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A DSP based Robust Optimal Servo Motor controller

P. Kettle, A. Murray, Analog Devices, A. Holohan, Dublin City University, USA

Adaptive Control of the Linear Oscillatory Actuator for Artificial Heart

Tomoyuki Honda, Mayumi Hashimotot, Masaya Watada, Susumu Torii, Koh Imachi,

Daiki Ebihara, Musashi Institute of Technology, Japan
A Learning-Based Speed Control of Servomotors with Its Application to VCR

In-Joong Ha, Young-Hoon Kim, Seoul National University, Korea

Camparative analysis of doubly-salient reluctance and permanent-magnet actuators

M.M. Radulescu, C. Martis, K. Biro, T. U. of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

A Novel Electronically-operated Linear Variable-reluctance Actuator

M. York, J.M. Stephenson, A. Hughes, The University of Leeds, U. K.

Tracking control of a two dof robot using disturbance observer

Stefan Dumbrava, Iosif Olah, "Gh. Asachi" T. U. of Iasi, Romania

Switching Flux Permanent Magnet Polyphased Synchronous Machine

Emmanuel Hoang, Hamid Ben Ahmed, Jean Lucidarme, LESiR - ENS de Cachan, France

Optimized control on a two axis - robot by means of Evolution Strategies

R. Richter, W. Hofmann, TU Chemnitz, Germany

Some applications of the ultrasonic microactuators in robotic miniaturization

Mircea Ignat, Research and Development Inst. for Electrical Engineering,

Gheorghe Amza, Politehnical University of Bucharest, Romania
Intelligent Motion: The new challenge for electrical drives

Pacas J.M., University of Siegen, Germany

Session D8a-1 FACTS 1 (Prof. H. Akagi, Okayama Univ., Japan)

Iterative harmonic simulation between a TCR, transformer saturation and the

power system

J. Gonzalez, Univ. de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, J. Arrillaga,

Univ. of Canterbury, New Zealand, J. Cidras, Universidad de Las Palmas de

G.C., Can. Islands Spain

Implementation of a Robust Hƒ Controller for a Unified Power Flow Controller

S.D. Round, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, Q. Yu, L.E. Norum, T.M.

Undeland, Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology, Norway
Analog real-time model of an unified power flow controller

Marcio Magalhães de Oliveir, Äke Ekström, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Application of FACTS Devices for the Maximum Loadability Improvement in

Transmission Lines

S.M. Sadeghzadeh, Laboratoire d'Electrotechnique de Grenoble, France, M.

Ehsan, Sharif University of Technology, Iran, Said N. Hadj, R. Feuillet,

Laboratoire d'Electrotechnique de Grenoble, France
Static Electronic Tap-Changer for fast phase voltage control

Tommy Larsson, ABB Components, Reijo Innanen, Fundia Steel AB, Gunnar

Norström, VB Elnät, Sweden
On using FACTS and power system stabilizers to damp low frequency oscillations

J-C Passelergue, N. Hadjsaid, Y. Besanger, R. Feuillet, INPG - LEG, France

Forced Sharing of dc Capacitor Voltages in a Multi-Level GTO Static Var

Compensator (SVC)

S B Tennakoon, D. Scheidecker, Staffordshire University, United Kingdom
Influence of AC network impedance on the control performance of a VSC

operating at different switching frequencies

Anders Lindberg, Marcio M. de Oliveira, Ying Jiang, Royal Institute of

Technology, Sweden

Multivariable feedback current control of a PWM Voltage Source Converter

connected to an AC system with variable AC network impedance

Anders Lindberg, Marcio M. de Oliveira, Ying Jiang, Royal Institute of

Technology, Sweden

UPFC application to suppress flicker in arc furnace supply system

M. Zouiti, S. Saadate, GREEN - UHP, X. Lombard, P.G. Therond, C. Poumarede,

Electricité de France, France
Validation of power electronic component models for power transmission

system studies

Kjetil Uhlen, Astrid Petterteig, Norwegian Electric Power Research

Institute (EFI), Norway

Session D8a-2 FACTS 2 (K. Uhlen, EFI, Norway)

Pseudo-resonant Compensator for Full Control of Real and Reactive Power

George G. Karady, Pramod Parihar, Arizona State University, USA
Power modulation capability of shunt and series compensators and phase shifters

D.A. Pastos, G.B. Giannakopoulos, N.A. Vovos, University of Patras, Greece

Static VAR compensation for flicker reduction

B. Gollentz, CREEBEL, G. de Preville, J.L. Pouliquen, CEGELEC, France

On the Problem of Reactive Energy Compensation in High-Voltage Electric Networks

P.A. Shavrin, N.E. Kuznetsov, Togliatti Polytechnic Institute, Russia

Solid-state power factor correction using voltage-source inverter

self-controlled DC bus

A.M. Zaki, A.A. Mansour, Electronics Research Institute, O.A. Mahgoub, E.E.

Abu-Elzahab, Cairo University, Egypt

Solid-state control for transformer tap changing

P. Bauer, S. W. de Haan, TU Delft, The Netherlands

Limitation of power control using UPFC controllers

Dionizio Paschoareli Jr., University of Aberdeen, Robert Yacamini,

University of Cork, United Kingdom
Using a PWM modulated Voltage Source Converter for flicker mitigation

Tomas Larsson, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

DSP Control of an Active Power Line Conditioning System

J.M. Carrasco, M. Perales, E. Galván, L. G. Franquelo, Universidad de

Sevilla, Spain
Session D8b HVDC (B. R. Anderson, GEC Alsthom, U.K.)

Thyristor-Converters for Connecting 16 2/3 Hz and 50 Hz AC Systems

N. Christl, H. Huang, Siemens AG, Germany
Interactions between AC and DC transmission systems: modelling for use in

power system studies

B. Delfino, G.B. Denegri, M. Invernizzi, A. Morini, University of Genoa, Italy
Emergency replacement of a 500kV HVDC converter at Sylmar East

P. Fischer, P. Braun, P. Lips, K. Sadek, M. Fahnrich, Siemens AG, Germany

Wednesday 10 September1997
Session D1e: Characterization and Applications

D1e - 1: (P. Lindman, Ericsson Components, Sweden)

Comparative analysis of switching dynamics of punch-through and non

punch-through IGBTs at high temperature

S. Azzopardi, J.-M. Vinassa, C. Zardini, Université Bordeaux 1, France
IGBT modules working at cryogenic temperature

F. Rosenbauer, H. W. Lorenzen, Technische Universität München, Germany

Effect of the Physical Structure on the Recovery Softness of PIN diodes:

Experimental and Numerical Analysis

M. Pasqualetti, M. Portesine, R. Scicolone, B. Zerbinati, Ansaldo

Trasporti, R. Menozzi, A. Bellini, University of Parma, Italy

Series and parallel operating of MCTs

A. Merazga, J.M. Li, D. Lafore, Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Marseille,

Comparison of PT and NPT Cell Concept for 600V IGBT's

R. Siemieniec, M. Netzel, Technical University of Ilmenau, R. Herzer,

Semikron Elektronik GmbH, Germany
Gate-drive requirements and drain-gate feedback in high voltage IGBTs

Y.C. Gerstenmaier, M. Stoisiek, Siemens AG, Germany

An Investigation of the Turn-Off Characteristics of an IGBT Under Short

Circuit Conditions

Patrick W. Wheeler, Chris Newton, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
Switching Balancement Of Series Connected Insulated Gate Devices By Gate

Control Strategy

M. Melito, G. Belverde, A. Galluzzo, S. Musumeci, SGS-Thomson

Microelectronics, Italy

Evaluation of High Power IGBTs for Traction Applications

Martin Hollander, Gunnar Zetterberg, ABB Daimler Benz Transportation Ltd, Sweden

D1e - 2 : (L. Lorenz, Siemens, Germany)

A easy method to estimate switch-off losses in your application

D. Lafore, A. Merazga, J.M. Li, CEGEMA - Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de

Marseille, France

Active Voltage Clamping Techniques for Overvoltage Protection of

MOS-Controlled Power Transistors

Tobias Reimann, R. Krümmer, Technical University of Ilmenau, J. Petzoldt,

University of Rostock, Germany

Application dependent gate trigger requirements of gate turn-off thyristors

F.J. Wakeman, Westcode Semiconductors, M.S. Khanniche, University of Wales,

United Kingdom
An Experimentally Validated Transient Thermal Impedance Model for High

Power Diodes and Thyristors With Transient Junction Temperature Calculation

F. Profumo, A. Tenconi, S. Facelli, Politecnico di Torino, B. Passerini,

International Rectifier Corporation Italiana, Italy

A systematic Approach for Testing Today's Power Semiconductors to Obtain a

Generally Applicable Characterization

Andreas Lindemann, IXYS Semiconductor GmbH, Germany
Evaluation and modelling of the power losses in the horizontal deflection

circuit in televisions - with focus on the semiconductors

Leo Østergaard, Bang & Olufsen A/S, Uffe B. Jensen, Aalborg University, Denmark
Evaluation and Comparison of Energy Loss in Regenerative and Nonlinear

Dissipative Snubbers for Bridge Legs

Xiangnin He, Deng Yan, Zhaoming Qian, Zhejiang University, P.R. China
A New Fault Tolerant Semiconductor Laser Triggering System for Light

Trigger Thyristors

C. O. Nwankpa, George Rost, Robert Fischl, Drexel University, Arye Rosen,

Dean Gilbert, David Sarnoff Research Center, David Richardson, Electric

Power Research Institute, USA
Optimisation of the thermal metal spray process for the manufacture of mass

produced hybrid integrated power electronic converters

J. D. van Wyk, P.A. Janse van Rensburg, Rand Afrikaans University, South Africa
Session D1f: Modelling (Prof. G. Busatto, Univ. of Napoli, Italy)

An Electrothermal Model for DMOS devices in ELDO applied to the simulation

of an integrated H-bridge

O. Schepp, A. Kostka, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany

Modelling the Forward Recovery of the High Power Diode for Circuit Simulation

Rémy Kolessar, Royal Institute of Technology, Bo Danielsson, ABB Power

Systems AB, Sweden
A new model of a mos component compatible with the automatic circuit simulation

Z. Bestaoui, C. Batard, B. Feuvrie, C. Bergmann, IUT de Nantes, France

The Lumped-Charge Buffered Power Diode Model for High Power Applications

Kraig J. Olejniczak, Zia Hossain, University of Arkansas, Eric X. Yang, Vic

A.K. Temple, Harris Semiconductor, Cliff L. Ma, Analogy Inc., USA
Analysis of abnormal behavior region for orthogonal-core type parametric


Katsubumi Tajima, Masayuki Mikami, Akio Kaga, Osamu Ichinokura, Akita

University, Japan

An Automatic Parameter Extraction Technique for an Improved PiN Diode

Circuit Model

Antonio Strollo, Ettore Napoli, University of Naples, Luigi Fratelli,

Giuseppe Giannini, Ansaldo Trasporti, Italy

High Critical Temperature Superconducting Switches for Power Electronics


L. Garcia-Tabarés, I. Iglesias, A. Ramos, CEDEX, P. Abramian, Ciemat, R.

Navarro, ICMA, X. Obradors, ICMAB, Spain

An Accurate Circuit Model for Coreless PCB-based transformers

S. Y. R. Hui, H. Chung, S. C. Tang, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Analytical Model for Dynamic Avalanche Breakdown in Power Devices

L. Göhler, Universität der Bundeswehr München, J. Sigg, Siemens AG, Germany

General Approach to Thermal Simulation of Modern Smart Power Electronic Devices

M. Furmanczyk, A. Szajfler, A. Napieralski, Technical University of Lódz, Poland

The IGBT model optimised for the circuit analysis and design

Witold Pawelski, Andrzej Napieralski, Technical University of Lodz, Poland

Thermal measurement and hysteresis modeling of ferrite core losses under


T. Werner, M. Esguerra, Siemens Matsushita Components, Germany
PSPICE model for high voltage IGBTs

Giovanni Busatto, A. Polverino, Università di Napoli “Federico II", L.

Fratelli, G. Giannini, Ansaldo Trasporti, Italy
Electrothermal simulation of fast switching integrated power elctronic circuits

P. Vales, J.M. Dorkel, Ph. Leturcq, LAAS, France

On-State Electrothermal Modelling of Large Area Power Components and

Multichip Power Modules

K. Bellil, P. Tounsi, J.-M. Dorkel, Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture

des Syst. du CNRS, Ph. Leturcq, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées

de Toulouse, France
Session D2a: Multilevel and matrix converters (Prof. B. Davat, GREEN,

Nancy, France)

Three-Phase Three-Level Voltage-Source Converters Coupled with Harmonic

Canceling Interphase Reactors

Kuniomi Oguchi, Naoya Nakajima, Takahiko Sano, Ibaraki University, Japan
Stability Analysis of Multilevel Converters with Imbricated Cells

J.L. Duarte, P.J.M. Julicher, L.J.J. Offringa, W.D.H. v. Groningen,

Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Five Level Laboratory VAr Compensator With Separated Floating DC Voltages

Tonny W. Rasmussen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

A New Current Control Scheme for a 3-Level Inverter Using Neural Networks

J.Y. Choi, I. Choy, J.H. Song, Korea Institute of Science & Technology,

H.W. Lee, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd, Korea
Control strategy for multilevel converter applied for electric power system

Noriyuki Kimura, Akira Matsumoto, Toshimitsu Morizane, Katsunori Taniguchi,

Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan
Serial connection: soft switching a way to reduce parasitic overcurrents

N. Lapassat, D. Chatroux, Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique, D. Lafore,

Switch-Effective Control Strategy for Matrix Converters

Ake Christensson, ABB Corporate Research, Sweden

A Matrix Converter switching controller for low losses operation without

snubber circuits

J-J Huselstein, R. Cittadini, C. Glaize, Université Montpellier II, France
Multilevel inverter: a formal approach to the modulation design

A. Monti, M. Lazzaroni, F. Tognato, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

A 3kW unit-power-factor multilevel rectifier based on a double-boost converter

Patrick Bartholomeus, Philippe Le Moigne, Ecole Centrale de Lille, France

Single- and three-phase multilevel converters for traction systems 50Hz/16

2/3 Hz

N. Schibli, A.-Ch. Rufer, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland
A new approach in multilevel power conversion

Mario Marchesoni, Università di Genova, A. Damiano, Università degli Studi

di Cagliari, M. Fracchia, Università degli Studi di Genova, I. Marongiu,

Università degli Studi di Cagliari, Italy

Session D2b: Power converters (Prof. J. W. Kolar, T. U. Vienna, Austria)

Thyristor power supplies for plasma technology

Teolan Tomson, Estonian Energy Research Institute , Estonia, Aruy Marotta,

Heinz Hoppe de Souza, Ins. de Fisika "Gleb Wataghin", Brazil

An Improved Three-Phase Diode Rectifier for Reducing AC Line Current Harmonics

Shigeo Masukawa, Shoji Iida, Tokyo Denki University, Japan

Optimizing switching losses of pulse-controlled inverters observing

EMC-guidelines by combining intelligent vector-modulator with individual

relief circuits

Olaf Scheuer, B. Orlik, University of Bremen, Germany

DC Link Currents in Bidirectional Power Converters with Coordinated Pulse


L. Sack, University of Erlangen, Germany
VSS control of unity power factor boost rectifier

Karel Jezernik, University of Maribor, Slovenia

The space vector control of the PWM-Rectifier using U/f references

Jaakko Ollila, Tampere University of Technology, Finland

A current-source PWM-rectifier with reactive power control

Mika Salo, Heikki Tuusa, Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Comparison of state of the art Gate Drive Techniques for High Side Switch

I. Zverev, University of Rostock, S. Konrad, V. Schilling, Technical

University of Ilmenau, J. Petzoldt, University of Rostock, Germany
Analysis of Phase-Shift Controlled AC-AC Converters Based on Switching

Vector Theory

J. Kyyrä, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
The energy efficient defence circuits of the commuter train converters

S.I. Volsky, P. V. Butenko, E.A. Lomonova, Moscow State Aviation Institute,

Russia, A.B. Uan-Zo-li, Virginia Tech, USA
A new forward converter using non-dissipative snubber

João B. Vieira Jr., Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, J. A. Corrêa Pinto,

Escola Técnica Federal do Pará - ETFPA, A. A. Pereira, V. J. Farias, L. C.

de Freitas, Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, Brasil

Watercooled GTO Compact Converter

Heinrich Baumann, Johannes Scholten, Manfred Zengerle, ABB Daimler-Benz

Transportation GmbH, Germany
An optimised energy recovery snubber circuit for switching power converters

Diana Izvorska, Joe Leisten, University of Teesside, United Kingdom, Petrov

Roumen, Swichtec Power Systems Ltd, New Zealand
Electronic crowbar design for high voltage distribution transformer

P. Bauer, TU Delft, The Netherlands

A Novel Direct Frequency Converter Structure Controlled by a Cooperative

Predictive Algorithm

Eduardo P Wiechman, Rolando P Burgos, Universidad de Concepcion, Jose R.

Rodriguez, Universidad Santa Maria, Chile

High power (1 MVA - 1000 V - 1000 A) soft switching PWM IGBT converter

Cazabat S., Gonzalez J., Alcatel Alsthom Recherche, Critchley R., Cegelec,

Forest F., Melhem W., LESIR, Pouliquen H., EDF, France
Session D2c: Resonance applications (Prof. Y. Cheron, LEEI/ENSEEIHT, France)

Improvement of the power factor of dimmers using high frequency zero

current switching

G. Schröder, K.-J. Lux, B.H. Yu, University of Siegen, Germany

Novel zero current switching high frequency inverter applied for an

induction heating system in emission control

Yoshihiro Hatanaka, Suzuki Masaki, Sekiya Yoshiaki, Tokyo University of

Mercantile Marine, Japan

Applications of Soft Switching High Frequency Inverter for reduction of NOx

Y. Sekiya, Y. Hatanaka, Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine, Japan

Design of a LCC resonant inverter for high-frequency lamp ballast resonant

current controlled with high power factor

F. Ferrero, M. Rico, A. Marcos, C. Blanco, E. Corominas, A. Calleja, Universidad de Oviedo, Spain
Self-adjusting resonant converters and application by high power electrical

ARC furnaces

Kuno Janson, Jaan Järvik, Tallinn Technical University, Estonia
Soft switching inverter power source for arc welding

Hubert Mecke, Wolfgang Fischer, Frank Werther, Otto-von-Guericke-University

Magdeburg, Germany
A Novel Auxiliary Resonant Commutated Pole Inverter Topology with Zero

Current Turn-off Switching

Min-Hong Kim, Samsung Motors Inc., Dong-Seok Hyun, Hanyang University, Korea
IGBT Half-Bridge Inverter for Induction Heating Applications with Active

Auxiliary Resonant Circuit

Jin-Woo Jung, LG Electronic Inc., Byoung-Kuk Lee, Bum-Seok Suh, Dong-Seok

Hyun, Hanyang University, Korea

Series capacitor compensated load-resonant inverters with PWM-related PFM

control scheme soft-switching for induction heating

Mutsuo Nakaoka, Yamaguchi National University, Satosi Nagai, Tsuyama

National College of Technology, Naoya Baba, Yasuhiro Arai, Yamaguchi

National University, Japan
Soft-Switched PWM High-Frequency Load-Resonant Inverter with Power Factor

Correction for Induction-Heating Cooking Appliance

S. P. Wang, M. Nakaoka, Yamguchi National University, K. Izaki, H. Omori,

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd, Japan

A Novel Resonant DC Link Bidirectional Three Phase PWM Converter for

Battery Energy Storage System

E. Hiraki, M. Kurokawa, M. Nakaoka, Yamaguchi University, Japan
Digital predicitive current control of quasi resonant DC link inverter fed

asynchronous motors

Aldo Perfetto, Università di Napoli “Federico II", C. Attaianese,

Università di Cassino, S. Meo, Università di Napoli "Federico II", Italy

Session D2d: Resonance 1 ( Prof. H. Foch, LEEI/ENSEEIHT, France)

A Control Analysis and Closed-Loop Design for Serie-Parallel Resonant Converter

T. Planas, SUPELEC, J. Laeuffer, General Electric Medical System-Europe, E.

Godoy, B. Lorcet, D. Sadarnac, SUPELEC, France

FPGA based Control of an ARCP-Inverter without Additional Sensors

L. Sack, H.G. Eckel, K. Rascher, University of Erlangen, Germany

A generalized sliding mode controller for half-wave quantum resonant converters

Miguel Castilla, L. Garcia de Vicuña, Mariano Lopez, Universidad

Politecnica de Cataluña-UPC, Spain
A full-bridge SR-PWM DC-DC converter operating at reduced conduction and

commutation loss using phase-shift control

J.B. Vieira Jr., J.C. da Silva e Sousa, A.A. Pereira, V.J. Farias, L.C. de

Freitas, Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, Brazil

A High-Power-Factor Buck Converter with Soft-Switching Operation

Katsunori Taniguchi, Y. Nakaya, T. Morizane, N. Kimura, Osaka Institute of

Technology, Japan
Thermal Failures on a 2kW-100kHz IGBT-based DC-DC Resonant

Dario D'Amore, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

IGBT series resonant AC-DC converters with improved power factor

Sam Ben-Yaakov, Gregory Ivensky, Ilya Zeltser, Arkadiy Kats, Ben Gurion

University of the Negev, Israel
Reliable method used to size a multiresonant LCCL type converter

B. Dakyo, F. Lafitte, L. Protin, Université du Havre, France

Evaluation of resonant converters for increased softswitching range
Roy Nilsen, Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Terje Melaa, Tom

F. Nestli, ABB Corporate Research, Norway, Per Ranstad, ABB Fläkt AB,

Session D2e: Resonance 2 (Odd Roar Schmidt, Powec, Norway)

An asymmetrical reactor type zero current switching DC-DC converter with

constant frequency voltage control

Masaki Suzuki, Yoshihiro Hatanaka, Sachio Kubota, Tokyo University of

Mercantile Marine, Japan
Direct three-phase “low frequency" to single phase “high frequency"

converter with sinusoidal line currents

Florent Andrianoelison, Cyril Pouet, Darius Dedecius, LARGE, France
A series resonant DC/DC converter operating in ZVS mode from maximum power

to no load

Florent Andrianoelison, Darius Dedecius, LARGE, Yvon Cheron, LEEI, France
Design Improvement and Experimental Characterization of the Full Bridge ZVS

Converter With Secondary Clamped Inductor

João Beirante, Beatriz V. Borges, Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal, Stanimir Valtchev, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Fixed frequency full bridge DC-DC PWM-resonant converter with reduced

switching losses

Nuno Filip Pereira, Beatriz V Borges, Victor Anunciada, Instituto de

Telecomunicações, Portugal

A New Isolated Flyback Converter that Uses the Leakage Inductance of the

Transformer to Achieve Fully Soft-Switching

Henry Chung, S. Y. R. Hui, W.H. Wang, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
A lossless commutation PWM boost converter with unity power factor operation

L.C. de Freitas, R. Tóffano Jr., A.A. Pereira, J.C. de Oliveira, V. J.

Farias, J. B. Vieira Jr., Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, Brazil
Application of the AC link in power conversion systems

Antoni Bogdan, Tadeusz Citko, Bialystok Technical University, Poland

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