University High School Boosters Meeting Minutes

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University High School Boosters

Meeting Minutes

Sept. 2, 2014


  • Greet and refreshments

  • Welcome/Call to order

  • Introduction of officers and officer reports

    • Minutes (8/14 Board Meeting)

    • VP (Tom Dulee)

      • Pillars program

      • Resource needs

    • President (Rod Bray)

      • Purpose of Boosters and 2015 goals

      • Registration recap

  • Administration report (Andrea Markert)

  • Old Business

  • New Business

  • Committee reports

  • Adjourn


Call to order/Roll call

Rod Bray called the meeting to order at 6:33.

Officer Reports

President Rod Bray

  • Introduced Boosters officers

  • Purpose of Boosters and 2015 goals

  • Introduced 2014/2015 school improvement effort


Tom Dulee (shared by Rod Bray)

  • Thanks to all who helped at registration and especially those who entered the information for the volunteers.

  • Ty Thomas is working on website space and has tentatively agreed to hire on as need to help as we move forward with the technology. (He may have a report out) but we are considering a new template for look and ease of use.

  • Fundraising:

    • Tupperware fundraiser is complete; $732.18 raised. ENDS TONIGHT.

    • Fundraising team meeting Monday 7 p.m. at Panera (North) to divide up tasks and move forward for year.

    • Planning Jockey (women’s clothing) fundraiser for next Month. Jennifer Trevarthan is the host. Will have sample items at next meeting.

    • Working with Dr. Fitz for Pioneer Palooza idea. Bringing in an alumni or two who are recording artists, add school talent and make a fundraising night out of it. Hopefully offsite. Need admin approval before moving forward with details. Just in discussion stage.


Susan Rink

  • August board meeting minutes can be accessed on the UHS Booster website.

  • Minutes are available on the Boosters website each month

  • Be sure to register on the sign in sheet

Treasurer Doug Gillam

  • Explained the difference between grants, matching funds (eligible once every 3 years up to $500)

  • Foundation account – Donations of over $14,000 at registration; 12 donations at the Pillar level

  • See report below

Administration Report (Andrea Markert)

  • There are 160 students in the freshman class from 24 junior high schools (we’re FULL!)

  • Excited about the spirit demonstrated at football games

  • Lounge

    • Update on floor, pillars, paint, furniture

    • There will be a TV for each class. Students are responsible for raising funds (coordinated through Student Senate)

  • “Pit” door hallway

    • Will display all of the plaques/awards

    • Pioneer Hall of Pride? Let Andrea know if you have an idea for the name.

    • Need money for rugs

    • Each school group will get a canvas to decorate and hang in the trey ceiling area

    • Getting ideas for Senior mural

  • Four new teachers

  • Standards based grading on TeacherEase

  • Open House tomorrow night – bring your student’s schedule

  • Homecoming weekend is Sept. 26 – 27

    • Alumni assembly on Friday

    • Alumni tent before football game

    • Seeing creative ideas for asking someone to homecoming!

  • Participating in Celebrate My Drive beginning Oct. 15

    • Top vote getters get $$ (10% goes to drivers ed program, students get to weigh in on how to spend some)

    • Take the safe driving commitment

    • Voting lasts for 10 days (anyone over 14 years old can vote everyday)

    • Planning all out media blitz

Old Business

  • None

New Business

  • New grant request (Faculty pre-screens requests to be sure they are complete and appropriate)

    • Grant request – Kate Rodriguez

    • IHSA is expanding number of competition mats from 7 to 9. Need two additional mats for practice.

    • Organization has done fundraising to cover their planned expenses (including new uniforms), but this is an unexpected expense.

    • Total cost for the mats is $1,424. Requesting a grant for half ($712).

    • Request approved - moved by Jane Lyman; seconded by Tracy Patkunas

Committee Reports

After-Prom Beth Dulee

  • Event hosted by parents of juniors

  • This year’s theme, #ITSALLABOUTU

  • 25 committee members will meet about once a month

  • Recruiting junior parents

  • $10,000 budget + fundraising


Beth Adams

  • The Marching Band completed a week long band camp in the beginning of August preparing for their show, “Magical Mystery Show,” this fall. The show is based on the music of the Beatles.  

  • Played in the first home football game on 8/29 and will play in the remaining four.

  • Marched in the Labor Day parade on 9/1/14.

  • Four competitions this year - at IWU, ISU, EIU, and U of I.

  • The Band would like Boosters approval to purchase and sell Marching Band window clings to parents and band members. It will be a minimal fundraiser. We have had requests for them.  (see Wendy Smith)


Kari Hamm

Coordinates volunteer chaperones




Denise Castillo


Tammy Baker

  • Working with new tool/process/forms

  • May need help running reports

  • Electronic distribution of directory again this year

Faculty/Staff Appreciation

J. Trevarthan

  • “The Best Committee”

  • Provide a meal for faculty and staff every month

  • Volunteers will be contacted through e-mail and can sign up using the SignUp Genius link


Cory Roop/Tom Dulee

  • Fundraising meeting Monday night at Panera (north location)

  • See the calendar of opportunities on the U-High Boosters website


Denise Castillo

  • Open house tomorrow at 6:30

  • Still need a few volunteers to serve


Denise Castillo



Parent Support Network


Promotions Michelle Wittman

Purpose: To promote University High School through the sale of clothing and other merchandise.  We are not out to make a big profit for Boosters, nor do we stock merchandise that is sport specific. 

  • Trying not to carry as much inventory this year

  • About $5,600 in sales at registration

  • Fall orders should be in in about 1 ½ - 2 weeks

  • Will have stock available at football games, online (fall, holiday and spring), and some items for the open house tomorrow night.

  • Looking for ideas and volunteers


Jane Lyman/Kristi Bozann?

  • First Gold Rush Raffle has been held

  • Collected about $11,000

  • Donors who purchased a set of five tickets received a custom mug with a U-High crest

  • 96 mugs distributed at a cost of $9.03 each


Andy Wittman

  • New committee that will recognize the accomplishments of U-High students, faculty and staff

  • Determine what to recognize and how

  • Volunteers should watch for a meeting invitation




Andy Mosele


Tracy Patkunas

  • Scheduled for Friday, Sept. 26 before the homecoming football game

  • Avanti’s providing the food

  • Need helpers 4:30 – 7:30


Motion to adjourn by Beth Adams; seconded by Kate Rodriguez; meeting adjourned at 7:38.

Next meeting

Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014, at 6:30 p.m. in the U-High library.


Rod Bray, Doug Gillam, Susan Rink, Andrea Markert, Kate Rodriguez, Michelle Houchin, Jennifer Trevarthan, Katie Adams, Chuck Fudge, Cheri Kuhn, Ursula Mussey, Mary Walker, Kia Blythe, Lynn Litwiller, Carrie Phillips, Ed Voegele, Mike Orgler, Sarah Ray, Milissa Smith, Stacie Croff, Renee A. Ruffin-Brewer, Lee Brewer, Joe Alexander, Jocelyn Aldridge, Sylvia Browning, Kelly Stogner, Phil Johnson, Tina Griesbaum, Tracy Patkunas, Lisa Heptinstall, Susan Kullman, Jane Lyman, Janine Rodriguez, Laura Amble, Shelly Spain, Janet Tulley, Sarah Curtis, Jodie Slothower, Karen O‘Shea, Kirk Noraian, Chris Bray, Heidi Weis, Tammy Baker, Andy Wittman, Beth Adams, Cory Roop, Jerri Palumbo, Joe Palumbo

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