Dario azzellini education Ph. D. (Sociology)

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Social Movements, Social Conflicts and Transformation of Society 236.925

Intensification Course (graduate), Master's program Political Education, 2 h weekly, winter 2016

Basic Concepts of Special Sociology: Political Sociology 231.403

Lecture (undergraduate), 2 h weekly, winter 2011, winter 2012 and winter 2016

Resources and Development (co-taught with Karin Fischer) 231.404

Lecture (graduate), Development Sociology, 2 h weekly, summer 2016

Self-Management as Response to Crisis 231.400

Course (graduate), Political Sociology, 3 h weekly, summer 2016

Master thesis seminar (for master students during their thesis writing process) 231.442

Course (graduate), Sociology, 2 h weekly, summer 2015

Introduction into Development Sociology in “Introduction into the Special Sociologies” 231.420

Lecture (undergraduate), 4 h, summer 2011, summer 2013,winter 2013 and summer 2015

Introduction into Political Sociology in “Introduction into the Special Sociologies” 231.420

Lecture (undergraduate), 4 h, summer 2011, summer 2013, winter 2013 and summer 2015

The New Global Movements. Specialization in a Field of Practice II, Politics, Globalization / 231.425

Regionalization and Political Culture. Course (graduate), 3 h weekly, winter 2014

Proseminar Sociology (introduction into sociological theories) 231.409

Course (undergraduate), 2 h weekly, winter 2014

The New Global Movements. Specialization in a Field of Practice I, Politics, Globalization / 231.414

Regionalization and political culture. Course (graduate), 3 h weekly, summer 2014

Development Theories and Contemporary Problem Analysis (co-taught with Thomas Muhr) 231.424

Course (graduate), Development Sociology, 3 h weekly, winter 2013

The Crisis of Liberal Democracy, New Movements and Democratic Practices 231.410

Focus course Analysis of Dynamics in Society (graduate), 2 h weekly, winter 2012

Environment and Resource Conflicts, Democracy and the Relationship between State and Social 231.408

Movements. Specialization in a Field of Practice II, Development, Social Movements, Environment

Course (graduate), 3 h weekly, summer 2012

Environment and Resource Conflicts, Democracy and the Relationship between State and Social 231.416

Movements. Specialization in a Field of Practice I, Development, Social Movements, Environment

Course (graduate), 3 h weekly, winter 2011

Socio-Political Transformation Processes in Latin America and the Caribbean (co-taught with Dr. 231.401

Thomas Muhr in English). Course (graduate), Political Sociology, 3 h weekly, summer 2011

Globalization and Regionalism: The Example of Latin America. Specialization in a Field of Practice II, 231.417

Politics, Globalization and Regionalization.

Course (graduate), Political Sociology, 2 h weekly, summer 2011

Globalization and Regionalism: The Example of Latin America. Specialization in a Field of Practice I, 231.414

Politics, Globalization and Regionalization.

Course (graduate), Political Sociology, 4 h weekly, winter 2010


MA thesis adviser (at JKU in Sociology, unless otherwise specified)

Ciesielski, Markus – Pretension and Implementation in the Context of Juvenile Crime Law. A Sociological Investigation of Law Practices of Colombian Juvenile Courts. External advisor. Technical University Dresden, School of Philosophy. 16 November 2015.

Resnitschek, Herbert – Cooperatives’ Principles and their Implementation in the Contemporary Reality of Raiffeisen Banks. 25 May 2015.

Felitsch, Christiane – The Meaning of the Traditional Female Gender Role for the indigenous Movements in Mexico. A Study of the Resistance Struggles in Atenco, Oaxaca and Chiapas. 19 May 2015.

Schwarz, Christine – Crisis in Spain: Mobilization and Self-Organization in Castellón de la Plana. 29 April 2015.

Koller, Claudia – Living with or in between Different Cultures? On the Cultural Self-Positioning of Sub-Saharan African Migrants in Linz. 3 March 2015.

Urban, Sanjay Randolph – Information and Communication Technology: Ray of Hope for Modern Democracy or Wishful Thinking? A Holistic Analysis of the Internet as Tool for the Political Process: Strength, Chances, Debilities, Risks. 2 April 2014 (Social Economy).

Bayrak, Mehmet Akif – The Historical Role of the Military in Political Transformations in Turkey. 19 November 2013.

Harrer, Martin – Why are Military Interventions by National States and State Alliances Inappropriate Means to Fight Piracy? The Example of the EU-led Military Mission Atalanta Fighting Piracy in and around Somalia. 16 April 2013.

Faizie, Arzo – Solidarity Economy Cooperatives and Workers Self-Management in Brazil. 14 November 2012.

Hehn, Juliane Maria – Causes and Consequences of Global Relations of Dependency in the Agro Export Industry: The Examples of Cocoa and Pineapples. 18 June 2012 (Social Economy).

M.A. Exam Committee Member (at JKU in Sociology):

Felton, Barbara Ann, 4 Oct. 2016 (Political Education); Egger, Judith, 25 March 2015; Gattringer, Fabiola, 11 March 2014; Schweighofer, Daniel, 7 May 2014; Zeilinger, Nora, 23 Sep. 2013; Secklehner, Johanna, 11 December 2013; Ecker, Claudia, 10 October 2012.

Professional Service

Advisory Board

2018 – Strikecorps, union organizer development program, NYC, US.

2014 Scientific committee of I Seminário Internacional Poder Popular na América Latina - (SIPPAL), November 25-28, Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brasil.

2011 – Student Grant Program of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Germany.

2003 – Project evaluation committee “Latin America,” Foundation Umverteilen, Berlin, Germany.

Editorial Board / Cientific Board

2018 – Publisher Editora Lutas anticapital, Brazil

2017 – Journal Autogestión. Para Otra Economía, Argentina.

2015 – Journal Movimentos Sociais, NEMOS - Núcleo de Estudos e Pesquisa sobre Movimentos Sociais, Universidade Federal de Goiás, Brazil.

2012 – Journal Kavilando, Revista del Grupo de Investigación Para La transformación Social Kavilando, Medellín, Colombia.

2009 – Journal Cuadernos de Marte. Latin American Journal of War Sociology, Gino Germani Institute, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2008 – Journal WorkingUSA/Journal of Labor&Society

Reviewer for:

Journals: Cuadernos de Marte, Critical Sociology, Historical Materialism Journal, New Political Economy, Organization, WorkingUSA/Journal of Labor and Society

Publishers: Assoziation A, Brill, Continuum, Elefantenpress, Historical Materialism Book Series, Verlag Westfälisches Dampfboot, Wiley-Blackwell, Zed Books

Grant Programs: Asa-Program Carl Duisberg Society, Pro Scientia Austria, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Stiftung Umverteilen (Foundation Redistribute)

University Service

2013 – 2016 Participant in and vice director of the Sociological Studies Commission of the JKU.

2011 – 2012 Participant in the Cultural Studies Commission of the JKU.

College Service

2013 – 2014 Participant in the Work Group Teaching Quality of the Institute for Sociology of the Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU)

2011 Commission for the new brochure of the Institute for Sociology edited for the student’s board (ÖH).

2011 Commission for the PPP of the Institute for Sociology and special sociologies (SIM).

Departmental Service

Chair, Department of Political Sociology and Sociology of Development, Johannes Kepler University Linz, March and May – June 2011 (replacing the official chair on sick leave).


2018 - International Conference of Labour and Social History (ITH)

2017 - American Sociological Association, ASA

2016 –2017 Modern Language Association, MLA

2015 – Latin American Studies Association, LASA

2013 – 2017 Österreichische Gesellschaft für Soziologie, ÖGS

2010 – 2017 Denknetz, CH

2010 – 2017 Lateinamerikaforschung Austria (LAF Austria, Austrian Association of Latin America Research).

2007 – Assoziation für kritische Gesellschaftsforschung (AkG, Association for Critical Social Studies), Germany.

Research projects

2018 “Online Platforms and Worker Representation in Live Music,” University of Leeds, GB, and ILR School, Cornell University, USA (funded by the Hans Boeckler Foundation).

2013- Forms of local self-administration in Latin America and beyond.

2011- Representative Democracy, new movements and direct democracy.

2011-2013 “Social and Solidarity Economies North and South,” University of Liverpool with universities in Brazil and Argentina.

2007- Workers control and self-management.

2006- Forms of local self-administration in Venezuela.

2005-2015 Transformation and democratization of administration and ownership of means of production in Venezuela.

2005 “New Protest Formations and their Democratization Potential for the European Union,” New Orientations for Democracy in Europe.

2002-2010 Privatization of military services and private military actors.

1999-2000 “Work forms and work relations in times of change,” Berlin director of the European EU-research-project MORIANA about autonomous workers, A.ASter Milan.

1999-2002 Migration and racism in Italy.

1998-2003 War on drugs in Colombia, paramilitaries and economic interests

1997-1999 Migration and US-Mexican border regime

1993 Nicaraguan Atlantic Coast: ethnic conflicts and autonomy.

Media Appearances (Radio, TV, and Press Appearances, Interviews) (selected)

2018 Meclisler, konseyler, komünler. Dario Azzellini'yle Latin Amerika'da solun ufku. Express. June 2018, no. 164. 56-63. Turkey.

Communes and Workers’ Control in Venezuela. Interview. Investig'action. April 18.

Republished in: ZNet, April 27; Dissident Voice, April 22; The Dawn, April 27; Venezuelanalysis, April 25; Monthly Review Online. May 2.

Communes et contrôle ouvrier au Venezuela. Interview. Investig'action. April 21.

Republished in: Venesol, May 3.

Challenging capitalism through workers’ control. Interview. Investig'action. April 9.

Republished in: Dissident Voice, April 18; Popular Resistance, April 26; LINKS, April 26

Desafiar al capitalismo por medio del control obrero. Interview. Investig'action. May 3.

Republished in: Lahaine, May 5; Contrainformación, May 4

Desafiar el capitalisme per mitjà del control obrer, Per què és important el control obrer?. Misteri1963. May 4.

Entrevista: “La democracia tiene que estar adaptada a los diferentes lugares.” El Salto. March 5.

Eine Mehrheit für einen Irrwitz? - Prognosen zu italienischen Parlamentswahl. Interview. 10:14 min. Radio Lora München, Radio Dreyecksland 28.2.

Is democracy working? State of Nature. February 19.

Are we heading for another economic crash?. State of Nature. January 15

¿Nos dirigimos hacia otra crisis económica?. Rebelión. January 25.

Stiamo andando verso un altro crollo economico?. Franconesia. February 14.

2017 RT TV Español, Detrás de la Noticia, August 3, Las sanciones de EEUU en contra de Venezuela, interview.

Radio Corax and freie-radios.net (Germany), November 28, "The Class Strikes Back" - über internationale selbstorganisierte Arbeitskämpfe, interview.

Radio Z (Germany), October 10, Venezuela - wie geht es weiter?, interview.

Pi Radio, freie-radios.net (Germany) and Radio Helsinki Graz (Austria), February 10 and 14, Jahresrückblick Europa, interview.

Pi Radio and freie-radios.net (Germany), Feb. 10, Worker's Control als konkrete Utopie, interview.

Radio Corax, Radio Dreyeckland, and bermuda.funk (Germany), January 19, 23 and 24, Venezuela - Krise und Inflation, interview.

Irola Irratia (Spain), January 10, Control Obrero, interview.

2016 Economic Update with Richard Wolff, democracy at work, November 10, Richard Wolff on Trump and Dario Azzellini on workers’ cooperatives.

Konkret, June 2016, Interview mit Dario Azzellini über die Krise in Venezuela.

masina.rs (Serbia), March 4, Društvena transformacija zahteva​ ​otvoreni put, interview.

NAHIMEN (Spain), Teoria eta estrategia, 2016/1, La democracia no puede ser democracia si es cosmopolita, interview, 89-101.

2015 RT TV Español, Detrás de la Noticia, September 21, El entrenamiento militar de EEUU a ejércitos extranjeros y los derechos humanos, interview.

Deutsche Welle Latinoámerica, July 27, Plan estatal para hallar personas desaparecidas en Colombia, interview.

Deutsche Welle Latinoámerica, Cuadriga, June 25, Venezuela: ¿esperanza de cambio?, debate.

Deutsche Welle Latinoámerica, Cuadriga, April 23, Muerte en el Mediterráneo: ¿la UE culpable?, debate.

ERT Thessaloniki, April 2, Interview on local self-administration in Venezuela.

Deutsche Welle Latinoámerica, Cuadriga, March 5, Dos años sin Chávez: ¿Venezuela se colapsa?, debate.

2014 teleSUR English, Laura Flanders Show, September 15, Marina Sitrin and Dario Azzellini: People Power.

RT TV Español, Detrás de la Noticia, August 22, Saga de responsables – Juicio

en contra de Blackwater
, interview.

Deutsche Welle en Español, Cuadriga, June 12, BCE - ¿Banqueros jugando a la política?, debate.

Deutsche Welle in English, Quadriga, June 12, ECB - Bankers Playing Politics? debate.

RT TV Español, Detrás de la Noticia, May 16, La guerra contra las drogas, interview.

Deutsche Welle en Español, Cuadriga, May 8, Un Mundial difícil: ¿Qué ganará Brasil?, debate.

Deutsche Welle in English, Quadriga, May 8, World Cup Risks - Can Brazil win?, debate.

RT TV Español, Detrás de la Noticia, March 21, Comando Sur de EEUU - amenaza para America Latina, interview.

Florida Caribe Radio, WSLR 96.5 LP FM (USA), February 2, The grassroots of Venezuela, interview.

Radio FRO 105 (A), Culturale Broadcasting Archive, January 1, Öffentlichkeit Reloaded, interview.

2013 El Colombiano (Colombia), December 1, Soldados élite de los ejércitos modernos son extranjeros, interview.

RT TV Español, Detrás de la Noticia, September 9, Legitimidad en limbo, interview.

Cultural Broadcasting Archive, Radio FRO 105 (Austria), October 23, Inszenierte Öffentlichkeit – Gegenöffentlichkeit, interview.

Stick Together, 3CR Radio Station (Australia), July 24, Imagine a world without bosses, interview.

Forms of Life, Creative Times (USA), July 15, Direct Democracy Under Construction: A Conversation with Dario Azzellini.

Deutschland-Radio Wissen (Germany), March 28, Venezuela. Noch ein Hugo, bitte? Die Politikwissenschaftler Dario Azzellini und Nikolaus Werz und der Journalist Bernd Pickert im Gespräch, debate.

Radio Rabe (CH), March 25, Nicht nur Venezuela hat eine Integrationsfigur verloren. Gespräch mit Dario Azzelini über die Ära Chavez und die Zeit danach, interview.

Radio Z (Germany), March 20, Venezuela mit und nach Chávez: Selbstorganisation und kommunale Räte, interview.

Radio Z and Radio F.R.E.I. (Germany), March 13, Venezuela - wie weiter nach dem Tod von Hugo Chavez?, interview.

2012 SOZ – Sozialistische Zeitung (Germany), November 2012, Warum Chávez gewonnen hat, interview.

Deutsche Welle TV in English, October 9, Agenda, Chavez celebrates victory but where does Venezuela go from here?.

Deutsche Welle TV en Español, October 9, Agenda, Venezuela, Chavéz reelegido por cuarta vez, debate.

ORF4, Reality Check (Austria), October 5, Wahlen in Venezuela, interview.

Radio Corax (Germany), October 1, Erhebliche Ressentiments gegenüber der Regierung, interview.

Paolo Freire Zentrum - PFZ.at, (Austria), June 19, Soziale Bewegungen und der Staat. Interview.

Neues Deutschland Online (Germany), March 18, Occupy breitet sich aus, interview.

Radio Corax and freie-radios.net, (Germany), March 2, Hoch die Internationale? -zur Krise des Internationalismus, interview mit Dirk Lewandowitz und Dario Azzellini.

2011 Radio Z, FRC and Freie-radios.net (Germany), July 21 and 22, Die Proteste von Genua 10 Jahre danach: Bedeutung und Wirkungsmacht, interview.

Gara (Basque Country), May 22, El imperialismo quiere la traición, pero nunca al traidor, interview.

Radio Dreyecksland (Germany), March 15, 10 Jahre nach Genua. Wo stehen die sozialen Bewegungen in Italien, interview.

2010 Miradas al Sur (Argentina) August, La ecuación guerra-negocios, interview

Radio Flora (Hannover, Germany), July 26, Eskalation der Spannungen zwischen Kolumbien und Venezuela, interview.

Radio Flora and freie-radios.net (Germany), June 15, Kolumbien kurz vor den Wahlen, interview.

Deutschlandradio Kultur (Germany), April 19, Eine unvollendete Befreiung. Unser Unabhängigkeitskrieg war Selbstbetrug – Südamerika feiert, interview.

Correo del Orinoco, international English edition, February 4, Wars are not something accidental, nor rare they due too bad character, interview.

Correo del Orinoco (Venezuela), January 26, Las guerra no son algo casual ni se deben a personajes muy malos, interview.

2009 Deutsche Welle TV en Español, Cuadriga, September 22, Hugo Chávez: ¿Un presidente eterno?, debate.

teleSUR (Latin America), August 25, Privatización de las guerras busca evadir control democrático sobre operaciones militares, interview,

Deutsche Welle TV en Español, Cuadriga, July 10, Golpe de Estado en Honduras –¿regreso al pasado?, debate.

Deutsche Welle TV en Español, Cuadriga, March 20, 2009, El Salvador - ¿hacia una Latinoamérica roja?, debate.

ColoRadio (Germany), freie-radios.net, March 15, Venezuela bolivariana, interview.

Radio Z and freie-radios.net (Germany), Februar 17, Verfassungsreferendum in Venezuela, interview.

2008 ColoRadio and freie-radios.net (Germany), November 25, Indikator für Bolivarianismus, Kommunalwahlen in Venezuela, interview.

ColoRadio and freie-radios.net, (Germany), October 13, Destabilisierung eines Landes zur Stabilisierung neoliberaler Politik - eine Strategie?, interview.

Opinião e Notícia (Brazil), July 7, Novas Guerras, A Guerra no Século XXI, interview.

Página12 (Argentina), June 30, La guerra ya no es para instalar otro modelo económico: ella es el modelo, interview.

Deutsche Welle Radio en Español, June 9, Gobierno de Uribe el principal obstáculo para negociar, interview by Mirra Banchón.

Deutsche Welle TV English, Cuadriga, May 9, Latin America - Back on the Agenda?, debate.

Radio YVKE Mundial (Venezuela), May 21, Estrategias contrarevolucionarias de Nicaragua a Venezuela, interview.

Radio Z and freie-radios.net (Germany), May 6, Bolivien: Autonomie für die Reichen, interview.

Telam, Agencia de Noticias de la República de Argentina, February, interview about Azzellini's book 'El negocio de la guerra', by Jorge Boccanera.

VTV and Vive TV, Aló Presidente (Venezuela), February 10, Hugo Chávez and Dario Azzellini about paramilitarism in Colombia and Venezuela.

VTV, Dialogo Abierto (Venezuela), February 5, El Paramilitarismo supuestamente desmovilizado en Colombia se encuentra en Venezuela, interview, http://tu.tv/videos/el-paramilitarismo-esta-en-venezuela.

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