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Expected impact

(max 3 pages)

    1. Added value of the project results at National, European and International level

Explain how the project results will contribute to increase the social-economical competitivness.
One of the modern world’s major problems is finding new renewable energy resources, without emissions of poluting gases. The valorization of biomass wastes either by bioethanol or by biofuels will have an economic impact due to the availability and low value of these wastes. Implementation of clean technologies for hydrogen production contributes to approaching the goal of green energy production. Even if the production of green energy is not cheap at this moment, the oveall profitability on a long term is higher due to the fact that environment cleaning technologies and infrastructures will not be needed anymore.

Development of new research directions in the area of the biomass wastes utilization as renewable energy resources has a social component by involving and training of young researchers in the field of unconventional energy resources development. There are PhD students in the teams proposed by CO, P2 and P4. The activities developed in the project implementation can represent the basis for other PhD thesis, contributing to the motivation of young researchers to remain in the national research field.

The implementation of this project will contribute to increasing the research capacity of research units (CO and P2) and academic partner (P1) and will widen the international visibility of Romanian research.

3.2. Dissemination and/or exploitation of project results, and management of intellectual property rights

The project partners intend to publish and disseminate their results, as can be seen in the work plan description and deliverables list. On the whole, all partners will take responsibility for scientific publications. Dissemination of obtained scientific results will be accomplished through: (1) scientific journals; (2) presentations at appropriate international conferences; (3) a web page and a discussion forum on the Internet. All the results will also be reported to the Romanian Authorities funding the project.

Publication of the project results will respect the stipulated intellectual property rights, according to the Author Rights Law no. 8/1996. CO will manage the connection of the information generated in common by the partners of this project, and will generate the publications agreed at the partners Meetings and workshops. Acceptance rules will be defined in the Consortium Agreement.

A dedicated web space will be set-up by CO for the intra-consortium communication and continuously updated. A project internet page will also be set up for wider dissemination and as an efficient tool for specialists, accessible also for the possible end-users of the technology provided through this project.
Management of knowledge (intellectual property)

Dissemination of knowledge and intellectual property rights (IPR) will be specified in detail in the Consortium Agreement to be signed among all participating institutions to the HYCAT project. The project results will be protected in acordance with Law nr 8/1996 regarding the Author Rights published in „Monitorul Oficial” no. 060/06.03.1996, therefore:

  1. The original results (patentable) obtained and developed by each partner on the period of project implementation are and remain its property according to the actual legislation.

  2. The scientific results, technologies, know-how, etc obtained in collaboration by two or more members of the Consortium will belong to each partner in the proportion established by agreement in acordance with the Consortium Agreement.

  3. Each partner has the right to disseminate its own results.

Confidential information to be provided to the Managing Authority will be appropriated marked, stating the information is confidential and may be used only for information purposes.

Overall, the proposed basic concept concerning ownership of results and intellectual property rights (IPR) is that the institution generating such results is the owner of the results and of IPR and is responsible for their legal protection and transfer. Results jointly developed shall be jointly owned.

    1. Business case – only for Type 2 projects (max 1 page, included in the maximum 3 pages for the section)

The project proposal integrates in the proposed Consortium 2 small enterprises, each having very well defined tasks in the project implementation. These tasks are correlated with their expertise and economic area in which they activate.

SC REVIVA SRL has a good position at national level in the processing of soybean and producing of biofuels from soy oil. The resulting wastes consist in solutions of glycerol and other components with no economic value in the present. By participation in this consortium the company sought to solve two problems: to manage in an environmental friendly way the wastes resulted in the technological process (which are now burned to produce some of the necessary heat) and to add more economic values to these wastes. The fulfillment of both objectives will enhance the overall profitability of the company and will create new jobs.

SC ROKURA SRL is well known by its implication in green energy projects. One of their activities is situated in the area of fuels and coal processing using hydrogen in order to reduce SO2 atmosphere pollution. The interest in the present project is related to their researches for new, more economic and more ecologic way to produce hydrogen and hydrogen rich gases. No similar technology for hydrogen production is exploited in our country.

The capacity of our laboratory scale technology is of about 6 t/year which in our estimation will enhace the profit of each company with about 50.000 lei/year.

Both companies can also obtain profit from this project by a future valorization of the technology by scale up and the construction of an industrial scale pilot.

The information in this application is hereby certified to be correct.
Project leader,

Dr. Lazar Mihaela Diana

Date: 07.11.2011

1According to Chapter 8 – Budget

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