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25. Al-Furqan: The Criterion

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

25:1 Blessed is He Who has revealed to His slave the Criterion (of right and wrong), that he may be a warner to the peoples.

25:2 He to Whom belongs the supreme power of the heavens and the earth. He has chosen no son nor has He any partner in the supreme power. He has created everything and has meted out for it a measure.

25:3 Yet they choose beside Him other gods who create nothing but are themselves created, and possess not hurt nor profit for themselves, and possess not death nor life, nor power to raise the dead.

25:4-6 Those who disbelieve say: This is nothing but a lie that he has invented, and other folk have helped him with it, so that they have produced a slander and a lie. And they say: Fables of the men of old which he has had written down so that they are dictated to him morn and evening. Say (to them O Muhammad): He Who knows the secret of the heavens and the earth has revealed it. Lo! He ever is Forgiving, Merciful.

25:7-9 And they say: What ails this Messenger (of God) that he eats food and walks in the markets? Why is not an angel sent down to him, to be a warner with him? Or why is a treasure not thrown down to him, or why has he not a Paradise to eat from? And the evildoers say: You are but following a man bewitched. See how they coin similitude for you, so that they are all- astray and cannot find a road!

25:10 Blessed is He Who, if He wills, will assign you better than (all) that – Gardens underneath which rivers flow – and will assign you mansions.

25:11-14 Nay, but they deny (the coming of) the Hour, and for those who deny (the coming of) the Hour We have prepared a flame. When it sees them from afar, they hear the cracking and the roar thereof. And when they are flung into a narrow place thereof, chained together, they pray for destruction there. Pray not that Day for one destruction, but pray for much destruction.

25:15-16 Say: Is that (punishment) better or the Garden of Immortality which is promised to those who are pious? It will be their reward and journey's end. Therein abiding, they shall have all that they desire. It is for your Lord a promise that must be fulfilled.

25:17-19 And on the Day when He will assemble them and that which they worship instead of God and will say: Was it you who misled these slaves of Mine, or did they (themselves) wander from the way? They will say: Be You glorified! It was not for us to choose any helpers (and protectors) beside You; but You did give them and their fathers ease till they forgot the warning and became lost folk. Thus they will give you the lie regarding what you say, and then you can neither avert (the punishment) nor obtain help. And whoever among you does wrong, We shall make him taste great torment.

25:20 We never sent before you any messengers but lo! They ate food and walked in the markets. And We have appointed some of you a test for others: Will you be patient? And your Lord is ever Seer.

25:21-23 And those who look not for a meeting with Us say: Why are angels not sent down to us and (why) do we not see our Lord? Assuredly they think too highly of themselves and are scornful with great pride. On the Day when they behold the angels, on that Day there will be no good tidings for the guilty; and they will cry: A forbidding ban! And We shall turn to the work that they did and make it scattered motes.

25:24-26 Those who have earned the Garden on that Day will be better in their home and happier in their place of noonday rest; a day when the heaven with the clouds will be rent asunder and the angels will be sent down, a grand descent. The supreme power on that Day will be the true (power) belonging to the Beneficent One, and it will be a hard day for disbelievers.

25:27-29 On the Day when the wrongdoer gnaws his hands, he will say: Ah, would that I had chosen a way together with the Messenger (of God)! Alas for me! Ah, would that I had never taken such a one for a friend! He verily led me astray from the reminder after it had reached me. Satan was ever man's deserter in the hour of need.

25:30-31 And the Messenger says: O my Lord! Lo! My own folk make this Quran of no account. Even so have We appointed to every Prophet an opposition from among the guilty; but God suffices for a Guide and Helper.

25:32-34 And those who disbelieve say: Why is the

Quran not revealed to him all at once? (It is revealed) thus, that We may strengthen your heart therewith; and We have arranged it in right order. And they bring you no similitude but We bring you the Truth (as against it), and better (than their similitude) as argument. Those who will be gathered on their faces to Hell: such are worse in plight and further from the right road.

25:35-37 We verily gave Moses the Scripture and placed with him his brother Aaron as a henchman. Then We said: Go together to the folk who have denied Our revelations. Then We destroyed them, a complete destruction. And Noah's folk, when they denied the Messengers, We drowned them and made of them a sign for people We have prepared a painful punishment for evildoers.

25:38-40 And (the tribes of) Aad and Thamud, and the dwellers in Ar-Rass, and many generations in between. Each (of them) We warned by examples, and each (of them) We brought to utter ruin. And indeed they have passed by the township whereon was rained the fatal rain. Can it be that they have not seen it? Nay, but they hope for no resurrection.

25:41-42 And when they see you (O Muhammad) they treat you only as a jest (saying): Is this he whom God sends as a Messenger? He would have led us far away from our gods if we had not been staunch to them. They will know, when they behold the punishment, who is more astray as to the road.

25:43-44 Have you seen him who chooses for his god his own lust? Would you then be guardian over him? Or deem you that most of them hear or understand? They are but as the cattle – nay, but they are farther astray!

25:45-50 Have you not seen how your Lord has spread the shade – And if He willed He could have made it still – then We have made the sun its pilot; then We withdraw it to Us, a gradual withdrawal? And it is He, Who makes night a covering for you, and sleep repose, and makes day a resurrection. And it is He, Who sends the winds, glad tidings heralding His mercy. And We send down purifying water from the sky. That We may give life thereby to a dead land, and We give many beasts and men that which We have created to drink thereof. And verily We have repeated it among them that they may remember, but most of people begrudge anything except


25:51-52 If We willed, We could raise up a warner in every village. So obey not the disbelievers, but fight hard against them herewith with a great endeavor.

25:53-54 And it is He, Who has given independence to the two seas (though they meet); one palatable, sweet, and the other salty, bitter; and has set a bar and a forbidding ban between them. And it is He Who has created man from water, and has appointed for him kindred by blood and kindred by marriage; for your Lord is ever Powerful.

25:55 Yet they worship instead of God that which can neither benefit them nor hurt them. The disbeliever was ever a partisan against his Lord.

25:56-60 And We have sent you (O Muhammad) only as a bearer of good tidings and a warner. Say: I ask of you no reward for this, except that whoever will may choose a way to his Lord. And trust you in the Living One Who does not die, and hymn His praise. He suffices as the Knower of His bondmen's sins. He Who created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them in six Days, and then He mounted the Throne. The Beneficent! Ask any one informed concerning Him! And when it is said to them: Adore the Beneficent! They say: And what is the Beneficent? Are we to adore whatever you (Muhammad) bid us? And it increases aversion in them.

25:61-62 Blessed be He Who has placed in the heaven mansions of the stars, and has placed therein a great lamp and a moon giving light! And it is He, Who has appointed night and day in succession, for him who desires to remember, or desires thankfulness.

25:63-70 The (faithful) slaves of the Beneficent are they who walk upon the earth modestly, and when the foolish ones address them answer: Peace; and who spend the night before their Lord, prostrate and standing; and who say: Our Lord! Avert from us the punishment of Hell; lo! The punishment thereof is anguish; lo! It is wretched as an abode and station; and those who, when they spend, are neither prodigal nor grudging; and there is ever a firm station between the two; and those who cry not to any other god along with God, nor take the life

which God has forbidden except in (the course of) justice, nor commit adultery – and whoever does this shall pay the penalty; the punishment will be doubled for him on the Day of Resurrection, and he will abide therein disdained forever; except him who repents and believes and does righteous work; as for such, God will change their evil deeds to good deeds. God is ever Forgiving, Merciful.

25:71-76 And whosoever repents and does good, he verily repents toward God with true repentance. And those who will not witness vanity, but when they pass near some evil play or evil talk, pass by with dignity. And those who, when they are reminded of the revelations of their Lord, fall not deaf and blind thereat. And who say: Our Lord! Give us comfort of our wives and of our offspring, and make us patterns for (all) those who are pious. They will be awarded the high place forasmuch as they were patient, and they will meet therein with welcome and the word of peace, abiding there forever. Happy is it as an abode and station!

25:77 Say (O Muhammad to the disbelievers): My Lord would not concern Himself with you but for your prayer. But now you have denied (the Truth), therefore there will be judgment.

26. Ash-Shu`ara: The Poets

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

26:1-2 Ta. Sin. Mim. These are revelations of the Scripture that makes plain.

26:3-6 It may be that you torment yourself (O Muhammad) because they believe not. If We will, We can send down on them from the sky a sign so that their necks would remain bowed before it. Never comes there to them a fresh reminder from the Beneficent One, but they turn away from it. Now they have denied (the Truth); but there will come to them tidings of that whereat they used to scoff.

26:7-9 Have they not seen the earth, how much of every fruitful kind We make to grow therein? Lo! Herein is indeed a sign; yet most of them are not believers. And lo! Your Lord! He is indeed the Mighty, the Merciful.

26:10-14 And when your Lord called Moses, saying: Go to the wrongdoing folk, the folk of Pharaoh. Will they not adopt piety? He said: My Lord! Lo! I fear that they will deny me, and I shall be embarrassed, and my tongue will not speak plainly, therefore send for Aaron (to help me). And they have a crime against me, so I fear that they will kill me.

26:15-17 He said: Nay, verily. So go you twain with Our signs. Lo! We shall be with you, Hearing. And come together to Pharaoh and say: Lo! We bear a message from the Lord of the Worlds (saying): Let the Children of Israel go with us.

26:18-22 (Pharaoh) said (to Moses): Did we not rear you among us as a child? And you did dwell many years of your life among us, and you did that your deed that you did, and you were one of the ingrates. He said: I did it then, when I was of those who are astray. Then I fled from you when I feared you, and my Lord has given me a command and appointed me (of the number) of those sent (by Him). And this is the past favor with which you reproach me: that you have enslaved the Children of Israel.

26:23-27 Pharaoh said: And what is the Lord of the Worlds? (Moses) said: Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, if you had but sure belief. (Pharaoh) said to those around him: Hear you not? He said: Your Lord and the Lord of your fathers. (Pharaoh) said: Lo! Your Messenger who has been sent to you is indeed a madman!

26:28-31 He said: Lord of the east and the west and all that is between them, if you did but understand. (Pharaoh) said: If you choose a god other than me, I assuredly shall place you among the prisoners. He said: Even though I show you something plain? (Pharaoh) said: Produce it then, if you are of the truthful!

26:32-33 Then he flung down his staff and it became a serpent manifest, and he drew forth his hand and lo! It was white to the beholders.

26:34-37 (Pharaoh) said to the chiefs about him: Lo, this is verily a knowing wizard, who would drive you out of your land by his magic. Now what counsel you? They said: Put him off, (him) and his brother, and send into the cities summoners, who shall bring to you every knowing wizard.

26:38-42 So the wizards were gathered together at a set time on a day appointed. And it was said to the people: Are you (also) gathering? (They said): Aye, so that we may follow the wizards if they are the winners. And when the wizards came they said to Pharaoh: Will there surely be a reward for us if we are the winners? He said: Aye, and you will then surely be of those brought near (to me).

26:43-48 Moses said to them: Throw what you are going to throw! Then they threw down their cords and their staves and said: By Pharaoh's might, lo! We verily are the winners. Then Moses threw his staff and lo! It swallowed that which they did falsely show. And the wizards were flung prostrate, crying: We believe in the Lord of the Worlds, the Lord of Moses and Aaron.

26:49 (Pharaoh) said: You put your faith in him before I give you leave. Lo! He doubtless is your chief who taught you magic! But verily you shall come to know. Verily I will cut off your hands and your feet alternately, and verily I will crucify every one of you.

26:50-51 They said: It is no hurt, for lo! To our Lord we shall return. Lo! We ardently hope that our Lord will

forgive us our sins because we are the first of the believers.

26:52-59 And We inspired Moses, saying: Take away My slaves by night, for you will be pursued. Then Pharaoh sent into the cities summoners, (who said): Lo! These indeed are but a little troop, and lo! They are offenders against us. And lo! We are a ready host. Thus did We take them away from gardens and water springs, and treasures and a fair estate. Thus (were those things taken from them) and We caused the Children of Israel to inherit them.

26:60-62 And they overtook them at sunrise. And when the two hosts saw each other, those with Moses said: Lo! We are indeed caught. He said: Nay, verily! For lo! My Lord is with me. He will guide me.

26:63-68 Then We inspired Moses, saying: Smite the sea with your staff. And it parted, and each part was as a mountain vast. Then brought We near the others to that place. And We saved Moses and those with him, every one; We drowned the others. Lo! Herein is indeed a sign, yet most of them are not believers. And lo, Your Lord! He is indeed the Mighty, the Merciful.

26:69-76 Recite to them the story of Abraham: When he said to his father and his folk: What worship you? They said: We worship idols, and are ever devoted to them. He said: Do they hear you when you cry? Or do they benefit or harm you? They said: Nay, but we found our wise fathers acting in this way. He said: See now that which you worship, you and your forefathers!

26:77-82 Lo! They are (all) an enemy to me, except the Lord of the Worlds. Who created me, and He does guide me, and Who feeds me and waters me. And when I get sick, then He heals me, and Who causes me to die, then gives me life (again), and Who, I ardently hope, will forgive me my sin on the Day of Judgment.

26:83-87 My Lord! Give me wisdom and unite me to the righteous. And give to me a good report in later generations. And place me among the inheritors of the Garden of Delight, and forgive my father. Lo! He is of those who err. And abase me not on the Day when they are raised.

26:88 The Day when wealth and sons avail not (any man),

26:89-95 Except him who brings to God a whole heart. And the Garden will be brought near for those who are pious. And Hell will appear plainly to the erring. And it will be said to them: Where is (all) that you used to worship instead of God? Can they help you or help themselves? Then they will be hurled therein, they and the seducers, and the hosts of Iblis, together.

26:96-102 And they will say, when they are quarrelling therein: By God, of a truth we were in error manifest when we made you equal with the Lord of the Worlds. It was but the guilty who misled us. Now we have neither intercessors nor any loving friend. Oh, that we had another turn (on earth), that we might be of the believers!

26:103-104 Lo! Herein is indeed a sign, yet most of them are not believers! And lo, Your Lord! He is indeed the Mighty, the Merciful. 26:105-110 Noah's folk denied the Messengers (of God), when their brother Noah said to them: Will you not fear (God)? Lo! I am a faithful Messenger to you, so fear God, and obey me. And I ask of you no wage thereof, for; my wage is the concern only of the Lord of the Worlds. So fear God, and obey me.

26:111-115 They said: Shall we put faith in you, when the lowest (of the people) follow you? He said: And what knowledge have I of what they may have been doing (in the past)? Lo! Their reckoning is my Lord's concern, if you but knew; and I am not (here) to repulse believers. I am only a plain warner.

26:116-118 They said: If you cease not, O Noah, you will surely be among those stoned (to death). He said: My Lord! Lo! My own folk deny me. Therefore judge You between us, a (conclusive) judgment, and save me and those believers who are with me.

26:119-122 And We saved him and those with him in the laden ship. Then afterward We drowned the others. Lo! Herein is indeed a sign, yet most of them are not believers. And lo, your Lord, He is indeed the Mighty, the Merciful.

26:123-135 (The tribe of) Aad denied the Messengers (of God), when their brother Hud said to them: Will you not fear (God)? Lo! I am a faithful Messenger to you, so fear God and obey me. And I ask of you no wage thereof, for; my wage is the concern only of the Lord of the Worlds. Build you on every high place a monument for vain delight? And seek you out strongholds that perhaps you may last forever? And if you seize by force, seize you as tyrants? Rather fear God, and obey me. Fear Him Who has aided you with (the good things) that you know, has aided you with cattle and sons. And gardens and water springs. Lo! I fear for you the retribution of an Awful Day.

26:136-138 They said: It is all one to us whether you preach or are not of those who preach; this is but a fable of the men of old, and we shall not be punished.

26:139-140 And they denied him; therefore We destroyed them. Lo! Herein is indeed a sign, yet most of them are not believers. And lo! Your Lord, He is indeed the Mighty, the Merciful.

26:141-152 (The tribe of) Thamud denied the Messengers (of God) when their brother Salih said to them: Will you not fear (God)? Lo! I am a faithful Messenger to you, so fear God and obey me. And I ask of you no wage thereof, for; my wage is the concern only of the Lord of the Worlds. Will you be left secure in that which is here before us, in gardens and water springs, and tilled fields and heavy sheathed palm trees, though you hew out dwellings in the mountain, being skilful? Therefore fear God and obey me, and obey not the command of the prodigal, who spread corruption in the earth, and reform not.

26:153-154 They said: You are but one of the bewitched; you are but a mortal like us. So bring some sign if you are of the truthful.

26:155-159 He said: (Behold) this she camel. She has the right to drink (at the well), and you have the right to drink, (each) on an appointed day. And touch her not with ill, lest there come on you the retribution of an Awful Day. But they hamstrung her, and then were penitent. So the retribution came on them. Lo! Herein is indeed a sign, yet most of them are not believers. And lo! Your Lord! He is indeed the Mighty, the Merciful.

26:160-166 The folk of Lot denied the Messengers (of God) when their brother Lot said to them: Will you not fear (God)? Lo! I am a faithful Messenger to you, so fear God and obey me. And I ask of you no wage thereof, for; my wage is the concern only of the Lord of the Worlds. What! Of all creatures do you come to the males, and leave the wives your Lord created for you? Nay, but you are transgressing folk.

26:167 They said: If you cease not, O Lot, you will soon be of the outcast.

26:168-175 He said: I am in truth of those who hate your conduct. My Lord! Save me and my household from what they do. So We saved him and his household, every one, except an old woman among those who stayed behind. Then afterward We destroyed the others. And We rained on them a rain. And dreadful is the rain of those who have been warned. Lo! Herein is indeed a sign, yet most of them are not believers. And lo! Your Lord, He is indeed the Mighty, the Merciful.

26:176-184 The dwellers in the wood (of Midian) denied the Messengers (of God) when Shueyb said to them: Will you not fear (God)? Lo! I am a faithful Messenger to you, so fear God and obey me. And I ask of you no wage for it; my wage is the concern only of the Lord of the Worlds. Give full measure, and be not of those who give less (than the due). And weigh with the true balance. Wrong not people in their goods, and do not commit evil, making mischief, in the earth. And keep your duty to Him Who created you and the generations of the men of old.

26:185-187 They said: You are but one of the bewitched; you are but a mortal like us, and lo! We deem you of the liars. Then make fragments of the heaven fall upon us, if you are of the truthful.

26:188-191 He said: My Lord is Best Aware of what you do. But they denied him, so there came on them the retribution of the Day of Gloom. Lo! It was the retribution of an Awful Day. Lo! Herein is indeed a sign; yet most of them are not believers. And lo! Your Lord! He is indeed the Mighty, the Merciful.

26:192-195 And lo! It is a revelation of the Lord of the Worlds, which the True Spirit has brought down upon your heart that you may be (one) of the warners, in plain Arabic speech.

26:196-200 And lo, it is in the Scriptures of the men of old. Is it not a sign for them that the scholars of the Children of Israel know it? And if We had revealed it to one of any other nation than the Arabs, and he had read it to them, they would not have believed in it. Thus do We make it traverse the hearts of the guilty.

26:201-207 They will not believe in it till they behold the painful punishment, so that it will come upon them suddenly, when they perceive not. Then they will say: Are we to be reprieved? Would they (now) hasten on Our punishment? Have you then seen, We content them for (long) years, and then comes that which they were promised, (how) that wherewith they were contented nothing avails them?

26:208-213 And We destroyed no township but it had its warners as a reminder, for We never were oppressors. The satans did not bring it down. It is not appropriate for them, nor is it in their power, lo! Verily they are banished from the hearing. Therefore invoke not with God another god, lest you be one of the punished.

26:214-217 And warn your tribe of near kindred, and lower your wing (in kindness) to those believers who follow you. And if they (your kinsfolk) disobey you, say: Lo! I am innocent of what they do. And put your trust in the Mighty, the Merciful.

26:218-220 Who sees you when you stand up (to pray) and (sees) your abasement among those who fall prostrate (in worship). Lo! He, only He, is the Hearer, the Knower.

26:221-227 Shall I inform you upon whom the satans descend? They descend on every sinful, false one. They listen eagerly, but most of them are liars. As for poets, the erring ones follow them. Have you not seen how they stray in every valley, and how they say that which they do not? Except those who believe and do good works, and remember God much, and vindicate themselves after they have been wronged. Those who do wrong will come to know by what a (great) reverse they will be overturned!

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