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How to Win the Spirit Stick

By Caleb Moore The week of Homecoming was “Spirit Week” where high school grades nine through twelve compete all week for the Spirit Stick. The Spirit Stick is the epitome of High School


There is a point system estab-

lished to determine who wins the

Spirit Stick each year. First off,

first place winners for the Dress

Up days win six points. Second

place earn four, third place earns

two, while fourth place earns no


For the Powder Puff game,

first place winners gain ten points

to their total score, and second

place gains five points. The same

scoring was used for the Iron

Man Volleyball game.

Whoever has the most people

in their grade attend the vol-

leyball game on Paint the Gym

Purple night attains ten points.

Second place gains eight points,

third place scores six points, and

last place obtains four points.

Then on Friday, whatever

grade wins the relay secures ten

points, while second place earns

eight points, and third place wins

six points.

This year the seniors came

out on top with a total of 73

points. Congrats, senior class

and Wildcats, on a great spirit

week. Go Wildcats.

Homecoming Queen Candidates and their escorts pictured left to right: Courtney Kernich escorted by Mitchell Bumgardner, Haley Kolster escorted by Nick DeVries, Jill Niehaus escored by Jake Bennett, Caitlyn Fields escorted by Bryce Parish, Abigail Labonte escorted by Joey Stephens, Kylee Gansmann escorted by Andrew Jones, Madison Fuller escorted by Ethan Swenson, Kelsey Nowell escorted by Justin Osmoe, Alison Brannam escorted by Doug Miller, Brianna Henke escorted by Kyle Heflin and Madison Bollman escorted by Nick Lawless. MOHS Homecoming!
By Kelsey Nowell On Friday September 17, MOHS celebrated the annual homecoming football game. Prior to the game, the homecoming parade was held starting at the City Park and then traveling down West Main. The parade featured MOHS and MOJHS band, high school class floats and queen candidates for both homecoming and prom. The junior class took the first place prize for their class float, with the theme of “Your Mom Called, You Left Your Game at Home.” The freshmen float theme was, “We have 2020 Vision.” The sophomore

float theme was, “Victory is Sweet!” and the senior float theme was, “Hay! How ‘Bout a Win!”

The prom court was also included in the parade. The prom king and queen candidates are, Jonny Darrah and Jill Baum, Roger Conlee

and Olivia Estell, Joey Baum and Chelsey Gorsich, Nick DeVries and Rachel Kernich, Caden Monke and Hannah Korunka, Bryce

Parish and Elizabeth Ivey, Joey Stephens and Whitley Pfeiffer, Zach Tooley and Mia Ross.

Homecoming Queen Candidates were also featured in the parade. The candidates were as follows: Representing Alton/ Marquette,

Madison Bollman escorted by Nick Lawless; Representing Bunker Hill, Alison Brannam escorted by Douglas Miller; Representing

Kincaid, Caitlyn Fields escorted by Bryce Parish; Representing Marshall, Madison Fuller escorted by Ethan Swenson; Representing

Metro East Lutheran, Kylee Gansmann escorted by Andrew Jones; Representing Mt. Olive, Hayley Kolster escorted by Nick DeVries.

Representing Nokomis, Brianna Henke escorted by Kyle Heflin; Representing Pawnee, Courtney Kernich escorted by Mitchell

Bumgardner; Representing Prairie State Conf., Abigail Labonte escorted by Joey Stephens; Representing Trenton/Wesclin, Jill Niehaus

escorted by Jake Bennett; Representing Wood River, Kelsey Nowell escorted by Justin Osmoe.

Kylee Gansmann won the honor of Homecoming Queen. The Wildcats topped the night off by beating the Minutemen with a score

of 27 to 6. Congrats to our Wildcats!

Meet Our New Principal

Pictured above a few of the Senior Spirit Stick winners, pictured left to right, back row: Ethan Swenson, Jake Bennett, Mitchell Bumgardner. Front row, left to right: Jill Niehaus, Zoe Murphy, Courtney Kernich and Brianna Henke.

By Whitley Pfeiffer Mr. Baumberger, the former junior high principal, has now moved up to serve as the principal in the high school at Mt. Olive. Mr. Baumberger adapts very well and is understanding of not only the students, but everyone in need. Mr. Baumberger stated, “One of my favorite things about being the principal at this school is being around all the students and seeing what the students interests are.” Mr. Baumberger’s father was a minister, and Mr. Baumberger always saw his father helping others and realized he too wanted to help others. Mr. Baumberger got the opportunity to work with a help group and soon became a P.E. teacher and grew from there. He taught P.E. for seven years at Bunker Hill, coached junior high boys basketball, and also served as an administer in Jerseyville

for one year.

Mr. Baumberger attended college at Lewis and Clark and got

his Associate Degree, he got his Bachelor's Degree at SIUE and

his Master’s Degree at UIS. This being his third year in this school

district, Mr. Baumberger says he likes being a principal here because

he gets the “ability to make a change in the school and students for

the better...Some days are better than others, it can be stressful.”

Throughout the school year Mr. Baumberger says he wants to,

“Build students school spirit, every student to be included and every

student to be accepted.”

Mr. Baumberger also says the most challenging obstacles for

being the school principal are, “Making sure the students stay up to

par and being able to provide the best education for the students.”

Being a new principal can be difficult, but we all have faith in Mr.

Baumberger to guide us on the right path.

Mr. Baumberger, we welcome you to the high school and we

hope you have a great year.

Mr. Winsels

Class Trip
By Whitley Pfeiffer On September 9, 2016, Mr. Winsel took his junior and se- nior shop classes to the Coffeen Power Plant. Mr. Winsel decided to take the class on this trip be- cause the class was talking about energy and the way it works. Mr. Winsel feels the students learned a lot. He stated, “The students learned what a complicated and lengthy process it is to make


Although this is the first year

Mr. Winsel has ever taken his

class on this trip, he stated, “I

hope to go on the trip every year,

but next time, I would like to go

during the winter because it was

very hot.”

Cartoon Conspiracies

By Maddie Bollman

Blink-182 Concert

By Maddie Bollman

On September 11, 2016, the punk rock band Blink-182 preformed

at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Maryland Heights, MO

with opening acts of The All American Rejects, A Day To Remem-

ber and special guest DJ Spider. The show started at seven, but DJ

spider performed at six as fans found their seats. The concert was

a packed house and all the fans stood during the performances,

dancing and singing along with the performers.

Sitting at the concert before it started, I happened to watch the

fans as they found their seats and it was like a throwback to the

1990’s grunge phase, choker necklaces, top knot bun hair styles,

off the shoulder or high neck shirts, and flannel shirts tied around

their waists. It was like stepping into a time machine to the nineties.

The All American Rejects performed first at seven starting with

their song “Dirty Little Secret,” the crowd loved it and sang along

and jumped around. The lead singer, Tyson Ritter, told the fans

after the first song that it was going to be like stepping back in time

the whole night, playing songs from both the 1990’s and the early

2000’s. The setlist for the performance was only seven songs to fill

an hour space, not too many songs for an hour, but they made up for

it by telling jokes about the crowd and talking about a few technical

issues that happened. During one of the songs, “It Ends Tonight,”

the main microphone went out and the crowd sang the whole song

even when the microphone was fixed or he found a working one.

A Day To Remember performed next and their opening song

was called “The Downfall of Us All,” and that electrified the fans.

Around my area of sitting, people were headbanging, jumping all

around, throwing their hands in the air, and screaming the words.

Cartoons are meant to be enjoyed by younger audiences for entertainment, but do they have a secret twist behind them? For the next nine issues I will be exploring the hidden meanings behind some of the most beloved childhood cartoons such as, SpongeBob SquarePants, Pokemon, Rugrats, and many more. This week, I will be talking about SpongeBob SquarePants.

Have you ever questioned why the town is called Bikini Bottom, or how all the characters happen to be inanimate objects that have human characteristics, such as a sponge? The theory behind this is that Bikini Bottom is an actual place, but it’s not called Bikini Bottom, it is called Bikini Atoll. Bikini Atoll is a place in the Marshall Islands where nuclear bomb testing has taken place. Some say that the radioactivity the creatures were exposed to are what brought them to life. Like a sponge, starfish, and squid that all have human -like characteristics. Another observation made when watch- ing SpongeBob SquarePants is that every time there is an explosion it is in the shape of a mushroom cloud, very similar to how the explosions from the nuclear bombs dropped in Bikini Atoll looked like.

Another theory about SpongeBob SquarePants is that all the characters are the seven deadly sins, wrath, sloth, envy, gluttony, greed, pride, and lust. All seven sins connect well with seven well known characters in the show. Starting with the main character SpongeBob, he is said to be lust, but why lust? Lusts actual definition is “excessive love for others,” and SpongeBob shows his love for others all the time throughout the show.

Moving on to his best friend Patrick Star. He is seen as sloth. Patrick is said to represent sloth because of his laziness and unwillingness to act; he is almost always portrayed as sleeping under his rock. Wrath is symbolized by Squidward because of his hatred towards everything, and Mr. Krabs symbolized greed because he only cares about his money. Sandy Cheeks is said to portray pride because of how she shows her love for Texas, and Plankton is said to be envy because of how unsucessful the Chum Bucket is compared to the Krusty Krab.

The last deadly sin is gluttony and it is said to be symbolized by Gary the snail. Gary is gluttony because of how often SpongeBob says he needs to feed him.

After introducing these conspiracies, do you view SpongeBob SquarePants or any of the characters any differently, or can you see the connections? Some things are crazy to think about when you have not thought about them before.

Beyoncé Concert

By Caleb Moore
Beyoncé recently traveled to St. Louis, MO, for her Formation World Tour, and Jill Baum, a Junior of Mt. Olive High, went to see her Saturday, September 10. Her seats were on the upper concourse level, section 116, seats 23-24. Even though she was far from the stage, the acoustics were loud, echoey, and beautiful when each song was sang. The atmosphere was full of love and happiness, “Everybody around me was cheering and enjoying the concert.”

The only low point was waiting for Beyoncé to come on stage

On stage, there were screens that showed different animations to go with each song, and down near the stage, the pit balls and even toilet paper was thrown around. A Day To Remember played a setlist of 11 songs to fill a one hour window, and the performance really amped up the crowed for Blink-182.

After a ten minute intermission, Blink-182 finally made their appearance on stage. Their opening song was “Feeling This” and then the famous “What’s My Age Again?” After the two songs, the lead, Mark Hoppus, mentioned that St. Louis was a much better looking crowd than Indianapolis, IN, where they played the night before. Going on jokingly about the Arch and the ol’ Mississippi River, because what else is there really to see in St. Louis?

Blink-182 played a series of 24 songs, four of them being en- core songs to end the night, six of the songs were from their new album California that was released on July 1, 2016, and 18 songs that were from older albums released in the 1990’s and the early

2000’s. The night was explosive from the fans being ecstatic from the previous performances and carrying on the enthusiasm to when Blink-182 came out on stage.

Secret Starbucks Menu
By Caleb Moore On social media I have seen people order some Starbucks drinks that aren’t on the menu.

There are also websites that have Starbucks secret drink recipes. Here are a few that caught my attention.

I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. I’ve watched all of the movies, in fact. When I saw a Butterbeer Frappuccino recipe, I knew that I was going to get it the next time I went to Starbucks. All you have to do is ask for a Creme Frappuccino for the base (make sure you order whole milk instead of skim milk), then ask for three pumps of caramel syrup and three pumps of toffee nut syrup. To complete the drink, ask for a caramel drizzle on top. Now this is a drink worth trying.

Recently, I have been getting into the Pokémon Go groove, capturing all sorts of Pokémon. Then I saw a Starbucks drink inspired by Pokémon. If you want one as much as I do, then ask for the bottom half of the cup to be Vanilla Frappuccino and the top half to be Strawberry and Creme Frappuccino. Then, ask for strawberry whipped cream to replicate a Pokéball. I’m definitely getting this drink next time I go to Starbucks, and maybe getting this drink will help me catch a Pikachu!

You’ve seen those Instagram Starbucks Pink Drinks floating around the Internet, making you wish you had one. Well, next time you visit Starbucks, order a Strawberry Acai Refresher, made with Coconut Milk instead of water, then add scoops of strawberries, blackberries, or both. Now you can be the next Instagram famous of your friends!

Instagram: A Snapchat Story Copycat?
By Caleb Moore

Instagram recently released

a new update that allows users

to take a picture or video that

only shows for 24 hours, and

then disappears, replicating

Snapchat’s “Story” feature, that

does the same thing. The two

apps’ stories are very similar,

from swiping up to reply, to

seeing who saw your post. Both

apps allow you to draw on your

post and save the photos, even

after you post them.

Although the two are

comparable, there are also a

few differences between the

two. Instagram allows you to

pause the story and even go

back to see previous slides.

Another difference is that

Snapchat allows you to see who

screenshotted your feed, but

Instagram left that element out.

Many people accuse Insta-

gram of copying Snapchat, but

Kevin Systrom, the CEO of

Instagram, says that, “This isn’t

about who invented something.

This is about format, and how

you take it to a network and put

your own spin on it.”

and the highest part of the concert was when Beyoncé sang the songs “One Plus One,” “All Night,” and “Survivor,” but Jill wanted to hear her sing the song “Sandcastle” because it means a lot to her.

The concert lasted three and a half hours, but according to Jill, it could have been longer. She had high expectations for her, but Beyoncé lived up to them. After the concert ended, Jill said that she felt sad because she wanted to go back and see it again, and if Jill had met Beyoncé after the concert, she would have told her how much her music means and inspires her. She would probably even ask to be her backup dancer.

Suicide Squad Movie Review
By Caleb Moore On August 5, a new DC cinema feature, called Suicide Squad, had its debut. This film is inspired by the comic books that included Task Force X, a covert band of villains on death row fronted by the US government, lead by the infamous Amanda Waller. While the comic books included characters like Bronze Tiger, Blockbuster, and Nightshade, the movie kept to some original characters including Deadshot and Boomerang. The most beloved character from the movie is the notorious Harley Quinn. While Harley wasn’t a original character, she did join the publicized New 52 Suicide Squad in


One of the most criticized components of the film was that there

weren’t many scenes involving the Joker.Although there were scenes

of Harley Quinn and the Joker’s past, the movie barely scratched

the surface of the villainous relationship. Margot Robbie, the face

behind the all so flagrant Harley Quinn, said in an interview with

the Collider, “...there’s just so many people to please, and you can’t

ever really make everyone happy.”

While most of the movie was criticized for lacking components,

I personally recommend the movie to any DC comic fan. Though

it did jump around the plot a lot, the film did have great lighting,

cinematography, and emotion. It was a five star movie in my book.
Meet The Cats’ Connection Staff
Editor in Chief: Lisa Haenel

Sports: Mitchell Bumgardner (editor),

Darrian Roberts

School: Whitley Pfeiffer (editor),

Kelsey Nowell

Editorial: Madison Bollman (editor),

Caleb Moore

Town and State: Paige Holland (editor)

Comments or questions about our paper should be directed to Mrs. Haenel at lhaenel@mtoliveschools.org. Thank you for your support.

Three MOHS Cheerleaders pictured left to right: Heaven Schehl, Kaleigh Ziglar and Brooklynne O’Neal.

By Mitchell Bumgardner

Cheerleading season is off to a great start so far. I got the chance

to interview three of the girls and talk about their thoughts.

Brooklynne O’Neal is a junior at MOHS and has been cheering

for about five years. She likes that she is so close with her team-

mates, but she doesn’t like waiting for competition season to start. I

asked her if she considers cheer a sport and she said, “Yes, because

we compete against other teams. Gymnastics is considered a sport

and that’s included in cheer.” Brook thinks that good attitudes will

determine the team's success this year. In the offseason, she goes

to tumbling classes to stay ready for the competitions. Brook does

not plan to cheer in college because, “The college that I am wanting

to be accepted to doesn’t have a competing squad.”

Heaven Schehl is an up and coming star amongst cheerlead-

ers. She is a freshman and has been cheering for four years. She

enjoys tumbling and stunting at practice, but doesn’t like it when

the team doesn’t get along. Heaven considers cheerleading a sport

as well because, “You have to work out and practice like any other

sport.” She believes that in order for their team to be successful,

they need to get along and work together. Heaven works out in the

offseason, and she does plan to take her talents to college whenever

that time comes.

Kaleigh Ziglar is the last cheerleader I had the pleasure of inter-

viewing. She’s a sophomore and has been cheering for five years

now. “One of the things I like most about cheer is how close you

get to your team during each season. I dislike that cheer is over-

looked by many people,” she stated. Kaleigh thinks that negative

attitudes tear their team down, and positive attitudes will help them

rise together. In her eyes cheer is considered a sport because, “It

requires just as much athletic ability and time as any other sport.”

After the season is over she enjoys working out at the local gym,

tumbling, and stretching at home to stay in shape. Kaleigh also

plans to cheer in college.

I asked all of the girls what advice they’d give to someone new

who wanted to try out for the team. They all believe that cheer re-

quires more responsibility, hard work, and time than most people

think, but if you’re confident and committed anything is possible.

Good luck to all the cheerleaders this year!

Cheering on the Cats
By Mitchell Bumgardner I had the pleasure of interviewing the MOHS cheerleading coach, Allison Buzick. I asked her some questions about herself and how

the season is going so far.

Allison has coached the Wildcats for five years now, and has

coached at the Midwest Royals gym in Litchfield for various

tumbling classes as well. The cheer team performed at a St. Louis

Cardinals game over the summer just before the start of school.

Football season has started off and they will be transitioning into

basketball/competition season shortly. Allison also believes that

they’re ahead of last years team’s skill level. The biggest goal this

year for her and her team is to qualify for the ICCA Champion-

ships. They will compete in at least six ICCA competitions, and

in the IHSA sectional where they will be competing to go to state.

In Allison’s eyes the team’s strengths are stunting and they have

clean, tight motions. They are working very hard on improving their

jumps and tumbling as well. In the offseason Allison has the team

take tumbling classes as well as work out to keep up their strength

and endurance.

I asked her if she considers cheerleading a sport and she said,

“I do consider cheer a sport. Gymnastics is a sport and that’s only

one of the many elements which we do in cheer.” Allison doesn’t

have a set number of years that she plans to continue coaching.

She stated, “I have a lot of people who ask if I will just see my

daughter through, which would be five more seasons, and put me at

10 years. I can’t say that will be my end as the MOHS cheer coach

though. I think I will exceed her years here at Mt. Olive. After all,

I’ll still have one in school here, and I started this before I knew

my daughter would even cheer.”

I think Coach Buzick will be around for years to come. I know

she’s definitely made an impact on her athletes. Good luck with

the rest of the season, Coach!

Ties to Kelsey

By Darrian Roberts

We have a connection with

the qualifying Olympian Kelsey

Card.Agraduate from Carlinville

named Hannah Sievers wrote us

saying she was not surprised

at all that Kelsey qualified for

the 2016 US Team. While a

student at Mt. Olive, Hannah

has thrown shot put and discus

against Kelsey since Jr. High

even though Kelsey was a year

older than her.

Kelsey Card is a back-to-

back State Champion in both

events in Jr. High and a four time

State Champion in both of her

throwing events in High School.

much a given that she would compete at the collegiate level and be successful, it was up to her to decide where she wanted to continue.”

Hopefully we will see Kelsey Card back for the 2020 games in Tokyo.

Pictured above: MOHS Golfer, Jeremy Bruch.

By Darrian Roberts Jeremy Bruch is Mount Olive High School’s only golf athlete this year. Being a freshman this is his first year of high school golf, but he has been playing golf for about four years. Jeremy doesn’t really mind being the only person on the golf team this year. He stated,“being the only golf player is nice because you get more individual time with the coach at practices and get to stay at your own speed without rush- ing or waiting for other people.” His practices are usually held after school. Even when they’re not mandatory, he is still trying to improve on his skills at home or at the golf course. He says he is very dedicated and never gets nervous when he’s up against other people because he is very comfortable about what he is


Next year Jeremy plans on

playing golf again but hopes

other people go out for it. Good

luck, Jeremy; we hope you have

a great season.

baseball coach and Social Sciences teacher.

A Fresh Start

By Mitchell Bumgardner This past year was, unfortunately, the last year for Mt. Olive’s former baseball coach, Chris Scoggins, but when one door closes, another opens. I interviewed Mt. Olive’s new baseball coach, Zach Eggering, and asked for his thoughts on how things will play out

this year.

Coach Eggering has coached at Pottsville, Collinsville, and Triad

High school before venturing to Mt. Olive. He has been coaching for

three years now, and has no intentions of stopping until he physically

cannot continue. I asked him for his thoughts on the difficulty of

coaching a new team and he said, “Coaching in general is always

hard. I’m always excited to start something new. I believe that my

players will always do their best and succeed.” As a member of

the team, I can assure him that we will.

In the offseason, he plans to have the team do weight training,

and cardio sessions to stay in pristine condition for game days.

Coach Eggering has three goals for the team: No major injuries,

taking extra bases, and always giving 100%. Coaching any team

is a challenge, and it’s not for everyone. You have to have certain

qualities to be successful. Coach Eggering believes he has what it

takes--patience, faith, and willpower. “You need a lot of patience,

especially when things don’t go your way. You have to have faith

in your team during difficult situations. You have to be willing to

fight for your team.” Those words will go a long way.

Good luck this year, Coach!

Volleyball Coach
By Darrian Roberts Andrea Keller, the Mt. Olive High School volleyball coach, has been coaching for eleven years. Before she started coaching at Mt. Olive she coached at Roxana and Staunton. Keller decided to coach volleyball because it has always been one of her favorite sports growing up and after playing it so long she knew that she

wanted to coach.

Coach Keller is super excited about this year's season. She stated,

“Having every starter back from last year’s team that ended the

season with a record of 21-7. The drive these girls have to succeed

makes this such an exciting season. We are hoping to improve last

year's record and push ourselves to new heights.”

The hardest team Mt. Olive has faced so far is Springfield

Lutheran. She stated, “They always have a very strong volleyball

team with many girls who play volleyball all year long.”

Keller’s goal as a coach is to have her girls improve on their

skills, work hard, learn how to work with their teammates and have

fun. She wants them to strive for excellence and push themselves

to new limits.

Good luck, Lady Wildcats with the rest of the season.
Is it October Yet?

By Maddie Bollman

Dont Breathe

By Maddie Bollman

It’s about that time of year again: Hockey season. Hockey is a Canadian-born sport that has become very popular in many countries, including the United States. The United States has been involved with the National Hockey League with Canada since 1917 with the six original teams, four American teams and two Canadian teams. Today there are currently 30 teams in the league, 23 American teams, and seven Canadian teams. The start of the 2016-17 season is on October 12, the games are as follows: Toronto Maple Leafs at Ottawa Senators, Calgary Flames at Edmonton Oilers, St. Louis Blues at Chicago Blackhawks, and Los Angeles Kings at San Jose Sharks.

The game to watch on October 12 is the first of five games this year between the rivals the St. Louis Blues and the Chicago Blackhawks. Back in April, the Blackhawks fell

Pictured above: Amber

Mix, new student at MOHS.

Thriller movies have had a rise in popularity over the years. Thrillers are meant to give you suspense and make you think throughout the movie. They are sometimes filled with jump scares and parts where you would not have expected anything to happen. One movie that is a must see is the thriller Dont Breathe. Dont Breathe was written by Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues and directed by Fede Alvarez. The film is 1 hour and 28 minutes, rated R (17+), and was released to theaters on August 26, 2016, and has been out for two weeks.

The movie is about three thieves, Rocky, Money, and Alex, who are planning a big robbery of an elderly blind war veteran’s home. They are looking for money that the elderly man had received as a settlement after his only daughter was killed in an accident and the offender was found innocent. The robbers discover a door with a large lock on it, so they

to the Blues in game seven of the first round of the Stanley

figured the money was in there and attempt to unlock the door

Cup Playoffs with a score of 3-2. So, the Blackhawks will be wanting to redeem themselves in the first game of the season. A prediction for this game will be that it will be a typical Blues vs. Blackhawks game, meaning it will be full of hits, fast play, stoppages in play, fights, penalties, disagreements in calls, and, of course, trash talk from both the teams and the fans. The game is expected to be high intensity, so there should not be any dull moments in the game.

Players to watch in the games are forwards Vladimir Tarasenko 91 of the St. Louis Blues, and Patrick Kane 88 of the Chicago Blackhawks. Tarasenko had 40 goals and 34 assists in the regular season of 2015-16 and nine goals and six assists in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Kane had 46 goals and

60 assists in the regular season and one goal and six assists in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Other players to watch are the goaltenders, 34 Jake Allen of the St. Louis Blues and 50 Corey Crawford of the Chicago Blackhawks. Allen started 44 games for the Blues this year, with

26 wins and 15 losses, faced 1,260 shots, had a goals against average of 2.35, and a save percentage of .920 for the season of 2015-16. Crawford started 58 games for the Blackhawks this year, with 35 wins and 18 losses, faced 1,718 shots, had a goals against average of 2.35, and a save percentage of .924 for the season. Both teams have key players to watch from players who can make the goals, to players who can stop the goal. The outcome of the game will be determined by which team wants to play the hardest.

The Wheel of Chores

Meet the

New Student
By Whitley Pfeiffer

Amber Mix, a former student

at Litchfield High School, has

moved to Mt. Olive and is a

sophomore at Mt. Olive High

School. Although she is not

involved in any sports, Amber

stated, “I like this school because

the people are more close knit

here than at my old school.”

Amber also stated, “I mostly like

everything at this school rather

than at my old school.”

Her plans for the future con-

sist of, first, graduating from high

school and then going to college.

Amber is unsure of what college

she wants to go to or what she

wants to do yet, but she wants to

focus on getting good grades and

understanding her school work.

Amber stated, “My favorite class

is probably Algebra II because

I am good at that subject,” and

she says her least favorite class

would be art because it was the

only class available for her to fit

into her new schedule.

Amber, we all welcome you to

Mt. Olive High School and hope

you have a great year.

By Lucas Correira

with a gun. Alex chickens out and leaves the house but after hearing secondary gunshots, goes back to the house and tries to find the others.

After discovering one of them is dead, he finds Money hiding in a closet. She warns him to stay quiet because the elderly man had killed Rocky, and was boarding up the rest of the house so nobody can enter or leave. As Alex and Money are trapped in the house they are trying to find a way out of the house, but the house is like a fun house with locks on the doors with no keys and creaky floorboards, and also them trying to not run into the elderly man, who now has a gun. While trying to escape, they discover a secret that the old man had been hiding from the world. You will have to visit a local theater to discover what the secret is and if Alex and Money escape the house.

The movie is a must see for horror and thriller movie fans. It leaves you at suspenseful moments, has things jumping out for a good jump scare, and has parts that leave you questioning why or how. I myself am a huge horror movie fanatic and in my books the movie receives 5 out of 5 stars. I strongly urge you to spend the eight to ten dollars to see this movie.

New Man in Town
By Paige Holland Let me introduce you to our new Chief of Police, Matt Spaller. Chief Spaller recently joined Mt. Olive’s police department, but he is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. He has been a policeman for 17 years in communities and 3 years in military police. Chief Spaller says even after 17 years of serving as a policeman, he still enjoys every day of it. There are a lot of challenges but that won’t

stop him enjoying his job.

Chief Spaller was a policeman in Maryville for 16 years and

served 6 months as Chief of Worden before Mt. Olive’s position

opened. Chief Spaller was asked what made him join Mt.Olive’s

PD, and his response was, “I have lived here 15 years, met my wife

and moved here. It was a goal of mine to end up a Chief of Police

in Mt. Olive for the end of my career. I enjoy and love it here.”

Chief Spaller was asked what he liked about Mt. Olive. He

stated, “ Mt. Olive is a quintessential small town America; it has

its own personality and charm.” It’s nice to see a Chief of Police

who has some experience and is excited to be working in Mt.Olive.

Welcome, Chief Spaller.

What is the leading cause of divorce in The United States? The answer to that question is housework. Well that’s what I’m assuming; I don’t really have the time to look that up. But, even if it isn’t I still have a solution to this marriage killer in the form of The Wheel of Chores. This relationship saver is fairly cheap to assemble and can be adjusted for seasonal housework. To build this all you need is a giant circle of wood that can spin or just a Twister board and some sticky notes. Just simply write each chore on the board and each of you take a spin. Whichever chore it lands on is your task for the day. Obviously, if people aren’t mature enough to handle dividing up their list of chores they should just let the Fates decide since people who are that immature probably read and believe their horoscopes every day too.

The reason that this system is so perfect is that there is no bias. This wheel honestly does not care if you have worked forty hours a week or if you have been lying around the house for the last month ever since you were fired from that car dealership for trying to sell your boss’s car for half off. If you need a system to divvy up your chores so badly that you are actually considering doing this, then I pity your relationship and I hope that your spouse is secretly funneling half of your 401k into a secret bank account so he/she can flee to Tahiti the next time you complain about doing the laundry.

This whole essay has just been leading up to the actual solution to everyone’s problem, not only with housework, but with their relationships altogether. Instead of looking for some magical quick fix to a problem, sit down with your partner and communicate with them. Maybe you hate sweeping and they hate doing the laundry; just switch jobs it's not a huge deal. Even if you both hate doing housework at least you have something in common and something that the two of you can complain about later. See, there’s a positive to housework right there-- it is a conversation starter. All you have to do to end the terrible tyranny of housework is communicate with your partner and then doing chores won’t be such a chore.

Homecoming Glo Dance
By Whitley Pfeiffer

Katlin Goins, a former Mt. Olive High School student, attended

the Homecoming dance on Friday, September 16. Katlin said, “This

homecoming dance did not compare to other dances because it

was a glo dance and it had a different kind of theme than the past

dances.” She also said, “I did enjoy the dance because I got to

dance with my girls.”

Katlin stated, “My favorite part about the homecoming dance

was that it was a glo dance; it made the dance more interesting. But

my least favorite part was the number of people who showed up.

Although few people showed up, I still had a great time at the dance.”

Katlin also stated, “Even though it was very muddy outside, the

end of the football game excited me and got me pumped for the dance

because this was the first time our team had won a homecoming

football game since I have been in high school.”

Congrats to the Cats on a win at the game. Maybe Student Council can make some changes in the dance next year so it is better attended, but until then, good-bye homecoming until next year.

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