The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy: How the New World Order, Man-Made Diseases, and Zombie Banks Are Destroying America


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Andrew Gavin Marshall on listening to people who have

been nothing but wrong:

http :/Avww.g I ο ba I res e arc h. c a/i η d ex. ρ hp ?

context=va& aid-15501


An Unfettered News Media

Research on mass media including the internet: http ://u Iraq as unmitigated disaster: news_lz1 e3madsen.html Firms with Pentagon contracts:

http :/Avww.usatod ay .com/news/washing ton/2005-12-13-


Wayne Madsen on independent reporting:

http :/Avww.s i g no ns a nd i eg ο. co m/u ni ο ntri b/20060303/

news_lz1 e3madsen.html

Larry Siems and PEN court challenge to FISA

Amendments Act:

s i e m s/why-we re-ch al I en g i η g-th e_b_242843. htm I

Principles for an unfettered and free press:

http :/Avww.n e wswatc h. i n/n ews ρ ae d i a/3 9 5

Phil Donahue on support for journalists:

s ub sti tute -for-fre e-and-unfettered-news-gathering/ Coalition:

http :/Avww.sto

Robert McChesney on I. F. Stone and new Internet


Back-to-Basics Education

Mark Taylor on the essence of education: Mark Taylor e- mail to author, October7, 2009


Jon Reiderand the NCHE:

http:/ Isabel Shaw and Kelley Hayden:

http ://school prep/41108.html

Hal Young on colleges pursing homeschoolers:

homeschoolers-self-d i sci pli ne-work-ethi c-and -morals-


Chris Klicka on missing out on crime:


Online education grows with homeschooling:

Matthew Ladner on alternatives to traditional public


http :/Avww.o archives/september-2009-volume-16-number-9/? module-perspectives id-2321

Caring for Health

Dr. Len Saputo on disease care: Len Saputo, MD, with Byron Belitsos, A Return to Healing: Radical Health Care Reform and the Future of Medicine (San Rafael, CA: Origin Press, 2009), p. xxv

Saputo on allowing natural processes to take charge: Ibid. Dr. Saputo on the integral-health medicine of the future: Ibid., p. 242

National Health Interview Survey:

http :/ _health_medicine_biofeedback.html Dr. Oliver Fein and doctors' letter to candidates: http :/Avww.p η hp. ο rg/n ews/2008/october/doctors_to_candidate.php U.S. life expectancy: factbook/rankorder/2102rank.html U.S. child mortality: fa ctbook/rankord etf2091 rank.html

Single-payer financing as the only way to recapture money: http :/Avww.p John C. Goodman on patient control over their money: http :/Avww.hi year=2009&month=03

Dr. John Geyman on increasing health insurance premiums:


Michel Chossudovsky on overhaul of monetary system:

http :/Avww.g I ο ba I res e arc h. c a/i η d ex. ρ hp ? context=va& aid-12517 William K. Black remedies:

http :/Avww.p htm I Dr. Charles K. Rowley on prosperity and full employment: http :/Avww.teleg S m i th -wo ul d -not-be -o pti m i sti c -i n-to d ay s-e co η om i c- worid.html

Audit the Fed

The ambiguity must cease:

http :/Avww.m

Three courses for monetary reform:

http :/Avww.m _for_moneta ry_refo rm. htm I

Walter Burien on CAFRs: http^/cafrl .com/

Hens, foxes, and the critical element for success:

http :/Avww.newsmaki,5,00.htm

Corrective measures and cooperation:

http://cafr1 .com/Revolution.html

Bruce Wiseman on congressional control over FSB:

Toby Birch and the Guernsey experience:


BerkShares as local money:

http :/Avww.b /whatare berkshares.htm

Fire Congress

Wright Patman on congressional blame: Rasmussen Reports on low public opinion of Congress: http :/Avww.ra general_business/

september_2009/americans_n ow_vi ew_congress_as_least_respectedJob Representatives have sold us out: http :/Avww.k Uncle Sam posters:

http :/Avww.k to ry- Free_Uncle_Sam_Poster

Get Out of Our House: id=7147953

Three million pink slips to Congress:



Fire Congress website: http :/

De facto term limits on Congress:

http ://fi recong ress .meetup .com/

U.S. term limits:


Billboards on firing Congress:

http :/Λνww.wes


Paul Volcker on controlling both parties:

http :/Avww.g ο ve m me nt-p


Harvey Wasserman on turning from both Republican and Democratic parties:

http :/Λνww.o rt-Two-Ta Ik i ng -wi th- Har-by-Joan-Brunwasser-091006-494.html

Poll Watchers and Paper Ballots

Average voter turnout in other nations:

http :/Avww.n

Ralph Nader on serious undermining effects:

I kl.nader/i ndex.html

Bev Harris on vote-counting secrecy:


Diebold abused copyrights:

http :/Avww.u s ato d ay .c ο m/tec h/te ch i nvestor/e a mi ng s/2004-


Miami Herald editorial:

http :/

Harvey Wasserman on need for paper ballots:

http :/Λνww.o rt-Two-Ta Ik i ng -wi th-


Diebold software decertified in 2009:

http :/Λνww.s

11819-withdrawal-approval033009.pdf; also see

http :/Λνww.s s_vsr. htm

Kim Alexander on worst fears confirmed:


Paper ballot plans fails in the House:


Enforce the Tenth Amendment

Thomas J. DiLorenzo and on federal powers:

http :/Avww.p e rsp e cti ve s .c ο m/fo ru m s/vi e w_to ρ i c. ρ hp ?


Charles Key and a definite follow-up:

http :/Avww.te nth a me nd m entce nte r. co m/2009/09/29/oh i o-


San Francisco Examiner editorial:

http :/Avww.sfexa

States-reassert-sovereig nty-wi th-legislation-59954857.html

Virginia prohibits mandatory federal health care and

Senator Frederick M. Quayle:

http :/Avww.b Michigan solar manufacturing plant: http :/Avww.connectmi d mi chi g .aspx? id=359746

Dow Chemical solar shingles:

http ://

Thirty-six Remedies for a Broken Society

Ron Paul on WTO:

http:/ National Commission on Marihuana: FEAR on assetforfeiture:

Defeat Fascism

Plan to defeat fascism:

fa sc i sm/h ο w-to-d efe at-fa seism/

Chris Martenson's lifestyle change:

http :/Λνww.c bout

Officer challenges Obama's qualifications:

http :/Avww.m


Others challenge Obama: fa=PAGE.view &pageld=90574


One firearm for every adult American: http://injuryprevention.bmj.eom/cgi/content/full/13/1/15 IRS purchasing 12-gauge shotguns: index?


tab-core&_cview-1 &cck-1&au-&ck-

AleksandrSolzhenitsyn on halting the cursed machine:

http :/Avww.l e wro ck we II .c ο m/g a d d y/g a d d y5 3. htm I

Enough weaponry to arm both the Chinese and Indian


b uy s-e η ou g h-g un s -i η -3-m ο nth s-to -outfi t-the -e nti re-c h i η e se -


Gun and Ammo Sales Booming

Obama on belief in Second Amendment:

http :/Λνww.y ο utub e. co m/watch ? v= kB Η kM ADX η Ow

Brad DeSaye and his unprecedented business:

http :/

Roy Eicher on fear of no ammo:




John Woniewski on whether gun and ammo demand would continue: 76288-detroit-gun.html

Sheriff Darren White on his ammo back order: http :/Avww.n e wwe pic/article/ ρ le a s e_s ave_s om e_b υ II ets_fo r_the_co ρ s/C530/L 3 7/ Curtis Shipley and rescinded Pentagon directive: http :/Λνww.c RsrclD=47112


The author would like to gratefully acknowledge the many persons who provided encouragement and support in the writing of this book. In particular, sincere thanks go to Maritha Gan, Thomas Ruffner, and Nick Redfern, as well as to the conscientious editing of Danny Goldstein and Henry Ferris of HarperCollins Publishers, and, of course, my forbearing wife, Carol. Much honor and gratitude also goes to all those in the world who have devoted so much time and energy in the pursuit of truth.

About the Author

Award-winning journalist JIM MARRS is the NewYork Times bestselling author of The Rise of the Fourth Reich, Rule by Secrecy, Alien Agenda, and Crossfire—which served as a basis of the Oliver Stone film JFK. He lives in Texas.

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The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies That Threaten to Take Over America

The Terror Conspiracy: Deception, 9/11, and the Loss of Liberty

Inside Job: Unmasking the 9/11 Conspiracies

Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History That Connects the Trilateral

Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids

Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us

Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy

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