The cantos of ezra pound [from The Cantos of Ezra Pound (1972)]

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12292 depreciated by the swindling banks, a multitude

12293 of such swindling banks have ruin'd our medium

12294 Their issues are against gold or on nothing.

12295 In '45 as a boy

12296 I heard of the Cape Breton campaign and of

12297 British ingratitude

12298 Injustice of Shirley, of Braddock, of Abercrombie

12299 and of Webb and Lord Loudon especially.

12300 In '59 Pitt, Wolf, Amherst enthused me, but it was short

12301 in '61 came writs of assistance.
[Page 415]
12302 No history of the past 20 years without documents

12303 especially the circular letters to

12304 members of congress, without these libels

12305 no history of these decades '89 to '09

12306 I am totis viribus

12307 against any division. By the North River

12308 or by the Delaware or by the Potomac I am against

12309 any division of the Union by any river

12310 or by any chain of mountains. Independence against

12311 British policy? Independence against french interference,

12312 federal papers hired by England.

12313 When public opinion is rightly informed, as it now is not,

12314 Vergennes said to me: Mr Adams, newspapers govern the world.

12315 Took Matlock, Cannon and Young's constitutions

12316 believing them Franklin's, they,

12317 Beaumarchais and Condorcet, have paid. They did not like mine.

12318 I have said the English Constitution for

12319 a great nation in

12320 Europe.

12321 An alliance with France or England

12322 wd/ put an end to our system of liberty.

12323 Their inexperience, so superficial their reading ...

12324 Merchants wd/ say: the merchants are to do as they please.

12325 without Louisiana no hold on the Mississippi river

12326 westerners wd/ do any thing to obtain free use of that river

12327 they wd/ have united with England or France

12328 to elucidate the meaning of words at that time

12329 and then determine intentions

12330 oligarchy, insatiable gulf, irresistible.

12331 I am a church-going animal

12332 but if I inculcate fidelity to the marriage bed

12333 they will say it is from resentment against General Hamilton.

12334 and I had forgot the story

12335 of the four English girls General Pinckney was to hire

[Page 416]
12336 in England, two for me and two for himself.

12337 The number of licensed houses

12338 was soon reinstated, you may as well preach against rum to

12339 Indians

12340 Little Turtle petitioned me

12341 to prohibit it 'because I had lost 3000 of my children

12342 in his tribe alone in one year.'

12343 Funds and Banks I

12344 never approved I abhorred ever our whole banking system

12345 but an attempt to abolish all funding in the

12346 present state of the world wd/ be as romantic

12347 as any adventure in Oberon or Don Quixote.

12348 [Image]Every bank of discount is downright corruption

12349 taxing the public for private individuals' gain.

12350 and if I say this in my will

12351 the American people wd/ pronounce I died crazy.

12352 their wigwams

12353 where I never failed to be treated with whortle berries

12354 black berries strawberries apples plums peaches etc

12355 for they had planted a number of fruit trees about them

12356 but the girls went out to service and the boys to sea

12357 till none were left there ...

12358 and so will be, believe me, whilever we feel like

12359 colonists

12360 dependent on France or England.

12361 With wood hemp iron, said the Chef d'Escadre

12362 a nation may do what it please.

12363 Taxes laid, war supported. This must be.

12364 Adams writing in Quincy in 1813

12365 Histories are annihilated or interpolated or prohibited ...

12366 our 'pure uncorrupted uncontaminated unadulterated

12367 etc'

12368 Sir Wm. Keith in 1739 proposed such an assembly to the

12369 ministry

[Page 417]
12370 aiming at stamp tax---he being then, I believe, in Fleet prison

12371 His hint was taken in '54 and in '64

12372 No gentlemen of talents has undertaken this history.

12373 Thos McKean

12374 can remember no British friendship

12375 during the years that you indicate

12376 (1600 to 1813)


12378 In the Congress of '74 only Pat Henry

12379 had sense of the precipice whereon

12380 ... and courage to face it

12381 French, english, mongrels

12382 we were divided a third to a third

12383 Persons who saw that with our independence

12384 their salaries (from the Gospel Society of London)

12385 wd/ necessarily cease.

12386 Laws of Charondas, destroyed I presume by spirit of party.

12387 Civic polity ecclesiastical bigotry

12388 destroy everything that cd/ give true light or clear insight

12389 into antiquity ...

12390 aristocratical and democratical fury ...

12391 adopted by Moses, by no means account for the facts

12392 ... entitled acta Sanctorum

12393 whether the prepuce shown at Antwerp be authentic ...

12394 many a kept mistress has dared for her lover

12395 hazards and sufferings as you find in the mission records

12396 or tales of militant glory.

12397 'Will his son save 'em (the fishing rights)

12398 for a second time?'

12399 No confidence in Clay, Gallatin, Russell ...

12400 lake!! we should have command of the ocean!

12401 J. Bull still bellows (July 1814)

12402 I wish France may not still regret Bonaparte

12403 Bull greater tyrant, our treaty of 1783 has not lapsed.

12404 Little intercourse between the separate states. No part of
[Page 418]
12405 my administration so unpopular, even in Marblehead,

12406 as was my fight for the navy

12407 That is to GET a navy.


12410 1800[Image]
12411 I believe no printer in Boston wd/ print 'em.

12412 Adams to L. Lloyd, in 1815)

12413 I do not believe they cd/ get printed even today

12414 in any newspaper in Boston. Circular letters, the lot of 'em

12415 are full of as many lies as the Acta Sanctorum.

12416 Mihites in Pennsylvania. And they believed firmly that

12417 Bonaparte

12418 was the 'instrument' to bring in Milennium

12419 chosen of Providence to put an end to the pope

12420 Jefferson knew them ... all courting him 15 years

12421 My answer was: Col. Lyman

12422 it will be as you say but ruin honester men than the lot of 'em.

12423 Burr folded it with great gravity, saying:

12424 Now I have him all hollow.

12425 (re/ list of Hamilton's delegates)

12426 Walcott persisted for 8%

12427 Did they believe South Americans

12428 were capable of free government?

12429 lucid interval. The Directory had one for that moment

12430 No people in Europe cares anything

12431 about constitutions, 1815, whatsoever

12432 not one of 'em understands or is capable of understanding

12433 any consti-damn-tution whatever

12434 God forbid that our navy

12435 ever be as England's has been a scourge.

12436 No indian's hatchet raised while I was president

[Page 419]
12437 Nor has nature nor has art partitioned the sea into empires

12438 or into counties or knight's fees

12439 on it be no farms ornate or unornate, no parks and no gardens

12440 Fish to us, fisheries, Britain still has navigation rights on

12441 the Mississippi

12442 money or no money, she can never conquer this country.

12443 'They will print anything that will sell.

12444 'Our correspondence is considered a curiosity by both parties'

12445 Adams to Jefferson 1815

12446 but I do not think that it is tampered with

12447 Your letters seem to get here unopened.

12448 Price found 'gloomy predictions' most unwelcome

12449 when Adams said the french revolution wd/ flop

12450 'Give more for Jefferson's letters

12451 than for all the rest in his (Morgan's) volume.'

12452 speeches, restarred inquisition in Spain ...

12453 black white and pied British allies.

12454 fleet to protect Paxton, Birch, Temple.

12455 Credit Otis with a great part of my argument

12456 he showed illegality; toward destroying the charters

12457 Poor soldiers knew not what sent 'em

12458 North called 'em Sam Adams two regiments

12459 enormous wigs that Hutchinson brought here

12460 like fleeces. Believe I had only set

12461 of 'State Trials' in America

12462 ... at State House with my musket and bayonet

12463 under Paddock

12464 even Jesuits popes sorbonnists must have some conscience

12465 so had Sylla, so Marius, and if Hancock had vanity

12466 so had I also, if he riled me, I him

12467 4 large ships between Boston and London

12468 in '55 his uncle left him the business

12469 and this made no change in John Hancock

12470 thousand families in his dependence

[Page 420]
12471 The people elected him and Sam Adams approved their

12472 intelligence

12473 Joseph Hawley, Otis, Sam Adams, Hancock

12474 add Jay, without knowing their actions

12475 you know not what made us our revolution

12476 magis decora poeticis fabulis

12477 Otis wrote on greek prosody

12478 I published what he wrote on the latin

12479 His daughter told me he had burnt all his papers

12480 in melancholia

12481 may be from that swat on the pow

12482 From '74 dates neutrality

12483 I begged Otis to print it (the greek prosody)

12484 He said there were no greek types in America

12485 and if there were, were no typesetters cd/ use 'em.

12486 Otis resigned his post (Advocate General)

12487 and was beaten up by coffee house bandits

12488 in good looking clothes.

12489 Otis against the writs, J. A. versus judiciary,

12490 Defended Preston, defended the soldiers;

12491 Fisheries, peace, nomination of Washington, kept peace with

12492 France 1800. Gold, silver are but commodities

12493 Pity, says Tracy, they ever were stamped save by weight

12494 They are commodities as is wheat or is lumber.

12495 Keep out of Europe

12496 And thus before Charlie Mordecai:

12497 'not free 'em to something worse' and quoted

12498 'consider what substance allow to; what labour extract from

12499 them (slaves) in my interest which will work out to this

12500 If you work 'em up in six years on an average

12501 that most profits the planter'

12502 with comment:

12503 'and is surely very humane IF we estimate

12504 the coalheaver's expectation: two years on an average

12505 and the 50,000 girls on the streets, at three years' of life
[Page 421]
12506 'for the better securing of the plantations' trade

12507 whereas divers acts 7th and 8th William Third

12508 in preamble for Chapter the twenty second

12509 Don't it remind you of alderman Bekford

12510 instructing his overseers

12511 (treat 'em rough) in the West Indies

12512 Adams to William Tudor

12513 1818

12514 24 years before Hobhouse.

12515 'Ignorance of coin, credit and circulation!'

12516 , ,,



12519 , ,


12521 ..

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12522 The enormous tragedy of the dream in the peasant's bent

12523 shoulders

12524 Manes! Manes was tanned and stuffed,

12525 Thus Ben and la Clara a Milano

12526 by the heels at Milano

12527 That maggots shd/ eat dead bullock

12528 DIGONOS, , but the twice crucified

12529 where in history will you find it?

12530 yet say this to the Possum: a bang, not a whimper,

12531 with a bang not with a whimper,

12532 To build the city of Dioce whose terraces are the colour of stars.

12533 The suave eyes, quiet, not scornful,

12534 rain also is of the process.

12535 What you depart from is not the way

12536 and olive tree blown white in the wind

12537 washed in the Kiang and Han

12538 what whiteness will you add to this whiteness,

12539 what candor?

12540 "the great periplum brings in the stars to our shore."

12541 You who have passed the pillars and outward from Herakles

12542 when Lucifer fell in N. Carolina.

12543 if the suave air give way to scirocco

12544 , ? Odysseus

12545 the name of my family.

12546 the wind also is of the process,

12547 sorella la luna

12548 Fear god and the stupidity of the populace,

12549 but a precise definition

12550 transmitted thus Sigismundo

12551 thus Duccio, thus Zuan Bellin, or trastevere with La Sposa

12552 Sponsa Cristi in mosaic till our time / deification of emperors
[Page 426]
12553 but a snotty barbarian ignorant of T'ang history need not deceive

12554 one

12555 nor Charlie Sung's money on loan from anonimo

12556 that is, we suppose Charlie had some

12557 and in India the rate down to 18 per hundred

12558 but the local loan lice provided from imported bankers

12559 so the total interest sweated out of the Indian farmers

12560 rose in Churchillian grandeur

12561 as when, and plus when, he returned to the putrid gold standard

12562 as was about 1925 Oh my England

12563 that free speech without free radio speech is as zero

12564 and but one point needed for Stalin

12565 you need not, i.e. need not take over the means of production;

12566 money to signify work done, inside a system

12567 and measured and wanted

12568 "I have not done unnecessary manual labour"

12569 says the R. C. chaplain's field book

12570 (preparation before confession)

12571 squawky as larks over the death cells

12572 militarism progressing westward

12573 im Westen nichts neues

12574 and the Constitution in jeopardy

12575 and that state of things not very new either

12576 "of sapphire, for this stone giveth sleep"

12577 not words whereto to be faithful

12578 nor deeds that they be resolute

12579 only that bird-hearted equity make timber

12580 and lay hold of the earth

12581 and Rouse found they spoke of Elias

12582 in telling the tales of Odysseus


12584 "I am noman, my name is noman"

12585 but Wanjina is, shall we say, Ouan Jin

12586 or the man with an education

[Page 427]
12587 and whose mouth was removed by his father

12588 because he made too many things

12589 whereby cluttered the bushman's baggage

12590 vide the expedition of Frobenius' pupils about 1938

12591 to Auss'ralia

12592 Ouan Jin spoke and thereby created the named

12593 thereby making clutter

12594 the bane of men moving

12595 and so his mouth was removed

12596 as you will find it removed in his pictures

12597 in principio verbum

12598 paraclete or the verbum perfectum: sinceritas

12599 from the death cells in sight of Mt. Taishan ??? Pisa

12600 as Fujiyama at Gardone

12601 when the cat walked the top bar of the railing

12602 and the water was still on the West side

12603 flowing toward the Villa Catullo

12604 where with sound ever moving

12605 in diminutive poluphloisboios

12606 in the stillness outlasting all wars

12607 "La Donna" said Nicoletti

12608 "la donna,

12609 la donna!"r

12610 "Cosa deve continuare?"

12611 "Se casco" said Bianca Capello

12612 "non casco in ginnocchion"

12613 and with one day's reading a man may have the key in his hands

12614 Lute of Gassir. Hooo Fasa

12615 came a lion-coloured pup bringing fleas

12616 and a bird with white markings, a stepper

12617 under les six potences

12618 Absouldre, que tous nous vueil absoudre

12619 lay there Barabbas and two thieves lay beside him

12620 infantile synthesis in Barabbas

12621 minus Hemingway, minus Antheil, ebullient
[Page 428]
12622 and by name Thos. Wilson

12623 Mr K. said nothing foolish, the whole month nothing foolish:

12624 "if we weren't dumb, we wouldn't be here"

12625 and the Lane gang.

12626 Butterflies, mint and Lesbia's sparrows,

12627 the voiceless with bumm drum and banners,

12628 and the ideogram of the guard roosts

12629 el triste pensier si volge

12630 ad Ussel. A Ventadour

12631 va il consire, el tempo rivolge

12632 and at Limoges the young salesman

12633 bowed with such french politeness "No that is impossible."

12634 I have forgotten which city

12635 But the caverns are less enchanting to the unskilled explorer

12636 than the Urochs as shown on the postals,

12637 we will see those old roads again, question,

12638 possibly

12639 but nothing appears much less likely,

12640 Mme Pujol,

12641 and there was a smell of mint under the tent flaps

12642 especially after the rain

12643 and a white ox on the road toward Pisa

12644 as if facing the tower,

12645 dark sheep in the drill field and on wet days were clouds

12646 in the mountain as if under the guard roosts.

12647 A lizard upheld me

12648 the wild birds wd not eat the white bread

12649 from Mt Taishan to the sunset

12650 From Carrara stone to the tower

12651 and this day the air was made open

12652 for Kuanon of all delights,

12653 Linus, Cletus, Clement

12654 whose prayers,

12655 the great scarab is bowed at the altar

12656 the green light gleams in his shell
[Page 429]
12657 plowed in the sacred field and unwound the silk worms early

12658 in tensile [Image]

12659 in the light of light is the virtù

12660 "sunt lumina" said Erigena Scotus

12661 as of Shun on Mt Taishan

12662 and in the hall of the forebears

12663 as from the beginning of wonders

12664 the paraclete that was present in Yao, the precision

12665 in Shun the compassionate

12666 in Yu the guider of waters

12667 4 giants at the 4 corners

12668 three young men at the door

12669 and they digged a ditch round about me

12670 lest the damp gnaw thru my bones

12671 to redeem Zion with justice

12672 sd/Isaiah. Not out on interest said David rex

12673 the prime s.o.b.

12674 Light tensile immaculata

12675 the sun's cord unspotted

12676 "sunt lumina" said the Oirishman to King Carolus,

12677 "OMNIA,

12678 all things that are are lights"

12679 and they dug him up out of sepulture

12680 soi disantly looking for Manichaeans.

12681 Les Albigeois, a problem of history,

12682 and the fleet at Salamis made with money lent by the state to the

12683 shipwrights

12684 Tempus tacendi, tempus loquendi.

12685 Never inside the country to raise the standard of living

12686 but always abroad to increase the profits of usurers,

12687 dixit Lenin,

12688 and gun sales lead to more gun sales

12689 they do not clutter the market for gunnery

12690 there is no saturation

[Page 430]
12691 Pisa, in the 23rd year of the effort in sight of the tower

12692 and Till was hung yesterday

12693 for murder and rape with trimmings plus Cholkis

12694 plus mythology, thought he was Zeus ram or another one

12695 Hey Snag wots in the bibl'?

12696 wot are the books ov the bible?

12697 Name 'em, don't bullshit ME.

12698 [Image]

12699 a man on whom the sun has gone down

12700 the ewe, he said had such a pretty look in her eyes;

12701 and the nymph of the Hagoromo came to me,

12702 as a corona of angels

12703 one day were clouds banked on Taishan

12704 or in glory of sunset

12705 and tovarish blessed without aim

12706 wept in the rainditch at evening

12707 Sunt lumina

12708 that the drama is wholly subjective

12709 stone knowing the form which the carver imparts it

12710 the stone knows the form

12711 sia Cythera, sia Ixotta, sia in Santa Maria dei Miracoli

12712 where Pietro Romano has fashioned the bases


12714 a man on whom the sun has gone down

12715 nor shall diamond die in the avalanche

12716 be it torn from its setting

12717 first must destroy himself ere others destroy him.

12718 4 times was the city rebuilded, Hooo Fasa

12719 Gassir, Hooo Fasa dell' Italia tradita

12720 now in the mind indestructible, Gassir, Hoooo Fasa,

12721 With the four giants at the four corners

12722 and four gates mid-wall Hooo Fasa

12723 and a terrace the colour of stars

12724 pale as the dawn cloud, la luna

[Page 431]
12725 thin as Demeter's hair

12726 Hooo Fasa, and in a dance the renewal

12727 with two larks in contrappunto

12728 at sunset

12729 ch'intenerisce

12730 a sinistra la Torre

12731 seen thru a pair of breeches.

12732 Che sublia es laissa cader

12733 between NEKUIA where are Alcmene and Tyro

12734 and the Charybdis of action

12735 to the solitude of Mt. Taishan

12736 femina, femina, that wd/ not be dragged into paradise by the hair,

12737 under the gray cliff in periplum

12738 the sun dragging her stars

12739 a man on whom the sun has gone down

12740 and the wind came as hamadryas under the sun-beat

12741 Vai soli

12742 are never alone

12743 amid the slaves learning slavery

12744 and the dull driven back toward the jungle

12745 are never alone

12746 as the light sucks up vapor

12747 and the tides follow Lucina

12748 that had been a hard man in some ways

12749 a day as a thousand years

12750 as the leopard sat by his water dish;

12751 hast killed the urochs and the bison sd/ Bunting

12752 doing six months after that war was over

12753 as pacifist tempted with chicken but declined to approve

12754 of war "Redimiculum Metellorum"

12755 privately printed

12756 to the shame of various critics

12757 nevertheless the state can lend money

12758 and the fleet that went out to Salamis

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