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पोत परिवहन मंत्रालय / MINISTRY OF SHIPPING


êü»Öß±úÖê­Ö: 91-22- नौवीं मंजिल, बीटा बिल्डिंग / 9TH FLOOR, BETA BUILDING Tele : 91-22-

±îúŒÃÖ : 91-22- आइ-थिंक टेक्‍नो कैंपसü / i-THINK TECHNO CAMPUS Fax : 91-22-

Ô-´Öê»Ö: dgship@dgshipping.com कांजुर मार्ग (पूर्व) / KANJUR MARG (EAST) E-mail: dgship@dgshipping.com

¾Öê²Ö : www.dgshipping.gov.in मुंबई – 400 042 / MUMBAI – 400 042 Web: www.dgshipping.gov.in
F. No.CR/CDC/02/2013 – AOA Dated: 01.11.13
M.S. Notice No. 25 of 2013
Sub: Online submission of Articles of Agreement –reg.
The online submission of Articles of Agreement (AOA) was enabled vide this office M.S. Notice No. 22 of 2010 [F. No. 3(4) CR/2009] dated 01.11.10. Subsequent to the said development, shipping companies/agents were also advised to submit original & signed copies of Articles of Agreement, separately both for signing on/ signing off of seafarers on from vessels, as per the usual practice, within 48 hours thereof, as indicated in the said M.S. Notice and the DG Shipping Order No. 4 of 2013 [F. No. CR/CDC/02/2013-AOA] dated 01.03.13.
2. However, representations are being received, in recent times, from various shipowners/ shipping sector associations as regards to the difficulties faced by them in the timely uploading of Article of Agreements, online and subsequent offline submission of the same to the locational Government Shipping Office [office of the Shipping Master] concerned within the said stipulated time of 48 hours, largely due to the slow pace at which the e-module of this office has tended to function occasionally, in the recent past. The work related to an up gradation of the servers of this office has since already been taken up by it on priority and to be completed soon. This is expected to address & mitigate the said online connectively issue.
3. But, in the meanwhile, the work of uploading and submission of AOAs has to continue without any interruption. Therefore, to redress this matter, in the interim, shipping companies/agents shall submit AOAs for signing on/ signing off of seafarers online and submit the original documents thereof to the jurisdictional Government Shipping Office within 10 [ten] working days thereof, till the said e-governance issue is settled.
4. All other terms & conditions of the said M.s. Notice No. 22 of 2010, of this office, remain unchanged, mutatis- mutandis.
5. This issues with the approval of the Director General of Shipping & ex-officio

Additional Secretary to the Govt. of India.

(C. Rethinadhas)

Deputy Director General of Shipping (Crew)


I. Copy forwarded for an information & necessary action GoI. to;

1. All India flag shipping companies.

2. All recruitment and placement service providers.

3. Shipping Masters GSOs, Mumbai, Chennai & Kolkata.

4. Principal Officers, Mercantile Marine Departments, Chennai, Kolkata, Kandla, Kochi & Mumbai.

5. Surveyors-in-Charge, Mercantile Marine Departments, Haldia, Jamnagar, Mangalore, Marmugoa, Paradeep, Port Blair, Tuticorin & Vishakhapatnam & NOIDA

6. DGS [E-Governance], DGS, GoI, with a direction to ensure, on top priority, that the servers of this office are upgraded & operationalized by November, 2013.

II. Copy forwarded for an information to;


3. Seafarers Unions.

4. Nautical/Engineering/Training/Hindi Branches of the DGS, GoI.

5. Computer Branch, DGS, GoI, for hoisting the aforesaid on the website of the DGS, GoI.,
III. Copy submitted for kind information to the;

Secretary to the Govt. of India, Ministry of Shipping, Transport Bhavan, 1, Parliament Street, New Delhi 110001.

(C. Rethinadhas)

Deputy Director General of Shipping (Crew)


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