The cantos of ezra pound [from The Cantos of Ezra Pound (1972)]

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10882 women a half dozen in droves with their hoes

10883 churches, convents, gentlemen's seats

10884 very magnificent.

10885 From perils of the sea, intrigues, business wangles

10886 rural improvements are brought down to the water's

10887 edge

10888 muddy water, grand seats, beautiful groves

10889 a number of vessels in the river land, cattle, horses after
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10890 so long a journey

10891 at Bordeaux, at Blaye

10892 de lonh

10893 First dish was a fine french soup then boiled meat

10894 lights of calf one way and liver another

10895 bread very fine and fine salad the

10896 raisins are most delicious

10897 none of us understood french none of them english

10898 on quarter deck I was struck with the hens

10899 capons cocks in their coops

10900 Saluted a small town called Blaye

10901 with the INdependent salute

10902 i.e. 13 for the colonies

10903 All the gentlemen agreed Dr Franklin

10904 had been rec'd by the King with great pomp

10905 and a treaty concluded

10906 there are 4 sorts: Château Margaux, Haute Brion, Lafitte

10907 and Latour

10908 fish and bean salad, claret, champagne

10909 to see the new comédie and, after, the opera

10910 dancing very cheerful (our

10911 American theatre not then even in contemplation)

10912 Trompette, work of Vauban

10913 Banished in Louis XVth's time for working with Malesherbes

10914 I concluded there was a form of sincerity in it

10915 decorated with compliments

10916 saw 'Les deux avares'.

10917 Tucker tho' not polished

10918 was an energetic and successful commander

10919 Lights in the garden and an Inscription

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10921 Their eagerness to sell a knife was as great as that

10922 of some persons I have seen to get offices

10923 fields of grass, vineyards, castles

10924 yet every place swarms with beggars

10925 Rue Richelieu, Hôtel de Valois

10926 then Basse Cour, had been Hôtel Valentinois

10927 Money in Mr Schweighauser's hands

10928 signed; Franklin

10929 Lee

10930 Adams

10931 To J. Williams:

10932 abstain from further expenditure

10933 and close your accounts

10934 Mr Beaumarchais, another of Mr Deane's friends.

10935 Dined that day with Madame Helvetius

10936 to the Long Champ where all carriages of Paris were paraded

10937 As descent modest and regular

10938 a family as ever I saw in France

10939 Among whom was M. Condorcet his face white as a sheet

10940 of paper

10941 Franklin, Deane, Bancroft are friends

10942 never was before I came here

10943 a letter book

10944 a minute book

10945 an account book

10946 Mr Deane lived expensively. Dr Franklin

10947 Great wit, great humourist, great politician, the Lees

10948 are all virtuous men, If

10949 there had been letters, minutes, accounts, Mr Lee

10950 had not seen them

10951 In first box near the celebrated Voltaire

10952 Mme la Duchesse d'Agen a 5 ou 6 enfants

10953 contre la coutume du pays

10954 des Noailles 18 million louis a year from the crown

10955 number of persons with their eyes fixed on our little treasury
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10956 You wrote that you wd/ send the invoices if we thought

10957 necessary

10958 The King's bed chamber where he was dressing

10959 one putting on his sword, one his coat

10960 I accordingly wrote to Sam Adams:

10961 Enormous

10962 sums have been expended, no book of

10963 accounts, no documents wherefrom

10964 able to learn what has been rec'd in America

10965 Wrong in having three commissioners one is enough

10966 in leaving salaries at uncertainty

10967 in mingling public minister and commercial agent

10968 Mr Deane never succeeded in throwing much light on

10969 his mode of doing business in France.

10970 Many other qualities I cd/ not distinguish from virtues

10971 His Majesty ate like a King, solid beef

10972 and other things in proportion

10973 Offer to make 200 peers (in America)

10974 To the dwelling of Mme du Barry

10975 who sent to invite us

10976 Turgot, Condillac, Mme Helvetius

10977 M. Genet's son went with me and my son to the menagerie

10978 Barbier de Séville at the Comédie (Nantes)

10979 acting indifferent.

10980 Much conversation

10981 about the electrical eel.

10982 His voice (P. Jones's)

10983 is still, and soft, and small

10984 Laws of the Visigoths and Justinian still in use in Galicia

10985 13 mules 2 muletiers arriving Corunna at 7

10986 pork of this country excellent and delicious

10987 also bacon, Chief Justice informs me that much of it

10988 is fattened on chestnuts and upon indian corn

10989 other pork is they say fattened on vipers

10990 possible imports to Spain:
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10991 grain of all sorts pitch turpentine timber,

10992 salt fish, spermaceti and rice.

10993 Tobacco they have from their colonies

10994 as also indigo

10995 of the King's tobacco they take 10 millions weight per annum

10996 Saw ladies take chocolate in Spanish fashion

10997 dined on board la Belle Poule

10998 Galicia, no floor but ground trodden to mire by

10999 men hogs horses and mules

11000 no chimney 1/2 way as you ascend to the chamber

11001 was a stage covered with straw

11002 on which lay a fattening hog

11003 above, corn was hung on sticks and on slit work

11004 in one corner a bin full of rape seed or culzar

11005 in the other a bin full of oats

11006 among which slept better than since my arrival

11007 in Spain

11008 In general the mountains covered with furze

11009 scarce an elm oak or other tree

11010 O'Brien afterward sent me a minced pie and a meat pie

11011 at St James Campostella and 2 bottles of Frontenac wine

11012 nothing rich but the churches, nothing fat but the clergy

11013 NO symptoms of commerce or even of internal traffic

11014 Between Galice and Leon 1780

11015 all of colour made of black sheep's wool undyed

11016 the river Valcaire between two rows of mountains

11017 not a decent house since Corunna

11018 4. Tuesday, clean bed, no fleas for the first time in Spain

11019 at Astorga

11020 largest turnips I ever saw

11021 Mauregato women, as fine as squaws and a great deal

11022 more nasty

11023 Hoy mismo han llegado

11024 a esta plaza el Caballero

11025 Juan Adams miembro
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11026 etc/ los Ingleses

11027 evacuando Rhode Island

11028 los Americanos tomaron ...

11029 Gazette de Madrid, 24th of December

11030 Great flocks of sheep and cattle

11031 Asturias mountains

11032 river runs also down into Portugal

11033 a dance they call the fandango

11034 Tuesday 11th at Burgos

11035 we go along sneezing and coughing

11036 my patience never nearer exhausted

11037 33 religious houses in Burgos

11038 In the last house in Spain we found one chimney

11039 First since that in the French consul's, Corunna.

11040 River Charent runs by it

11041 Vergennes might suppose that I in naiveté

11042 wd/ send him my instructions

11043 My determination to insist on the fisheries

11044 (in fact John saved cod to Baastun)

11045 I was not clear that I suspected his motives

11046 U.S. at liberty to negotiate commerce, as peace

11047 they intended to keep us in stew with England

11048 for as long as possible after the peace, as was Effected

11049 for eleven years until Jay

11050 sacrificed his popularity and Washington's was

11051 diminished

11052 Those who wish to investigate WHOM in congress

11053 (leaving us no doubt Vergennes was a twister)

11054 with my two sons to Amsterdam

11055 rye barley oats beans

11056 hemp grain clover lucern and sainfoin

11057 and the pavements are good, vines cattle sheep everything

11058 plentiful

11059 such wheat crops never saw elsewhere

11060 church music Italian style
[Page 376]
11061 a tapestry: number of jews stabbing the wafer

11062 blood gushing from it

11063 Brussels stone same as Braintree North Common

11064 ... excellent character, emperor did not like him

11065 intermixture houses trees ships canals very startling

11066 neatness remarkable

11067 Van der Capellen tot de Pol

11068 fears holders of English funds will etc/

11069 tried to end some feudal burdens about here

11070 and got himself censured

11071 O.K., as was Van Berckel

11072 Don Joas Tholomeno: Independence of America is assured

11073 Sept. 14th '82

11074 Mirabel (Sardegna) only why dont they acknowledge it?

11075 5 copies, English and Dutch side by side,

11076 said wd/ be signed next week.

11077 aetat 46

11078 foreign ministers all herd together

11079 Rheingrave, de Salm, Colonel Bentinck

11080 Prussian minister will talk of astronomy natural

11081 history news sieges but very reserved upon politics


11083 van den veldslag by Lexington

11084 Eerste Memoire dan den Heer Adams

11085 INDRUK of de Hollandsche Natie

11086 Deputies of Holland and Zeeland

11087 we signed etc/ treaty of commerce

11088 8 Oct '82

11089 firmness heaven has given you

11090 commerce of Bruge, Ostend grown with our revolution

11091 vingt à vingtcinq navires dans le bassin

11092 (Count Sarsfield)

11093 magazins de la ville sont remplis,

11094 journée d'un homme 15 s/ et nourri.

11095 Oeuvre de M. le Duc de Vauguyon
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11096 to sign one's name 16,000 times after dinner

11097 Mr Vischer who was more open than I had known him

11098 said the Stadtholder was le plus grand t.... de ce pays-ci

11099 entêté comme une she mule

11100 Rode to Valenciennes and found our axletree broken

11101 again, walks, rose gardens, waterspouts, fish ponds

11102 carp will assemble in an huddle before you

11103 sticking their mouths out of water

11104 Mlle de Bourbon her hair uncombed

11105 came out by the round house

11106 with it hanging over her shoulders, in white

11107 Thus France taxes Europe

11108 great part of court policy to

11109 provide national influence over la mode

11110 as an occasion of commerce Jay is des Petits Augustins

11111 Franklin intrigues manoeuvres insinuates

11112 I will make a good peace or no peace

11113 "shall enjoy right to fish unmolested

11114 on banks and in Gulf of St Lawrence

11115 or wherever else heretofore to

11116 dry cure in Nova Scotia

11117 Cape Sable and on any unsettled bays"

11118 compliments conversation on vapors and exhalations from

11119 Tartary

11120 For my part thought that Americans [Image]

11121 Had been embroiled in European wars long enough

11122 easy to see that

11123 France and England wd/ try to embroil us OBvious

11124 that all powers of Europe will be continually at manoeuvre

11125 to work us into their real or imaginary balances

11126 of power; J. A. 1782 FISHERIES

11127 our natural right, garters stars keys titles ribbons

11128 objects of these men of high life

11129 France wd/ never

11130 send that money (send any of it) to England
[Page 378]
11131 whereas we getting money from Portugal

11132 must spend it in London, considered

11133 their attack on me an attack on the fisheries.

11134 'If I have not' sez I 'been mistaken

11135 in the policy of France from my first observation

11136 of it to this hour, they have been as averse to

11137 other powers acknowledging our independence

11138 as you have been.'

11139 'GOD!'

11140 sez he (Oswald) 'Now I see it.

11141 I will write home at once on this subject'

11142 To exempt fishermen husbandmen merchants

11143 as much as possible from evils of future wars

11144 Dr Franklin (a nice lesson any how)

11145 The King

11146 is like Mr Hancock

11147 Nor where who sows the corn by corn is fed

11148 (Lady Lucan's verses on Ireland)

11149 The Duke de la Rochefoucauld

11150 made me a visit

11151 (Lady Lucan's verses on Ireland)

11152 made me a visit

11153 and desired me to explain to him some

11154 passages in the Connecticut constitution

11155 (at which point Mr Eliot left us)

11156 Mr Vaughn said etc/ that he saw

11157 'But' sez he 'you can not blame us endeavouring

11158 to carry this point to market

11159 and get something by it'

11160 (which seems fairly English)

11161 To get Billy (Franklin) made minister here

11162 and the Doctor to London

11163 Mlle Bourbon is grown very fat, Chatham so dampened the

11164 zeal of Sardegna

11165 BLUSH, oh ye records!
[Page 379]
11166 congress has double XX'd me

11167 How will they wash it? I

11168 dined with M. Malesherbes uncle of Luzerne

11169 tiers état contains 30 classes

11170 Dined at Passy; S' il règne un faux savoir

11171 which inflexibility has been called vanity Policy

11172 of frog court to lay stumbling block

11173 between England and America

11174 None English have come, apprized, here

11175 of where was the danger

11176 Peace is made. Negotiations all passed before I hear

11177 of Livingston's letter of Jan '82

11178 such is Doc Franklin (May 3rd 1783)

11179 a composed man

11180 plain Englishman Duke and Ambassador Manchester.

11181 I told Hartley their policy with Holland was wrong all wrong

11182 if they backed the Stadtholder the Emperor and French wd/

11183 back the republicans and all Europe enkindle

11184 England

11185 had now stronger reason to cultivate Holland

11186 and not push up the Bourbon

11187 expedient that an intercourse

11188 and commerce be opened, laws of Gt Britain on

11189 plantation trade contrived solely to benefit Britain

11190 said Dutch vessels had gone to America

11191 loaded with linens, duck, sailcloth etc

11192 copper corrodes ships' iron

11193 most agreeable day I ever spent at Versailles

11194 (17 June '83)

11195 Sardinian ambassador said it was curious

11196 to remark on the progress of commerce

11197 furs from Hudson Bay Company

11198 sent to London were sent to Siberia
[Page 380]


11199 Could not let us bring their sugar to Europe

11200 wd/ lessen the number of French and of Spanish

11201 seamen

11202 Generally rode twice a day till made master

11203 of this curious forest (Bois de Boulogne)

11204 view of Issy and the castle of Meudon

11205 game is not very plentiful. Dined at Amiens

11206 put up at Abbeville. Dover view. Mr Johnson

11207 Gt Tower Hill who informs me

11208 that a vessel with one thousand hogshead of tobacco

11209 is passed by in the Channel from Congress

11210 to Messrs Willincks 27 Oct '83

11211 Hague June 22, '84

11212 So there is no drop not American in me

11213 Aye we have noticed that said the Ambassador

11214 Sends to Morocco no marine stores

11215 sends 'em glaces and other things of rich value

11216 Said Lord Carmathen wd/ present me

11217 but that I shd/ do business with Mr Pitt very often

11218 Posts not surrendered

11219 are Presq'isle, Sandusky etc/ Detroit Michilimakinac

11220 St Joseph St Mary's.

11221 daughter married less prudently

11222 and they were thinking of sending her to America

11223 Presented

11224 Mr Hamilton to the Queen at the drawing room

11225 Mr Jefferson

11226 and I went in a post chaise

11227 Woburn Farm, Stowe, Stratford

11228 Stourbridge, Woodstock, High Wycombe and back to

11229 Grosvenor Sq

11230 A national debt of

11231 274 million stg/
[Page 381]
11232 accumulated by jobs contracts salaries pensions in

11233 the course of a century

11234 might easily produce all this magnificence

11235 Pope's pavilion and Thompson's seat made the excursion

11236 poetic

11237 Shenstone's the most rural of all

11238 19th, Wednesday, anniversary of the battle of Lexington

11239 and of my reception in Holland

11240 which latter is considered of no importance

11241 to view the seat of the banker Child

11242 three houses, in fact, round a square

11243 blowing roses, ripe strawberries plums cherries etc

11244 deer sheep wood-doves guinea-hens peacocks etc

11245 Dr Grey speaks very lightly of Buffon

11246 Mr H. prefers the architecture of this house because it

11247 reminds him of Palladio

11248 windows with mahogany columns

11249 there are two stoves but at neither of them

11250 could a student be comfortable in cold weather

11251 July 18th, yesterday, moved all the grass in Stony Hill field

11252 this day my new barn was raised

11253 their songs never more various than this morning

11254 Corn by two sorts of worm

11255 Hessian fly menaces wheat

11256 Where T. has been trimming red cedars

11257 with team of 5 cattle brought back 22 cedars

11258 Otis full of election: Henry, Jefferson, Burr

11259 T. cutting trees and leaves of white oaks

11260 To barley and black grass at the beach

11261 said one thing wd/ make Rhode Island unanimous

11262 ---meaning funding---

11263 they wanted Hamilton for vice president

11264 I said nothing.


11266 as renouncing the transactions of Runing Mede?
[Page 382]
11267 Prince of Orange, King William by the people

11268 that their rights be inviolable

11269 which drove out James Second ... IS still active.

11270 Nothing less than this seems to have been meditated for us

11271 by somebody or other in Britain

11272 reprinted by Thos. Hollis

11273 seventeen sixty-five


11275 this act, the Stamp Act, wd/ drain cash out of the country

11276 and is, further, UNconstitutional

11277 yr/ humanity counterfeit

11278 yr/ liberty cankered with simulation

11279 Earl Clarendon to Bill Pym in the Baastun Gazette

11280 Jan 17th 1768

11281 Danegeld emptied the land of all coin

11282 what are powers of these new admiralty courts in America

11283 per pares et legem terrae

11284 is there any grand jury to bring an indictment

11285 to find presentments

11286 any petit for fact

11287 IS this trial per legem terrae

11288 or by Institutes Digests Roman?

11289 Become attentive to their liberties

11290 counties, towns, private clubs and sodalities

11291 most accurate judgement

11292 about the real constitution

11293 which is not of wind and weather

11294 what is said there

11295 is rather a character

11296 than a true

11297 [Image] ching

11298 ming

11299 definition. It is a just observation.
[Page 383]
11300 Jury answers questions of fact

11301 thus guarding the subject ...

11302 pompous rituals theatrical ceremonies

11303 so successfully used to

11304 delude to terrify men out of virtue and liberty

11305 Elizabeth tried, James First put out Goodwin

11306 and the Commons reversed it

11307 (London Chronicle)

11308 By this course, said one member, free election is taken away

11309 common rights our ancestors have left us

11310 By this course, said another, the Chancellor

11311 could call a parliament of only such as he please

11312 After repeal of American Stamp Act

11313 we have mortification to see one Act of Parliament after

11314 another,

11315 money collecting from us continually without our consent

11316 by an authority

11317 in the constitution of which we have no share

11318 and see the little coin that remained among us

11319 transmitted to distance

11320 with no hope of return

11321 RESOLUTION to maintain duty and loyalty to our sovreign

11322 and to Parliament as legislative in all cases of necessity

11323 to preserve the Empire as a whole

11324 17 June, 1768

11325 Instructions to Braintree's representatives

11326 We mean by 6th Anne chap. xxxvii section 9


11328 no mariner

11329 be retained on any privateer ship or vessel

11330 in any part of America ... be impressed on any ship of

11331 Her Majesty's any time after St Valentine's day 1707

11332 on pain of L 20. per man

11333 Small field pieces happened, said Governor Hutchinson,

11334 to point at the door of the Court House
[Page 384]
11335 To the Hnbl James Otis and Thos Cushing Esquires

11336 Mr Sam Adams and John Hancock Esquire

11337 ; ; ; ; . . . . . demands yr/ fortitude virtue and wisdom

11338 to remove anything that may appear to awe or intimidate

11339 late attack flagrant and formal

11340 on the constitution itself

11341 and the immunities of our charters

11342 Unnecessary to repeat our known sentiments on the revenue

11343 this 41st section repeals MAGNA

11344 CHARTA the 29th chapter

11345 as follows the words: NO FREEMAN ... to ... by his peers

11346 and the law of the land

11347 Whereon said Lord Coke, speaking of Empson and Dudley,

11348 the end of these two oppressors

11349 shd/ deter others from committing the like

11350 that they bring not in absolute and partial trials by direction

11351 ... by every legal measure, sirs, we recommend you ...

11352 Natural tendency of the legal profession to side with authority

11353 freeholders and other inhabitants (Cambridge 21 Dec. '72

11354 Constitutional

11355 means for redress ... natural rights ... charter right

11356 money extorted from us, appropriated to the augmentation of

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