Who We Are: a sutin Family History Update

b. Kyla Leah Barkin

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1.2.2b. Kyla Leah Barkin181,166,32,446


Birth: 19 Nov 1974, Addison VT

Occupation: Dancer, personal trainer, yoga instructor

Kyla is the co-owner and artistic director of the Barkin Sellisen Project dance company and a personal trainer and yoga instructor in New York City.
1.2.2b. Roger Steven Barkin* (See above)


Marriage: 25 Jul 1994, Ripton VT
Spouse: Laurie Antcliff166,445
Roger and Laurie had a brief marriage.
1.2.2b. Roger Steven Barkin* (See above)


Spouse: Lisa166
1.2.2b.4.2 David Axelrod5,181,107,420,49,404


Birth: 1878, Russia

Death: 1 Jul 1965, Chicago IL

Occupation: Grocer
David arrived in the U.S. in 1900. He was the only of his siblings to leave Albany. He moved to Kansas City where he had a grocery store. When he was older he lived with his daughter Ethyl and her husband.
Spouse: Anna Brady447,448

Birth: 1855, Russia

Death: 1 Sep 1935, Albany NY

Father: Brady

1.2.2b.4.2.1 Ethyl Axelrod5,181,447,107,449,450,106,81


Birth: 1905, MO

Death: 3 Feb 1990

Marriage: 30 Mar 1940, Jackson MO
Spouse: William Adelstein/Ardell447
William and Ethyl changed their name, Adelstein, to Ardell before Miff and Robert were born.

1.2.2b. Milford “Miff” A. Ardell447,451,452,32


Birth: 22 Dec 1944, Northbrook IL

Occupation: Lawyer (retired)

Spouse: Susan Schager451,452
1.2.2b. Corey W. Ardell451,452,32


Birth: 30 Jun 1977

Occupation: Principal of SCI, providing and installing home entertainment centers in the Chicago area

Education: Washington University, St Louis
Spouse: Rachel Miller452
1.2.2b. Sebastien Edward Ardell453,454


Birth: 26 Mar 2013
1.2.2b. Lilly Ardell451,452


Birth: 10 Aug 1982

Occupation: Dual language teacher in the Bronx

Education: Boston University

Marriage: 6 Oct 2012

Spouse: Sean Stevens452
1.2.2b. Eve Ardell451,452


Birth: 15 Sep 1984

Occupation: Primary grade tutor, Lanham’s Learners

Education: Colorado College, graduate degree Northwestern University
Spouse: John Lanham451,452
1.2.2b. Nathan Schager Lanham455


Birth: 12 Nov 2014
1.2.2b. Robert Stephen Ardell451,32


Birth: 5 Aug 1947

Occupation: Podiatrist

Spouse: Lila Heftman451
1.2.2b. David Mark Ardell451,456,457,32


Birth: 1 Jul 1974

Occupation: Freight broker

Spouse: Joanna Bolas451,456
1.2.2b. Gabriel Young Min Ardell451


Birth: 11 Dec 2008
Gabriel was adopted from South Korea at 9 months of age, arrived in the U.S. 26 Aug 2009.
1.2.2b. Levi JeeHo Ardell457


Birth: 12 Jan 2012, Seoul, Korea
Levi was adopted Aug 2012.
1.2.2b. Bari Elise Ardell451,457,32


Birth: 26 Apr 1977

Occupation: Physical therapist

1.2.2b.4.2.2 Isabel Axelrod181,458,106,449,29,49,214,81


Birth: 15 Mar 1912, MO

Death: 29 Apr 2009, Skokie IL

Education: Went to college, believed to be Stephens College
Spouse: Maurice “Maury” Artstein181,458,450,459,29,460,32

Birth: 18 May 1918

Death: 21 Jan 2003, St Louis MO
Maury was stationed in the South Pacific during World War II, found the Navy anti-semitic.
1.2.2b. Anita Artstein181,458,450,437,461


Birth: 5 Dec 1942, Pittsburgh PA

Occupation: Clinical psychologist

Education: Master’s, PsyD

Marriage: 27 Jan 1989 Las Vegas NV

Spouse: Richard Dunsay181,458,462,461
1.2.2b. Susan Artstein181,458,450,461


Birth: 20 Oct 1947, St. Louis Mo

Occupation: Retired from City of Chicago

Education: Master’s degree
1.2.2b.4.2.3a Ralph Axelrod*181,463,464,465,106,34,466,166,463,81,467,468


Birth: 19 Jun 1918, MO

Death: 13 Apr 2015, IL

Occupation: Undersheriff of Cook County IL 1960s-1970s; alderman

Marriage: 14 Oct 1939, Jackson MO

At one point Ethyl Axelrod and Bill Adelstein/Ardell offered Ralph a job/partnership in a bar/liquor store in Chicago, so the family moved from Kansas City to Chicago.
On 29 Jun 1989 the Chicago Tribune reported, “ Chicago police were investigating the arsenic poisoning of Ralph Axelrod, formerly the No. 2 official of the Cook County sheriff’s department and a former North Side alderman. Axelrod, 71, has been unable to walk for a week and was brought into Louis A. Weiss Memorial Hospital in a wheelchair to be treated for severe dehydration. ‘It’s a completely bizarre incident’ Axelrod said from his hospital bed Wednesday. ‘I find it difficult to believe this is happening.’ We’re trying to figure out where it came from. It’s a complete mystery. Axelrod said he has no idea who might have given him arsenic. Police investigators stressed the poisoning could be an accidental one. Detectives have shipped samples of hair follicles to a California laboratory to determine when Axelrod was exposed to arsenic, and how often.”
Spouse: Anna Rose Horowitz181,463,34,404,81

Birth: 5 Aug 1919

1.2.2b.4.2.3a.1 Barry Alan Axelrod181,458,463,465,469,32


Birth: 19 Jan 1945, Kansas City MO
Spouse: Judith Marie Smith463,134,32

Birth: 2 Aug 1951

1.2.2b.4.2.3a.1.1 Stephen Axelrod463,135


Birth: 1971

Marriage: 26 Jun 1993, Denton TX

Spouse: Jennifer D. Kenyon463,135

Birth: 1971

1.2.2b.4.2.3a.1.1.1 Andrew Axelrod463


Birth: 1998
1.2.2b.4.2.3a.1.1.2 Amanda Axelrod463


Birth: 2001
1.2.2b.4.2.3a.1.2 Greg Axelrod463,135,32


Birth: 20 Mar 1974

Marriage: 18 Jul 1998, Rusk TX

Spouse: Casey Fussell463,135

Birth: About 1976

1.2.2b.4.2.3a.1.2.1 Grant Axelrod463


Birth: 2002
1.2.2b.4.2.3a.1.2.2 Emily Axelrod463


Birth: 2005
1.2.2b.4.2.3a.1.3 Ashley Nicole Axelrod463,134


Birth: 26 Oct 1984, Tarrant TX
1.2.2b.4.2.3a.2 Lewis Michael Axelrod181,458,463,469,470,471,34,32,81


Birth: 17 Apr 1947, Chicago IL

Occupation: State Farm insurance agent

Education: University of Missouri

Marriage: 28 Jul 1968, Kansas City MO

Spouse: Sheryl B. Dreifuss463,470,81
1.2.2b.4.2.3a.2.1 Brian David Axelrod463,470,32


Birth: 1972

Occupation: Captain, Phoenix fire department

Spouse: Mary Hallums463
1.2.2b.4.2.3a.2.1.1 Ella Axelrod463


Birth: 2004
1.2.2b.4.2.3a.2.1.2 Joshua Axelrod463


Birth: 2006
1.2.2b.4.2.3a.2.2 Allison Faye Axelrod472,470,473,32


Birth: 24 Jul 1974, Kansas City MO

Occupation: Occupational therapist

Commitment: 2007
Partner: Tammy Cox473
1.2.2b.4.2.3b Ralph Axelrod* (See above)


Spouse: Katherine Street181,463

Birth: 1931

1.2.2b.4.2.3b.1 Diane Axelrod181,458,463


Birth: 1955
1.2.2b.4.2.3b.1.1 Amy Gayer463


Birth: 1981
1.2.2b.4.2.3b.2 Barbara Axelrod181,458,463,464


Birth: 1957
1.2.2b.4.2.4 Dorine Axelrod181,458,166,29,49,34,32


Birth: 13 Jun 1920, Kansas City MO

Death: 19 Jan 2006, Woodbury Nassau County NY

Spouse: Harry Cohen181,166,29

Birth: 28 Apr 1915, New York NY

Death: 5 Oct 1992, Jericho Nassau County NY
1.2.2b. Audrey Ellen Cohen181,458,474,34,475


Birth: 30 Dec 1948, Bronx, NY

Marriage: 18 June 1972, Nassau County NY

Spouse: Joseph Kalaf181,475,34

Birth: 19 Apr 1943, Brooklyn NY

1.2.2b. Alexandra Nicole Kalaf474,475


Birth: 29 Nov 1981, Nassau County NY
1.2.2b. Barbara Jill Cohen181,464,475


Birth: 1 Aug 1952, Bronx NY

Marriage: 18 Jan 2003 Boston MA

Spouse: John O’Brien464,476
1.2.2b.4.3 Bertha Dinah Axelrod5,181,421,106,109


Birth: 1892, Russia

Death: 1959, Albany NY

Bertha arrived in the U.S. in 1902. After Ike died she went to live with daughter Becky in Arlington VA.
Spouse: Isaac “Ike” Brody181,477,421,106,109,173

Birth: 1881, Russia

Death: 1930, Albany NY

Occupation: Dairyman

Ike’s dairy is described by his niece, Ruth, as “more like a bottling plant,” on Ferry Street in Albany. Milk was pasteurized and bottled, and they made cottage cheese and sour cream, which sustained them during the depression. Ruth has collected some of the old dairy bottles. The building in which the Brodys lived still exists on the site.
1.2.2b.4.3.1 William “Willie” Brody181,166,477,421,176,106,173


Birth: 1911

Death: Sep 1960

Occupation: Dairyman
Spouse: Rose Neifield181,478,29,173

Birth: 8 Dec 1908, Toledo OH

Death: 9 Feb 1991, Albany NY
Willie’s sisters were estranged from him after he inherited his father’s dairy and apparently shut them out. According to Fran Axelrod, Harry Sutin and Willie took over the dairy and excluded Bertha, who had worked in the dairy. Fran added that the family reconciled after Willie became ill.
1.2.2b.4.3.2 Rebecca “Becky” Brody5,181,166,477,421,479,109,429,49


Birth: 1912, Albany NY

Death: 7 Mar 2011, North Branford CT480

Occupation: Administrator in the Office of the Surgeon General of the Navy
Becky moved to be near her sister, Dutsy, when Dutsy went into a coma after a botched hysterectomy. Becky later moved to Saratoga and took care of Henny until just before Henny died, and eventually went to live near her niece, Ruth, toward the end of her life.
1.2.2b.4.3.3 Henrietta “Henny” Hannah Brody181,5,166,429,29,109,106


Birth: 14 Sep 1913, Albany NY

Death: 19 Aug 1997, Saratoga Springs NY

Axelrod source names her as Henrietta, Sutin source names her as Hannah; both acknowledge her marriage to Samuel Cheris.
Spouse: Samuel E. Cheris181,166,477,481,108,29

Birth: 9 May 1908, U.S.

Death: 4 Oct 1989, Saratoga Springs NY
1.2.2b. Ruth Cheris181,166,482,477,32


Birth: 29 Apr 1946, Saratoga Sprmgs NY

Occupation: Food and drug attorney

Education: Connecticut College, Yale School of Public Health, Northwestern Law School

Marriage: 22 Dec 1968 Colonie NY

Spouse: Richard L. Edelson166,482,477,32

Birth: 19 Dec 1944, Newark NJ

1.2.2b. Andrew Cheris Edelson477,32


Birth: 11 Jan 1975, Washington DC

Occupation: Government consulting area, Deloitte

Education: Hamilton College; master’s in public policy George Washington University
Spouse: Carrie Fassett477

Birth: 11 Apr 1977

Carrie is a descendant of Aaron Burr.
1.2.2b. Isaac Fassett Edelson477


Birth: 5 May 2010, Washington DC
1.2.2b. Ari Jon Edelson482,477,32


Birth: 14 Sep 1976, New York NY

Occupation: Artistic director, the Exchange (theatre company in Manhattan); with Julia operates an Internet site, Culture Craver, a way to select theatre, movie, and art venues

Education: BA Yale, Master’s in dramatic arts; Royal Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow Scotland

Marriage: 24 Jul 2011

Spouse: Julia Claire Levy482,477

Birth: 26 Apr 1980

To propose, Ari took Julia to their favorite bakery where she found more cookies than usual in the display case. She noticed cards atop the cookies, which together read, “Julia, will you please marry me?” Her favorite, chocolate-chip walnut, had a “yes” sign in all capital letters, her least favorite, oatmeal raisin, smaller and overdone, read “no.”
1.2.2b.4.3.4 Dorothy “Dutsy” Brody5,181,166,477,421,245,109,29,49


Birth: 19 Sep 1919, Albany NY

Death: 5 Jul 1983, Schenectady NY

Occupation: With Morris owned and operated a jewelry store, Gordon’s Jewelers, in Schenectady NY for 46 years, 1951-1997.
Spouse: Morris Gordon181,106,166,477,421,483,29

Birth: 3 Nov 1919, Duchess County NY

Death: 10 Jun 2001, Savannah GA

Occupation: Jeweler

Morris is buried next to Dorothy in Schenectady NY. His father, Jacob Gordon, came to the U.S. from Russia through Scotland around turn of century. His mother, Jennie Weinstein, came from Kiev, Russia. They met and married in the U.S.
1.2.2b. Jess A. Gordon181,166,477,421,32


Birth: 22 May 1949, Schenectady NY

Occupation: NYC high school teacher since 1984

Education: Master’s Northern Arizona University

Marriage: 29 Jan 1992

Spouse: Mindy Greenspan477,421
1.2.2b. Tanya Ellman Gordon421,34,32


Birth: 19 Jan 1979, Brooklyn NY
1.2.2b. Gabriel Isaac Gordon421


Birth: 20 Jun 1989, Brooklyn NY
1.2.2b. Nancy Gordon166,477,421,32,34


Birth: 30 Apr 1954, Schenectady NY

Occupation: Program coordinator for students with autism, NYC Deptartment of Education

Education: Master’s from Adelphi University and Touro College
Spouse: Louis Lawrence Frost477,421

Birth: 2 Dec 1948

Death: 17 Apr 2012
1.2.2b. Lillian Brody Frost421


Birth: 5 May 1981, Utica NY
1.2.2b. Nathan Samuel Frost421


Birth: 26 Sep 1991, Port Arthur TX
1.2.2b.4.4 Gedalia (Joseph) Axelrod5,181,422,484,108,173,485


Birth: 1894, Minsk, Belarus

Death: 30 Nov 1956, Albany NY

Marriage: 1924
Spouse: Sadie Brown Bogan181,422,108,388,173

Birth: 17 May 1900, Bialystok, Poland

Death: Nov 1974, Albany NY
Sadie’s naturalization certificate was issued 11 Feb 1943, Brooklyn NY.
Gedalia and his sister Sadie were either twins or triplets, depending on accuracy of information about Unknown Axelrod below.
1.2.2b.4.4.1 Esther Axelrod181,108,32


Birth: 7 Jul 1925, Albany NY
The 1930 Federal Census lists Joe and Sadie’s daughter as Jane E, age 4 9/12, which would have been correct for Esther. All information for her parents matches other data. Thus it is possible that her name was Jane Esther, and she used her middle name, or that the census name was in error.
Spouse: Arthur Goldband181
1.2.2b. Elaine M. Goldband181,32,34


Birth: 26 Jun 1949, Brooklyn NY
1.2.2b. Robin H. Goldband181,32,34


Birth: 9 Mar 1952, Brooklyn NY
Spouse: Chris Willcox181
1.2.2b. Daniel Jonathan Willcox486


Birth: 1979

Death: 1980

1.2.2b. Jordan Willcox181


Birth: 13 Feb 1981, Syosett NY
1.2.2b. Sarah Willcox181


Birth: 19 Feb 1984, Syosett NY
1.2.2b. Patricia J Goldband181,32


Birth: 19 Feb 1959, Nyack NY
1.2.2b.4.5 Sadie Axelrod181,49,105


Birth: 1894

Death: Unknown

Marriage: 1910, Manhattan NY
Sadie arrived in the U.S. in 1895.
Sadie and her brother Gedalia were either twins or triplets, depending on accuracy of information about Unknown Axelrod below.
1.2.2b.4.6 Unknown Axelrod487


Birth: 1894

Death: 1906

An Axelrod Gedcom file indicates that Unknown Axelrod child of unknown gender was born in 1894, died in 1906.  If date of birth is correct, this child, Gedalia (Joseph) Axelrod, and Sadie were triplets.  
1.2.2b.4.7 Matilda “Tillie” Axelrod5,181,29


Birth: 20 Jun 1896, Russia

Death: Mar 1981, Albany NY

Spouse: Joe Friedlander181
1.2.2b.5 Moishe Sutin168,5,167


Birth: 1857, Koidanov, Belarus

Death: Unknown

Moishe, the youngest of Nachum’s children, was raised by a Chasidic rabbi and became a Hebrew teacher. After marrying Esther, he remained in Lapitz for the rest of his life.
Spouse: Esther Phagie Dubov5

Birth: Lapichi, Belarus

Death: Unknown
1.2.2b.5.1 Sana/Zena Sutin5,8,49,108,106,107


Birth: 1887, Lapichi, Belarus

Death: 1945, Kansas City MO

Sana may have been born in 1877. She arrived in the U.S. 24 Mar 1906.
Spouse: Chaim “Herman” Litvien5,488,49,108,107

Birth: About 1875, Russia49,108

Death: 1 Apr 1940, Kansas City KA
1.2.2b.5.1.1 Rose Litvien5,488,194,489,196,108,29,151,490,49


Birth: 1 Jan 1899, Minsk, Belarus

Death: 11 Nov 1983, Kansas City MO

Education: Graduated from high school
Rose reportedly came to the U.S. from Minsk in 1905 (although her naturalization record says 24 Mar 1906) as a very young girl, with her family of six. She was naturalized 8 Mar 1932
Spouse: Moische (Morris) Mardiks5,194,196,29,154,151,491,108,492

Birth: 25 Apr 1895, Poland

Death: 13 Sep 1978, Kansas City MO
Ellis Island records indicate that Morris was from Goruski, Russia; he told his grandchildren he was from Poland, which probably reflects political/border changes. He was one of 12 children in a poor family, living in a single room house with a dirt floor. As a teenager, finding his family’s poverty unbearable, he set out by himself for America, where he became a tailor and owner of two Kansas City department stores. When Kansas City was flooded in 1951, one of the stores was lost and Rose and Morris sold the other. Having enough savings, they retired young, but soon Morris began making custom men’s suits and altering clothes from a spare room in their house. Rose and Morris moved to Roeland Park/Shawnee Mission KS in 1939 after daughter Helen left for college.
Morris immigrated to the U.S., leaving Hamburg 22 Nov 1913, arriving in New York 2 Dec 1913. For reasons that have not be found, his application for naturalization was denied 6 Jun 1924.
1.2.2b. Helen Mardiks5,489,493,494,495,491,108,29,81


Birth: 27 Sep 1919, Kansas City MO

Death: 25 Jan 2004, Shawnee Mission Johnson KA

Occupation: Social worker, probably left the work force when she married

Education: Attended University of Kansas for one year, graduated from University of Wisconsin in social work.

Marriage: 22 Aug 1943.
Spouse: Morris Kanter5,489,495,29,81

Birth: 3 Nov 1913, Brooklyn NY

Death: 26 Jul 1984, Kansas City MO
Morris owned an upholstered furniture and mattress factory, Empire Furniture & Bedding, 809 E. 23rd Street, Kansas City MO. In 2011 it was the site of a parking garage, part of the Truman Medical Center.
1.2.2b. William Stephen Kanter5,200,496,497,493,32,34


Birth: 16 Jun 1946, Kansas City MO

Occupation: SR VP Smith Barney, retired

Education: Syracuse University, MBA Loyola University

Marriage: 7 Jan 1978

Spouse: Pamela Sloofman200,496,497,493

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