The Highline Tulum

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The Highline Tulum

A new project in Tulum, from the developers of Central Park, promises to deliver a very good return from vacation rentals or second home. With cutting edge architecture, the Highline Tulum is designed for people looking for wide open spaces, common areas that feature green areas, water features, natural stone and wood. Delivery is scheduled for August 2017. As with other new condominium projects, buyers can expect an immediate 10% profit by buying pre-construction.

The Aldea Zama location provides a 15 minute bicycle ride to the beach, downtown Tulum and the archaeological site of Tulum.

A major benefit of this development is a guaranteed ROI from the developer. Their experienced property management team has earned recognition from the most often used vacation rental sites such as, Airbnb SuperHost, and Trip Advisor Travelers Choice winners 5 Stars. As you know, lock-off units (where 1 bedroom and bath has a separate entrance) allows for wider options in the vacation rentals pool.

The Tulum area experiences up to a yearly 65% rental occupancy rate when the unit is priced and marketed well. The yearly return on investment of can be as high as 14% when the buyer selects the right property. In addition to this, real estate has been appreciating about 10% per year and tends to follow the U.S. real estate market’s ups and downs.

Amenities inculde a SPA with massage area, rooftop with infinity pool (the first in Aldea Zama), a coffee lounge, reading area, 24/7 security, access to the Central Park´s GYM, concierge 24/7, luxury finishes with the best materials, central garden with still Water Mirror, private gardens, Jacuzzi, elevator.

The top of the line finishes such as white marble floors, Silestone or granite countertops, sophisticated faucets, tempered glass doors of 9mm, aluminum window frames and air conditioning in all living/bedroom areas are this builder’s signature.

Prices run from $ 125,000 USD to $ 400,000 USD. Discounts are available when a buyer places a 50% down payment. As expected from such a reputable builder, a $5,000.00 USD deposit reserves a unit, and is 100% refundable within 20 days if the buyer chooses not to proceed.

Yüklə 3,45 Kb.

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