The Sultan of the Friends of Allah, Ahmet er-Rıfa’i The follower of the way of the prophets, Ahmet er-Rıfa’i

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The Sultan of the Friends of Allah, Ahmet er-Rıfa’i

The follower of the way of the prophets, Ahmet er-Rıfa’i

I am committed to the word I have given

I am the solution to all the world’s problems

To the unbelievers, I am faith

Ahmed er-Rıfa’i

Be with me with loyalty

Cry in the morning

We’ll catch up to you everywhere

Ahmed er-Rıfa’i
It is my path

The path is the source of my pleasure

It is my sanctuary

Ahmed er-Rıfa’i

The Sultan of the Friends of Allah


I love you from inside my soul

I have a path that is inside erkân
The Law, the Path are the roads for those who want to arrive

Reality and the station of knowing are deeper than those

Solomon knew the language of the birds, they say

There is a Solomon inside Solomon (the subtle body)

Don’t ask of me, I am not me

There is an I in me that is inside me

My strength is cut, my knees are without strength

There is a path that is far above religion

I have burned so much that the words of Yunus have turned to ashes

There is a servant at the door inside of the Sultan

Erkân: the way to bring Allah’s orders into being

I Love You from Inside My Soul


Welcome to the High Ruler, welcome!

Welcome to the Source (the mine) of knowledge, welcome
Welcome to the Prophet Muhammed

Welcome to Ali!

Welcome to those of the lineage of the Prophet

Welcome to the beautiful friends of the Prophet who have found peace!

Welcome to the Twelve Imams!

Welcome to the father of the two flags

Welcome to all of them from Hilkat

With this merhaba we have found this rising to Allah

Mustafa: chosen

Mürteza: one with whom Allah is content

Mücteba: those who follow the way of the Prophet

Father of the two flags: Ahmed er-Rıfa'i, who was descended from the Prophet on both sides, and Kutub, or Pole, twice

Hilkati: the pen-name of the author



Oh, Messenger of God

Oh, Beloved of God

Oh, Prophet

Oh, Intercessor of Allah

Blessings be upon him, Muhammed

Inner peace and blessings

May my life be sacrificed for your road

His name is beautiful and he is beautiful, Muhammed

Come intercede for your unworthy servant

His name is beautiful and he is beautiful, Muhammed
Those who are believers have much suffering to endure

In the next world will come pleasure and comfort

The Mustafa of eighteen thousand worlds,

His name is beautiful and he is beautiful, Muhammed

Yunus says, what would I do with the universe without you?

You are the Truth, Prophet, without second thought or doubt

Those who do not believe in you will migrate without faith

His name is beautiful and he is beautiful, Muhammed

Mustafa: chosen

May My Life Be Sacrificed


Hu Allah, la ilahe illa ‘llah

La ilahe illa ‘llah 3x

With your ashk let lovers burn

Burning up, ya Resul’allah

Drinking wine of love

Quenching, ya Resul’allah
All those who love you

Will give their heads to your road

The Sun of the two worlds

Are you, ya Resul’allah

For the ones who love you

You intercede

For the ones who believe

You are life, ya Resul’allah

Aşik Yunus’ own soul

Knows of your intercession

Sultan of creation

Are you, ya Resul’allah

Ashk: eternal love

Resulallah: the Prophet Muhammed, Messenger of Allah

With Your Ashk Let Lovers Burn


You cannot become a dervish

You can’t find your way to Hak

Hu Mevla Hu Mevla

Give your Ashk to us Mevla

The dervish chest should be made of stone

The dervish eyes should be full of tears

Dervishes should be gentler than sheep

If you don’t arrive to rightness

If you don’t rise to your Murshid

If Hak doesn’t make it your way
To aggression be without hand

To the curser be without tongue

The dervish must be without desire
Dervish Yunus, come right now

Dive into the ocean now

If you don’t dive into the ocean

Hak: Truth

Mevla: Lord

Ashk: endless love

Murshid: spiritual teacher

The Dervish Chest Should Be Made of Stone


I have come from the everlasting land

What would I do with this world here that dies?

I have reveled in the face of the Friend

Why would I need houris from Paradise?
I have sipped out of the Beloved’s hand

The wine of Oneness with its mysteries

I am so full of the scent of the Friend,

Why would I need the sweet basil's fragrance?

I have abandoned the world, like Jesus

So I journey far and wide through skies

Having seen the Divine Face, like Moses

What does it mean to me to be sightless?

Like Ishmael, I am to sacrifice

My life and soul for God’s truth and justice

I have surrendered myself to Thy hands

Why would I need a ram to sacrifice?

Union with that Beloved of his

Gives Yunus the lover his ecstasies

I have smashed the bottle against the stones

What would I do with honor and prudence?

I Have Come from the Everlasting Place


Eyvallah, my Shah, eyvallah

Hak la ilahe illa ‘llah

Eyvallah, my Pir, eyvallah

Ah adı gűzel, gűzel Shah
Our Pir came to us today

With his roses fresh he came

His Kamber in front of him

Ali el Murteza just came

Ali is our Shah we know

Our Kaaba and our Kiblah, too

And Muhammed in miraj

His is our Shah of all Shahs

My Pir sees between the lines

As he reads from black and white

Separated from my Pir

I have been one thousand years

They made us fall out and drift

Rubbed salt in our wounds as well

From Fasli a servant came

They sold him in the marketplace

They sold him in the marketplace

From Gűlistan his sweet voice came

Hazreti Muhammed’s seal

Was hidden in the Lion’s veil

Pir: founding saint of a sufi order

Kamber: the servant of Hazreti Ali

Shah: king

Kaaba: the place of worship first built by Prophet Abraham

Kiblah: the direction that all Muslims must turn for worship; the human heart

Miraj: ascension

Our Pir Came to Us Today


Come, come, let us burn

For the fire of Love

Let us stoke the flames

In the fire of Love
Love-tamed ones don’t die

Don’t rot in the ground

The one who doesn’t burn

Can’t know the fire of Love

Those who give their beings

Will attain their nothingness

I am burned, Erenler

In the fire of Love

Seyyid Nesimi

Left behind formality

Cause to burn this body

In the fire of Love

Come, Come, Let Us Burn


Is my life all gone

Am I just a ruin

Have I spent my mind

Gone around the bend?
I take wing and fly

Turning round and round

Burning up my pride

Am I a moth in flight?

My eyes are full of tears

My knees shake and bend

I’m following Your road

Am I a drunken soul?

Aşki gives his life

If he does, so what?

Ashk’’s arrow’s on the bow

Am I a violin?

Is My Life All Gone?



In Rum and Acem (in the east and in the west), I am in love with you

From the land of Yemen, Veysel Kerâni

The lover of Allah called Veysel Kerâni his soul-mate

From the land of Yemen, Veysel Kerâni

Born of his mother, the angels attended his birth

Because he came from the Divine Light (Nur),

He received the mantle of the Prophet, which symbolizes spiritual


He was first among the saints, the Erenler

In a vision, the Prophet tied a belt around his waist,

meaning, You are of my descendants.

(If you grab hold of Erenler’s road tightly, listen to no one;

Knowledge will come to you.)
He says, let us arrive as well. Where will we arrive?

Let us become more in ashk with his Ashk. Let us live in his Ashk.

To stroke our faces in the dust of his feet is to ask Allah to receive

the knowledge that he received.

Where is this dust?

It is on the Path.

Let us be one with our neighbors.

From the land of Yemen, Veysel Kerâni

Veysel Kerâni greatly desired to travel to Medina from Yemen to meet the Prophet Muhammed, peace and blessings be upon him, but his old mother wanted him to stay home and take care of her. She gave him permission to go on the condition that as soon as he got to the Prophet’s house, he would turn around and come right back without going any place else. The Prophet happened to be out when he arrived. He was obedient to the promise he had made to his mother and never did meet the Prophet. For his love for the Prophet and his filial piety, his spiritual station was elevated. He received his initiation into sainthood in a purely spiritual way, without a face-to-face meeting. When a sufi receives, by the grace of God, a spiritual initiation without contact with a shaykh, he is said to be an “uwaysi.”

Veysel Kerâni


My words never stop

They say, “Allah, Allah”

The life force in my body

Say, “Allah, Allah”
Say Allah, my love

In hardship, at all times

The hunger for the Beauty

Says, “Allah, Allah”

Don’t be, Kuddusi,

Following all you see

The lovers of the Truth

Say, “Allah, Allah”

My Words Never Stop


One night as I lay down in my journey

“Do not sleep,” says to me Mevla, Sultan Enbiya

“Don’t lie down,” says to me Mevla, Sultan Enbiya

What I see, is it a dream, or is it illusion?

“Do not sleep,” says to me Mevla, Sultan Enbiya

“Never lie down,” says to me Mevla, Sultan Enbiya
Red and green banderole, emblem made of Nur

Without proof you can’t go. Allah!

The roads are very dangerous.

My proof is the Quran, my Pir is Rıfa’i

“Rise, don’t sleep,” says to me Mevla, Sultan Enbiya

“Never lie down,” says to me Mevla, Sultan Enbiya

Is it Yunus who says, “The world is just a lie?”

Don’t depend on your belongings

They are only plunder

For the lover, in the dawn, sleeping in forbidden

“Do not sleep,” says to me Mevla, Sultan Enbiya

“Never lie down,” says to me Mevla, Sultan Enbiya

One Night as I Lay Down


Roses and hyacinths

Nightingales singing

Hearts that are burning

Longing for Mevla
Hearts that are destitute

Are moaning with your ashk

These hearts, gone crazy

Longing for Mevla

Hu, say the seeking hearts

Lovers within this life

Those burning with your ashk

Longing for Mevla

Just like a turning moth,

Watch where I’m flying

Drunk on the Lover

Longing for Mevla

Give me your hand

I bow to you

My heart, while burning,

Longing for Mevla

Zikr does zakir

Shukur does shakir

Ashki, this fakir,

Longing for Mevla

Roses and Hyacinths


In the dawn time of the morning

I saw Ali, I saw Ali

Rubbed my face against his knee

I saw Ali, I saw Ali 3x

Rubbed my face against his knee

I saw Ali, I saw Ali 2x
I saw Ali in an oak tree

Forty candles in a bottle burning

In seven climates and four corners

I saw Ali, I saw Ali

In seven climates and four corners

I saw Ali, I saw Ali

In the Dawn Time of the Morning


The sohbets of Erenler

Are not always to be had

Those who come with decisive will

Won’t be stranded without hand
Hak la ilahe illa ‘llah

Muhammed Resul’allah

Much shukur, elhamdulillah

Nur Muhammed salallah

Decisive will is what one needs

To open the eyes and to see the Face

With these stones to a jeweler you go

The thankless ones will never know
Set a pitcher by the spout

Of a fountain flowing strong

If it sits there forty year

By itself it never fills

Űmmi Sinan showed the way

What he said is true today

For the dervish is the road

More important than the robe

Sohbet: inspired spiritual discourse

Erenler: those who have attained the highest level of spirituality

The Sohbets of Erenler


Offerings are ready, gülbenk has been said

From the sleep of heedlessness, I have awakened

Four doors have been opened, banners have been raised

Whirling, turning I have come, to be in this meydan
On the threshold of the Pir I have laid my head

They opened the door and let me in, where I shed my tears

On the path of Erenler, see how I struggle on

I have come to lay my life down as a kurban

The opening of our path is the Twelve Imams

My murshid is Muhammed Ahmed-i Muhtar

My rehber is Ali, Sahib Zülfikar

Your humble servant Shahiya has come to this divan

To Hünkar Bektash Veli, I've come to this divan

Gülbenk: prayers at the opening and closing of zikr and other occasions, often containing the names of the teachers in the chain of transmission (silsila)

Meydan: the space prepared for the teaching (sohbet) and practices of the community

Erenler: those who have achieved spiritual beauty and beautiful conduct (ahlak)

Murshid, rehber: spiritual guide

Zülfikar: the sword of Ali, an esoteric meaning of which is the tongue

Sahib Zülfikar: master of the Zülfikar

Hünkar: prince

Offerings are Ready


Ya Allah, Ya Allah

Allah, Allah, Allah

With this mind and these thoughts

Mevla cannot be found

What kind of gaping wound is this?

There’s no ointment to be found
For the problems of the world

Are solutions to be found

For this problem here of mine

No solutions can be found

In the marketplace of ashk

Life is bought and life is sold

My life is up for sale

But no buyers can be found

Inside waters wide and deep

I wander thirsty all around

To fill me a body of

Water cannot be found

They say Yunus is dead

They recite salawat

It’s the animal that died

Those in ashk never die

Mevla: Lord

Ashk: endless love

Salawat: A prayer that the blessings and peace of Allah be bestowed upon the Prophet

Muhammed and his family

With This Mind


Oh Friend, Oh Friend

Oh Friend, Friend!

Let us form our circle and go round and round

Oh, me Let’s not lament, moan in regret

Let’s invoke Allah

La ilahe illa ‘llah

La ilahe illa ‘llah

La ilahe illa ‘llah Hu

Let us perform the rites of the faithful

The moth is our guide; follow it around

To burn in the flames of Love once and for all

Days pass and nights pass; their flow is unceasing

Your life, your one asset, will soon be gone

Look how nightingales all shriek in distress

Bloom, O rosebud, it’s late in the season

Oh traveler, heed what I have to say:

The caravan moves on, you should not stay.

Joseph, loveliest of all here on Earth

Conquered the heart and soared to Allah today.

Let Us Perform the Rites of the Faithful


For the remedy for their suffering

Let them come

Those who want the Beloved for their life

Let them come
We abandon this life,

We attain the Beloved

The ones who wish union with Rahman

Let them come

Our school

Is the school of the Esmas

Those who wish enlightenment for their knowledge,

Let them come

We have crossed the seven levels

Of the highest Heavens

Those who wish to journey beyond the Last Boundary,

Let them come

As sacrifice,

Offer your life, Sami

Those who wish an edict to their command,

Let them come

Last Boundary: the farthest tree beyond which the Archangel Gabriel could not guide the Prophet Muhammed during his ascension through the seven levels to the presence of Allah.

Esma: one of the beautiful attributes or names of Allah

For the Remedy for Their Suffering


I held a mirror up to my face

I saw Ali look back at me

I took a look at my true being

I saw Ali look back at me
Father Adam, Mother Eve

With the knowledge of the Names

And the constant sema whirling

I saw Ali look back at me

Hazreti Nuh Nejiullah

And Ibrahim Halilullah

In Sinai Kelimullah

I saw Ali look back at me

Isa, Ruhullah is he

In both worlds the ruler is he

For the believers salvation is he

I saw Ali look back at me

I Held a Mirror up to My Face

li: the exalted one, the cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammed

Sema: the movement of the heavens

Hazreti: saint

Nuh: Noah

Nejiullah: one who finds salvation from Allah, the deliverer who leads to salvation

Ibrahim: Abraham

Halilullah: one who is befriended by Allah

Kelimullah: the word of Allah; one who converses with Allah

Isa: Jesus

Ruhullah: the spirit of Allah

Evvel, Ahir: The First, The Last

Batin, Zahir: The Hidden One, the Manifest One

Tayyip: the beautifully fragranced one; one of the names of the Prophet Muhammed

Jan: life force

Janan: enlightened life

Din: religion

Iman: faith

Rahim: the all-Beneficent One

Rahman: the All-Merciful One.

Ali Evvel Ali Ahir

Ali Batin Ali Zahir

Ali Tayyip Ali Tahir

I saw Ali look back at me
Ali is jan Ali, janan

Ali is din Ali, Iman

Ali Rahim Ali, Rahman

I saw Ali look back at me

Hilmi Gedayi, your servant

My eyes see, and my tongue says

Everywhere that my gaze reached

I saw Ali look back at me


I watched and got burned by your beauty

Laying swaddled in light, Oh Muhammed

You are the life force of my life, Oh Muhammed

Your scent resembles the Rose of Paradise

Laying swaddled in light, Oh Muhammed

You are the life force of my life, Oh Muhammed
Kevser lips, I don’t know what they say

With his whole heart he does the zikr of Allah

Even when he was a child his people listened to him

Laying swaddled in light, Oh Muhammed

You are the life force of my life, Oh Muhammed
I know he is the server of the two worlds

The beloved of Allah, his last Prophet

He is the Sun and the Moon of the Earth and the Sky

Laying swaddled in light, Oh Muhammed

You are the life force of my life, Oh Muhammed
Fehmi says, there is life force in our life

We have the Prophet of the end of time

We have remedy for the suffering hearts

Laying swaddled in light, Oh Muhammed

You are the life force of my life, Oh Muhammed

Kevser (Kauthar) abundance (Quran 108), the fountain of Paradise seen by the Prophet in his miraj (ascension, heavenly journey)

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