2016 bank art fair application

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Participant name

Name of representative



Phone No.

Person in Charge

Phone No.

BANK ART FAIR Fair Participation Fee


Type A / 38 sqm / US$ 4.000

Type B / 46 sqm / US$ 5.500

Type C / 73 sqm / US$ 8.000

Type D (Balcony 2Room)

115 sqm / US$ 11.000



* Check in 17th 2:00 pm / Check out 21rd 12:00 pm

* VAT is not included
Payment and other regulations

* The contract will be completed when you pay 20% of booth fee after receiving the invoice.

* Hotel rooms will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis, the organizer will have the right for the decision of room allocation.


* Each participant takes 4 pages.

* All catalog is written in English : Name of participant, representative, address, phone number and e-mail address, participants list, introduction within 5 lines, less than 8 artists’ photos will be edited.

* We offer catalogue, please find our format and other information as blow: There is one opportunity to edit. 5 catalogs will be offered.

Pan Pacific Hotel

* Pan Pacific Hotel Address: Pan Pacific Hotel 7 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square Singapore 039595 Tel: +65 6336 8111 Web site: www.panpacific.com


* 17th – 20 th November 2016(Date is during the period of Singapore Art Festival)

* Participants should check in after 2:00 pm on 17th November and check out before 12:00 pm on 21 th November.

* When participants check in, they need to pay deposit fee individually.


After the approval by Management Committee, the organization committee will send contract forms and invoices to successful participants. Participating group must pay 20% of room price within seven days of the invoice date. When your payment is not completed by the due date, the turn will be given to other groups that are on the waiting list.

Any related fee wired only though account below is approved.

Bank Name: Kook Min Bank, Account Number: 068 21 0709 032, Account Name: Dong Myeong Kim, Swift Code : CZNBKRSEXXX

Bank Address: 125-3 4-ga Chung-gu, Seoul, South Korea Bank Phone Number: +82 2 2274 5591

I have read and agreed to follow the matters as addressed above and hereby I apply to participate 2016 BANK ART FAIR

..Name of Participation :

Signature and Company’s approval :

Art People BANK ART FAIR Operating Committee

Seoul Add : 2ndF. 40, Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, KoreaSeoul Tel : +82 2 2269 5061 M +82 10 3730 1388

Singapore Add : 20 Joo Chiat Road #01-04 Singapore 427357 l Singapore Tel : M +65 8451 8262

E-mail : bankartfair@naver.com l bankartfair@gmail.com


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