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1954 Born Italy
1977 Fine Art (Sculpture), SA. School of Art
1978 S.A.S Ten, Young Artist Award.
1979-97 Member of South Australian Workshop ( artists workshop)
1981-88 Co-ordinator of Administration and Activities, Enfield CYSS
1984 Equipment and Material Grant, SA Department for the Arts
1989-91 Council Member, Contemporary Art Centre of SA
1990 Project Grant, SA Department for the Arts

Solo Exhibitions
1984-86 Un-authorised Alterations Public Work- Guerilla Genre, Adelaide
1988 The Boni Fido Series, Club Foote, Adelaide
1990 Recent Sculpture, Artspace John Buckley Art Consultant, Melbourne
Recent Sculpture, Artspace, Adelaide Festival Centre , Adelaide
1993 BMG Art, North Adelaide
1994 Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne
Access Contemporary Art Gallery Sydney
2002 Selected Juxtapositions, Studio 91B Adelaide


1978 S.A.S 10 Young Artists Exhibition, Adelaide Exhibition Centre
1980 Bunyipological Research and Reconstruction unit, Adelaide Art Alternative
Adelaide Festival of Arts, North Terrace, Adelaide
1981 Contemporary Italo/Australian Exhibition, Stuart Gerstman Gallery, Melbourne
Artists against Uranium, Travelling Exhibition
Other than 9-5 Show, Gippsland CAE Gallery, Victoria
1st Australian sculpture Triennial, La trobe University, Melbourne
1982 There at the Time, Roundspace Gallery, Adelaide
1983 The Portrait Show, Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, Adelaide
1984 26 characters, Adelaide Festival of Arts Exhibition, The Fringe Gallery, Adelaide
1985 9th Mildura Sculpture Triennial, Mildura, Victoria
Singular and Plural, Sculpture Survey Exhibition, SA School of Art Gallery
Makers Choice, Jam Factory Gallery, Adelaide
Group Exhibition, Members of SA Workshop, Jam Factory, Adelaide
The Table, a setting for 9 south Australian Artists, Art Gallery of SA
1986 Unprintaable Books, curated by Tim Morell, contemporaryArt Society, Adelaide
Art in Motion, Adelaide Festival of Arts,Exhibition, Festival Centre Gallery
1987 Additions New Acquisitions Exhibition, SA College of Arts & Education Gallery
Entiplucs North Adelaide School of Art Gallery, Adelaide
1988 10th Mildura Sculpture Triennial Mildura, Vic
Monuments, Adelaide Festival of the Arts exhibition, Contemporary Art Centre
1989 Machinehead Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide
1990 Contemporary Australian Sculpture for Domestic Collection
John Buckley Fine Art Consultant, Melbourne
Group Show, Tynte Gallery, Adelaide
1990 Palimpset, Chesser Gallery, Adelaide
Second Australian Contemporary Art Fair, John Buckley Fine Art Consultant
Adelaide Biennial 1990, Art Gallery, of SA
1991 Andre Brodyk, Antonio Colangelo, Jim Thalassoudis BMG fine Art, Adelaide
1992 Artworkz Four, the 101 Collins Street acquisitive Prizes, Melbourne
Gold Coast City Art Prize, Queensland
Third Ausralian Contemporary Art Fair, Christine Abrahams Gallery, Royal
Exhibition Building, Melbourne
1992-3 Dame Edna Regrets She is Unable to Attend, AETA, curated by Ken Scarlett, Touring Exhibition Heide Park Gallery, Victoria
Newcastle Regional Art Gallery, NSW
1993 Touring Exhibition, The SA Touring Exhibition Program
Solander Gallery, Canberra
1994 Sculpture Aptos Cruz Galleries, Adelaide, SA
Icons Saints & Crosses Aptos Cruz Galleries, Adelaide, SA
1999 Heavy Metal SA touring Exhibition Program, curated by Dianne Longley
2000 Chemistry, Art in SA 1990-2000, Art Gallery of SA
2002 Pure, Cube Contemporary Art, Adelaide
Melbourne Art Fair 2002 Preview Exhibition, Cube Contemporary Art. Adelaide
Melbourne Art Fair 2002 , Cube Contemporary Art, Royal Exhibition BuildingCOMMISSIONS
1987-88 Munno Para Sculpture Installation
1995 Campus West Gate Project, Collaboration with Greg Healy & Raffon Maron Architects, SA
1997 Light Pole Project, Gouger Street, Adelaide.
2001-01 Christies Beach Magistrates Court Sculpture Installation

  1. SOHO Galleries Sydney, Sculpture 2003 – Featured Artist

  2. SOHO Galleries Sydney, Sydney Affordable Art Fair

  3. SOHO Galleries Sydney, Sculpture 2005 – Featured Artist

Design Commissions
1984 Micham Herb Garden for the visually impared, Public Sculpture, Adelaide
1985 Adelaide Remand Centre, Public Sculpture, Dept. of Housing & Constructuon, Adelaide
1986 Flinders Medical Centre, Public Sculpture Adelaide
1987 Mt Gambier, South East Cultural Trust, Public Sculpture Adelaide
1988 University of Adelaide, Hughes Plaza, Proposal for Sculpture installation,
1991 The Investigator Science & Technology Centre, Sculpture & Installation, SA
1992 Centenary of Coonawarra, Public Sculpture, Penola Branch of the National Trust of SA
1993 Mt Gambier Prison, Proposal for Courtyard installation, SA
1995 Adelaide Fruit & Produce Exchange, Public Sculpture, SA Urban Land Trust
1996 Urrbrae Agricultural & Horticultural Centre, collaborative project with John Hayward, Neil Cranney (Hassell), Architects & SA services
1997 Regent Gardens, Public Sculpture, SA
Mt Gambier Hospital, public sculpture for Courtyard 1 & 11, SA
1999 Plaza Project, David Jones Building, Adelaide, SA
2001 Sculpture proposal for Gawler multi-level car park, SA

2004 Macquarie Bank , via SOHO Galleries Sydney

Art Gallery of South Australia
University of South Australia Museum Collection
Gold Coast City Art Gallery
Private Collections throughout Australia, Singapore, & USA

Reviews and Publications
Benson,G., SAW a Ripper, SAW at Jam, Artlink, Vol.5 No. 5Oct-nov 1985
Broker , D., Contemporary Art Centre Broadsheet, VOl,19, No. 2 June 1991
Bishop, T., The Adelaide Review June 1987
Collins,B., ‘26 Characters’, (Catalogue interview), 1984
Dutkiewicz, A., The Advertiser, 20/10/93
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The latest works, the aluminium bas relief, have been of particular interest in the today’s modern fitout including stainless steel and alloy highlights.


Colangelo’s finish is extremely high, evoking a topographical effect, with a highly light responsive monochromatic surface.

The work is ideally placed in low light areas, as it absorbs and reflects the available light revealing a metallic incandescence, a kind of understated sensuality.


His work comes in various sizes that can be combined to form diptyches, triptychs and series of panels
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