum diffundit, risplende

8616 Is the beginning of all things, et effectu,

8617 Said Ngan: YAO, CHUN were thus in government

8618 Died now the master of Nenuphar

8619 Mandarins oppressing peasants to get back their grain loans,

8620 and his dictionary is, they say, coloured with hochang

8621 interpretations and Taozer, that is Ngan's.

8622 and merchants in Caïfong put up their shutters in mourning

8623 for Ssé-kouang

8624 anti-tao, anti-bhud, anti-Ngan

8625 whose rules had worked 20 years

8626 till Ssé-kouang reversed 'em

8627 Students went bhud rather than take Kung via Ngan,

8628 Flood relief, due to Ngan?
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8629 joker somewhere?

8630 came Tsaï King pro-Ngan, probably crooked

8631 and they put Ngan's plaque in a temple

8632 HOEÏ went taozer, an' I suppose

8633 Tsaï ran to state usury. The tartar lord

8634 wanted an alphabet

8635 by name Akouta, ordered a written tongue for Kin tartars

8636 And a fox walked into the Imperial palace

8637 and took his seat on the throne

8638 a mad man ran shrieking: change, tartars more tartars

8639 tartars pass over Hoang-ho

8640 And they used paper notes when coin was too heavy for

8641 transport

8642 and redeemed those notes at one third/

8643 And there were ever all sorts of disturbers

8644 For there were the tartars, Khitan, that had

8645 taken the old Turk's country,

8646 and these tartars are called also Leao

8647 And there are Kin tartars, that were under Akouta

8648 and these are called also Nutché, from north of Corea,

8649 and there were the hordes of Ghengiz (TAI-TSOU, Témougin)

8650 of whom was CHI-TSOU or Koublai

8651 Hoang ho, Hoang ho, tartars pass over Hoang ho.

8652 SUNG died of taxes and gimcracks

8653 Mongrels in fish-skin (shagreen, or shark's skin)

8654 till 1157 the Kin used coin made in China

8655 and Oulo stopped swapping silk for the toys of Hia, a.d. 1172

8656 said: men cannot eat jewels

8657 Oulo of Kin, greatest of Kin, under him were books set

8658 into Nutché

8659 in his reign were only 18 beheaded

8660 but his brat was run by his missus

8661 and they had an ideological war

8662 'mediocrity's childhood lasts into middle age'

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8663 they brought out a text book on music

8664 GHINGIZ (Tchinkis) hearing of alphabets

8665 hearing of mores

8666 and saw a green unicorn speaking

8667 fumée maligne in the underground 1219

8668 said Yéliu Tchutsaï: tax; don't exterminate

8669 you will make more if you tax 'em.

8670 this was a new idea to the mongols

8671 who wanted to turn all land into grazing

8672 and saw no use for human inhabitants

8673 these mongrels bein' 'orsemen

8674 Ten percent tax on wine, three and 1/3rd on necessities

8675 mohammeds say different

8676 make more anyhow if you tax 'em

8677 SUNG falling, Antzar went against Kin

8678 by Tang and Teng, let 'em pass.

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8679 Billets, biglietti, as coin was too heavy for transport,

8680 but redeemed the stuff at one third

8681 And Ou-Kiai had another swat at the tartars

8682 and licked 'em

8683 And Yu-Tchong, governor of Kingtcheou in the Chensi

8684 said: my spies have told me etc/

8685 easy to start a war,

8686 not easy to finish one.

8687 SUNG died of levying taxes

8688 gimcracks, SUNG died under HOEI the slider,

8689 And there was a man named Tchinkis in Tartary

8690 hearing of alphabets, morals, mores

8691 and a man named Yeliu-Tchutsai.

8692 Yeliu apaoki Ouanyen akouta,

8693 of Kin, of Khitan, and Genghis of Yuen,

8694 hearing of alphabets

8695 and Yeliu Tchutsai said to Ogotai:

8696 tax, don't exterminate

8697 You'll make more by taxing the blighters

8698 thus saved several millyum lives of those chinamen

8699 Bojars thought land was for grazing.

8700 ten percent tax on hooch, 31/3rd on necessities

8701 And they tried to stop the Tartars on Hoang Ho

8702 day falls like a fluttering flag

8703 East princes went by the valley of box wood

8704 to cover Mt Kuai with a palace ...

8705 'There is', said the Taozers,

8706 'A medicine that gives immortality.'

8707 and ships sent (li Sao) to Japan.

8708 Mt Tai Haku is 300 miles from heaven

8709 lost in a forest of stars,

8710 Slept on the pine needle carpet

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8711 sprinkled horse blood

8712 praying no brave man be born among Mongols

8713 Ouen yan Tchin hochang of Kin.

8714 YAO, CHUN, YU controller of waters [Image]

8715 Bridge builders, contrivers of roads

8716 gave grain to the people

8717 kept down the taxes

8718 Hochang, eunuchs, taoists and ballets [Image]

8719 night-clubs, gimcracks, debauchery

8720 Down, down! Han is down

8721 Sung is down

8722 Hochang, eunuchs, and taozers

8723 empresses' relatives, came then a founder

8724 saying nothing superfluous

8725 cleared out the taozers and grafters, gave grain [Image]

8726 opened the mountains

8727 Came taozers, hochang and debauchery

8728 And litterati fought fiercer than other men to keep out the

8729 mogul

8730 drifting dung-dust from the North.

8731 Hochang southward like rabbits

8732 half a million in one province only

8733 mus ingens, ingens, noli meum granum comedere

8734 No slouch ever founded a dynasty

8735 Died Kin Lusiang, historian and Confucian

8736 all mulberries frozen in Pa Yang

8737 Where were two million trees and beyond that

8738 Litterati fought fiercer than other men

8739 Hail breaking the trees and walls

8740 in I-Tching-tcheou

8741 Crops gone.

8742 Against Ogotai's catapults Nik-ia-su used powder

8743 May the white birds remember this warrior, good at logistics

8744 Ozin (Wodin) Youriak had 'em set out mulberry trees

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8745 Ghenso was for no taxes, grew up as a labourer

8746 A hundred chi of rice for ten denars

8747 that is an ½ ounce of silver

8748 ZinKwa observed that gold is inedible

8749 Stored grain against famine

8750 observed that jade is inedible

8751 And they used invisible writing

8752 in Ten Bou's time came a white phoenix

8753 and in this time was Yeliu Tchutsai

8754 Meng Kong still held against Mogols.

8755 Han, Lang, Ouen, Kong,

8756 Mie, Kien, Tchong, King

8757 Fou, Pong, Chun King

8758 gone

8759 Vendome, Beaugency, Notre Dame de Clery,

8760 and they took law against Yeliu, but his leaving

8761 was 13 flutes, his lute and his library

8762 to refute charge of embezzlement

8763 And after him died Meng Kong.

8764 Kujak was crowned

8765 And the first day they put on their white clothes

8766 and the second day red robes

8767 and the third day were all lords in violet,

8768 scarlet the fourth day, and Kujak went against Hungary

8769 made war on Poland, on Prussia

8770 and Mengko took off taxes

8771 And in Caï Fong they made a grain dividend

8772 and gave instruction in farming

8773 ploughs, money, ammassi

8774 YAO, SHUN, YU, Kung

8775 TCHIN OUANG, OUEN, Ghengiz Khan

8776 And Mengko went into Bagdad, went into Kukano

8777 and died by the wall at Ho-tcheou

8778 Ogotai reigned for nine years

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8779 Kublai ascended Mt Hianglou

8780 a.d. the Kiang full of war junks

8781 1225/65 that SUNG thought security

8782 LI TSONG believed his news service

8783 wrongly

8784 Kublai before him

8785 and about him damned rascals, courtezans, palace

8786 women

8787 Cliques, easy wars without justice.

8788 And Kublai said: Sung laws very beautiful

8789 unlike their conduct

8790 Kiassé harmed SUNG more than Mongols

8791 North is the cradle of mongols

8792 Pasepa gave them their alphabet

8793 1000 words mongol, and 41 letters

8794 SUNG sank by Yai island. The line of Ghengiz called YUEN

8795 a.d. 1278 this dynasty mo'gol

8796 Hoang-ho's fount in a sea of stars.

8797 Ouang tchi slew Ahama. Ouen Tiensiang was faithful.

8798 War scares interrupt commerce. Money was now made of brass

8799 and profit on arms went to the government

8800 wine taxed high, settlers licensed.

8801 Lou-chi brought back the grafters (Ahama's)

8802 and boosted the tea tax

8803 Tchin-kin disgusted by the size of the tax receipts

8804 and L Sieuen staved off a war with Japan

8805 staved off a war on Annam

8806 said: Taxes are not abundance

8807 Yeliu resumed the imperial college, gathering scholars

8808 KUBLAI was a buggar for taxes

8809 Sangko stinking with graft

8810 Ouantse made a law code

8811 eliminated 250 tribunals, that mostly did nowt but tax

8812 a.d. 1295 KUBLAI died heavy with years

8813 his luck was good ministers, save for the treasury.
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8814 'As hunger alone drove them to brigandage

8815 they wd/ continue bandits till fed'

8816 This known in the time of TIMOUR

8817 The last SUNG fled in what was left of a navy

8818 went down in sea waves, came mongols

8819 of Ghengiz

8820 rose KUBLAI


8822 were great lines till Kungfutseu

8823 Then were HAN b.c. 202

8824 TÇIN a.d. 265

8825 TANG a.d. 618

8826 SUNG a.d. 950

8827 Then these mongols or YUEN

8828 Ghengiz, Ogotai, KUBLAI KHAN

8829 that came into Empire

8830 From the Isle of Yai, no more SUNG counting

8831 and mogols stood over all China

8832 89 years more till MING came, 1368

8833 that is from Ghengiz an hundred and 60 (Cambuskin)

8834 And in south province Tchin Tiaouen had risen

8835 and took the city of Tchang tcheou

8836 offered marriage to Ouang Chi,

8837 who said: It is an honour.

8838 I must first bury Kanouen. His body is heavy.

8839 His ashes were light to carry

8840 Bright was the flame for Kanouen

8841 Ouang Chi cast herself into it, Faithful forever

8842 High the hall TIMOUR made her.

8843 And in the 8th moon the public works and corvée department

8844 presented GIN TSONG a volume on mulberry culture

8845 by Miao Haokien where he explains in detail the

8846 growing of silk worms

8847 and of unwinding cocoons

[Page 306]
8848 and the Emperor had this engraved with all diagrams

8849 and distributed throughout all China

8850 nor had any emperor more care to find men of merit---

8851 doing what KUBLAI had intended---

8852 a.d. than had Aïulipata called GIN TSONG

8853 1312/20 (Algiaptou khan) honouring Kung with the rites.

8854 And his son died of assassins

8855 died of the gang of Tiemoutier, lamas, foés,

8856 shit and religion always stinking in concord

8857 Came Jason against these assassins

8858 came CHUNTI last of the mogul.

8859 Two million families went down in famine

8860 blood rained on the high land

8861 green hair came down like rain

8862 Hanjong levelled the temples

8863 his folk burst into joy

8864 to put land back under tillage

8865 CHUNTI came to the college, as had not in 12 years of reign

8866 gave a silver seal to Kung's epigon

8867 but gangsters continued

8868 a pirate declined to turn mandarin,

8869 a comet exploded in Pleiades

8870 Hoang-ho shifted its bed

8871 and they said that the Milé Buddha

8872 had come down to turn out the mogul,

8873 pseudo-Sung put on red hats

8874 Tienouan beat the rebels, Taipou was killed by rebels

8875 Singki respected

8876 and the lamas put on a ballet for CHUNTI

8877 in ivory headgear

8878 castagnettes crinkling and clacking, and a Tang dance

8879 without fancy clothes

8880 Kongpei said to Toto: Don't open dispatches.

8881 Dragon barge drifted with music

8882 Statue poured water amidship
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8883 Spirits struck the night watches

8884 they say CHUNTI invented this clockwork

8885 The Red Caps called their candidate Ming Ouan

8886 as if emperor

8887 Left monkhood and put manhood on

8888 to end the line of Ghengiz khan

8889 Yuentchang ceased being hochang

8890 took Ito Yen without pillage

8891 and passed over Kiang river

8892 conquered the Taiping province

8893 Comet in Tchang star, over Tai Ming shone the meteor

8894 broom-shaped

8895 Ming coming out of South Country, In 35 years' dissolution

8896 CHUNTI ceased from the throne.

8897 Died Yukiou of more than ten wounds

8898 Now in Chang-tou was ruin

8899 the high house of KUBLAI cast down

8900 Came Ming slowly, a thousand, an hundred thousand

8901 the pirate Kouetchin came to him

8902 At court, eunuchs and grafters

8903 among mongols no man trusted other

8904 The empress' folk in Corea killed off king Peyen

8905 Of MING were now 200,000

8906 that fought three days in the boat fight

8907 there by lake Peyan

8908 to Hoang Ho the river

8909 Yeougin and the Tching brothers

8910 till Leou Lean was arrowed.

8911 And they left Tchin-li his father's treasure

8912 but took his grain for the people.

8913 Came MING thus to KianKing, say 1368

8914 For crime after TIMOUR the mandate

8915 left YUEN mongols

8916 No slouch ever founded a dynasty

8917 From Ghengiz were 8 score years until MING time
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8918 Said now YUENTCHANG

8919 suis fils d'un pauvre laboureur

8920 In a village of Ssetcheou in the province of Kiangnan

8921 at seventeen was made shaveling

8922 then enrolled under Tsehing the captain

8923 This is called Destiny

8924 Schicksal to bring peace to the Empire

8925 Li, Su, Tong and I

8926 were four musketeers

8927 We were workmen in the same village

8928 we were plain sojers together

8929 If we can take Chantong province, we can take Pekin

8930 (and did so, 1368)

8931 He said to Su Ta: Do as you deem

8932 CHANG, CHOU, and HAN rose by talents

8933 Once we four were lucky to have even canvas coats

8934 Mongols are fallen

8935 from losing the law of Chung Ni

8936 (Confucius) [Image]

8937 HAN came from the people

8938 How many fathers and husbands are fallen

8939 Make census [Image]

8940 Give rice to their families

8941 Give them money for rites

8942 Let rich folk keep their goods by them

8943 Let the poor be provided

8944 I came not against YUEN

8945 but against grafters and rebels

8946 I rebelled not against KUBLAI, not against Ghengizkhan

8947 but against lice that ate their descendants.




8951 and now HONG VOU three hundred, three hundred

[Page 309]
8952 each had 300 years by the mandate

8953 five cycles of 60 years

8954 Mongols were an interval

8955 YAO [Image]

8956 SHUN [Image]

8957 HAN [Image]

8958 TCHEU [Image]

8959 'Once again war is over. Go talk to the savants.'

8960 He gave fur coats to the troops in Ninghia

8961 Showed no zenophobia. Moguls wd/ not have chinese in office.

8962 In Pekin he paid the soldiers

8963 To peasants he gave allotments

8964 gave tools and yoke oxen

8965 No eunuchs to serve save as domestics

8966 'Don't believe all you are told by officials

8967 'I suggest', said HONG VOU, 'that you get a faculty

8968 a good faculty before increasing the number of students.'
[Page 310]
8969 He declined arab cosmetics

8970 Capn Yé-ouang built an ice wall

8971 to keep off the Yuen

8972 which they took for a real wall.

8973 'Coreans are gentle by nature'.

8974 and that year the Emperor died.

8975 Five planets were in conjunction.

8976 In '84 died General Li-ouen, in '85 Su Ta

8977 in 1386 peace

8978 HONG VOU declined a treatise on Immortality

8979 offered by Taozers, Et

8980 En l'an trentunième de son Empire

8981 l'an soixante de son eage

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