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Scale of the malaria problem

  • 107 endemic countries with 3.2 billion people at risk (40% of world’s population)

  • At least 1 million people die in Africa each year from malaria

  • Over 200 million clinical malaria cases in Africa each year

  • Over 4 million people in SA live in malaria areas (10% of the population)

  • Almost 80 million cases each year in the Southern Africa malaria control area

  • Climate change will increase population at risk in Southern Africa fourfold by 2020

Global distribution of malaria risk

Current situation

Building for the future:

The South African Malaria Initiative

  • A network of researchers from 16 institutions in South Africa

  • Seed funding provided by SA Department of Science and Technology

  • Focusing on development of drugs, diagnostics, and molecular epidemiology

  • Supported by core expertise groups

  • Capacity building and training a key component

The discovery pipeline in SAMI

From Knowledge to Innovation in SAMI

From Knowledge to Innovation in SAMI

Early successes

  • Drug delivery system able to reverse chloroquine resistance

  • Provisional patent covering anti-malarial activity of a drug registered for other uses

  • Novel RDT ready for field screening by mid-2008

  • Novel in vitro HTS assay validated

  • Drug target accepted for in silico virtual screening (WISDOM)

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