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  1. Name: Christophe MOINE

    Address: Rydsvägen 250 B:15
    584 34 Linköping

  2.  : 013-473 06 02

  3. Birthday: 02/08/1980

 :

Clean driver’s license


2002/03: Exchange student in Linköping university (Sweden) equivalent to one year of study in my home university.
2001/03: Institut Universitaire de Technologie des Sciences Appliquées, a five year school leading to a Computer and Industrial Engineering degree.
1999/01: Institut Universitaire de Technologie: a two-year technical degree in Information Technology at Toulouse University
1998/99: Classes préparatoires: intensive studies in Math and Physics to prepare competitive exams for admission to French engineering school.
June 98: Baccalaureate S: French secondary diploma specialized in Math and Physics
Equivalent to
GB A levels.


Computer skills:

    Languages: C, C++, Motorola 68XXX & Intel X86 assembler, COBOL, UNIX shell, JAVA, HTML, XML, CGI scripts, SQL, VISUAL BASIC, Lisp, VHDL, Matlab.

Fields: Compilation principles, Computer graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Operating Systems, Computer networks, Real Time systems, basic knowledge in electronic.

Personal profile:

  • Conscientious, flexible and motivated worker

  • Takes responsibility and able to work on his own initiative

  • Clear in his explanation, and try to figure out other people’s points of view


June 2003 Internship in my University Laboratory

3 months Laboratoire d’Etude des Systèmes Automatiques et Informatiques :

- Set up Linux Real Time system for new Laboratories in my school
June 2002 Internship in my University Laboratory

2 months Laboratoire d’Etude des Systèmes Automatiques et Informatiques :

- Set up Linux Real Time system for new Laboratories in my school

- Figure out Linux RT, and write a complete documentation
April 2001 Internship in the Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems

4 months Department Test and Working Security in computer science

- Development of a Graphical User Interface in Java

- Creation of a tool capable to improve test sequence efficiency (mutant analysis)

- Contribution to the open compiler OpenJava
October 2000 worked as a computer maintenance technician in a restaurant.

- Dealt with accountancy

- Improved interfaces

- Created charts with Access
Summer 2000 Information Technology technician in roadwork department in Toulouse.

- Compiled database from laboratory’s experiments


Sports: Snowboarding, Beach Volley, Running, Tennis.
Other: Member of the INSA robotic club to a national competition.

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