The leibbrandt coat of arms

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The above coat of arms was designed with all Leibbrandt's in mind.

(25 November 1991 by State Herald Pretoria in order by Douglas Paul Leibbrandt).

The flaming sword in the center symbolizes the meaning of the name 'The People of the Burning Sword'. The lions are the Bavarian lions, note the left hand one has two tails. The lion above the helm is in honour of the Leibbrandt spelled Luitprand, a Bishop of Cremona(~ 920-972), the lion of Lombardy. To him we owe a history, and the origin of the name, because the King of Lombardy, Luitprand (713-744 A D) probably went into battle with 'a burning sword'. Read the next section on Page ii , the Leibbrandt's.

The motto ' Ingenuitas' is Latin for ingenuity. Most Leibbrandt's seem to have this quality in abundance.
Legally , the owner and his offspring can use the coat of arms. As the legal owner I have no objection to any true Leibbrandt using my coat of arms. A true Leibbrandt is one born with the surname Leibbrandt.
(This document was made 1991 by Douglas Paul Leibbrandt, born in Cape Town, South Africa, 1927)


Page Number.

The Leibbrandt's Coat of Arms. Unnumbered.

Foreword and Layout. i.

The Leibbrandt's . (History) ii - iii

The German Leibbrandt's iva- vii

Leibbrandt's INDEX OF NAMES. viii-xxiv

Distaff INDEX OF NAMES. xxv-xxxv

The South African families, grouped in families. 1 - 32

Individual short histories, opposite page to the family. 2a - 32a

Appendix. A. People untraced and unplaced.

Distaff relation information. Al - A27

Appendix. B. Short Biographies.

Hendrik Carel Vos B1 - B2

John Romaine Addison B2 - B4

Douglas Paul (the author) B5 - B7

GRAPH. To assist identification

Age Gap v. Child Number. B8

Appendix.C. The Walstra- Leibbrandt family. C1

The Spies- Leibbrandt family. C2

Appendix. D. Photographs.

9.2258. Hendrik Carel VOS/SINCLAIR. Dl.. 3

9.2254. Pieter Ulrich/DE VAAL. D2. 3 , 7

9.2255. Johannes (Baasie) /BRESLER. D3. 3.

10.22554. Christoffel Johannes D4. 8.

Daughters of Christoffel. D4a. 8.

10.2253. Johann Sebastiaan *1820 +1842 D5a. 3.

11.225544. John Romaine Addison/WILSON. D5. 9.

Children of John Romaine. D6a - D6 9.

11.241232. John Percival Muller I D7a 14.

TOWNSEND and children. D7. 14.

12.2412322. Douglas Herbert/PATTERSON and children. D8a. 17.

12.2412326. Victor Muller Payne/DAVIES and children. D9a. 17.

13.24123222. Douglas Paul/KRUGER D10a 17.

and family D10. 31.

11.241241 and 11.241244. Johann /Hendrik D11. 13.

10.22927. Charles Gert Jacobus D12. 4 , 6.

12.2291213. Sidney Robey. D13. 26.

10.2258.12.2. William Albert and D14a 18.

10.2258.12.4. Eileen Louise. D14. 18.

10.22587. Pieter Paul Willem Jacob D15a. 9 , 26

His wife Emily ZINN.

11.225873. St Clair Royden and his wife D15a. 32.

Myrtle Dorothy Florence McKAY.

12.2258731. Anthony Errol and his first D15. 32.

wife Myra DONALDSON.

Please read the foreword to assist your search.

Page 1.


Layout. (1). Numbers and numbering system.

Each person is given a number. The first number is the generation after Wolfgang on page 1. The second set of numbers is the 'child number' read from RIGHT to LEFT. For example 12.2526411 Joseph Peter is the 12th generation after Wolfgang, and the first,first,forth,sixth,second, fith,second,CHILD.

There are three 'lines' of Leibbrandt's. The Johann Sebastiaan line with a number **.22****, the Johann Michael line with a number **.24***, and the Johann Conrad line with a number **.25****. Thus the relationship can be seen at a glance at two Leibbrandt's numbers.

(2). The POS NO: relates to the Appendices as well as the above numbering system. Thus BANTJES Eliza Jane PbS.Number BAF 1858 page A25,one would find in Appendix A page A25, with a heading BAF 1858.

Similarly for the other Appendices B, C, D.
Errors and Omissions.

While every effort has been made to find errors, I am sure there are some. My proof reading wife has been a very careful reader, but my errors may be unseen.

Omissions are largely as a result of missing information on death notices and other documents. Word of very unreliable, and dates given are usually approximate. The use of 'C' (meaning circa) notes my estimation of a date. Children are usually two years apart and the graph on page Appendix B8, has been very useful in tracing a father or grandfather.
This is a one name study. The other names are given to assist other researchers.
Some of the names have 'CC' after the name. This is a designation given by the death notice, and refers to the cape coloureds. Note Venters book , chapters 2 and 13.
Photographs were obtained from relatives and the Archives.

The 'German Leibbrandts' research was carried out by a German that can read the old German script, and this is how the third line of Johann Conrads relationship was found.


  1. All Archives and Master of the Supreme Court Records with any reference to a Leibbrandt. Archives , Cape ,Pretoria I Bloemfontein, Pietermaritzburg. Supreme Courts at the above and Grahams-town, Kimberley.

2. Albany Museum and Cory Library Grahamstown.

3. Argief-jaarboek vir Suid Afrikaanse Geskiedenis.

4. Personalia of the Germans at the Cape.Dr J Hoge.

5. Genealogies of old S A Families. De Villiers and Pama.

6. Precis of the Archives of the Cape of Good Hope. Rev. H C V Leibbrandt.

7. Under Lions Head by M.Murray. (A.A.Balkema 1964)

8. The Historians History of the World. Volumes 7 and 9.

9. A Profile of Two Million South Africans. A L. J. Venter.

Page ii

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