The cantos of ezra pound [from The Cantos of Ezra Pound (1972)]

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9457 who blessed them with tea and a luncheon

9458 and in another room assez mal propre

9459 singing his prayers was another

9460 and in yet another temple apartment another said frankly

9461 he didn't see how he cd/ have lived in another body

9462 before this and in any case had no such remembrance

9463 but only the ho fo's word

9464 and they went on toward the Hans of Kalkas

9465 where they got order to turn about and come home

9466 was a war on between Eleutes and Kalkas

9467 and to tell the Oros (the O Rossians) to meet 'em at Selinga

9468 or some other place on the frontier

9469 to determine frontiers.

9470 which they accomplished next year at Nipchou.

9471 With these ambassadors were a lot of domestics

9472 five thousand 800 sojers

9473 and a spot of artillery

9474 who all passed the gt wall at Cha houkoen.

9475 And KANG walked to his grandmother's funeral

9476 a distance of 500 ly from the capital.

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9477 And this embassy was concerning the Amur frontier

9478 coming from Petersburg

9479 but we wanted our martin sables, our huntin'

9480 that was on the north side of the Amur

9481 where are mountains and great lakes in the valleys.

9482 Year 28th of KANG HI, under the 7th moon

9483 was this treaty in latin with copies in tartar and muscovite

9484 and the chinks swore by the god of Xtians

9485 thinking nothing else wd/ have more force with the muscovites

9486 'To spare further bloodshed on our frontiers

9487 we here near the town of Nipchou

9488 swear peace solid, eternal

9489 state that boundary stones shall be set.

9490 Pray we to the GOD of all things

9491 who seeth our hearts

9492 that if any man here have reservation

9493 or plot his own profit

9494 in violence to this treaty

9495 he die before he reach a ripe age

9496 So the envoys

9497 embraced to the music of instruments

9498 and the rhoosians (Orosians) served a sort of lunch

9499 to the chinese ambassadors

9500 confitures and three sorts of wine

9501 vintage of europe

9502 and this was due to the frog and the portagoose

9503 Gerbillon and Pereira

9504 to Gerbillon in the most critical moment

9505 that he kept their tempers till they came to conclusion.
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9506 So the Jesuits brought in astronomy

9507 (Galileo's, an heretic's)

9508 music and physics from Europe,

9509 Grimaldi, Intorcetta, Verbiest,

9510 Koupelin. Subject of yr/ Majesty,

9511 prescribed of the tribune of rites:

9512 True that the Europeans have passed zealously many dangers

9513 and have brought us astronomy, and founded cannon

9514 which have served us in civil wars,

9515 and that one shd/ reward their services in negotiating with

9516 the ORosians.

9517 They have not made any trouble.

9518 We permit lamas, hochangs and taotsés to go to

9519 their churches

9520 It wd/ seem unwarranted to forbid only these Europeans

9521 to go to their temples. We deem therefore

9522 that they be so permitted

9523 indiscriminate to pray and burn perfumes.

9524 3rd day 2nd moon of the 31st year of KANG HI

9525 17 grandees of the Empire, whereof eleven cabinet ministers

9526 of this EMPEROR

9527 Les pères Gerbillon, Fourtères, Bournat

9528 took quinine to the palace, anno domini 1693

9529 Hence the Jesuit church in Pekin in the Hoang Tchang

9530 that is the palace enclosure.

9531 And Feyenkopf in the Kaldan war

9532 was fighting Eleutes and Mohamedans and the

9533 Emperor shot six quail de suite with six arrows

9534 and sent the Crown Prince an Eleute horse

9535 saying: I don't know that chinese bean fodder will suit him.

9536 Herewith some Kalkas sheep for prime mutton.

9537 yr affectionate father KANG HI
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9538 Hoang Ho is frozen. In fact the Ortes country seems to be

9539 pretty much as we thought it in Pekin,

9540 small huntin' quite pleasant, a lot of pheasants and hares.

9541 pasturage excellent. Hoang Ho fruz ½ a ft. thick.

9542 Ortes very orderly, have lost none of their mongol habits,

9543 their princes in concord, no usury.

9544 Clever especially in lookin' after their animals,

9545 clumsy bowmen, but hit their mark.

9546 And General Feyenkopf wrote him

9547 that the Eleutes had caved in

9548 and KANG HI gave a fur cap to the envoy

9549 and his (KANG HI'S) horse sweat pink

9550 as in legend the horses of Taouen land, the

9551 Tien ma, or horses of heaven

9552 and this horse in particular had been taken in the battle of

9553 Tchaomed

9554 and they had a grand show in Pekin for next new year's

9555 Mongols, Kaldans and Eleutes.

9556 'It is easy after this to be sure

9557 that all lamas are traitors.

9558 Keep these prisoners in separate rooms,

9559 sold to the Tipa who is a liar. I have taken

9560 the sun 38° 34''

9561 i.e. one degree 20 less here than in Pekin'

9562 KANG HI

9563 Dogs bark only at strangers. And at Paichen

9564 KANG HI was pleased with the pasture land,

9565 delayed his return to the capital,

9566 stayed stag-hunting outside the great wall

9567 while Kalda had grabbed Samarkand and

9568 Bokara for the mohammeds

9569 1699 peace year in all Tartary

9570 Grimaldi, Pereira, Tony Thomas and Gerbillon

9571 sent in their placet sic:

9572 European litterati
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9573 having heard that the Chinese rites honour Kung-fu-tseu

9574 and offer sacrifice to the Heaven etc/

9575 and that their ceremonies are grounded in reason

9576 now beg to know their true meaning and in particular

9577 the meaning of terms for example Material

9578 Heaven and Changti meaning? its ruler?

9579 Does the manes of Confucius

9580 accept the grain, fruit, silk, incense offered

9581 and does he enter his cartouche?

9582 The European church wallahs wonder if this can be reconciled.

9583 And the archbish of Antioch spent a year in Canton

9584 mousing round but not coming to Pekin

9585 but was, next year, permitted,

9586 Monseigneur Maillard de Tournon

9587 from Clemens, papa (Number XI) the Kiao Hoang

9588 and the Portagoose king sent an envoy

9589 and they cured KANG HI with wine from the Canaries

9590 w'ich putt 'em up a jot higher

9591 And too much rice went to Batavia

9592 so our lord KANG layed an embargo

9593 (a bit before Tommy Juffusun's)

9594 and a tsong-ping or second class mandarin

9595 putt up a petition:

9596 AGAINST Europes and Xtianity

9597 That there had been nine red boats into Macao

9598 Dutchmen, red-heads or Englanders.

9599 Japan, sez Tching mao, is the only considerable kingdom

9600 to east of us

9601 and Japan kept peace even all through the great Ming rebellion.

9602 Siam and Tonkin pay tribute,

9603 only danger to us is from these Europeans

9604 by Hong-mao I mean any nordic barbarian

9605 there are Yenkeli and Yntsa (meanin' froggies)

9606 and Holans

9607 all equally barbarous
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9608 I have knocked around at sea for some years

9609 and the Dutch are the worst of the lot of them,

9610 poifik tigurs,

9611 their vessels stand any wind and carry a hundred cannon

9612 if ten of 'em get into Canton

9613 who knows what cd/ happen.

9614 I think we shd/ stop this danger at source

9615 or at least make 'em disarm before coming into our harbours

9616 or have 'em come in one at a time

9617 or unlade in a fortress.

9618 They wormed into Japan via Manilla they have been

9619 kicked out but still try to get in again

9620 They spend money, gather the dregs of the people, make maps

9621 I don't know what they are up to

9622 and that's not my province

9623 All I know is they refuged in Manilla

9624 And now they are top dog in Manilla

9625 I rest my case in the tribunals of Empire

9626 trusting that this bind-weed will not be permitted

9627 to root in and fortify

9628 Humbly to yr MAJESTY

9629 Tching Mao, a sea captain

9630 Dug up edict of '69

9631 PERMIT only Verbiest and his colleagues

9632 We vote to pardon all converts

9633 provided they pull down their churches, and again May eleventh

9634 MISSIONARIES have well served in reforming our

9635 mathematics

9636 and in making us cannon

9637 and they are therefore permitted to stay

9638 and to practice their own religion but

9639 no chinese is to get converted

9640 and they are not to build any churches

9641 47 europeans have permits

9642 they may continue their cult, and no others.
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9643 Jesuits appealed that they be not

9644 confounded with Dutchmen

9645 Let stay, if wd/ promise never see Europe again

9646 various churches were levelled and

9647 there came an embassy from PETER of Russia

9648 1720

9649 with cavalcade and drawn sabres

9650 and a new bloke from the Kiao-hoang of Roma.

9651 Tibet was brought under and '22 was a peace year

9652 The Emp'r'r went huntin' as usual

9653 and tiger huntin' in Haitse and died the 20th of this month

9654 at 8 in the evening

9655 'no DYNASTY has come in with such justice

9656 as ours has. I have not wasted the treasures of empire

9657 considering them as the blood of the people

9658 3 million a year on river embankments

9659 I order that YONG TCHING succeed me


9661 lend money to sojers.

9662 Huntin' keeps manchu fit

9663 avoid the hot summer in Pekin.'

9664 He began taking trips into Tartary.

9665 History translated to manchu. Set up board of translators

9666 Verbiest, mathematics

9667 Pereira professor of music, a treatise in chinese and manchu

9668 Gerbillon and Bouvet, done in manchu

9669 revised by the emperor as to questions of style

9670 A digest of philosophy (manchu) and current

9671 Reports on the mémoires des académies

9672 des sciences de Paris.

9673 Quinine, a laboratory set up in the palace.

9674 He ordered 'em to prepare a total anatomy, et

9675 qu'ils veillèrent à la pureté du langage
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9676 et qu'on n'employât que des termes propres

9677 (namely CH'ing ming)

9678 [Image]
9679 En son Palais divers ateliers

9680 wanted the best European models

9681 fer paintin' an' scuppchure, his works in one hundred volumes

9682 wuz emperor KANG HI 61 years

9683 from 1662 and came after him
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9684 Yong tching

9685 his fourth son, to honour his forebears

9686 and spirits of fields

9687 of earth

9688 heaven

9689 utility public

9690 sought good of the people, active, absolute, loved

9691 No death sentence save a man were thrice tried

9692 and he putt out Xtianity

9693 chinese found it so immoral

9694 his mandarins found this sect so immoral

9695 'The head of a sect' runs the law 'who deceives folk

9696 'by pretending religion, ought damn well to be strangled.'

9697 No new temples for any hochang, taoists or similars

9698 sic in lege

9699 False laws are that stir up revolt by pretense of virtue.

9700 Anyone but impertinent fakers wd have admitted

9701 the truth of the Emperor's answer:

9702 What I say now I say as Emperor

9703 Applied to this daily and all day

9704 Not seeing my children not seeing the Empress

9705 till the time of mourning be ended

9706 Xtians being such sliders and liars.

9707 Public kitchen in famine

9708 Public works for the unemployed, 1725,

9709 a dole, nothing personal against Gerbillon and his

9710 colleagues, but

9711 Xtians are disturbing good customs

9712 seeking to uproot Kung's laws

9713 seeking to break up Kung's teaching.

9714 Officers at Tientsing

9715 who faked rice distribution

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9716 and gave bad rice to the needy

9717 can damn well pay up what they have embezzled.

9718 Lieu-yu-y, state examiner said:

9719 Put magazines in the 4 towns of Chan-si

9720 (that there be set up a fondego)

9721 Look whom you choose to administer

9722 that these be not the overworked Governors

9723 To keep out graft ... if any man have loaned rice in secret ...

9724 A 100,000 pund capital

9725 wd/ mean Thirty thousand great measures

9726 At moderate price we can sell in the spring

9727 to keep the market price decent

9728 And still bring in a small revenue

9729 which should be used for getting more next crop

9730 AMMASSI or sane collection,

9731 to have bigger provision next year,

9732 that is, augment our famine reserve

9733 and thus to keep the rice fresh in store house.

9734 IN time of common scarcity; to sell at the just price

9735 in extraordinary let it be lent to the people

9736 and in great calamities, give it free

9737 Lieou-yu-y

9738 Approved by the EMPEROR

9739 (Un fontego [Footnote: 1Kb] )

9740 And in every town once a year

9741 to the most honest citizens: a dinner

9742 at expense of the emperor

9743 no favour to men over women

9744 Manchu custom very old, revived now by YONG TCHING

9745 An' woikinmen thought of. If proper in field work

9746 get 8th degree button and

9747 right to sit at tea with the governor

9748 One, european, a painter, one only admitted

9749 And Pope's envoys got a melon

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9750 And they druv out Lon Coto fer graftin'

9751 sent him to confino to watch men breakin' ground

9752 He had boosted the salt price.

9753 And they received the volumes of history

9754 with a pee-rade with portable cases like tabernacles

9755 the dynastic history with solemnity.

9756 'I cant', had said KANG HI

9757 'Resign' said Victor Emanuel, you Count Cavour can resign

9758 at your convenience.

9759 'To comfort the soul of my father

9760 Emperor now defunct and in heaven', said YONG TCHING;

9761 Don't think that soft talk is wanted

9762 you write down what you take for the facts

9763 call pork pork in your proposals

9764 your briefs shd/ be secret and sealed and our Emperor

9765 will publish at his discretion.

9766 Eleventh month 23rd day for ceremonial ploughing

9767 (I take it december)

9768 Out by the Old Worker's Hill

9769 YONG ploughed half an hour

9770 three princes, nine presidents did their stuff

9771 and the peasants in gt/ mass sang the hymns

9772 befitting this field work

9773 as writ in LI KI in the old days

9774 And they sowed grain and in autumn the grain of that field

9775 was for ceremonial purposes put in sacks of Imperial

9776 yellow as fit for this purpose.

9777 'You Christers wanna have foot on two boats

9778 and when them boats pulls apart

9779 you will d/n well git a wettin'' said a court mandarin

9780 tellin' 'em.

9781 And they set up a yellow pavilion

9782 with a buffet beneath it

9783 And the dishes and the court silver

9784 and in deep silence sounded suddenly trumpets
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9785 and music for the Emperor YONG TCHING

9786 and Dom Metello and the Europeans went to their places

9787 a cushion for Dom Metello

9788 and the Emperor's wine was brought in, which he offered to

9789 Dom Metello

9790 who knelt, drank, and returned to his cushion

9791 whereon they offered him fruit piled high in a pyramid

9792 and the Emperor YONG said: take him somewhere where

9793 it is cooler.

9794 So they dined him and showed him a comedy

9795 and gave him seven trunks of stuff for himself

9796 and 35 for the Portagoose boss who had sent him

9797 i.e. he wuz honoured but cdn't spill proppergander

9798 and the chink grandees took him down the canal

9799 with a dinner cooked by the chefs of the Palace

9800 and his trappings up-(as they say)-held the honour of Europe

9801 and as to Sounou being Xtian, he wuz probably also a conspiracy

9802 But the population of Yun-nan was growing

9803 and the price of grain kept goin' up.

9804 Lot of land undeveloped

9805 so they opened it

9806 tax exemption for six years on good rice land

9807 and for ten years on dry

9808 and honours in proportion to

9809 how much a bloke wd put under culture

9810 button 8th class for enough, and diplomas

9811 for 15 arpens. A peasant got two bouquets for his cap

9812 and a cramoisi scarf and a band to walk home wiff.

9813 And a boost for any mandarin

9814 that wd stake out new settlers

9815 800,000 in doles

9816 a million on canal reparations

9817 Good of the empire of any part of the empire

9818 concerns every mandarin

9819 no matter where he is located
[Page 338]
9820 It is like a family affair

9821 Ghost frightens no honest man. No house is

9822 durable if perched on yr neighbor's ruin

9823 An honest peasant is a prognostic

9824 wrote YONG TCHING

9825 passing in silence the other 'prognistics' of the

9826 Governor's letter

9827 Men are born with a fund of rightness you will

9828 find good men in any small village

9829 but the bureaucrats take no notice

9830 let Chiyeou be made a 7th class mandarin

9831 give him 100 ounces of silver as incentive to other men

9832 Heaven has scattered riches and poverty

9833 but to profit on other men's loss is no better than banditry

9834 in momentum of avarice, no longer steers his own course.

9835 Chiyeou didn't do it on book readin'

9836 nor by muggin' up history.

9837 Million in earthquake relief

9838 and a thousand taels to the capital Jesuits

9839 but expelled the rest from Canton

9840 'they go on buying converts'

9841 Died 1735 at 58

9842 in the 13th year of his reign

9843 Came KIEN, 40 years before 'our revolution'

9844 YONG TCHING unregretted by canaglia and nitwits

9845 'A man's happiness depends on himself,

9846 not on his Emperor

9847 If you think that I think that I can make any man happy

9848 you have misunderstood the FU
9849 [Image]
9850 (the Happiness ideogram) that I sent you.

9851 Thus Tching whom Coupetai had brought up,

[Page 339]
9852 for the number of bye-laws

9853 for his attention to detail

9854 unregretted by scoundrels

9855 never had death sentences such attention

9856 three trials, publication of details, examination,

9857 to poorest as for the highest

9858 CAI TSONG HIEN HOANG TI be he credited

9859 so his son Kien Long came to the throne

9860 in the 36th of that century---

9861 and as to the rise of the Adamses---

9862 Extensive Mohamedan treasures

9863 'Question of coin in these conquered towns is very important.

9864 I advise a few of YOUR mintage

9865 and to leave the old pieces current.

9866 Those used here,

9867 Haskai, yerqui and hotien

9868 are of bronze weighing about 1/5th of one of our ounces

9869 50 of these mahometan discs make a teuke

9870 about one of our taels.

9871 There are some useless old cannon here

9872 which I suggest we melt up for small cash

9873 to keep commerce moving.'

9874 Tchao-hou

9875 to his EMPEROR

9876 from the camp before Hashan

9877 (or Kasgar, a city in little Boucaria)

9878 This princess entered the palace when YONG TCHING was

9879 emperor

9880 as 'a young lady merely of talents

9881 recited with beautiful voice

9882 and had other amiable qualities'

9883 concubine, and having a son was made queen

9884 and for forty two years had seen him, this son,

9885 on the first throne of Asia

[Page 340]
9886 in the 86th year of her age

9887 posthumous EMPRESS

9888 Hiao Ching Hien Hoang Héou

9889 and her son as memorial

9890 exempted his empire from the land tax

9891 for a year as indeed he had done before on her birthdays

9892 when she was 70 and when she reached her eightieth birthday

9893 and now, in memoriam. And he wrote

9894 a poem on the Beauties of Mougden

9895 and condensed the Ming histories

9896 literary kuss, and wuz Emperor

9897 fer at least 40 years.

9898 Perhaps you will look up his verses.
[Page 341]


9899 'Acquit of evil intention

9900 or inclination to perseverance in error

9901 to correct it with cheerfulness

9902 particularly as to the motives of actions

9903 of the great nations of Europe.'

9904 for the planting

9905 and ruling and ordering of New England

9906 from latitude 40° to 48°


9908 whereon Thomas Adams

9909 19th March 1628

9910 18th assistant whereof the said Thomas Adams

9911 (abbreviated)

9912 Merry Mount become Braintree, a plantation near Weston's

9913 Capn Wollanston's became Merrymount.

9914 ten head 40 acres at 3/ (shillings) per acre

9915 who lasted 6 years, brewing commenced by the first Henry

9916 continued by Joseph Adams, his son

9917 at decease left a malting establishment.

9918 Born 1735; 19th Oct. old style; 30th new style John Adams

9919 its emolument gave but a bare scanty subsistence.

9920 'Passion of orthodoxy in fear, Calvinism has no other agent

9921 study of theology

9922 wd/ involve me in endless altercation

9923 to no purpose, of no design and do no good to

9924 any man whatsoever ...

9925 not less of order than liberty ...

9926 Burke, Gibbon, beautifiers of figures ...

9927 middle path, resource of second-rate statesmen ...

9928 produced not in Britain:

9929 tcha [Image]

9930 tax falls on the colonists.

[Page 342]
9931 Lord North, purblind to the rights of a

9932 continent, eye on a few London merchants ...

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