The leibbrandt coat of arms

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The German Leibbrandt's.

The number shown in front of the persons name refers to the following. The first number is the generation after Wolfgang , the next number refers to the child , read from right to left.


Auszug aus den Kirchenbüchern der evang. Pfarrei Pfäffingen
Sterberegister 1776:
Joh. Georg Leibbrand

6. 25. Apr. mittags um 11 Uhr starb Johann Georg Leibbrand von Leonberg geburtig, bisheriger herrschaftl. Bestander allhier an emer hizigen Brustkranckheit in emem Alter von 57 Jahr und 2 Tagen, und wurde d.. 27. ejusdem vor ge­haltener Predigt uber Ps. 136.5.6. auf dem innern Friedhof begraben.


Johann Georg Leibbrand, native of Leonberg, a tenant of the manorial estate in Pfaffingen, died on 25 Apr. 1766 at 11 o'clock a.m. in Pfäff ingen by a hot disease of the chest aged 57 years 2 days and was buried on 27 Apr. at the interior cemetery.

Auszug aus den Kirchenbüchern der evang. Pfarrei Leonberg
Eheregister 1745:
Dom. II. III. Iv. p. Trinit. copulirt 12ten October
Johann Georg Leibbrand, Burger u. Baur dahier, weyl. Joh. Georg Leibbrandt Burgers U. Zieglers dahier hin­terlass. ehl. Sohn und Elisabetha Regina, Joh. Michael Bohringers, Burgers u. Stattbotten dahier ehl. Tochter.

The marriage between Johann Georg Leibbrand, farmer at Leon-berg (son of late Johann Georg Leibbrand, brickmaker at Leonberg) and Elisabetha Regina (daughter of Johann Michael Bohringer, city messen­ger at Leonberg) has been performed on 12 Oct. 1745 in Leonberg.

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The German Leibbrandt's continued.

Stadtarchiv Leonberg, Inventuren und Teilungen 22.11.1775 - 29.11.1776

A volume including probate records of the citizen of Leonberg. The pages have a folio numbering (one number for two pages).
Pages 250-388, dated 13 May 1776:


Probate record of Johann Georg Leibbrand, citizen of Leonberg, tenant of the manorial estate at Pfäffingen, district of Tübingen, who has died on 28 April there after a short disease of the chest
Names of the heirs:

1. The widow Anna Maria, assisted by Georg Michael Stocklen, member of the council in Leonberg.

The children of his first marriage with Elisabeth Regina Böhringer:

2. Johann Sebastian, a baker, abroad.

3. Christina Friderica, the wife of Jacob Heigelen in Leonberg.

4. Elisabetha Regina, the wife of Christoph Metzger at the Katzen­bacher Hof farm in the territory of the City of Esslingen.

5. Anna Maria, the wife of Lorenz Kramer, baker at Eltingen.

6. Joseph, a citizen of Leonberg but currently absent, his curator is counselor Weiβ.

7. Conrad, aged 21, a tanner, absent, his curator is Joseph Leibbrand senior, brickmaker at Leonberg.

8. Salome, unmarried, aged 20, her curator is counselor Nick.

9. Michael, a blacksmith assistant, abroad, his curator is surgeon Nick.
The widow was at first married with Michael Müller, miller at the Schweizermühle mill in Eltingen. The following children sprang off from this marriage:

a. Michael Müller, miller at Eltingen.

b. Anna Maria, the widow of Johann Georg Leibbrand junior, tenant at Pfäffingen.
The widow had no children of her second marriage with the deceased.
The proceedings then list the entire estate in detail, i. e. all real estate and movables piece by piece, the debts to pay and the debts to collect. I have not copied this information.
There are several entries whereas Joseph and his mother Anna Maria have been in prison in Tubingen for a while.
Pages 368ff.: the assignment of the share of Conrad Leibbrand. He claims a share of 947 florins and is satisfied by the following items: an eighth of half of a house, yard and barn in the Klostergasse lane, valued 100 fl.; four fields and a meadow; a song book, cloths, bed sheets, linen, brass tools, tin tools, copper and iron tools (all listed in detail), cabinets, barrels and belongings, and household items.
Final remark:

The entire probate record extends over 276 pages and it would be guite time consuming to evaluate the whole thing, but give very good information about Johann Georg Leibhrand and his family. Xerox copies cannot be made because the pages are bound together closely, but it may be possible to take a microfilm of these pages and make reader-printer-re productions.

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7.25 Johann Conrad *1755 +1824

Auszug aus den Kirchenbüchern der evang. Pfarrei E1tingen Taufregister 1755:

Dies et Infantes Parentes Susceptores


d. 10. Cunrad Joh. Georg Leibbrand Sebastian Nick, Burger

Mart. Bestander auff dem in Leonberg, Christina

Seehaus, Friderica, H. Johann

uxor Elisabetha Regina Friderich Dalers, Kel­

lers in Leonberg Toch­

ter, u. Anna Maria,

Sebastian Haffners,

Burgers in Leonberg


Summary: Cunrad was born on 10 Mar 1755 and baptized in Eltingen (now part of Leonberg), a son of Johann Georg Leibbrand, tenant of the Seehaus estate, and of his wife Elisabetha Regine.

8.252 Conrad Friedrich Georg *5.3.1780

Auszug aus den Kirchenbuchern der evang. Pfarrei Leonberg Taufregister 1780:

Mensis et Dies Infantes Parentes Patrini

dies baptismi


5. Merz eodem Cunrad Johann Cunrad Joh. Michael

morg. 7 Uhr Friedrich Leibbrandt Miller, Mül1er

B. und Weis ­auf der Schwei­

gerber zermüh1e

uxor Catharina Jgfr. Louisa

Margaretha geb. Langin, H.

Kepplerin Amptspf legers


Maria Salome


Summary: Cunrad Friedrich was born on 5 Mar. 1780 at 7 o'clock a.m. in Leonberg and baptized the same day, a son of tanner Johann Cunrad Leibbrandt and his wife Catharina Margaretha née Keppler.

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7.25 Johann Conrad Leibbrand *1755 +1824
Tanner and senator (member of the municipal council) of Leonberg1 b. 10 Mar. 1755 in Eltingen, d. 3 Apr. 1824, son of Joh. Georg Leib-brand, tenant at Eltingen, and of Regina nee Böringer,
m. I 20 July 1776
Katharina Margaretha Keppler, b. 11 Oct. 1750, d. 6 Febr. 1819, daughter of rope-maker Christoph Keppler and of Elisabetha née Schol­kopf;
m. II 29 July 1819
Marie Friederike Heinle, widow of Jakob Heinrich Haueisen, b. 2 Nov.

1770 or 1776 in [illegible], daughter of surgeon Philipp Friedrich

Heinle and of Maria Magdalena née Schölkopf.
Children of the first marriage:

1. Christoph Heinrich b. 18 Apr. 1778, lived at Durrmenz, d. 15 Jan. 1825.

2. Conrad Friedrich b. 5 Mar. 1780, lives at the Cape Island.

3. Joseph Michael b. 9 Sep. 1781, married (page 394)

4. Christina Elisabetha b. 13 Jan. or June 1786, m. Sommer (page 585).

5. Katharina Salome b. 17 Mar. 1794, m. 11 Apr. 1815 (p. 588b).

No children of the second marriage.
Source: Prot. parish of Leonberg1 family register vol. II page 3939

7.24 Johann Michael Leibbrand *1749 +1797

Blacksmith in Leonberg, b. 7 Nov. 1749 in Eltingen, d. 3 Dec. 1797, son of Johann Georg Leibbrand and (To. 12 Oct. 1748) Regina Böringer,
m. 23 Sep. 1777
Christina Regina Schaffer, b. 14 Oct. 1754, d. 7 Mar. 1811, daughter of farmer Martin Schaffer and of Anna Maria née Hegel.

1. Johann David b. 7 June 1778, lives at the Cape of Good Hope.

2. Georg Conrad b. 20 Oct. 1780, (1808) is absent without a note for 9 years; (later note) died in Batavia.

3. Elisabeth Christine b. 13 Mar. 1786, d. 27 Dec. 1840 unmarried.

4. Maria Salome b. 15 Feb. 1789, lives at the Cape of Good Hope.

5. Johann Christoph b. 26 Dec. 1793, m. (see page 390).

6. Johann Michael b. 4 May 1797, lives in Amsterdam.
Source: Prot. parish of Leonberg, family register vol. II page 389.

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