Denisha Kundariya

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Denisha Kundariya

IOS App Developer

Contact No: +91-9429778905 Email:

Career Objective

Intend to build a career with committed & dedicated people, which will help me to explore myself fully and realize my potential, willing to work as a key player in challenging and creative environment. To seek a rewarding & challenging career in an organization where I can utilize to the fullest potential the skill I have acquire through my education & experience.

Professional Summary

  • B.E. Computer science from Gujarat Technological University.

  • Total 3 years of experience as an iOS developer.




    Oceans Technologies, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Aug-2015 to present

    iOS developer

    Virtue Infotech, Rajkot, Gujarat

    June-2014 to Feb-2015

    iOS developer

  • Experience with Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, iOS versions, debugging tools, memory management, UI design

Skill Summary

  • iOS application Development (Objective-C and Swift)

  • Proficient in Cocoa, CocoaTouch, Audio Toolkit, XML parsing, JSON parsing

  • Experience with third-party libraries

  • XCode, SDK Framework, Google Maps, social network integration

  • SQLite Database

  • Good Knowledge in In-App Purchase, Push Notification, Storyboards and Audio Video Integration

  • Experience in App Store Deployment, Debugging and Bug Fixing

  • Testing

Experience Details

Oceans Technologies, Ahmedabad August-2015 to present

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Gathering and analyzing customer’s requirements

  • Design and build application in iOS platform

  • Ensure performance, quality and responsiveness of application

  • Test and publish the app

  • Handle software upgrades, patches and bug fixes

  • Learn and implement new technologies

Projects Details:

Project #1 Brown Packet

Duration: 6 Months

Technology: Swift

Description: Brown Packet is online pharmacy application comprises of wide range of health and wellness product, which can be ordered and delivered in Bangalore, Patna, Delhi.

Project #2 BackupOnGo

Duration: 1.5 Month

Technology: Objective-C

Description: BackupOnGo is contact backup application. It provides combine solution to backup and restore the contacts from iPhone device to company’s server, export/import the contacts to CSV file and email contact file.

Project #3 eMoji Maker

Duration: 1.5 Month

Technology: Objective-C

Description: eMoji Maker app allows user to create own custom emojis effortlessly. This emojis can be sync with iMessage and keyboard.

Project #4 Transaction App

Duration: 1 Month

Technology: Swift

Description: This is an application to track and manage income and expenses. We can classify the expenses and income by categories and get daily consolidated report.

Project #5 Play and Learn Languages

Duration: 3 Month

Technology: Objective-C

Description: Play and Learn is flash card application with different learning games to help users to learn 24 different languages.

Project #6 Workcenter

Duration: 1.5 Month

Technology: Objective-C

Workcenter is application for assigning and managing shift and work allocation to employees. Managers can assign shift and place of work to employees. Application have other functionalities like complaint management, notification, Shift reports etc.

Virtue Infotech, Rajkot June-2014 to Feb-2015

Projects Details:

Project #1 KingCabby (Online Taxi Booking)

Description: KingCabby is mobile application for booking taxi online in Australia. In this application user can book taxi by entering destination where source is automatically being fetched using GPS location.

Project #2 Insta Square

Description: Insta Square is photo editing application to make pictures inside beautiful square with the same picture blurred in photo background,

Key Features: - Zoom In ,Zoom out to adjust your photo, Photo Effects which makes more interesting, Crop feature to fit inside the square, Blur selection control, Border setting with size, corner, color, alpha

Project #3 Hidden Objects - Mistry Castle Escape

Description: Hidden Objects is the game to search hidden items from different scene in picture. This is point and click adventure with 18 levels to play.

Project #4 New York Man Wear Photo Maker

Description: This app lets user to get self-dressed in New York latest fashion man wear. User can capture his photo directly from camera or from gallery and fit that photo in different suit. Photos can be easily resized/adjusted to fit in the suit and also can be shared through social network.





Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering

B.H. Gardi College of Engineering & Technology, Rajkot, Gujarat, India

(Gujarat Technological University)



Gujarat Board



Gujarat Board


Personal Detail

Date of Birth : 26th August 1992

Contact No : +91-9429778905, +91-7990921216

Email Id :

Gender : Female

Marital Status : Married

Nationality : Indian

Languages Known : English, Hindi, Gujarati

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