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Greece. Pilot Productions, c2004.
MAINLAND GREECE - 1. Introduction and Map ; 2. Athens ; 3. Chios ; 4. Nafplio ; 5. Areopolis & Mani ; 6. Zagorohoria ; 7. Seres - - GREEK ISLANDS - 1. Introduction and Map ; 2. Hydra ; 3. Patmos ; 4. Mykonos ; 5. Delos & Santorini ; 6. Crete ; 7. Gavdos. Traveler Christian Chang visits Mainland Greece, its cosmopolitan and culturally rich capital Athens, and the Peloponnesian peninsula, while Megan McCormick heads for the beautiful Greek Islands, scattered around the blue waters of the Ionian and Aegean Seas.

DVD 914.96 Ist

Istanbul. Pilot Productions, c2004.
ISTANBUL - Introduction ; Day 1. Topkapi Palace ; Day 2. Aya Sofya ; Day 3 & 4. Gallipoli ; Day 5. The Old City and Grand Bazaar ; Day 6. The European side ; Day 7. The Asian side ; Day 8. Edme and the Selimiye Camii Mosque ; Day 9. the Blue Mosque. Traveler Estelle Bingham starts her exploration of the ancient city at Topkapi palace, former home of sultans and their concubines. She interrupts her sightseeing for a day trip to Gallipoli, the site of an infamous World War I battlefield. Continuing her journey around Istanbul, she visits the opulent Pera Palace Hotel. After some retail therpy in the Grand Bazaar, she ends her journey at the famous Blue Mosque.

DVD 915 Chi

China : From the inside. PBS Home Video, c2006.
Episode 1 : Power and the People ; Episode 2 : Women of the Country ; Episode 3 : Shifting Nature ; Episode 4 : Freedom and Justice.

DVD 915 Geo

Georgia & Armenia. Pilot Productions, Inc, c2010.
Explore flea markets, tourist attractions, hot springs, and seaside resorts of two countries formerly part of the Soviet Union.

DVD 915 Ind

India. Chicago, Illinois : New Dimension Media, c2005.
India is one of the most diverse nations on earth, in languages, ethnic backgrounds of its peoples, religions, and landscapes. It birthed the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. See the remains of Islamic culture in the North. Visit various locations throughout the subcontinent.

DVD 915 Tib

Tibet. Chicago, Illinois : New Dimension Media, c2005.
Experience a unique view of Tibet and the Tibetah people focusing on ancient agricultural and social traditions, which provide unity and self sufficiency in remote mountain communities. Follow a group of Tibetans on a journey down mountain pathways and across raging rivers to worship Buddha. View the Dalai Lama and his message of world peace and advice to Tibetans to promote a spirit of non-violence in spite of Chinese cultures.

DVD 915.13 Vie

Vietnam. Pilot Productions, c2004.
VIETNAM - 1. Introduction ; 2. Saigon ; 3. The Cu Chi District ; 4. Nha Trang ; 5. Lang Co ; 6. Hue ; 7. Hanoi ; 8. Lao Cai + Motorbiking in Vietnam. Traveler Justine Shapiro starts her journey by celebrating the New Year at the TET Festival in Ho Chi Minh City. From there she ventures up the coast taking in the unspoined beaches of Lang Co and the city of Hue. After a bicycle tour of the capital Hanoi, she ends her journey in the remote highlands near the Chinese border.

DVD 915.3 Bei

Beijing. Pilot Productions, c2004.
BEIJING - Introduction ; Day 1. The Forbidden City and Wangfujing Street ; Day 2. The Old City ; Day 3. The Silk Street Market and Tiananmen Square ; Day 4. The Great Wall ; Day 5. Pan Xu Xai Market and Chinese Opera ; Day 6. The Temple of Heaven. Traveler Megan McCormick begins her journey at the infamous Tiananmen Square, former stage of the Cultural Revolution rallies. From here she travels to the Forbidden City, kept out of bounds for 500 years. She ends her journey at Beijing's Ice Lantern festival amid a colorful fiesta of ice and light.

DVD 915.40 Ind

India. Pilot Productions, c2003.
NORTH INDIA - 1. Introduction ; 2. Veranasi ; 3. Agra and Mathura ; 4. Delhi ; 5. Corbett National Park ; 6. Rishikesh ; 7. Shimla ; 8. The Kula Valley and Manali ; 9. Leh - - WEST INDIA - 1. Introduction ; 2. Pushkar ; 3. Bikaner ; 4. Jaisalmer ; 5. Rankpur and Udaipur ; 6. Mumbai ; 7. Pune - - EAST INDIA - 1. Introduction ; 2. Calcutta ; 3. Sagar Island ; 4. The Andaman Islands ; 5. Havelock Island ; 6. Darjeeling ; 7. Rimbick and Sandakphu ; 8. Arunachal Pradesh ; 9. Adi Pasi - - SOUTH INDIA - 1. Introduction ; 2. Madras ; 3. Gingee ; 4. Auroville - The City of Dawn ; 5. Kodaikanal ; 6. Madurai ; 7. Varkkallai ; 8. Alleppey ; 9. Lakshadweep. Andrew Daddo visits norther India traveling from the holy river Ganges in Varanasi to the lost city of Leh. Traveler Holly Morris then moves east to Darjeeling and Calcutta before heading for the peaceful Andarman Islands. Farther south, Justine Shapiro visits vibrant Madras before exploring the lakes and waterways of Kerala's coast. Finally, in west India, Megan McCormick travels through Pushkar, Bombay, and Goa.

DVD 915.61 Tur

Turkey. Pilot Productions, c2004.
TURKEY - 1. Introduction ; 2. Ephesus ; 3. Fethiye and Mount Olumpus ; 4. Safronbolu ; 5. Goreme ; 6. Nemnit Dag ; 7. Artyin. Treveler Justine Shapiro starts her journey in the Roman ruins of Ephesus. She then travels up the coast to the volcanic Cappadocia region, home to one of the first Christian communities. Traveling east, she visits the wonders of Nemrut Dagi, and then heads north to her final destination : the Kachkar Mountains near the Black Sea coast.

DVD 915.9 Ind

Indonesia. Pilot Productions, c2004.
THE EASTERN ISLANDS - 1. Introduction ; 2. Bali ; 3. Lombok ; 4. Komodo ; 5. Flores ; 6. The Bandas ; 7. Timor - - JAVA AND SUMATRA - 1. Introduction ; 2. Java - Jakarta ; 3. Java - Anak Krakatau ; 4. Java - Borobudur ; 5. Java - Yogyakarta ; 6. Java - Kudus ; 7. Sumatra - Gunungleruser National Park and Bukit Lawang Nature Reserve ; 8. Sumatra - Palua Nias - - BALA 7 SULAWESI - 1. Introduction ; 2. Bali - Kuta ; 3. Bali - Ubad and Gunung Batur ; 4. Bali - Lovina and Denpasar ; 5. Sulawesi - Ujang Pandang ; 6. Sulawesi - Rantepao ; 7. Sualsesi - Rindigalio and Rantetayo. Join travelers Megan McCormick, Shilpa Mehta and Mark Crowdy as they visit the archipelagos major islands of Bali, Sulawesi, Java, Sumatra, Lumbok, Komodo, and Flores.

DVD 915.94 Tha

Thailand, Malaysia & Laos. Pilot Productions, c2004.
NORTHERN THAILAND & LAOS - 1. Introduction ; 2. Thailand - Bangkok ; 3. Thailand - Surin and Lopuri ; 4. Thailand - Chiang Mai ; 5. Thailand - Chiang Rai ; 6. Thailand - Chiang Khong ; 7. Laos - Luang Prabang ; 8. Laos - Phonsavan ; 9. Laos - Vientiane - - SOUTHERN THAILAND & MALAYSIA - 1. Introduction ; 2. Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur ; 3. Malaysia - The Cameron Highlands ; 4. Malaysia - Kota Bharu, Perhentian Islands and Terenggenu ; 5. Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur (The Festiavl of Tapusan) ; 6. Thailand - Phuket ; 7. Thailand - Krabi. Traveler Justine Shapiro starts her journey in Kuala Lumpur, heading up through the highlands to the glorious beaches of southern Thailand. Ian Wright begins his journey in bustling Bangkok traveling north for a trek in Chiang Mai. From there he travels up the Mekhong River into neighboring Laos.

DVD 916 Afr

Natural Wonders of the World : Natural Wonders of East Africa. United States : Schlessinger Media, c1996.
Travel to "the cradle of mankind" and explore great sweeps of open grassy plains, volcanic craters, magnificent waterfalls, and the highest mountain in Africa. Capture a glimpse of one of the world's most famous and impressive wildlife sanctuaries and follow the animals and people who make their home near the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater. Appreciate the value of the fragile natural treasures of wildlife and cultural heritage.

DVD 916 Afr

Natural Wonders of the World : Natural Wonders of West Africa. United States : Schlessinger Media, c2001.
Visit a watery wilderness at the edge of the Sahara. Follow the seasonal cycle of life of the Senegal River delta. Travel with nomads to Niger and discover hostile, yet beautiful, landscape of rocks and sand dunes. Travel to the last jungle on the Ivory Coast where you enter the dense rainforest and catch a glimpse of dwarf antelope, chimpanzees, red colobus monkeys and Tai elephants.

DVD 916 Nat

Natural Wonders of the World : Natural Island Wonders. United States : Schlessinger Media, c2003.
Explore some of the world's most exotic island wonders as well as some of the most unique islands. Appreciate the fragile beauty and isolated diversity of these natural biological wonders.

DVD 916 Sou

South Africa. Chicago, Illionois : New Dimension Media, c2005.
South Africa has a conflicted past, a beautiful landscape, and Africa's strongest economic engine. Learn about various ethnic groups that make up its current population, giving the country both vitality and instability. Learn the history and how it outgrew the colonial legacy of apartheid. Experience the multicultural reality of today's cities along the country's primary economic activities and striking environments.

DVD 916 Zim

Zimbabwe. New Dimension Media, c2005.
Witness the architectural remains of an indigenous civilization, and some of the modern re-enactments of its historic culture. See a thriving city that reflects the culture and economy of the British colonial settlers, along with the contemporary African population. See a great amount of wildlife still abundant in the land, and learn about its geographic regions and other cities.

DVD 916.76 Sey

World destination : Seychelles. Video Clearinghouse.

DVD 917 Can

Canada. Chicago, Illinois : New Dimension Media, c2005.
Canada has a relatively small population but is the world's second largest in geographical size. Learn how history is made it a bilingual country, with a French minority. Experience the diverse economic, scenic and cultural features of the Provinces and Territories.

DVD 917 Can

Globe Trekker : Canada. Pilot Productions, 2005.

DVD 917 Can

Globe Trekker : Canada. Pilot Productions, 2005.

DVD 917 Cub

Cuba. New Dimension Media, c2005.
Combining and overview of history and geography, we learn how the conquering Spaniards intermarried with the remnants of Cuba's indigenous tribes and with African slaves, producing a people of diverse features and rich culture.

DVD 917 Uni

Natural Wonders of the World : Natural Wonders of the United States. United States : Schlessinger Media, c2002.
Explore the natural wonders of the United States.

DVD 917.13 San

San Francisco. Pilot Productions, c2004.
SAN FRANCISCO - Introduction ; Day 1. San Remo Hotel ; Day 2. Chinatown and North Beach ; Day 3. Alcatraz and Space Walk ; Day 4. Muir Woods ; Day 5. The Castro and Haight Ashbury ; Day 6. The Golden Gate Park ; Day 7. The Mission District ; Day 8. Pacifica. Follow Justine Shapiro through the communities of Chinatown, The Mission District, The Castro, Haight Ashbury and North Beach that compries the thriving and cosmopolitan metropolis.

DVD 917.13 Sou

Deep South USA. Pilot Productions, c2003.
DEEP SOUTH USA - 1. Introduction ; 2. Smoky Mountain National Park ; 3. Ashville and Pigeon Forge ; 4. Scottsboro and Cartersville ; 5. Atlanta ; 6. Tuskegee ; 7. The Gulf Shores ; 8. Vicksburg and Clarksdale ; 9. Memphis. Traveler Ian Wright goes trekking in the Great Smokey Mountains, before driving south to Atlanta, Georgia. He then catches the bus to Tuskegee, Alabama and the idyllic beaches of the Gulf shores. He travels down Highway 61 through Vicksburt and Clarksdale, before ending his journey in Memphis Tennessee. Along the way, visit the birthplace of Martin Luther King. Indulge in some comforting soul food. Take a ride on the Memphis Queen, Mississippi's legendary steam boat. Attend the annual re-enactment of the battle of Fort Morgan, the last battle of the Civil War. Experience Elvis week in Memphis, an annual pilgrimage for thousands of "The King's" fans.

DVD 917.28 Cen

Central America. Pilot Productions, c2003.
COSTA RICA AND NICARAGUA - 1. Introduction ; 2. Costa Rica - San Jose ; 3. Costa Rica - Monteverde and Volcan Arenal ; 4. Costa Rica - Liberia ; 5. The Costa rican and Nicaraguan border - Los Chiles and El Castillo ; 6. Nicaragua - Solentiname Archipelago ; 7. Nicaragua - Granada ; 8. Nicaragua - Managua and Masaya - - YUCATAN, BELIZE, AND GUATEMALA - 1. Introduction ; 2. Mexico - Merida and Chichen Itza ; 3. Mexico - Tulum ; 4. Belize - Belize City ; 5. Belize - Placencia ; 6. Belize - Caracol ; 7. Guatemala - Tikal ; 8. Guatemala - Guatemala City ; 9. Guatemala - Antigua. Traveler Justine Shapiro starts her journey in Merida, Mexico, the capital of the Yucatan peninsula, where she takes in the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza and Tulum. She then travels south through Belize to Guatemala. Further south Neil Gibson begins his journey in the Costa Rican capital of San Jose traveling through the Monteverde Cloud Forest before ending his journey in turbulent Nicaragua.

DVD 917.29 Eas

Eastern Caribbean. Pilot Productions, c2004.
EASTERN CARIBBEAN - 1. Introduction ; 2. Trinidad ; 3. Tobago ; Grenada ; 5. Carriacou ; 6. Dominica ; 7. Trinidad - Grand-Riviere. Traveler Justine Shapiro starts her journey in Trinidad's capital, Port of Spain, for one of the biggest street parties on earth - its world famous Carnival. She then travels to the laid back island of Tobago, the spice island of Grenada, the remote Carriacou, before continuing north to the lush island of Dominica.

DVD 917.3 Bur

Burns, Ken. Horatio's Drive : America's first road trip. PBS Home Video, 2004.
Horatio's Drive recounts the simultaneously inspirational and hilarious saga of Horatio Nelson Jackson, an eccentric Vermont doctor, who in 1903 - on a visionary whim and a 50-dollar bet - became the first person to drive an automobile across the continent heralding the future of the "horseless carriage" as a vehicle destined for more than inner-city travel and as a machine that would transform American life.

DVD 917.3 Gre

Great historic sites. Pilot Productions, c2002.
PROGRAM CHAPTERS - Intro ; The Ancient Britons ; The Pharoahs ; The Persian Empire ; The Ancient Greeks ; The Qin Dynasty ; Great Forts ; The Nabateans ; The Romans ; The Christianity ; The Islam ; Great monuments ; The Mayans ; The Khmer Empire ; The Incas ; The People of Easter Island ; Top Historic Sites - - BONUS CHAPTERS - Luxor, Egypt ; Abu Simbel, Egypt ; Alhambra, Spain ; Leptis Magna, Libya ; Mount Sinai, Israel ; Bagawat, Egypt ; Ibn Tulun, Egypt. Megan mcCormick and her fellow travellers take you on a journey through history and time, exploring some of the most fascinating sites across Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia. Enhanced with additional footage, Pilot Guide to Great Historic Sites invites you to time travel our world. Visit the great pyramids of Egypt ; walk the ancient city of Delos in Greece ; see the spectatular mosque of Esfahan in Iran ; journey to the awe inspiring city of Angkor Wat ; admire the magnificent 2200 year old terracotta Army of China.

DVD 917.39 Jam

Jamaica. Pilot Productions, c204.
JAMAICA - 1. Introduction ; 2. Negril ; 3. Montego Bay ; 4. Black River and Treasure Beach ; 5. Mandeville ; 6. Nine Miles ; 7. St. Anne's Bay ; 8. Port Antonio ; 9. Kingston. Traveler Ian Wright begins his journey in the renowned beach resort of negril before heading down the coast to Treasure Beach. After a stay in Hope Bay he visits the colonial town of Port Antonio. He then excapes to the solitude of the mountains and ends his journey watching the sunrise from the peak of Blue Mountain.

DVD 917.47 New

New York. Pilot Productions, c2004.
NEW YORK : Day 1. Grand Central Station, Liberty Island, Wall Street and Chinatown ; Day 2. The Chelsea Hotel, Basketball and New York nights ; Day 3. The Bronx, Harlem and City Island ; Day 4. Downtown Manhattan and Ground Zero ; Day 5. Central Park, Upper East Side and the Metropolitan Museum of Art ; Day 6. Coney Island and Fire Island. Globe Trekker travelers Ian Wright and megan mccormick tour New York's five boroughs : Staten Island, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan - home to the famous skyline and Central Park.

DVD 917.63 New

New Orleans. Pilot Productions, c2004.
NEW ORLEANS - Introduction ; Day 1. The French Quarter, Bourbon Street and Congo Square ; Day 2. St. Charles Street Car, the Garden District and St. Louis Cemetery ; Day 3. Lafitte ; Day 4. Bearer Terrier Park and the Warehouse District ; Day 5. The Mississippi River and Vacherie ; Day 6. Lundi Gras ; Day 7. Mardi Gras. Follow traveler Justine Shapiro through the French Quarter, Warehouse District and Garden District to discover the history, drams and legend that is "The Big Easy.".

DVD 917.8 Ame

American Rockies. Pilot Productions, c2003.
AMERICAN ROCKIES - 1. Introduction ; 2. South Dakota - Pine Ridge ; 3. South Dakota - Dead Wood ; 4. Montana - Little Bighorn ; 5. Wyoming - Jackson Hole ; 6. Wyoming - Yellowstone National Park ; 7. Montana - Whitefish ; 8. Idaho - Nez Perce Reservation. Traveler Ian Wright begins his journey in the badlands of South Dakota on the Pine Ridge reservation. His next stop is the holy mountains of Bear Butte, where the Indians pay homage to the spirits. Traveling north he visits Deadwood, South Dakota, before continuing through Montana to Jackson Hole in Wyoming. He ends his journey in the famous Yellowstone National Park.

DVD 917.8 Bur

Burns, Ken. Lewis & Clark--the journey of the corps of discovery / a Florentine Films production ; a film by Ken Burns ; produced in association with WETA-TV (Washington, DC) ; director, Ken Burns ; producers Dayton Duncan, Ken Burns ; writer Dayton Duncan. PBS Home Video, 1997.
This extraordinary film tells the remarkable story of the entire Corps of Discovery--not just the two famous Captains, but the young army men, French-Canadian boatmen, Clark's African-American slave, and the Shoshone woman named Sacagawea, who brought along her infant son. Journey with them all, across a breath-taking landscape in an unforgettable experience that explores both the history--and promise--of American.

DVD 917.9 Sou

South West USA. Pilot Productions, c2003.
SOUTH WEST USA - 1. Introduction ; 2. New Mexico - Gallup ; 3. New Mexico - Santa Fe and Taos ; 4. New Mexico - Roswell ; 5. New Mexico & Arizona - Deming and Tucson ; 6. Arizona - Sedona ; 7. Arizona - The Grand Canyon ; 8. Nevada - Las Vegas and the Balck Rock Desert. Traveler Justine Shapiro starts her adventure in Gallup, on the New Mexico border. Heading east through Santa Fe and Taos she then moves south to Roswell. Continuing her journey by motorbike she head north west to Tucson in the state of Arizona. After a stop at the Grand Canyon she enters the final leg of her journey via Las Vegas to Nevada's Black Rock Desert.

DVD 917.94 Cal

California. Pilot Productions, c2003.
CALIFORNIA - 1. Introduction ; 2. The High Deserts - Joshua Tree National Park and Palm Springs ; 3. Los Angeles ; 4. Pacific Coast Highway - San Simeon, San Luis Obispo and Big Sur ; 5. Gilroy, Yosemite National Park and Bodie ; 6. Redwood National Park and Garberville. Traveler Justine Shapiro begins her journey in Palm Springs, a sparkling oasis in the middle of the desert. From there she travels to sprawling Los Angeles and tours the Hollywood Hills. Heading north she continues to beautiful Big sur before leaving the coast for the Sierra Nevada Mountains. She ends her journey in Humboldt County - home of the Giant Redwoods.

DVD 918 Gal

Galapagos : The islands that changed the world. United States : Warner Home Video, c2007.
Galapagos reveals how wildlife has found the most enterprising ways to survive on this restless volcanic outpost, why these islands are such a fascinating showcase for evolution, and the profound forces that influence the delicate Balance of Life.

DVD 918 Isr

Israel. New Dimension Media, 2005.
Known as the home of the Jews, the old and new exist side by side in places and cities. Experience the diverse peoples who make this ancient yet modern country so compelling.

DVD 918 Per

Peru. Chicago, Illinois : New Dimension Media, c2005.
Peru is one of the most important Latin American countries. Experience both the Inca heritage and the Spanish heritage of Peru as the diversity of this land combines the past and the present.

DVD 918 Sou

Natural Wonders of the World : Natural Wonders of South America. United States : Schlessinger Media, c1997.
Explore the southernmost tip of South America into Patagonia for a close-up view of towering blocks of moving ice that glow with an eerie blue light. On the wall of these ancient glaciers, viewers find traces of the people who hunted here at the end of the Ice Age. Explore the myths and science behind the creation of the majestic "devil's threat" and surrounding waterfalls. Travel the coast of Ecuador to the Galapagos, the islands that prompted Darwin's theory of natural selection and the concept of evolution.

DVD 918 Ven

Globe Trekker : Venezuela. Pilot Productions, 2008.

DVD 918.04 Arg

Argentina. Pilot Productions, c2004.
ARGENTINA - 1. Iguazu Falls ; 2. Jujuy ; 3. Salta and Catamarca ; 4. Buenos Aires ; 5. El Bolson ; 6. Trelew ; 7. Patagonia. Traveler Justine Shapiro begins her adventure in Iguazu, before traveling west to Jujuy. After an incredible train journey to Salta she continues south to the capital Buenos Aires. She ends her journey at the southern extreme of the country amidst the incredible scenery of the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares.

DVD 918.10 Bra

Brazil. Pilot Productions, c2004.
RIO de JANEIRO - Intros & Maps ; Copacabana ; Centro, Santa, Tereza & Corcovado ; Tijuca Park & Pedra Bonita ; Favela tour, Market Museum of Contemporary Art & Maracana Parati ; Street Parties & Samba Schools ; The Samba Parade ; Carnival Bells - - NORTHEAST BRAZIL - Intros & Maps ; Salvador ; Bahia State & Lencois Recife ; Morro Branco & Fortaleza ; Jericoacoara Marajo, Belem & The Amazon. Traveler Ian Wright visits the historic Northeast, from Salvador following the coast to the mouth of the mighty Amazon the world's largest river. He then goes to Rio, a lively melting pot originating from Portuguese settlers and Africa slaves and also the home of samba, soccer, and the Carnival capital of the world!.

DVD 918.13 Ecu

Ecuador. Pilot Productions, c2004.
ECUADOR - 1. Guayaquil and Banos ; 2. Cotopaxi and Quito ; 3. Otavalo ; 4. Lago Agrio and the Aquarico River ; 5. The Galapagos Islands. Treveler Justine Shapiro starts her travels in Guayaquil, before taking a train up into the Andes. After climbing the highest active volcano on earth, she heads north to the capital of Ecuador - Quito. Following a trek in the Amazon, she completes her trip with a visit to the magnificent Galapagos Islands.

DVD 918.13 Per

Peru. Pilot Productions, c2004.
PERU - 1. Introduction ; 2. Lima ; 3. Huaraz ; 4. Trujillo ; 5. Iquitos ; 6. Ica ; 7. Puno and Lake Titicaca ; 8. Cuzco ; 9. Machu Picchu. Traveler Neil Gibson starts his adventure in Peru's capital Lima. From there he travels north to trek through the glaciers from the Andean city of Huaraz. Via the surfing town of Trujula he moves into the Amazon and explores the abundant rain forest wildlife. Taking a flight south he ends his journey in the Inca capital of Cuzco.

DVD 918.30 Chi

Chile and Easter Island. Pilot Productions, c2004.
CHILE AND EASTER ISLAND- 1. Introduction ; 2. The Atacama Desert ; 3. San Pedro ; 4. Cerro Tololo and Los Vasquez ; 5. Temuco and Mapuche ; 6. Punta Aranas and Torres del Paine National Park ; 7. Robinson Crusoe Island ; 8. Easter Island. Traveler Ian Wright begins his journey in the scorching aridity of the Atacama desert. He then moves south to the capital, Santiago before taking a train to visit the indigenous Mapuche Indians. He travels across the outstanding glacier-streamed mountains of the Torres del Paine National Park. Via Robinson Crusoe Island, he flies to Easter Island and ends his journey on one of the most remote inhabited places on Earth.

DVD 919 Ant

Antarctica : The silent calling. Learning Media of America.

DVD 919 Aus

Australia. Chicago, Illinois : New Dimension Media, c2005.
Austrialis is both a country and a continent of impressive cities around its fertile coastal areas. Experience the different aspects of Australian life and reveal their English heritage. The aboriginal heritage is also still evident, as are animals uniques in the world.

DVD 919.12 Tah

Tahiti & Samoa. Pilot Productions, c2004.
TAHITI & SAMOA - 1. Introduction ; 2. Bora Bora ; 3. Tahiti ; 4. Tubuai and Rangiroa ; 5. Samoa and Savai'l ; 6. Moorea. Traveler Ian Wright starts his journey on the legendary island of Bora Bora before flying to Tahiti. From there he heads to the remote outer islands of tubuai and Rangiroa and then west to independent Samoa. After a stopover in Moorea he ends his journey back in Tahiti at the top of Mount Aorai.

DVD 919.40 Aus

Australia. Pilot Productions, c2004.
OUTBACK AUSTRALIA - 1. Introduction ; 2. Darwin ; 3. Kakadu National Park and Katherine ; 4. Cloncurry ; 5. Alice Springs ; 6. Tanami Track ; 7. Broome and Cape Leveque ; 8. Kimberly and Kununurra - - QUEENSLAND AND THE GREAT BARRIER REEF - 1. Introduction ; 2. Surfers Paradise ; 3. Noosa, Harvey Bay and Fraser Island ; 4. The Whitsunday Islands ; 5. Magnetic Island and Cairns ; 6. Thursday Island ; 7. The Cape York Peninsula ; 8. Lizard Island and Cod Hole - - SOUTH EAST - 1. Introduction ; 2. Tamworth ; 3. Bryon Bay ; 4. Sydney ; 5. Albury and Mt. Buffalo National Park ; 6. Melbourne ; 7. The Grampians National Park ; 8. Port Arthur ; 9. Tasmania - - SOUTH WEST - 1. Introduction ; 2. Barossa Valley ; 3. Cooper Pedy ; 4. William Creek ; 5. Kalgoorlie ; 6. Perth ; 7. Karijini National Park ; 8. Exmouth. Traveler Ian Wright explores Outback Australia, one of the most sparse and rugged landscapes on Earth, before checking out the vibrant cities and glorious beaches of the South East. Meanwhile Megan McCormick checks out lush rainforests and the stunning Barrier Reef in Queensland, while Estelle Bingham travels to Perth, Adelaide and beyond to discover South West Australia.

DVD 919.44 Syd

Sydney. Pilot Production, c2004.
SYDNEY - Introduction ; Day 1. Sydney Harbour and Kings Cross ; Day 2. Sydney Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay and the Rocks District ; Day 3. Bondai Beach, Tamarama, Bronte Beach and Waverley Cemetery ; Day 4. Cabramatta and an Aboriginal historical tour ; Day 5. The Blue Moutains - Katoomba ; Day 6. Sydney Opera House and Circular Quay ; Day 7. Bundeena ; Day 8. Mardi gras ; Day 9. Harley City Tour. Globe Trekker traveler Justine Shapiro spends a week discovering the Sydney's famous modern landmarks and discovering its traditional and often overlooked past.

DVD 919.69 Haw

Hawaii. Pilot Productions, c2003.
HAWAII - 1. Introduction ; 2. Kauai ; 3. Oahu ; 4. Maui ; 5. Hawaii - The Big Island. Traveler Megan McCormick visits the Na Pali coast on the lush island of Kauai before heading south to Oahu and the big cites of Honolulu and Wakiki. She travels on to Maui to discover the world's largest inactive volcano and ends her journey on Hawaii, also know as the Big Island.

DVD 920 Wri

Wright Brothers' flying machine. South Burlington, Vt. : WGBH, c2003.
Narrated by Neil Ross. Join NOVA as they document the attempt of modern pilots, builders, aviation experts, and historians to retrace, rebuild and re-fly planes build to the specifications developed by the Wright Brothers a century ago.

DVD 921 Dic

Charles Dickens : A concise biography. New Jersey : Kultur International Films, Ltd.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

DVD 921 Dic

Emily Dickinson : A concise biography. New Jersey : Kultur International Films, Ltd.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

DVD 921 Fau

William Faulkner : A concise biography. New Jersey : Kultur International Films, Ltd.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

DVD 921 Fit

F. Scott Fitzgerald : A concise biography. New Jersey : Kultur Films International, Ltd.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

DVD 921 Goe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe : A concise biography. New Jersey : Kultur International Films, Ltd.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

DVD 921 Kaf

Franz Kafka : A concise biography. New Jersey : Kultur International Films, Ltd.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

DVD 921 Oct

October sky. United States : Universal Studios, 1998.
Jake Gyllenhaal ; Laura Dern ; Chris Cooper. Coatwood, West Virginia, 1957. Working in the coal mines is an inescapable way of life in this small town. When high schooler Homer Hickam, Jr. sees the Sputnik satellite in th night sky, he dares to break free of the mines and reach for the stars. With the support of his teacher and three friends, Homes sets out on an inspiring quest to build his own rocket. Overcoming a poor education, a tought father and a series of misfires, Homer turns his dreams into reality in this incredible true story of hope, determination, and triumph.

DVD 921 Orw

George Orwell : A concise biography. New Jersey : Kultur International Films, Ltd.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

DVD 921 Poe

Edgar Allan Poe : A concise biography. New Jersey : Kultur International Films, Ltd.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

DVD 921 Ste

John Steinbeck : A concise biography. New Jersey : Kultur International Films, Ltd.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

DVD 921 Ste

Robert Louis Stevenson : A concise biography. New Jersey : Kultur International Films, Ltd.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

DVD 921 Twa

Mark Twain : A concise biography. New Jersey : Kultur International Films, Ltd.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

DVD 921 Whi

Walt Whitman : A concise biography. New Jersey : Kultur International Films, Ltd.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

DVD 921 Wil

Oscar Wilde : A concise biography. New Jersey : Kultur International Films, Ltd.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

DVD 930 Wor

5000 Years of Magnificent Wonders : World Wonders Beyond Time. Chicago, Illinois : Questar, Inc, c2009.
Discover the histories of tombs, temples, shrines and monuments and probe their mysteries as you travel the world to imcomparable sites that continue to fascinate and inspire.

DVD 930.09

Seven wonder of the ancient world. Chicago, IL : MM Questar , Inc.
Tracks down the seven wonders of the ancient world in time and place, revealing the fascinating story behind each one.

DVD 932 Egy

5000 Years of Magnificent Wonders : Ancient Egypt. Chicago, Illinois : Questar, Inc, c2009.
Uncover the secrets of Ancient Egypt's visionary pharaohs, engineers, and architects, who created some of the finest monuments the world has ever seen. Noted historians and Egyptologists reveal the highly advanced construction techniques used to create such wonders as : The Sphinx, Hatshepsut's Temple, The Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple Complex, Temple of Ramses the Great.

DVD 932 Gua

Guardian of the Ages : The Great Sphinx. United States : A&E Television Networks, c2006.
In a fascinating look into the history behind the symbol of the sphinx, experts debate may significant questions.

DVD 932 Kin

King Tut : Secrets revealed. Preview. United States : A&E Home Video, 2007.
In 1922 the tenacity of archaeologist Howard Carter was rewarded by a stunning find - the tomb of Tutankhamun. Carter's moment of discovery changed the history books and the way people regarded ancient Egypt. Learn about the fabulous treasures within the tomb of the pharaoh known as King Tut, from objects of staggering beauty to hundreds of practical items that were provided for the king's journey to the underworld. Follow in the footsteps of an ancient boy-king whose life and death would influence the early 20th century. Discover how "Tutmania" transformed art, architecture and jewelery design.

DVD 937 Rom

5000 Years of Magnificent Wonders : Ancient Rome. Chicago, Illinois : Questar, Inc, c2009.
Explore the stories and secrets behind the masterpieces that transformed Rome into the last superpower of the ancient world.

DVD 938 Gre

5000 Years of Magnificent Wonders : Ancient Greece. Chicago, Illinois : Questar, Inc, c2009.
Discover how ancient Greeks used imagination and inventiveness and courage and conviction to lead architecture into the modern world. Greeks were able to realize so many groundbreaking and unique engineering innovations at the dawn of European history.

DVD 938 Won

Wonders of the Ancient World : Ancient Greece. United States : Schlessinger Media, c1996.
Get an up-close look at the legendary Acropolis, symbol of ancient Greece at the height of its power, and explore Epidaurus.

DVD 940 Blo

Blood and Oil : The Middle East in World War I. New Jersey : Janson Media, c2006.
"Blood and Oil- the Middle East in World War I examines the devastating conflict and Western political intrigue that laid the foundation for wars, coups, revolts and military interventions in the Middle East. After the end of World War I, most of the Ottoman Empire was carved up into 'spheres of influence', controlled mostly by the British and French. The remaining territories became the modern state of Turkey in 1923 - after a five-year struggle by Turkish nationalists against Westerns domination. Written and produced by Marty Callaghan (Archives of War, Remember Pearl Harbor: America Taken by Surprise), this feature-length documentary film follows conflict from the Ottoman Empire's entry into the Great War in October 1914 to the Allied victory and declaration of the new Turkish Republic in 1923, and the hostilities that have plagued the region since. The DVD also features three extended expert interviews"--Copyright descriptive material.


World War II The German Front. Digiview Entertainment, 2006.
Prelude to war, the Nazi Strike, Secret Life of Hitler, Nuremburg Trials.

DVD 940.54 Iwo

Iwo Jima : 36 days of hell : the true story. United States : Timeless Media Group, c2006.

DVD 940.54 Wor

W W II : the lost color archives. New York : A & E Television Networks, 2000.

DVD 945 Ren

The renaissance. Cerebellum Corporation, 2001.
Scholars of The Renaissance from Yale University share their knowledge in this video which takes the viewer on a captivating and beautiful trip back to one of the most glorius historical periods.

DVD 947 Ukr

Ukraine. L.A. Film Productions, 2007.

DVD 949 Buc

Bucharest & the Transylvanian countryside. TravelVideo.
Explore Transylvania's medieval villages, splendidly preserved castles and cycle the forests of the Carpathian Mountains.

DVD 949.9 Bul

Bulgarian Riviera. TravelVideoStore.
Experience the Bulgarian coast as it awakens from its long sleep. Visit the new hotels, malls, restaurants, and night clubs as well as the beaches. Visit the museums and monuments, the old monasteries and ancient graves.

DVD 951 Chi

China. Chicago, Illinois : New Dimension Media, c2005.
China has the world's fastest growing economy, yet it also has many traditions. Experience the blend of both the ancient and the modern. Visit country villages as well as cities.

DVD 951 Sto

PBS Home Video. The Story of 1. Impossible Pictures Ltd, 2005.
Terry Jones goes on a humor-filled journey to recount the amazing tale behind the world's simplest number. The Story of 1 reveals how civilizations used One to develop their culture; where our modern number came from; and how the invention of zero changed the world forever.

DVD 951.05 Chi

China. Pilot Productions, c1995.
CENTRAL CHINA - Introduction ; Shanghai ; Suzhou ; Huangshan ; The Yangzi River ; Chongquig ; Xi'an - - SOUTHWEST CHINA - Introduction ; Yangzhou ; Guiyang ; Luzhi & Huangguoshu Waterfalls ; Yunnan Province ; Songpan. Traveler Justine Shapiro explores the traditional Southwest of China, the autonomous region of Guangxi and the provinces of Guizhou, Yunnan and Sichuan. Meanwhile Megan McCormick journeys through Central China from Shanghai to the Yellow Mountains, and from the Yangzi River to Xi'an, the ancient capital of China.

DVD 955 Ind

Iran today. Chicago, Illinois : New Dimension Media, c2005.
Experience Iran's tumultuous history, dramatically diverse landscapes, and its people and cultures. This program presents a portrait of this historically important country that remains a political and cultural power.

DVD 956.04 Mid

Middle East. Pilot Productions, c2003.
SYRIA, JORDAN AND LEBANON - 1. Introduction ; 2. Jordan - Wadi Rum ; 3. Jordan - Petra ; 4. Jordan - The Dead Sea ; 5. Lebanon - Beirut ; 6. Lebanon - Tyre ; 7. Lebanon - Baalbeck ; 8. Syria - Damascus ; 9. Syria - Palmyra ; 10. Syria - Aleppo - - ISRAEL AND SINAI - 1. Introduction ; 2. Israel - Tel Aviv ; 3. Israel - Safred and the Golan Heights ; 4. Israel - Jerusalem ; 5. Israel - Hebron ; 6. Israel - Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea ; 7. Israeli Egyptian Border - El Arish ; 8. Egypt - Sharm El Shelkh and Dahab ; 9. Egypt - Mount Sinai - - THE ARAB GULF STATES - 1. Introduction ; 2. Kuwait ; 3. Dubai ; 4. Abu Dhabi and Liwa Oasis ; 5. Msucat ; 6. Nizwa, Hally Ben Khali trek and Sur ; 7. Al-Bustan Palace Hotel ; 8. Salalah and The Empty Quarter - - SHORT HISTORY OF THE MIDDLE EAST. Traveler Ian Wright starts his journey in Jordan's Wadi Rum Desert, traveling south past the ruins at Petra and then on to Beirut in Lebanon. He ends his journey in Syria at the ancient town of Palmyra. Further south, Megan mcCormick visits battle scarred Kuwait before traveling on to Dubai and finally Oman. Justine Shapiro completes the journey traveling through Israel and the Sinai Desert.

DVD 958 Uzb

Uzbekistan : A musical tour of the country's past and present. c2008.
This tour takes us to Bukhara and to Khiva, former oases on the old Silk Road that joined East and West. Buildings, mosques, and medrese reflect their former importance under successive rulers, with monuments of Islamic architecture and decorative art. Music chosen includes Sheherazade, based on episodes from the Arabian Nights and Sadko, based on the watery legend that takes the hero of the title into the depths of the sea.

DVD 962 Egy

Egypt. New Dimension Media.
Examine Egypt's role in the modern Middle East. Experience the Suez Canal, Sinai Peninsula, and Alexandria on the Mediterranean.

DVD 973 Nin

9/11. United States : Goldfish Pictures, Inc., c2001.
On the morning of September 11, 2001, brothers Jules and Gedeon Naudet were working on a documentary about a rookie New York City firefighter. Hearing a roar in the sky, Jules turned his camera upward - just in time to film the only existing image of the first plane crashing into the World Trade Center. In a fateful instant, Jules and Gedeon became eyewitnesses to the most shocking and defining moment of our time.

DVD 973 Tur

21st century turning points in U.S. history : Program 1 : 2000 - 2001. Ambrose Video Publishing, c2009.
Program 1: 2000 - 2001. The first two years of the decade brought about the George W. Bush presidency, a presidency that was defined by September 11th 2001, the first attack on American soil since the War of 1812. 2001 was also the year that began the second digital revolution.

DVD 973 Tur

21st century turning points in U.S. history : Program 3 : 2005 - 2007. Ambrose Publishing, Inc., c2009.
Program 3 : 2005 - 2007. The middle years of the first decade of the 21st century were a time of great social change, as America' s failing infrastructure was exposed; performance enhancing drust damaged sports; illegal immigrants made up as much as a tenth of the population and the Internet redefined how people connect with each other.

DVD 973 Tur

21st century turning points in U.S. history : Program 4 : 2007 - 2009. Ambrose Publishing, Inc., c2009.
Program 4 : 2007 - 2009. The end of the decade of the 21st century was the best of times and the worst of times. Finally, America understood the consequences of global warming; a sea change occurred when it elected a Black president, but in the end, it faced disaster when the subprime mortgage debacle almost brought the financial system to its knees.

DVD 973 Tur

21st century turning points in U.S. history : Progrm 2 : 2002 - 2004. Ambrose Video Publishing, c2009.
Program 2 : 2002 - 2004. The years between 2002 and 2004 ushered in America's first pre-emptive war, saw the human genome project jump start the bioteach revolution and Goole monetize the Internet.

DVD 973.22 Ten

Ten days that unexpectedly changed America. United States : A&E Television Networks, c2006.
"Massacre at Mystic" ; "Shays' Rebellion : America's First Civil War" ; "Gold Rush" ; "Antietam".

DVD 973.22 Ten

Ten days that unexpectedly changed America. United States : A&E Television Networks, c2006.
"The Homestead Strike" ; "Murder At the Fair : The Assassination of President McKinley" ; "Scopes : The Battle Over America's Soul".

DVD 973.22 Ten

Ten days that unexpectedly changed America. United States : A&E Entertainment Networks, c2006.
"Einstein's Letter" ; "When America Was Rocked" ; "Freedom Summer".

DVD 973.4 Bur

Burns, Ken. Thomas Jefferson / a Florentine Films production; produced in association with WETA-TV, Washington ; a Film by Ken Burns ; producers, Ken Burns and Camilla Rockwell ; writer, Geoffrey C. Ward ; editors, Paul Barnes and Kevin Kertscher. PBS Home Video, 1997.

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