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Many thanks to the following people who are helping, in one way or another, to make the Commons-sense Project possible:

APC: Anriette Esterhuysen

A2LM in Southern Africa Project: Achal Prabhala

CoL: Paul West

CPTech: Jamie Love, Thiru Balasubramaniam

Creative Commons: Andrew Rens, Lawrence Lessig, Paula leDieu

Eve Gray & Associates: Eve Gray

IDRC: Heloise Emdon, Steve Song, Laurent Elder, Ailoune Camara

ILO: John Myers

IP Watch: Carolyn Deere, William New

Nigerian Mission, Geneva: Usman Sarki

OLS, U of KZN: Alan Amory

OSISA: Ashraf Patel

Paraffin: Phillipa Moore

Phoenix International: Carolyn Ackermann

SASLI: Susan Veldsman

Soros/OSI: Melissa Hageman, Vera Franz

Stellenbosch U: Jennifer de Beer

TRALAC: Tenu Avafia

U of Cape Town: Charles Masango, Hussein Suleman

SA Dept of Science & Technology: Adi Paterson, Bhavini Kalan

SA National Research Foundation (NRF): Andrew Kaniki

South Centre: Sisule Musungu
WIPO IGC: Wend Wendland

Wits P&DM: Moneerah Ismail

Wits University LINK Centre: Luci Abrahams, Alison Gillwald, Tumi Molefe

Wits University Library: Felix Ubogo, Denise Nicholson, Di Man

Appendix 1 – Questionnaire

Commons-sense: Towards an African Digital Information Commons
Research Questionnaire

(Please only answer sections that are relevant to the project – don’t worry about leaving some or lots of fields empty; brief, note-form answers are fine – we know you are a busy person!)

  1. Name of project:

  2. Main project partner(s)/player(s):

  3. Physical location of project headquarters: (institution, city/town, country):

  4. Web link:

  5. Key contact person:

  6. E-mail of contact person:

  7. Main project objectives:

  8. Current project information/knowledge/creativity/innovation activities/outputs:

  9. Planned future information/knowledge/creativity/innovation activities/outputs:

  10. Languages used:

  11. Main target audience(s):

  12. Main project income source(s), including names of donors:

  13. Year of project beginning:

  14. Brief project history:

  15. Digital element(s) of the project:

  16. On-line element(s) of the project:

  17. Main project successes:

  18. Main project challenges/difficulties:

  19. Project participation in national advocacy, lobbying & policy development:

  20. Project participation in international advocacy, lobbying & policy development:

Please return completed questionnaire to Chris Armstrong & Silvia Hirano at:

Thank you!

1 A trademark is a unique sign or marking that identifies a particular entity or good or service. A patent is a unique invention or design.

The Digital Information Commons: An African Participant’s Guide – 19 May 2005

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